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Felicia Stancil Moves to Ssquared

Felicia Stancil Moves to Ssquared
Felicia Stancil Moves to Ssquared, Via Instagram

The moving and shaking is underway on the team scene, with many roster changes in the “don’t tell anyone, but…” phase. The bell on the latest one sounded Monday as Felicia Stancil posted on her facebook page that she will be joining the Ssquared Factory Team.

Here’s what she said in an Instagram post:
Excited to announce I will be representing Answer SSquared for the 2021 season! I won my first national title and my first 2 world champion titles riding the iconic Answer forks and can’t wait to race with them again in just a few weeks…Thank you @johnsawyerfl and the rest of the fam for giving me this opportunity and I can’t wait to show everyone the new build soon.

Felicia came one point away from capturing the 2020 USA BMX National Pro Title at the Grands a few weeks back (it was a tie, actually, but Alise finished better in the third main). She is teed-up well to be one of Team USA’s three women going to Tokyo next summer, with all prayers that there will BE a Tokyo Games.

Felicia will be in the Ssquared Factory colors, while Lauren Reynolds will continue in her role on the Answer BMX Factory Team.

We have been big Felicia fans around here since before Instagram existed, so we’ll be reporting her progress, right here on News, as 2021 gets busy.