Tech Tips: Grip Installation Pt 1

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Box Tech Tips: Changing your grips, part 1
In this first of a three-part tutorial, the Box Tech Tips series gets into changing your grips. The lesson comes complete with which Allen wrenches to use for the initial approach, and techniques for getting those bars bare again.

It should go without saying that running the grippiest of grips Read more

Box Tech Tips: Adjust Brake Lever Reach

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Box Tech Tips - Brake Lever Reach

We’ve all seen the photos: a lead rider in sharp focus, stylin-it-up, with a little turnbar, and a strategic finger, placed just-right on the brake lever. That brake lever finger MAKES the shot, there’s no denying it.

In this week’s Box Components Tech Tips vid, Tyler Brown shows us the way to dial-in your lever’s reach so it is placed just-right when it’s your turn in the viewfinder; or when you need a little tap to make your move, and a handful of brake is just-too-much. It’s the little things, aferall, that make the big wins possible.

You might be tempted to say “That’s it? A video devoted to tightening a screw?” We have to admit, we said the same thing around the BMX News Global Command Center.

BUT, with this vid, we start to see the true-value of the “Tech Tips” series for BMX News readers–info on the “why” as well as the “how.”

Here’s Box Components BMX Brand Manager, Phil Maxwell, with a little backstory:

Over the years, I have seen many people take this adjustment screw out OR have it tightened all the way down. It’s clear that non-mechanics have no idea what this screw is designed to do. This will explain a little of the mystery (and the function) behind that tiny little screw.

He's Right, You Know

Stay tuned for upcoming Box Tech Tips videos, every Monday, right here on News.


Box Components Website

Box Tech Tips - Brake Lever Reach

Box Hex Lab Mini Bars & Stem

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Box Components Hex Lab mini Bars and Stem

Strong, light and ready to do it right is the baked-in performance profile of the Box Hex Lab Mini Carbon Bar and Stem Combo. Box Components has SIX levels of performance in their product lineup (Box 5-1, then Hex Lab, which stands above the rest as “race specific,” see legend below).

Box Components Product Legend

Today, we’re taking a look at the Hex Lab carbon bar & stem combo. They are separate components, but one requires the other, so…

Investing in the front end of the bike is money wisely-invested, both for stiffness and for weight savings. Your mini machine will be double-dialed with the carbon bar and Hex Lab stem combo.

The bars are so trick-looking that it’s almost a sin to bury them behind a number plate (but it IS a sin not to run that plate EVERY time you’re at the track).

It’s an oversized 28.6mm clamping area on the bars that gives the stem a bigger bite. Two versions (4.5″ rise and 6″ rise) cover the full range of pint-sized pedal plonkers (up to 100lbs). The bars tip the scales at 7.2oz and 11.4oz, respectively.

On the stem side of things, there are four colors to choose from (Black, Blue, Gold and Red), in 40mm and 45mm reach (for 1-inch forks).

The Box crew gave News some backstory on how this dynamic duo came to be,

When Box first introduced the OS Chromoly handlebars, improved stiffness and performance were the main goals, utilizing Mountain Bike technology as a crossover medium.

As the OS Chromoly handlebars were developed and started to gain traction around the tracks, Mr. Henderson and the design team started to think about whether the oversized technology could cross over to the 22.2mm market? Again, the rationale drew upon MTB for inspiration.

So we started to look at the mini market, specifically Carbon and Alloy bars. In this segment, we noticed with the younger riders having issues with overtightening there stems. This caused bars to slip due to crushing and/or damaging the carbon weave and eventually breaking.

The design team did not see the same issues on MTB Handlebars as they did/do in BMX. Why? We discovered the Oversized clamping area spread the torque load better and made for a cleaner, stiffer fit.

Box is the first to design a kid-specific Oversized Handlebar with all the performance benefits of it Oversized Chromoly Cousin but in Carbon Fiber and slightly smaller clamping area (28.6mm) for weight savings.

The stem was developed around the 28.6mm handlebar to match performance, stiffness and maximum power transfer.

All this beefy bite and scale savings will take a couple grams off your wallet, too*, but performance is always pricey. Still, it ain’t SO bad, with the bars at $129.99 and the stem at $79.99 MSRP.

*$100 bills weigh about a gram, apiece.

Grab some up direct from the Box Components website (links below), or your favorite local dealer. If you are buying from the Box site, you need to create an account first before you can “add to cart.”

While you’re there, check out the rest of the Box Components lineup. Some tasty morsels up there.


Box Hex Lab OS Carbon Handlebar

Box Hex Lab Mini 28.6 Stem

Box Components Hex Lab mini Bars and Stem

Box Fork Line All-New For 2018

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2018 Box Carbon Fork Line
Without question, Box Components has one of the most popular carbon forks in the BMX marketplace. Since the day they first hit the shelves, you have seen them on board with the fastest go-getters in the game.

For 2018, Box head honcho, Toby Henderson, tells us that the fork line is relaunching with new materials, updated engineering and the same go-fast look of the X series we have all grown to know and love.

Here’s what he said:

With the competition growing in the carbon BMX fork market, Box had to respond.

Our new 2018 fork line is a result of hard work, new tooling and a patent pending steer tube interface.

Our new manufacturing capabilities include the use of pre-preg carbon fiber sheets, allowing for a stronger and lighter product.

The new line will also include a newly-engineered stem lock and 20mm-to-10mm adaptors with all 20mm drop out models.

I am pretty proud of our team here at Box, and hope BMX News readers will give the new line of Box Carbon Forks a fresh look.

In addition to an alloy steer tube, Box is also offering a chromoly steer tube in both 20″ and 24″. The alloy steer tube will come in both straight (1″ and 1-1/8″) and 1.5″ tapered. Chromo is 1-1/8 only, with 20mm dropouts.

The full line will come with the aforementioned new stem lock. All 20mm forks are sold with 10mm adapters for thread-in hubs.

With the re-engineered crown-to-steer tube interface, the days of “twist and shout” are over, ensuring a tight and twist-free connection between these two essential pieces of the proverbial puzzle.

Dropouts are cold-forged 6000-series alloy.

Price-wise, they’re in the sweet spot for immediate addition to your new-and-improved 2018 speed machine.

Here are the Suggested Retail Prices

Box XS w/10mm dropouts (Mini size) – $329.99
Box XE w/10mm dropouts (Expert size) – $329.99*
Box XL w/10mm dropouts (Pro size) – $329.99*

Box X2 w/20mm dropouts and chromo steer tube (Pro size) – $349.99*

Box X5 w/20mm dropouts (Pro size) – $379.99*

*Available in 20″ and 24″ sizes.

We know we don’t have to spoon-feed you all the reasons the 2018 Box forks are the way to go for your lead-rider plans this season. Check the Box website (link below) for the full tech specs.


Box Components Website

2018 Box Carbon Fork Line

2018 Box Elite Contingency Program

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2018 Box Components Contingency Program

In 2017 Box Components offered a contingency program that put $80,000 on the table for Pro/Elite, A Pro and Vet Pro racers who ran certain Box products, and won/hit the podium at select races.

For 2018, that program is back, funded at the same $80k level, ready to pay-out for pros with top finishes.

Here’s what Phil Maxwell, BMX Brand Manager at Box told News about the program:

We are pleased to announce that Box Components will be extending the 2017 #Boxriders contingency program into the 2018 race season for ALL Elite (Men/Woman), A Pro and Vet Pros. 

In 2017 we had 13 Riders take advantage of the bonus money Box offered, with a payout totalling a little over $15,000. 

If you race Pro/Elite and are NOT taking advantage of this program, you are leaving money on the table!

To get in on the program, contact Phillip Maxwell at (714) 449-9197 or phil@boxcomponents for more details.  

Here’s how the program looks, by the numbers:

2018 Box Components Contingency

This program is unique in BMX Racing, in that ANY pro or elite rider can get in on it. You don’t have to be “picked up,” all you have to do is sign up for it, run the requisite Box products, and observe a few post-race steps to meet the criteria.

To qualify, #BOXriders must meet the following criteria:

Box Component Requirement:
Handle Bar

(With proof of Pro License and pre approval by BOX Components some eligible athletes will be able to purchase products products via our “Industry A.P. Program”)

-BOX logo (patch) to be on upper part of jersey and at least one BOX Logo Sticker on racing helmet

-W-9 (USA Citizens) or W-8 (International Riders) on file at BOX HQ

-Invoice or packing slip in Athlete’s name for above products listed

-Picture of racing machine with BOX Components

-Contingency invoice within 30 days of each event finish

-At least one #BOXriders post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) of the events finish success within 7 days

-All payments will be made via check in USD and sent via USPS

-Please contact via for more info

We look forward to hearing more on how the 2018 crop of BMX Racing pros put in the post-race work to get paid for their efforts. We will bring you that story, as it develops.

*Top Photo: Not the ACTUAL box of Box Components cash for the 2018 contingency program, which will be paid-out by check.


Box Components Website

BMX News Promax Top Story, Presented by Promax Components

2018 Box Components Contingency Program

Factory Box Signs Ronnie Kim in Pre-Vegas Jackpot

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Ronnie Kim joins Factory Box
Ronnie Kim has had a pretty good 2017. And by “pretty good,” we mean extraordinary. World 1 on the 20,” W4 on the Cruiser and double wins at the Grands in 11C and 11x.

As the season opener in Las Vegas draws ever-closer, we scored some pre-new years news that we just could not wait til Tuesday to post.

Ronnie will join Toby Henderson’s Box Components Factory Team in 2018.

We will have more on the 2018 squad as part of our Silver Dollar Nationals story, but as an appetizer to that coverage, here’s what Phil and Ronnie had to say about the new pairing:

Factory Box BMX Brand Manager, Phil Maxwell told news exclively, on the pickup:

Box Components is pleased to announce the addition of SoCal Local and Multi-Year World Champion Ronnie Kim to our 2018 Factory Team. Box Founder/President Toby Henderson, was looking to add a younger rider to the team and Ronnies name came up.

After meeting with the Kims and finding out there goals moving forward they seemed like a perfect fit for the companies needs. We are excited to have Ronnie and his family join the Box Program and look forward to his continued success.

WELCOME to the program Ronnie!

A man of few words, who likes to do the talking on the track and not in the press, Ronnie told News:

The opportunity to Ride for Box Components has always been a dream of mine and now I get to promote a winning brand that I love most.

Ronnie will be joining Elite star, Trent Jones, and Hall of Famer Harry Leary on the Factory Roster.

A Big BMX News congrats on getting together.


Box Components Website

BMX News Promax Top Story, Presented by Promax Components

Ronnie Kim joins Factory Box

2017 Golden Crank Award Elevator Pitches

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2017 Golden Crank Awards Elevator Pitches

If you have ever watched the hit TV series “Shark Tank” you have a pretty good idea what an “elevator pitch” is. If not, we can tell you that it is an entrepreneurial method to condense the most important parts of your story down to the very-brief time it would take to explain in an elevator ride. Read more

Box Components Acquires Stealth Hubs

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Box Components Acquires Stealth Hubs

A bit of breaking industry news this Monday Morning. In a story that proves the old maxim “a rumor is just a premature fact,” Box Components will acquire the Stealth hub product line from Goleta, California-based True Precision Components.

The terms of the deal were not announced, but of the acquisition, Toby Henderson said, in an article carried on MTB site, PinkBike this morning:

We recognize the advantages the Stealth hub provides, such as instant engagement, silent coasting, and durability. With this acquisition, we’re well positioned to accelerate the expansion of this technology into our ever-growing drivetrain ecosystem. In other words, expect more from Box in the future as far as wheels and drivetrain components go.

BMX News will bring you more on Toby’s plans for the Stealth brand and product line going forward.

—Mike Carruth


Full Article on

Box Components Website

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2017 BOX Contingency Pays Out

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2017 BOX Pro Contingency Pays Out

Back on November 24 of last year, BMX News brought you a report on the Box Components Pro Contingency program for 2017. The program put $80,000+ up for grabs for A-Pro, Elite Men, Elite Women and Vet Pros who hit the podium at USA BMX Pro Series and UCI World Cup races (Elite only) Read more

Box Components Partners With UCI

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Box UCI BMX Number Plate

Box plates have been a fixture on the UCI circuit for a couple years now. But this week, their partnership took on a higher meaning, as Box became an official UCI partner. With the UCI Worlds happening here, on home soil in 2017, it’s oh-so-perfect that this new partnership gets started in 2017. Read more

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