Box Components Partners With UCI

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Box UCI BMX Number Plate

Box plates have been a fixture on the UCI circuit for a couple years now. But this week, their partnership took on a higher meaning, as Box became an official UCI partner. With the UCI Worlds happening here, on home soil in 2017, it’s oh-so-perfect that this new partnership gets started in 2017. Read more

Box Pledges $80k in 2017 Contingencies

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2017 Box Components Contingency Program

A reliable rallying cry from riders and fans alike to the shot-callers in the BMX Industry is “pay the pros more money.” Naturally, we’d all like to see our sport’s hottest heroes haul home the greatest amount of greenbacks possible.

Well, Toby Henderson and Box Components has a wildly-popular program to do just-that in the new year: The 2017 #BOXRIDERS Contingency Program.

What’s awesome about this program is that it’s open to all pro class peeps: you do not need to be “picked-up” in order to start the money train rollin’. You just need to be rockin the nine-piece Box Components parts group, and hit a few other points (specified below).

You also have to start hitting the podium at the big races.

This program pays top three in Elite Men and Elite Women at USA BMX Pro Series Races, UCI BMX Supercross World Cup races, USA Cycling BMX National Championships and UCI BMX World Championships. A-pros and Vet pros also get in on the action, as you’ll see in the payout table below.

All-told, there is 80-grand up for grabs in the new year.

Here’s how Toby broke it down for us:

The program is designed to reward professional BMX Racers for their achievements in the sport while using technical performance enhancing Box Racing BMX Products.

Contingency will be paid for all USA BMX Pro Races, UCI Supercross Events, US National Champions, International Champions and World Champions. Payout as follows:

2017 #BOXRIDERS Contingency Payout

To qualify, #BOXriders must meet the following criteria:

Box Component Requirement:
Handle Bar

(With proof of Pro License and pre approval by BOX Components some eligible athletes will be able to purchase products products via our “Industry A.P. Program”)

-BOX logo (patch) to be on upper part of jersey and at least one BOX Logo Sticker on racing helmet

-W-9 (USA Citizens) or W-8 (International Riders) on file at BOX HQ

-Invoice or packing slip in Athlete’s name for above products listed

-Picture of racing machine with BOX Components

-Contingency invoice within 30 days of each event finish

-At least one #BOXriders post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) of the events finish success within 7 days

-All payments will be made via check in USD and sent via USPS

-Please contact via boxcomponents.com for more info

A pretty tasty opportunity from Toby & Co. OK, so who’s going to be first to cap-out on winnings?


Box Components Website

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Phil Maxwell is New Box BMX Brand Mgr.

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Phil Maxwell is Box BMX Brand Manager
There are a handful of guys still involved in the sport today who have roots dating back to the early days of BMX. Phil Maxwell is one of those guys. Unless you were around in the 70s, or happened to seek out a sponsorship more recently with one of the companies he was involved with behind the scenes, you may not know Phil—but trust us when we say, he is one of the movers and shakers of our industry.

Today, Toby Henderson, another one of those “early roots” guys mentioned above, announced that Phil would be joining Box Components as BMX Brand Manager.

Here’s what Toby told News about Phil’s addition to the team:

As we head into our fifth year as a brand, Box Components is proud to announce Phillip Maxwell as our new BMX Brand manager. With all the changes at Box in 2016, such as our MTB Product development and passing the torch of the Promax brand to QBP so we can better focus on Box, we really needed someone in-house to focus 100% on BMX Race, other than myself.

After a grueling interview process only ONE name rose to the top, Phil Maxwell. Although he will be wearing many hats Phil’s primary duties will include Sales, Marketing and Athlete Support.

Box Components’ commitment to BMX Racing has been shown through our financial investment into products, marketing and athletes over the last four years, and Phil will now lead our team into 2017 and beyond.

He will also be heavily involved with product development, as he will have his eyes and ears on what is relevant at the track.

Phil will be supported by the full staff here at CGI and I will remain here are HQ, overseeing the full operation, most specifically, our ongoing development of innovative performance-enhancing products.

More big news will be announced next week as Phil settles into his position officially on Nov 28th.

We also hit Phil up for a few questions on his background and plans for the Box Brand in 2017:

Tell us a little about your history in BMX Racing

My first experience with BMX happened around 1974/1975. Some guy was going around town, talking about holding a Bicycle Motocross race in a local park. Me and my buddy, David Ynzunza, maybe the Smith Brothers also, ventured to the park.

This guy had outlined a course with wooden jumps and a mud hole. I cannot remember how I finished but I was hooked! I raced locally at both Azusa tracks, Covina Valley BMX, Monrovia, La Mirada, Irvine, the Teen Center in Van Nuys, the list could go on. Surprisingly, I did really well, racking up a few hundred trophies and earning a bit of a name locally for myself. In 1977, I was approached by Jag BMX (A division of Mongoose Bicycles) and rode as a Factory Rider, this is where I met Tuni, Sewell, Hopkins, Brackens, the Roker kids, Atherton, Zagers, and more).

I did well on Jag BUT I was more of a soul racer and loved hanging out, and my stint there last roughly three years. I raced on and off through high school and college for fun, never really leaving the sport but hanging out on the fringes.

Over the last 39 years, I have had the pleasure of being affiliated with a lot of brands, either as a racer, employee or in a marketing capacity (Endo Racing Products, TW Racing, Robinson Racing, Brackens Racing Products, GT Bicycles, Redman/Avent/Bombshell, SE Racing, Crupi Parts, 805 Bicycles in Simi Valley, Supercross BMX, Incycle Bike Shop, Bike Alley, KMC Chains, The Hot Shoppe and ODI Grips).

All have played a role in helping me learn the business side of BMX and fine tuning my sales/marketing skills, while keeping my love/passion for the sport burning.

What, exactly does a “Brand Manager” do?
Brand management encompasses all aspects of a given brand. Managing sales, marketing, purchasing and most of all the product exposure. Basically everything relating to the brand. In this case the “Box BMX Racing Division”

What is your vision for the BOX brand now that you’re brand manager?
Toby, Ken, Gregorio, the inside office team and my predecessors (Michael, Michelle, Double D…) have laid the ground work and have/had the vision to make Box the premier components company in the world! I would like to build on this and Toby’s vision for the brand (ie: products, marketing, sales, OEM business, advertising, our BMX team(s), international markets…. to make sure when you want to buy a BMX product; Box is the brand setting the bar and the one you will invest in.

What would you tell a rider or team who wants a sponsorship from BOX?

I know Toby has some plans for the Pros, and we may have some sponsorship opportunities for teams and amateurs to be part of the Box Legacy. I don’t actually start at Box til the 28th, so we’ll have more to say on that after I am officially on the job.

Still, social media is HUGE and getting bigger and better as time goes on. My advice is for an individual and/or team looking for some type of sponsorship support (with Box or ANY company inside BMX or out) use Barry Nobles, Caroline Buchanan and Dale Holmes as role models and benchmarks in making you and/or your team into a marketing/sales/promotional social media machine.

In today’s marketplace, winning is always good BUT having a solid social media presence and following is almost as-important. Stop thinking about the smaller picture (ie: “What do I get”) and start thinking about the bigger picture of what can you bring to the table to help build this company/brand and maximize exposure. I GUARANTEE the rewards for what you bring to the table will pay off for you in the end!

Definitely exciting stuff for Toby, Phil and the whole Box Components crew. Phil, we wish you all the best and look forward to working with you.

—Mike Carruth

Box HQ Robbed!

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BMX HQ Robbed

In the early hours of October 27, the headquarters of Box Components in Anaheim, CA was robbed at approximately 1AM Pacific Time by yet-to-be-identified intruders. The robbers got away with over $100 thousand in goods, including some one-of-a-kind prototypes. Read more

Box Hex Lab Tires

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Box Hex Lab BMX Racing Tires

Hex Lab is Box Components new designation for the ultra-special and wicked-cool segment of their product line. Some products will be limited edition, and some will be a cut above the already-awesome Box product line.

The Hex Lab tires just rolled out of development and onto the market. There are two sizes available on the come-out (20×1.75 and 20×1.95), with more sizes to follow, next up: 20 x 1-1/8″ & 20 x 1-3/8.

They’re made in Japan, and feature an aramid folding bead so you can stuff a few extra in your travel bag, just in case. The casing on the Hex Lab tires is 120 tpi, which keeps the tire stable but supple in hard-rail corner conflicts.

The tread pattern is carefully crafted, likely drawn by Toby Henderson, himself en route to another race or industry function that takes up squares on the schedule each year. Baked in to the final tire is a gripper that has low rolling resistence and that stiff-on-the-lip stability we mentioned earlier.

They’re shipping now from J&R at $49.95ea. Buy two and you’ll be in Product Spotlight discount territory. Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout


Box Hex Lab BMX Tires

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Injury Keeps Jared Garcia Out til Mid-August

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Jared Garcia Injures Shoulder

Jared Garcia had an unusual start to his race season with 2 injuries early on. He was still able to race the Olympic trials but didn’t get the finish he was hoping for. After the trials were over Garcia got back to his normal training and riding sessions. Unfortunately earlier in July a small mistake would lead to his 3rd injury of the year. Michael Gamstetter from Box Components gave us the latest on Garcia’s injury.

Jared Garcia has had a rough 2016. Normally not one to get injured, he has had three major injuries this season, two of which dashed his hopes of making the US Olympic team.

Earlier this month, Jared crashed while training at Chula Vista BMX, breaking his shoulder.

“I crashed and messed up my shoulder. I was on the small track on the pro section. I came up short on the first jump then crashed into the next lip. The doctor told me I had a small fracture. It shouldn’t be too bad,” he said in early July.

Since then, he has seen two other doctors and learned that he broke the greater tuberosity in his left shoulder. And there was some question about him having surgery to repair a chip. As of today, however, surgery looks unnecessary and he’ll be in a sling for about four more weeks.

This is the third serious injury Jared has had this year. The week of the Manchester World Cup, Jared crashed in training and broke the fifth metatarsal in his right hand and tore is PCL. Both were relatively minor injuries, but they kept him off his bike and out of the gym. He was riding before the US Olympic trials, but being off the bike so long took its toll.

“I felt good and thought I was ready to go, but when I got back in the gym, I realized how much strength I lost,” he said the week after the trials.

“This year has not been as I hoped. I will be working hard to come back again. It should, hopefully, be the last of this bad streak. They say it comes in threes, so we will see,” he joked.

We look forward to seeing The Jet ready for take off once again, come mid-August!

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BOX Is Official Olympic Plate

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Box Components is the official number plate in Rio

BMXers spend a lot of time chasing the proverbial grey or black plate. But the real chase, it turns out, was for the GREEN plate that 48 BMXers in the whole world will strap to their bars, just 32 days from today in Rio. Box Components announced today that they are the official number plate provider Read more

Box Phase One Bike Stand

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Box Components Phase One Bike Stand

If you’re the kind of rider/mom/dad or Team Manager who takes huge pride in the bike, whether it’s on the track or resting-up in the pits between laps, the best way to display is with the Box Phase One Bike Stand.

The Phase One keeps your scoot stable in the stable and has side panels that are the same size and dieline as the Box pro plate, so you can easily add your primo plate art to match the front with the sides, or come up with something prime for the pits.

Why keep that gleaming go-machine upside down on the seat and grips back stage, when it can be the star of the between-motos show on Factory Row, or wherever you stake that Ez-Up to Mother Earth?

Shipping now from J&R Bicycles, so grab one for each bike you bring to the races.

BMX News readers can use discount code JRSPOT15 to save 15% on non-sale items in their order over $75.

More Info/Ordering

Box Components Phase One Bike Stand

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Trent Jones: One Month in One Minute

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Box COmponents Trent Jones Edit

It has been an action-packed March and early-April for Elite BMXers around the world. BOX Components ace, Trent Jones, brings us from his pre-training sessions, to Argentina for some solid laps at the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season opener, and on to Manchester, UK for round two–in one minute. All the action, without the stuffy airplane cabins.

Box Components

Been a busy month going from Argentina to England, now with a bit of down time in Rockhill before USA BMX Supercross race next weekend. Pieced a short but powerfull promotional video of myself for the people that are backing me, Cheers Cyclingnewzealand BOX BMX Thrill BMX !

Filmed: Into-Daniel Franks #22 Racing- Cyclingnewzealand

Posted by Trent Jones #279 on Sunday, April 17, 2016

We will be keeping the BMX News Nikon focused on Trent this weekend in Rock Hill, so watch for some tasty action photos as part of the normal BMX News race day set.


Box Components Website

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Reader Letter: Is There a Box Fork Recall?

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Box Fork Recall
I was at the track last weekend, and some of the other dads were talking about a recall of Box forks. Two of my kids are running these forks, so I am worried about what might happen if I let them keep racing on them. Is it true that there is a recall of Box forks?

BD – Southwest

Hi BD– Yes, it’s true that there is a recall of certain Box forks. See below for the full data, to see if your forks are part of the recall.

Since our inception in 2011, Box Components has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality bicycle components. Providing racers and riders with the best and safest products on the market has always been our number one goal. As a result of this Box Components is offering a voluntary replacement of some of our older BOX carbon fiber BMX forks. The reason for the replacement is a manufacturing flaw that may result in some steerer tubes becoming loose when turned against resistance on the front wheel of the bicycle. This flaw poses a potential fall hazard to the rider. There have been no reports of injury as a result of this defect. Box Components is aware this is inconvenient for our customers, and we appreciate your assistance in helping us replace potentially defective forks from the market.

The fork models that this voluntary replacement applies to are as follows:
• XE 20 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK13A2010)
• XE 24 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK13A2410)
• XL 20 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK15A2010)
• XL 24 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK15A2410)
• XS 20 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK14A2010)

Qualifying forks have serial numbers of either 140508, 140606 or 140702.

This flaw affects forks sold by Box from January 2015 until July 2015. Forks were also sold on complete model year 2016 bikes from Haro (Team CF Mini, Team CF Junior, Team CF Expert), Redline (Flight Mini, Flight Junior, Flight Expert, Flight Expert XL) and DK (Elite Junior, Elite Expert). The issue has been corrected through a design change to the steerer tube that eliminates the possibility of the steerer tube turning. All qualifying fork claims will be replaced with current production forks that do not have this flaw.

• The forks have a Box logo (See Fig.01)
• The “XE”, “XS” and “XL” Logos are located on the crown of the fork. (See Fig.02)
• The serial number is laser etched on the steerer tube. This number will either be 140508, 140606 or 140702. (See Fig.03)
• Forks have 3/8 in drop-outs not 20mm drop-outs. (See Fig.04)

Click below for a PDF with the the full details.


PDF:Box Fork Recall Data Sheet

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