2017 Team Changes

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2017 Team Changes
With the start of the 2017 national season two weeks away, the team changes are flowing in to the BMX News Global Command Center. In this update, we have additions to six teams, including a special scoop to close it out. No doubt, there will be more to come, so keep an eye on News for more headline-makers of 2017.

Alpha BMX
Keely Kortman Alpha BMX Team ChangesKeely Kortman (above) is joining up to run Alpha colors in the Elite Women’s class, along with 8X Nate Minster, 17-18X Anthony Bucardo, and the addition of 6 year old girl Kaylin Sun.

Also pumping the stoke for next season, is the start of Alpha Factory East. That squad includes 28-35 Expert Shawn Wade, Lucas Mallory in 15 year old Expert, 14X Thomas Barone and his brothers, Nicholas in 11X and Matthew in 8X, joining 12X Zachary & 10X Austin Close.

Factory Answer/Rennen Team ChangesOn December 5, BMX News reported the addition of Kody Kolshinski to the Factory Answer/Rennen team. Today, we’re pleased to break some additional news for the #1 Factory Team.

8-year old Krista Hopkins from Clovis, CA comes to the team toting a 2016 NAG 1 plate. NAG 1 is a big accomplishment, to be sure…but even moreso when you consider that 2016 was her season as a national rider. Oh, and we can’t forget her collection of other skinny digits in 2016: ROC 1, Gold Cup 1 and State 1—all while maintaining straight A report cards in school.

Full Tilt
2017 FullTilt Team AdditionsFull Tilt won the Bike Shop Team title in 2016, and is upgrading to the Factory ranks for 2017. In addition to the very-deep talent already on the roster, Fritz Vogt & company will bring on four new household name stars in the new year.

Olivia Armstrong 16G
Ronnie Kim – 10X
Rachel Luna – 20-30W
Shealen Reno – Elite Women

2017 Factory Kuwahara Team ChangesFactory Kuwahara has a strong squad, spread across the country, keeping the green and yellow out in front, both at the local tracks and nationals alike.

For 2017, the Kuwa crew is adding four new chairs to the tent, putting more presence on the ground in four new places.

Juan Carlos Carbo – 51-55C, Plantation, FL
Zack Day – 12X, Greenville, WI
Cynthia Pappas – 41 & over women (NAG 1), 46-50 women (NAG 3), Massilon OH
Jason Wesson – 41-45X and Cruiser, Pitt Meadows, BC Canada

Tyler Brown 316 Racing
On Christmas Eve, Tyler Brown announced he and GT have parted ways, and he would be running the jersey of his longstanding grassroots “316 Racing” team. The big announcement was made via a Facebook Live webcast. Here is that webcast, in its entirety.

Zombieland BMX
Dominique Daniels Returns in 2017It has been a while since we have seen Dom on the track, mixing it up in the front of the pack of an Elite Women moto or main event. In 2017, we’ll see 3D back on-course, aboard a BlackCrown frame, in the jersey of Zombieland BMX. We caught a quick hello and a hug at the Grands, and we knew a comeback could not be far behind. This is confirmation!

Watch for a special Announcers Tower podcast with Dom in the next week or so to hear about her time away from the sport, and what she has planned for the new year.

The Look Ahead
The countdown clock here at the BMX News Global Command Center is at 15 days til the 2017 season opener. No doubt, we’ll have more team changes when we touch down in Vegas. Stay tuned for all the news and photos from the Silver Dollar Nats.

—Mike Carruth


Alpha Bicycle Products Website

Answer BMX Website

Rennen Design Group Website

Kuwahara BMX Website

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Rennen Rolls-Out RayceLite

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Rennen RayceLite Gears

Never underestimate the innovative drive of a BMX dad when it comes to the parts his little guy/gal needs to get the job done on the track. And DEFINITELY don’t underestimate him when he is the mad scientist of BMX racing, George Costa, of Rennen Design Group.

George’s boy, Rayce, just celebrated his fourth birthday, and is moving beyond his illustrious Strider career to a pedal bike. The one thing standing in the way: micro-guy gears. Of course, it’s not just about Rayce and his race-day roll-out, it’s about thousands and thousands of pit-dads looking for the lightest, strongest and most reliable little-guy gears available.

George has a history of bringing the market what it needs, before they know they need it (case in point: decimal gearing, which was a “BMX unicorn” until he made it happen in 2010).

Thus, we bring you news today of a new line of gears for the micro mob: the Rennen “RayceLite” line.

It’s the lightest mini gear in the world, at only 43 grams for the 37T. But in that small package is some serious tough, manufactured out of 7075-T6 aluminum, just like all the other Rennen gears the big guys rely on to get the job done.

In the case of the RayceLite, however, precision machining is taken to the next level to reduce weight, while not sacrificing strength for the half-pint, high-horsepower holeshotter.

And what would a Rennen innovation be without a plus-up? The RayceLite has a “self-extraction” feature to gently back the gear off the crank, free of the mallet (hammer?) tap-tap-tap you often have to do to coax the gear off the arm without rendering it out-of-round and useless, thereafter. See illustration below:

Rennen RayceLite Animation

The RayceLite line is available in 32T-42T (including Decimal) and is Answer/Speedline/Turn3 crank compatible. The rings will work with 11spd-and-below chains. Recommended weight limit is 70lbs.

Colors cover the spectrum: Black, Red, Gold, Blue, Green and Polished.

Shipping now from the Rennen webstore, and available soon at Dan’s and J&R. Check the link below to get on the list for the first-shipped gears.


Rennen RayceLite Gears Page

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Answer-Rennen Race Report: Carolina Nats

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Answer Rennen 2015 Carolina Nationals

By Glen Knapper
The next stop on the Answer/Rennen spring tour was the beautiful facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina for the USA BMX Carolina Nationals. Home to one of the newest BMX SX tracks in the United States, the track crew had the facility in top shape, from the perfectly groomed track Read more

Answer-Rennen Silver Dollar Nats Report

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Answer Rennen 2015 Silver Dollar Nats
By Glen Knapper

Following a short break after the Grands, the South Point Hotel Casino played host to the first USA BMX National of 2015 at the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. The team was ready to get the season underway, and had a big turnout of riders, along with some new faces Read more

2015 Factory Team Changes – Part I

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2015 Factory Team Changes

With the 2014 USA BMX Grand National in the rearview, many of the top factory teams are rearranging their rosters for the 2015 season. Some are adding new talent to top-off team sheet strength, others are adding riders in expanded parts of the country. Still others are bringing on new shredders to show-off specific product lines of their sponsor companies.

Whatever the strategic reason, we have seen blips on the social media radar for a few weeks now (longer in some cases), foretelling “big things to come” and “on-the-downlow-pickups,” but if you were not tuned in to one of the 15 or so social channels, you likely missed all that run-up talk.

This two-day feature highlights some of the most notable rider additions out there. A few teams can’t make announcements until Jan 1, and we will bring you those once they can be made public. So, without further ado, here are the first six:


Answer/Rennen 2015 Factory Team Change
Team owner George Costa told News: I would like to welcome to the team one of the Youngest riders we have ever signed: 8 Expert, Marshall Gehrke. 

Marshall is from Rockford IL area and is a busy little kid, full of energy. He enjoys wrestling, velodrome racing and go-kart racing, in addition to BMX. He has proven himself on the BMX track, racing the best riders in the country on The Nationals-Ssquared team for the last few years. 

2015 BlackCrown Factory Team
Under the leadership of new owners Scott Swanson and Tobi Ashworth-Harbas, and the on-going management of founder Rob McAllister, Factory BlackCrown will field a team of nine riders for 2015.

New Riders (Clockwise from left in above photo):

Scott “Swanny” Swanson (above) – 46-50 Cruiser, John’s Creek GA
My first race for BlackCrown will be Louisville in February (might make it out to Las Vegas)

Bullet Points:
1. Racing for about 40 years.
2. Most of the BMX community knows me from racing on the Fullerton Bikes Team as “SWANNY”. Biggest BMX shops in Southern California. Rode for them for the past 10 years.
3. Most recent big wins: tripled at Disney cup National. Overall Disney cup winner. Georgia State Champion.
4. Podium finishes this year at Kentucky both days, Tennessee all three days, Florida all three days
5. Raced for RBC, and Factory Hi-Tech in the 80′s and 90′s
6. Raced A Pro for 2 years. 88,89
7. Favorite Track is Black Mountain in Phoenix
8. Favorite racing class was when I raced 17 and over expert.
9. My Nemesis for 2015 will be again Robert Raymonde.

Joshua Nevins – 9 Expert, Seymour, TN
Recently part of Firedog Racing. First race with the team is Louisville KY Indoor
Josh says: “Excited to represent Factory BlackCrown, can’t wait for this season!”

Matt Wilcox – 19-27 expert, Kennesaw GA
I turn 28 end of March and move up to the 28-35 class. First National you will see in BlackCrown will be at the Bluegrass National in February And the first National as 28-35 might be Desoto or the Dixieland National. I am very excited to have the opportunity to ride for and represent a great product like BlackCrown BMX. So pumped for 2015!

Tyler Smith – 19-27 expert, Douglasville Georgia
First race I will be in BlackCrown colors will hopefully be Vegas but for sure Kentucky in February. Ending the 2014 season by going out in semis at Grands I’m looking to build of a decent season of podiums and top 4s. With winter training and new programs by my trainer Steve Norton I am looking forward to having a good season in 2015 along with representing such a great company such as BlackCrown. Can’t thank the people at BlackCrown for believing in me and picking me up for the season looking forward to it.

Returning to the team for 2015 will be Rob McAllister, Shawn DiPrete, Brad Lewis, Dylan Dellinger and Addy Shreve.

Jordan Miranda 
Back on Clayborn

2015 is bringing many changes to the Clayborn family and one of the biggest is Clayborn Bicycles will be sponsoring newly-turned Pro BMX Racer, Jordan Miranda! Jordan is returning to the family and will be riding a 2015 Pro XXL. Jordan will begin his pro racing career in the Clayborn kit at the USA BMX Silver Dollar National! We’re very excited to have Jordan back in the Blue and Orange. Jordan will not only be racing, but will be helping in several aspects of the team, from t-shirt and jersey design to working with our R&D guys on new frames and products!

2015 Crupi Factory Team

We are proud to announce our 2015 Factory Team. Look for all of our riders in their new Crupi uniforms, at the USA BMX Season Opener in Las Vegas, NV this upcoming January at the Silver Dollar Nationals!
“I’m looking forward to next season. Everyone at Crupi has been working really hard. With a brand new look and new riders; we will be a team to look out for in 2015!” 
–Nick Koehler
The team (above)

Anthony Bucardo, 16 Expert
Hometown: Canyon Country, CA

Colin Whittington, 15 Expert
Hometown: Arlington, TX
NAG #5 15 Expert

Nick Koehler, A-Pro
Hometown: Tustin, CA
Jack Bakken, 10 Expert
Hometown: Lone Tree, CO
NAG #6 10 Expert, NAG #2 10 Cruiser
Ryenn Capitani, 10 Girls
Hometown: Vacaville, CA
NAG #5 10 Girls, NAG #1 10 Girls Cruiser
William Parker, 13 Expert
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
NAG #11 13 Expert, NAG #4 13 Cruiser
Not pictured, just-before-press-time addition:
Ramiro Marino, Elite Men/AA-Pro
Hometown: Bueno Aires, Argentina


Austin Loebe is on C-Yaa

AA Pro Austin Loebe has signed on with the C-YAA Factory team for 2015! This move reunites Loebe with Bizzarro BMX Inc, the managing partner of the C-YAA team, after a three-year hiatus. Austin will be riding the Triple-X model C-YAA frame. Along with racing duties, he will also have a role in mentoring and coaching younger team riders. Welcome home, Austin!

2015 Doublecross Team Changes

Doublecross Bikes is psyched to welcome Ryan DeRoche and Charlie Hunt to the factory team for the 2015 season & beyond. Ryan will be repping DC in the 19-27 expert class, while Charlie starts out the year in 28-35….but when CH3 hits the ripe old age of 33 in the spring, he’ll be on a mission to rattle the cage in the Vet Pro class.

Ryan will be teaming up with Kenneth Gustafson in 2015 for their DoubleCross-country tour, where they will host clinics to pass on the knowledge that has helped them get to the top of their class.

Morphine Industries 2015 Factory Team

Morphine Industries inked a deal at the USA BMX Grands with 16 Expert, Justin Gagnon and 41 – 45 Expert, Drew Motley. We’ve been watching both Justice and Drew for a while and stoked to add them to the factory roster for the 2015 season.

Justice and Drew are a great add to the factory team as we push forward for the 2015 season. We launched our new Remedy race frame at the Grands and they along with the other factory riders, Dakota Cody and Noah Reeves will be great ambassadors for the brand and the sport for the 2015 season.

2015 Morphine Industries Factory Team Roster
A Pro: Dakota Cody
41-45X: Drew Motley
17-18X: Noah Reeves
16X:Justice Gagnon

First race of the Year: Las Vegas (New uniforms and new Morphine “Remedy” Frames)

Thanks for checking out part one. Please check back tomorrow for part two of the 2015 factory team change report.

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2015 Factory Team Changes – Part II

Companies mentioned in this article

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Rennen Design Group Website

BlackCrown Products Website

Clayborn BMX Website

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Answer/Rennen Fall National Recap

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Jack Kelly at the 2014 Disney Cup

By Glen Knapper
The final stop on the Answer/Rennen Summer Tour took us to Mickey’s front door–the USA BMX Fall Nationals in Kissimmee, FL. The Disney Cup is a three-day, three-national-score weekend that brings riders from across the US and many foreign lands as well. All hit town with high hopes of hoisting the Disney Cup trophy high above their heads on Sunday. The team geared up on Friday morning to get the three day event started with some fast practice laps before the racing got under way Friday afternoon.

Rider Recap

Bailey Brannen (13G) – Shining bright in her home state, Bailey showed up to put in some hot laps. It’s been a few months since the last time I had the pleasure of seeing this young lady race, and every time I see her she impresses in a big way. Bailey was doing double duty at Disney, racing both class and cruiser. She finished with a pair of deuces and a fifth in class and third, fourth and seventh in cruiser. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do in Tulsa.

Jack Kelly (11X) – The “Cannonball” came to town and conquered 11X, acing all-but one lap (in open on Sunday. With a Disney Cup on his mantle, Jack’s focus shifts to defending his NAG 1 plate in the season’s final showdown.

Markwane Billingsley at the 2014 Disney Cup
Markwane Billingsley (14X) – If “Scooter” wasn’t striking fear in the the minds of 14X before, after this weekend he definitely is. Markwane is starting to show his full potential, and had some incredibly-strong laps in Florida. After a third place finish on Friday and a crash on Saturday, he pulled it all together and finished the weekend off with a win on Sunday. Scooter is training hard to upgrade that NAG 8 when the dust settles on Grands weekend.

Cameron Moore at the 2014 USA BMX Fall Nationals
Cameron Moore (16X) – It was a hotly-anticipated return to the starting hill for the Dirt Devil, following a major injury in June. Cam came to the Fall Nationals to test out his recently-healed ankle. He worked his way through qualifying on Friday, but a mishap in the semis left him watching from the sideline. On Saturday, Cameron put the Friday mishap behind him and worked his way into the main, before wrecking hard going into turn two. Game over, for this weekend at least. Heal up quick Cam…

Justin Knapper at the 2014 Disney Cup
Justin Knapper (18X) – One of the toughest classes in BMX right now has to be 17-18X. Making that main event is a chore in itself. The “outside gate” bug has bitten Justin a lot this year and Friday’s semi was no exception–which spelled a sit-down for the main. The rest of the weekend saw Justin get tied up in carnage in the main, but he still worked his way to fourth both days with some strong qualifying rounds. Justin is training hard the next few weeks and will putting down some strong laps in Tulsa.

Derik Bergh (19X) – With the weather starting to change in Minnesota, Derik is getting ready to snowbird it out to San Diego to avoid the need to shovel off a sprint lane in the street. With a clip problem in practice, Derik was hoping that he had solved the problem, but the grip of the clip slipped in Friday’s main, and he mounted a heck of a charge to make up ground for fourth. After some equipment adjustments, Derik was able to better his finishes every day with a third and second on Sat and Sun, respectively. Derik is heading to Oklahoma in the hunt for the NAG 1 plate and will surely be working hard in the few weeks left to bring it home.

Dave Maltezos (36X) – Not losing a lap all weekend is the best way to bring home a Disney Cup in both class and cruiser, just ask Davey because that’s exactly what he did. After wins all three days, Dave has surely positioned himself to be a top contender in both class and cruiser come Grands weekend.

2014 has been a great season for the team–and the best chapter hasn’t even been written yet. Answer/Rennen is poised for a great finish to the year at the “Greatest Race on Earth” in Tulsa on Thanksgiving weekend. Be sure you stop by our pit, say hello and meet some of the riders.

*Thanks to USA BMX for the photos.

Answer/Rennen Co-Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Crit BMX, Fly Racing, Time2Shine, G-Form, Base Brooklyn and Pedro’s


Answer BMX Website

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Answer/Rennen Adds Leyna Jones for 015

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Leyna Jones Joins Answer/Rennen for 2015

The countdown to the 2014 USA BMX Grands sits at 45 days today. Historically, team news kinda held its breath until the semis were on the hill on Sunday afternoon in Tulsa. But that tradition has changed the past few years, as disbanding teams inform their riders about next-year plans early, giving them the best hopes of scoring a solid ride to transition into.

Last year, it was Morphine Industries who announced they would be trimming-back their team effort. That allowed Doran Bradshaw and Olijuwon Davis to find a new home under the Doublecross tent, among a few other moves.

This year, it’s Factory Phoenix who will be making its exit from the team stage. Company founder Tom Floyd told News “The team knows. We will have our farewell race at the Grands.”

One of the Phoenix riders making an early 2015 deal announcement is 12G headliner, Leyna Jones. The Oxnard, CA native will be joining George Costa’s Answer/Rennen team to add additional West Coast strength to the squad.

Leyna told News:

I am happy to be part of Answer/Rennen team, with a couple of my friends, for 2015. I am glad I will get to meet new people and shred some hot laps on my new SSquared frame. Although I’m sad to be leaving the Phoenix family, who is a great group of people & I will miss dearly, I am glad to be able to find a new home.”

Leyna has a christmas tree of main event slips this year, with 25 wins, 17 second places and seven third places, between 12G and 11-12G Cruiser (and a few other non-podium finishes).

George told News:

I am very excited to add Leyna to the Answer/Rennen family. Coming into this year I felt like she was flying under the radar and actually had a conversation with her dad (Mucho) at the Indoor Kentucky Race in February about this. I was very happy to see her end up on Phoenix as she was very deserving of a top factory ride even if it was for the competition, LOL.

She has had an amazing year so far and when the spot in her age group opened up on my team for her I knew I was gonna make the push to try to recruit them as fast as I could. Leyna is gonna be a huge asset to the team and I can’t wait for 2015 to begin.

We also took this opportunity to ask George if he had any other choice morsels to share on 2015 Answer Rennen activities.

For 2015 the biggest changes coming to A/R is our uniform sponsorship. With the recent developments going on with Answer BMX and ANSR MX its no surprise we will be representing the Syncron line to the fullest in 2015.

And we are still on the prowl for top riders. 2015 looks like its gonna be real interesting with plenty of riders moving around and new teams popping up. I cant wait to start the season in Vegas which I predict will break moto count records for the season opener.

Leyna just celebrated her sixth year of racing on October 1, and is moving ever-closer to her stated goals of winning the #1 Amateur Girl and #1 Pro Women titles. She also has eyes on the longer-term prize: making the Olympic team in 2020 or 2024.

Big congrats to Leyna, George and the Answer/Rennen crew on getting together for the new season.


Answer BMX Website

Rennen Design Group Website

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Answer-Rennen 2014 Music City Nationals Report

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2014 Answer Rennen Nashville Report

By Glen Knapper – The next stop on the Answer-Rennen schedule was the “Home of Country Music,” Nashville Tennessee. The first straight drag strip is one of the first things you notice when you pull up to the spectacular Music City BMX track which is situated in the beautiful Hamilton Creek Park. Read more

Answer Rennen Desoto Race Report

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Answer Rennen Desoto 2014 Race Report

The “Lone Star State” was the fourth stop on the Answer Rennen team’s schedule for the 2014 campaign. Texas was a hot bed for action over the weekend with the NCAA Final Four Tournament, NASCAR, AMA Supercross and of course USA BMX’s Super Nationals all having action in the Lone Star. For some of the riders this was the first time they have had the privilege of riding the Metroplex BMX track, and what a wonderful facility and track they have in Desoto. The weather may not have been the most ideal for racing, but the team suited up and kept warm by leading lap after lap.

Recap of the riders in attendance

Brandon Crain (10X) – The Bird Man was able to get rid of that gate bug that got him in Phoenix and decided to lay down the law in the 10X class and 10 cruiser with double wins for the weekend in front of his own cheering squad of grandparents, aunts and numerous cousins. Brandon is training hard and will definitely be a factor in the 10X class the rest of the season.

Jack Kelly of Answer Rennen at the 2014 USA BMX Super Nationals
Jack Kelly (11X) – We have said it before and we’ll say it again, Jack’s new nickname should be the “destroyer” because that is what he did over the weekend in the 11X class, he flat out destroyed it. Not sure if Jack’s secret is in those socks he wears, but if it is, we will be looking to invest in a few pair. Still working out some kinks in his new race set up, just imagine what will happen once he gets it fine tuned…whoa!

Justin Knapper (17X) – Coming from the *still* cold Northeast, and still trying to knock some of the winter rust off, Justin was seen in the mix during his rounds and finished 4th on Saturday in a super stacked 17-18X class. The lack of track time caught up to Justin on Sunday with just getting edged out in the semi and having to sit out watching the main events from the stands. Now that the weather in the Northeast is starting to warm up, look for Justin to start getting in that track time and shaking the rust off.

Derik Bergh (17-18X, top photo) – Recent training has paid off for “Randy” (inside joke–have to ask Derik) on Saturday with a hard-fought drag race to the finish for the win in the super tough 17-18X class. On Sunday the term “wrong place at the wrong time” was Derik’s motto in the main event as coming out of the first turn in second a crash behind him sent one of the bikes into his rear tire forcing him to have to unclip and settle for a 4th. With his determination, look for Derik to be up front again at the next National.

Jeremy Knapper (23C) – After taking the Winter Nationals off, Jeremy came to DeSoto to start knocking off his winter rust like his brother. On Saturday Jeremy showed the way to the finish line by squeaking out the win and vowing to make the next day different. Sunday not only was there thunder outside but also some “Thunder” inside with Jeremy pulling away from the competition in the main and doubling up on the weekend. I did see Jeremy eying up Jack’s socks so who knows what will happen at the next National.

Max Egdorf of Answer Rennen
Max Egdorf (A Pro) – Imagine what will happen when Max is able to start training, between work and not having any tracks open near him, he was still able to make the main event both days at the Super Nationals. Saturday saw Max getting tied up in the first turn and rolling past the finish line in 7th place. On Sunday a third turn crash in the first round put Max in the hole early for points and his years of experience kicked in to help him work his way through the qualifying rounds to make the main event. Going into the last turn in the main event sitting 4th, Max was able to dodge the rider in front of him, who saw the same fate as Max did in the first round, finishing with a 3rd and a spot on the podium.

Austin Loebe (Elite Men) – One of the young up and coming Elite Men had a good weekend by my standards, with a crash in the first round and some bad gate assignments, Saturday didn’t go the way he had hoped but he looked to get Saturday out of his head and get ready for Sunday. Once the first gate dropped on Sunday, Austin took his new 2014 Ssquared bike (soon to be released) to the front of the pack and was seen in the mix in his moto’s until getting tied up in the first turn in his quarter ending his great day of riding on Sunday.

The team had a great weekend at the Super Nationals with a Factory teamsheet win on Saturday, and third on Sunday. The team’s next race will be the Dixieland Nationals in Powder Springs, GA.

We would like to thank Jim Buchanan from Factory Ssquared – Answer for allowing us some trailer space to store our bikes, it was greatly appreciated.

Answer/Rennen Co-Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Crit BMX, Fly Racing, Time2Shine, G-Form, Base Brooklyn and Pedro’s


Answer BMX Website

Rennen Design Group Website

Answer-Rennen Winter Nationals Report

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Answer-Rennen 2014 Winter Nationals Race Report

By Glen Knapper

The “Valley of the Sun” was the next hot stop on the Answer/Rennen team schedule, and Phoenix was going to live up to the word “hot.” The temperature wasn’t the only thing going up in Phoenix– with 292 motos on Saturday, the small team that ventured out to the Winter Nationals buckled up their Fly Racing helmets, and prepared for some tough racing. The hard-packed Black Mountain track was perfect for the team’s Tioga Powerblocks to carve up the annual freshend-up track design. Once the action started, one by one, the team was out front of their motos with their Ssquared frames and Answer parts leading the way to first round transfers.

Quick recap of the riders…

Samantha Gracey (9G) – After recently aging up, “Lil Sam I am” showed that she is going to be a contender in the girl class with a 5th place finish on Saturday. Sunday was a little different for Samantha after getting caught up in a crash in the second round, which ended her day. Good thing she was wearing her G-Form pads and was able to brush the dirt off and walk off to fight another day…definitely one tough little girl.

Brandon Crain (10X) – The “Bird Man” was riding hard on Saturday working his way through his qualifying rounds on both cruiser and 20” but was bit by the gate bug when it came time for the mains and was stuck trying to work his way through the pack and finished with a 6th in cruiser and class. On Sunday Brandon gave the cruiser a rest and picked up the 20” and put his Crit plate on the podium for a 3rd. One thing for sure is Brandon will shake that gate bug and will be moving up on that podium.

Tara Klein (10G) – The local girl showed up with her family in tow and had a great weekend. There is not much I can say but Tara has really been moving lately and with 2nd’s in cruiser both days and a 5th & 6th in class it shows her passion for this sport. Rumor has it that Tara might be doing a East Coast tour this summer and will surely stop by Time 2 Shine to check out the 2 stores.

Jack Kelly (11X) – They call him the “cannonball” but I think that shortly they will have to start calling him “destroyer” because on Saturday that is what he did, destroyed his class. Sunday’s main event had to be one of the better races of the day with Jack just running out of track and finishing with the 2nd. Look for Jack’s pit crew (Dad) to be tweaking his Rennen Decimal Chainring to get that perfect feel. I have watched the “cannonball” for years and have had the pleasure of getting to know him the past few races and what a great young man he is.

Justin Knapper (17X) – Fresh off the newest cover of Pull Magazine and coming from the frigid East Coast, Justin was trying to knock off some of the winter rust but a clip problem on Saturday ended his day quickly, but even though he ended up watching from the sideline on Saturday he was seen cheering on his teammates in typical Justin fashion. After wiping his bike down with some Pedros bike lust and Pedros chain lube, Justin came back on Sunday with a mission and finished 3rd in the super tough 17-18X class.

Derik Bergh (18X) – Living in California for the past month has been a plus for Derik as he was seen in the mix on Saturday and Sunday’s rounds but a clip problem in Saturday’s main kept him from the podium and a crash in Sunday’s qualifier round ended his weekend. After dusting himself off and throwing on his Base Brooklyn t-shirt you could see the passion he has for BMX. Look for Derik to be back on the gas and out in front of the pack the next time you see him.

After the dust settled, the team had a good weekend in the 602. It wasn’t the best, but one thing I can say about these riders from being around them the past couple of years: never count them out.

The next race for the team will be Desoto, TX. If you’re in town, stop by and say “Hi,” and test drive the newest product from Rennen Design Group, The Smart Sprint.

Answer/Rennen Co-Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Crit BMX, Fly Racing, Time2Shine, G-Form, Base Brooklyn and Pedro’s


Answer BMX Website

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