Kevin Pauls Signs With Newly-Reincarnated Formula

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Kevin Pauls joins Formula Factory Team
If you are a News fan, you know we have been following Kevin Pauls and his 2017 program pretty closely. After a brief stop in the Supercross team pit, Kevin moved to a jersey promoting his own “KEEV” line of products (BMX News March 28, 2017).

Within hours of that announcement, Kevin sustained an injury at the Carolina Nationals in Rock Hill that sidelined him for a few weeks. That’s all behind him now and, as the Las Vegas Nationals get started out-west, Kevin gave us an early peek at the new sponsor deal he will announce on Saturdasy.

Formula BMX is a brand that dropped off the radar more than a few years ago. There is no consensus around the office on a “last-seen” date, but it feels like it was 2010 or 2011 (again, we could be wrong about that, especially if you factor-in outside the US markets, but that is our best guess).

No matter. Formula is back for the modern era, under the command of John Chou—a name you may not recognize, but someone who is a major behind-the-scenes industry figure.

Both Kevin and John spoke to News exclusively about their new partnership. First, Kevin:

In 2009, about a year after I started racing, my dad purchased my first custom BMX bike: a Formula Nucleus. Knowing that Donny Robinson was previously on a Formula frame, I thought it was the coolest frame on the market, and I wasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately, only a couple years later, Formula seemed to disappear from the world of BMX. And that’s how it was for several more years, until now.

Fast-forward to 2017 after riding for Factory Mom and Dad under my “KEEV Products” name for the past three months. While chilling at the hotel after a long day of racing, I received a message from John Chou at Formula BMX. I couldn’t have been more surprised at seeing that same brand name reaching out to me as the one that I had idolized way back in 2009. Learning that this was to be a solid revival of Formula from years before, I couldn’t have been more honored to secure a spot on the new Formula International Factory Team as the first rider from the United States.

I’d like to thank John Chou for giving me such an opportunity as this to wear the orange and black colors of Formula BMX. Make sure to keep an eye out for when I test new Formula parts on my bike, and follow @formulabmx on Instagram for updates on the team and future products. The Formula brand was great in the past, but I believe that this revival will only make it more prominent in the BMX world than ever before

—Kevin Pauls

Is Formula BMX REALLY coming back?! Well, comeback stories are always nice and fuzzy to hear about, but what this really is about, is a NEW beginning. Formula BMX started out 12 years ago with a simple purpose and pure passion. And while it may seem that for a time, under the previous regime, that we had lost our way, Formula is on a mission to bring back what is really important to the sport we love and live. It is the sport that brings the kids, their family, and their love of riding into one ultimate life experience.

As the cliché goes, action speaks louder than words, so starting in 2017, Formula BMX has quietly yet aggressively put together a core of the best young and bright stars across the world to represent our brand and our mission.

In the United States, where the stars shine the brightest, we are so stoked to be able to bring on board one of the best young riders in the world – Kevin Pauls. Not only is he talented and super fast, he’s a wonderful role model to young riders, carries awesome academic prowess, and his family has always been there 100% – now if that’s not the best rep for Formula in the US, I don’t know who is.

So Formula BMX is extremely proud to officially announce that Kevin will be a part of the Formula International Factory Team, and we are totally excited to be able to work with him on all aspects, from race support to product development for years to come. Welcome to the Formula family Kevin!!

—John Chou

If you’re in Vegas this weekend, you’ll be among the first to see KP rockin his fresh Formula jersey, as of Saturday. We will be bringing you updates to this story, including more on the “new” Formula, as info comes in to the BMX News Global Command Center.

A big BMX News congratulations to Kevin and Formula for putting things together!

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Taylor Riedemann Joins Haro Promax

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Taylor Riedemann joins Haro Promax
Haro Promax rang-in to the secret BMX News ScoopLine with news that a new Factory jersey has been ordered-up for Taylor Riedemann, high-flyin 17-18 Expert from Cambridge, MN.

News has been known to call him “Reel-em-in-Riedemann” for his artful third and fourth straight charges Read more

Cameron Moore Joins Factory Yess

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Cameron Moore Joins Yess BMX

The BMX News “Big Ears” ticker never rests, not even when the Easter Bunny is visiting. We picked up a Sunday scoop that’s so sweet, it would put any Cadbury egg to shame.

Cameron Moore—one of the most notable A-Pros joining the class in 2017 will be touching down at the Lone Star Nationals this weekend in Factory Yess colors. That is a way-solid pickup for Lisa Motley and her East Coast team. Such an addition is all-the-more newsworthy when it comes mid-season.

News caught up with Cam in the late hours of the weekend, and he had this to say:

I’m super-excited to be joining one of the best teams out there. Factory Yess has such a great atmosphere and I’m happy to represent such an influential company!

Thanks to Donavon and Traci Long for the support for the past three years, I wouldn’t be the person and rider I am today without them.

Lisa said the following of adding Cameron to the crew

We at Yess BMX are thrilled to have Cam join the family. Like most of the BMX community, I have been watching Cam win races with style and grace since he’s been a little kid.

He has had a spectacular start in his pro career. Cam has been the most consistent rider in the class and is currently leading the A pro point standings.

Cam brings a lifetime of racing experience to the Yess BMX pro line up. We are looking forward to having Cam and his family in the Yess BMX pit this season.

As we noted up-top, watch for Cam in his new gear this weekend when the 2017 USA BMX national series stops in the Austin, TX area for the Lone Star Nationals.

A big BMX News congrats to Cameron on the new ride, and also to Lisa, Renny, Bill and the rest of the Yess BMX family on adding a true hotshoe, and all-around great guy to the roster.


Yess BMX Website

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Tory and Lauren Re-Up To 2020

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Tory Nyhaug and Lauren Reynolds
As outstanding ambassadors for their respective brands, Tory Nyhaug and Lauren Reynolds have, this week, signed on for four more years with John Sawyer’s Advantage Bicycle Corporation (ABC). Both will stick with the ABC brands they have been running (Answer for Tory and Ssquared for Lauren). An official release on the news came over our “Big Ears” news ticker yesterday. Here’s how it went:

Advantage Bicycle Corporation, parent company of Answer BMX, Ssquared Bicycles, and Clayborn Bicycles, is pleased to announce the contract renewal for both Lauren Reynolds (Australia) and Tory Nyhaug (Canada) through year 2020. We really enjoy having both of these riders part of the family and it’s a bonus to watch and assist them as they pursue their dreams.

Lauren will remain part of the Factory Ssquared team and had this to say

“It’s been a real pleasure to ride for John and the team at Ssquared Bicycles in conjunction with Answer BMX, and now to extend our partnership for the remainder of my career shows the loyalty and trust behind the brand, it has been a real honour.”

—Lauren Reynolds

While Lauren is part of the Factory Ssquared team, Tory will continue his career on the Factory Answer team.

“I’m very excited to continue with Answer/Ssquared for the second half of my career. They’ve believed in me since day 1 and I’m proud every time I put on that jersey. I’m Looking forward to the next 4 years”

—Tory Nyhaug

Aside from the re-up news, we also received the full Answer and Ssquared Factory Team rosters for 2017:

Factory Answer
Tory Nyhaug
Larry Dardini
Andre Lacroix
Matthew Meekins
William Silva
Michelle Senger
Tyler Rooney
Ronan Weber
Arthur Fishel

Factory Ssquared
Lauren Reynolds
Maliek Byndloss
Alfredo Campo
Santiago Marin
Ronalds Ritins
Lee Baker
Bryce Stroud
Blake Sawyer

A big BMX News high-five to all listed here! We look forward to see y’all in the viewfinder at a race real soon.

Tory photo via Facebook (possibly by Andrew Ling). Lauren photo by Mike Carruth


Answer BMX Website

Ssquared Bicycles Website

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Podcast: Steve Spencer Talks GT 2017

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Podcast: Steve Spencer of GT BMX

Since the Grands, we have been watching for signals from the GT tent as to what their on track forces would look like for 2017. To this point, there have been some indirect indications that the team would live-on, even amid rumors to the contrary.

Well, we’re please to put all the rumors to bed, and bring you the straight story on all-things GT BMX for 2017. Joining us on this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast is Steve Spencer, GT Bicycles Sports Marketing Manager for BMX and MTB. Steve is also a familiar face at the BMX track, as a key player at Rad Canyon (indoor and outdoor) in Utah—which is one of the top attendance tracks in the US of A.

Once the GT tales are told, this show goes into a “state of the sport” discussion, in which we hear Steve’s learned opinions on the subject of pros, BMX Racing grassroots, and national riders racing locals. It’s quite an episode, and we know you’ll enjoy it.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

iOS users: paste the URL below into your device’s browser to listen

A big thanks to Steve, and GT Bicycles for bringing BMX News readers and listeners the straight story, directly, without us having to read about it in the nooks and crannies of someone’s social media profile.

—Mike Carruth

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Haro/Promax 2017 Team Update

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2017 Haro Promax Team Update

One of the most formidable teams on the USA BMX National Circuit is back for 2017 with a 29-rider roster. The Promax brand was recently sold by Toby Henderson’s Cycle Group, Inc. to a new owner–mega distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP)– but the team will continue to fly Read more

Riley Stair Announces Retirement

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Riley Stair Announces Retirement

Among the notable AA pro stars absent from this weekend’s USA BMX Fall nationals was Factory Tangent/Rift’s Riley Stair. Riley is still officially on the injured list after a bad wreck at the Mile High Nationals earlier this year. Before leaving for Lake Perris, News caught the following post Read more

Re/Max Finds a BMX Home with Crupi

October 20, 2016 by · Comments Off 

Crupi Re/Max Factory Team

Re/Max is normally a name you hear when buying or selling a home. They help you find the perfect home for your family. Well, Greg Swingrover and the cool cats at Crupi helped the world famous realtor find a home in the sport of BMX, via a new partnership with their factory team. Read more

Elliot McGrath Joins Staats-Ciari

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Elliot McGrath Joins Staats-Ciari
We don’t usually have any tasty team change news til right after the Grands, but leading in to this weekend’s USA BMX Fall Nationals, News just got wind that “The Big Guy,” Elliot McGrath signed a deal with Staats/Ciari, and will be in the uniform and on the bike, effective immediately.

We caught Elliot just as he drove in to Lake Perris BMX on Wednesday evening. Here’s what he tols us about his new ride:

When I started BMX 14 years ago I remember going to nationals and seeing top riders like Paul Lange and Mike Day riding Staats. I thought the bikes were awesome, Mike’s chrome bike, in particular. Mike also came to my local track for a clinic shortly after that and I thought that was pretty cool.

Now it’s gone full-circle and *I’m* in that position, racing AA and inspiring the next generation. It’s a dream come true to be riding for Staats and Ciari. I’ve been riding my new bike for a few weeks and it feels amazing, it’s the perfect geometry, size, and stiffness.

The products offered by Staats and Ciari are unique in a very good way. The fork is a monocoque design, meaning it’s all continuous carbon, even the steer tube is carbon! The frame has a couple cool features, the one I like the most is the rear drop out and how easy it is to adjust your chain or change a flat tire.

I’m excited to get the weekend kicked off in Perris, CA with my new Staats bike and Ciari components! I want to give a huge thanks to both Jonathans, Seth, and Jennifer for this opportunity and the people that have supported me through out my racing career.

Back at Staats/Ciari HQ, the mood is high-stoke as well, with one rep telling us:

We were impressed by Elliot—both on and off the track. He is a “heart of gold” type of guy who loves working with younger riders, coaching and encouraging them in their racing. On the track, he shows a lot of promise and he will take his program to new levels now that he has some solid factory support. We could not be happier about our partnership with him; he is exactly the kind of person we want representing Staats and Ciari.

As we noted above, Elliot is on-site at the Lake Perris track already, and gave us a little preview of how things are lookin on the ground, ahead of the mass arrival of West Coast BMXers, later today.

The Lake Perris track is going to have some great racing with a big starting hill, long straights, and new asphalt turns. The track has a couple technical obstacles that can separate people and it will be interesting hitting the pro set during races. Mike Redman and the crew did a great job! The only thing that could be better is if this race wasn’t the same weekend as Okeeheelee and we were able to race both tracks. Maybe next year.

Keep an eye on BMX News this weekend for story and photos coverage from Lake Perris, as well as some action shots of Elliot in action aboard his new Staats steed.

—Mike Carruth

Top photo courtesy of our buddy Steve Diamond Elements.


Staats Bicycles Website

Ciari Parts Website

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Reader Letter: Three Kits or One?

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Reader letter: Three Kits or One?

I am team manager of a new team in the Northeast, and we are thinking about what kind of uniform we want to go with. Some members of the team want a different color uniform for each race day, like many of the factory teams, and I think we should have two uniforms of the same design.

You see a lot of riders, what do you think about this question?

GB – Northeast

Thanks for writing GB, and congrats on the new team. This is a great question, and one about which I have a split-opinion. The uniform of a BMX team is one of the most important aspects of their duty to sponsors, and to their own identity as a team.

Your note did not mention who, if any, your sponsors are, so I will go on the assumption that you have some sort of support, whether a set of co-sponsors or a bike sponsor, or a local business supporting the team.

As a photographer, I love the idea of different kits for every day of racing (as shown above on #NewsTeam member, Bryce Betts at the recent Carolina Nationals). Different kits allow me the opportunity to capture two, sometimes three, different “looks” for the riders who change day-to-day.

2016 Carolina Nationals – Friday
Sam Willoughby rockin the TLD Sprint kitWhen Sam Willoughby changes up his TLD uniform for each race day, the photos I come back with have some great variety. Of course, not everyone is Sam Willoughby, who is among the most recognizable riders in the world. Fans and media go out of their way to find him in the crowd. That can’t necessarily be said for a lower profile rider or team.

2016 Carolina Nationals – Saturday Sam Willoughby rockin the TLD Sprint kitWhen a team changes colors from one day to the next, it IS tough to pick them out. Not so much for the well-known riders, but for teams that are not as well-known, it is easy to miss those riders entirely from one day to the next, so they never gain recognition with the fans, because their identity is a constantly moving target. This is the point at which the “cool factor” that riders dig, bumps up against the “business” of being sponsored.

BRANDING is about consistency and repetition. This concept of consistency and repetition dictates that riders should be rockin the same uniform any/every time they show their face in public. Fans get used to seeing it, and can visually identify riders in the gate and on the track, without benefit of an announcer’s help.

So, to answer your question, as to what is “best,” like most things, it is going to depend on your goals. If emulating the factory stars is the desired outcome, and visual recognition is less important, then the multi-kit would work out fine. If, however your goal is being instantly recognized by the racing public, media, potential new sponsors and announcers, then stick with one consistent kit, and purchase two of the same pants/jerseys.

The riders should have two complete sets of clothing–at a minimum– in case they crash and rip one set, and to ward off the stinky funk of running the same clothes on day three of a steamy national weekend. If you only order one jersey for each rider, and that one jersey gets ripped, or left hanging on the shower rod at the hotel, it could take a month or more to get a new one ordered up from your jersey vendor.

I hope this helps give you some points of discussion within the team. If you’re shopping for your uniforms online, check out the link below for the “Race Wear” page on J&R Bicycles. Use Discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off non-sale items (orders totaling $75 or more).

Send Your Letter:
Reader letters can be sent to letters@bmxnews.com. If we use yours, we’ll send you a BMX News T-Shirt.


Racing Apparel at J&R Bicycles

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