Letter: Why Didn’t You Edit Costa?

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Reader Letter: Why Didn't You Edit Costa? 
Great podcast with George Costa. But why didn’t you cut the part when he said that pulling advertising on your site didn’t make any change? I would have cut that part out, and I’m curious why you didn’t?”
—JB, Midwest

Thanks for your message, JB. I normally edit each podcast a bit, mostly to remove the “ummmms” and pauses, sometimes for time (I like a 1-hour episode, give-or-take), and sometimes if I, or the guest, goes on a tangent that repeats what we have already said, if will not have an effect on the content.

I view every guest on Announcers Tower as I would a guest sitting on the couch in my own living room. Which is to say, that I would (almost) never tell them to stop talking, or edit what they said for my own purposes. In 146 episodes, I am almost-certain I have never done that.

If you haven’t-yet listened to the episode, JB’s letter refers to the part of the show, queued-up below, where George talks about his plans for the future, and looks back at some of Rennen’s past marketing efforts–most specifically pulling-back from online advertising in places like (click to start at the moment-in-question):

At 38:04, George acknowledges that, with no team on the track, he may re-evaluate that plan (but also says his gut says no)–still, if/when he does, we would be stoked to welcome Rennen back to the advertiser community, here on News.

George sent-over the following as an additional reply to your letter:

First off, I’d like to say I fully support what Mike and BMXnews are doing here with his websites. I was an advertiser for 6 or 7 years and in the days of intense Internet sanction drama on VBMX we would always see good clickthrough numbers on our Google Analytics in those days. My reasons for pulling back were mainly due to personal circumstances that arose about 2 years ago where I had to very closely evaluate every dollar we spend.

I was just freely speaking to Mike and I hope the sentiment I was trying to convey was “don’t take things for granted that the brands or sites or magazines you love will be around forever if you don’t help support them.”

Maybe it is time for more owners like myself to speak up and issue a warning call that if you care about something help support it.

Maybe instead of selling your used frame on the fence at the track, give it to a kid in need or donate it as a loaner bike to your local track and buy yourself a new one at retail. Sometimes people don’t know how good they have it while they are experiencing something. How many people are still reminiscing about the NBL, but didn’t support it to the level they needed to stay in business.

I have loved BMX ever since I first discovered it in BMX Plus! (RIP) back in 1987. I don’t want the sport to die but it’s time that everyone opens their eyes about how the BMX world operates around them, and do the right thing.

Back to the podcast: at 38:37, I weigh-in to give my opinion on what he said. I have to admit: it was tough to put that mirror up to our efforts, but it would be disingenuous to say “everything’s fine,” when the picture has, in fact, changed radically for us, on the advertising front, in the past 18 months or so.

But we still have a solid group of advertisers who believe in what we’re doing–believe that a NEWS site about BMX Racing is important to support (By the Way: please click on their banners, if you’re interested in their products. It really helps.). That faith, on their part, drives the future ambitions of this site (some of which, you will see in the coming weeks).

BMX News serves a valuable purpose in the sport, as a primary source for news— not opinion— but NEWS (and some opinion, too). We do stories that nobody else does, and I love that part of my job.

That said, I have great respect for ALL of the outlets who also cover this thing of ours, and we each have our own unique style and editorial approach.

I have to admit: it’s difficult to “suit up” for press release stories, especially after the story is all-over social media. We love “scoops” that nobody else has (send those to

If you have a newsworthy story, work with us to develop it, then share our post on your social channels…it’s better when someone else is talking about you anyway, right? I don’t guarantee we’ll take every pitch, but many days I’m dying for something of news value to post.

Wrapping-up on your letter, JB, you should also know that George and I are friends. I knew, going in, that he is a guy who speaks his mind…which is what makes him such a great guest on the podcast.

So our discussion, though structured, as all of our episodes are, was a conversation among friends, who have a long history. We have broken news together, and we have broken bread together (but, to my knowledge, have never broken wind together, LOL). I was not-at-all offended by what he said on the show.

Thanks again for your support of this site, and for your reader letter on this topic!

—Mike Carruth

Podcast: George Costa on His Team Retirement

December 18, 2018 by · Comments Off on Podcast: George Costa on His Team Retirement 

Podcast: George Costa on Team Retirement
It has been a long road of ups & downs, with some big successes along the way for George Costa, owner and team manager of Factory Answer/Rennen for the past seven seasons. Before that, he was title sponsor for Rennen-Intense, and got a feel for how the Factory Team scene works. Read more

Podcast: Jerry Landrum of BMX Mania

March 15, 2018 by · Comments Off on Podcast: Jerry Landrum of BMX Mania 

Podcast: Jerry Landrum of BMX Mania

Earlier this week, BMX News reported that BMX Mania Publisher, Jerry Landrum was stepping back from regular updates on the website he founded in the mid 1990s. Well wishes flooded in on social media, from around the world, celebrating the contribution our friend has made to this great sport.

As promised in that article, we sat down with Jerry for a podcast interview, to hear some of his best BMX stories, his “Mount Rushmore” of both riders and events, his thoughts on the future of BMX Racing in the Olympics, and what’s next for him now that he will have all that free time on his hands.

iOS Users: Paste the URL below in your device’s browser to listen:

Please give it a listen, and comment below with your personal Jerry Mania stories.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: “Super Jerry” by Christophe Boul

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Podcast: Jerry Landrum of BMX Mania

Podcast: John David on 2017 Pro Pay & More

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Podcast: John David on 2017 Pro Pay & More

The talk has been thick over the past 14 days or so about the USA BMX announcement relating to the pro pay scale for 2017. For all the hundreds (maybe thousands) of social media comments on the topic, plus a BMX News article relating to the subject, we have not heard the official USA BMX side of things.

On this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast, USA BMX COO, John David, joins us to provide the inside-the-walls account of how the decisions were made, and also some points that affect BMXers at every level.

Listen now.
iOS users: paste the URL below into your device’s browser to listen

What stands out about this episode is that John gives us a rare look at how USA BMX views the pro class, the relationship with UCI, and how that affects the operational decisions made, as well as how cultural shifts in present-day America impact BMX Racing at every level.

Comments are open below, and we invite your opinions and feedback.

—Mike Carruth


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Podcast: Home High School For BMXers

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Bill Redford and Jason Richardson on LAP

Last week, Dr. Bill Redford and Dr. Jason Richardson rolled out a new independent learning program for high school age BMXers and action sports athletes of any stripe. Life Advantages Preparatory (LAP) could be construed as a homeschool curriculum, in that the student engages with the program from their location.

But one thing we learned in the podcast with them was that the LAP program goes beyond curriculum, and includes active mentoring, academic coaching and other facets that are not always present in other curriculum selections.

Dr. JRich is well-known as the sports psychologist to the BMX stars, and he tells us in the interview that some of the services the BMX pros pay thousands of dollars each year for are baked in to the LAP program, making it a highly-potent mix of academic and athletic readiness.

Listen Now
iOS users: paste the URL below in your device’s browser:

Most of you who are in school have just finished for the summer break, so back to school may be a thousand miles from your top-of-mind at the moment. But if you are looking to change your academic gearing for the next school year, this is the time to get signed up for the LAP program before it fills up.

We have no doubt it will be an incredible experience for BMXers who want to stay on-track with their studies, and still study their on-track performance full-time. With JRich and Dr. Bill on the case, plus the other mentors and coaches they will bring into the program, you will have everything you need to succeed.

We know that there are a lot of homeschool families in the BMX News readership, and we will be bringing you more homeschool stories in the weeks and months to come.

—Mike Carruth

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Greg Hill and Donny Robinson Talk Grassroots BMX

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Greg Hill and Donny Robinson Podcast
Last week, in the wake of the announcement that Derby City BMX would be closing down for most of the Summer 2016 season to upgrade the track to a dual-hill, Supercross/Amateur configuration, Greg Hill posted a message on his personal Facebook page which ended up hitting a nerve in the BMX community, with hundreds of shares, comments and likes from around the world.

Greg’s ire in the post (excerpted below) was not focused directly at Derby City, as he talks about in this riveting podcast interview.

If I see 1 more post about a track that’s building a UCI SX track I am gonna lose it!
—Greg Hill on Facebook, May 12, 2016

Joining Greg on the show is Donny Robinson, who has been working to evangelize BMX Racing in school visits for the USA BMX STEM Program, and as a volunteer at his local track, North Bay BMX.

The interview spends only a little time talking about local tracks installing a dual starting hill configuration, then we dive-deep into our discussion of the state of grassroots BMX Racing, and what can be done to compliment the tools USA BMX provides all tracks, to help get beginners and others who are not-yet ready to boost a set of doubles, and start their national career, out to the track, and keep them there.

Technical Note: Apologies for the sound quality on my microphone. I just installed a new microphone (on the very-day we recorded this show), and it was obviously not quite dialed-in yet. It is fixed now, and will be bold and beautiful for the next episode.

Listen Now
iOS Users: Paste the URL below in your device’s browser to listen

What’s so exciting is that we are starting to see some early wins show up on the board, as Donny talks about a “beginners-only” day he and the volunteers at North Bay BMX in Napa, CA have been running. It goes beyond the standard-fare “new rider clinic” that is run with the track’s top experts in uniform leading the session, and gets down to the very basics that brought us all here in the first place: Kids. Bikes. Dirt. Fun.

In the closing minutes of the show, we talk about the recent announcement by UCI and USA BMX that they will get involved in sanctioning and promoting BMX Freestyle events.

We hope you enjoyed the show. Please visit and like the BMX News Facebook page (link below) and give us your opinions on the show and topics discussed.

—Mike Carruth

Editor’s Note: In the interview, Greg refers to an annual schedule of “80 Nationals.” He called to ask we correct his words, to a total of 68 national race days in 2016.

Also: I said AYSO soccer had 650,000 participants. According to the US Youth Soccer website, they claim 3,055,148 participants (2014). Even if it is 25% of that, it is 750,000-plus.


GHP BMX Website

Pedals 2 Medals Website

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Podcast: Liam Phillips on Rio Test Event

October 7, 2015 by · Comments Off on Podcast: Liam Phillips on Rio Test Event 

Podcast: Liam Phillips on Rio Test Event

Our “final word” on the Rio Test Event left us with a bunch of unanswered questions, and we just could not leave that article as the final word. Good that we didn’t, because our exclusive interview with Liam Phillips–one of the leaders of the rider protest in Rio–gave us a much sharper picture of what happened, and how.

Among the interesting facts uncovered in the podcast below was the fact that the riders did not have any real complaint about the size of the giant step-up out of the second turn. Liam fills us in on that detail and so much more in this, our 114th episode.

iOS Users: Paste this link into your device’s browser to listen


Liam Phillips on Instagram

Liam Phillips on Twitter


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Podcast: Dale Holmes “BMX Pro for a Week” Camp

September 9, 2015 by · Comments Off on Podcast: Dale Holmes “BMX Pro for a Week” Camp 

Dale Holmes on "BMX Pro for a Week" Camp

Dale Holmes just finished up with season two of his “BMX Pro for a Week” summer camps in conjunction with the YMCA of San Diego. This year, the program grew from two weeks to eight, and was packed-full of beginning BMXers, some of whom had never ridden a bike before.

The summer camp is one of three prongs of the Dale Holmes Racing program, the other two being the “Ride to End Obesity” program in the Poway, CA school district, and the Chase/DHR Racing Team, with members Anthony Dean, Dani George and Bryce Betts.

All of the programs were on our radar, covered in News since their start in early 2014, but the edit DHR released, posted here on July 28 provided a great peek into the summer camp program, and the positive impact it is having on the local beginner scene in San Diego (video reposted below).

Everyone involved in running a local track, or with an interest in growing the BMX pie across the country knows full-well that beginners, and lots of them, are the key to all that ails us, from a participation point of view.

Dale’s program is a shining example of how new riders can be brought into the fold, gradually, before they start worrying about skinny digits and low-number plates.

It’s not like “the old days” when we all rode bikes around the neighborhood, til the street lights came on, and our personal freedom was tied to two wheels and a pair of handlebars. Today’s 10-unders are not necessarily riding bikes–for a variety of reasons, so whatever we, as BMXers can do to get them off the couch and on the pedals is nothing less of a public service.

News sat down with Dale last week to hear about summer camp 2015, and get some 411 on the next steps for all DHR programs. It’s a great show, and we hope you enjoy listening.

Listen now:
iOS users: paste the URL below into your device’s browser to listen

Here’s the edit on the camp, produced by Justin Kosman

The BMX Pro for a Week summer camp is supported by an all-star list of sponsors, including Answer Racing, BaronaCasino, Chase BMX, GEICO, Goliath Financial, ODI Grips, ride100percent, Shimano, Stealth Hubs, Tioga, Wal Mart, WD-40 Bike, Zola Clean.
(links above added by BMX News to highlight companies who are also BMX News advertisers)

Speaking of Chase, here’s a snap of the fleet of Chase Edge bikes the camp uses. Pretty solid hardware, for racers of any calibur–and a dream machine for the campers.
Chase BMX Edge BMX Race Bikes

Keep an eye on BMX News for exclusive details of Dale’s 2016 program, as soon as all the particulars are inked.

—Mike Carruth


Dale Holmes Racing Website

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Podcast: Jason Carnes on 2015 Flight Schools

May 13, 2015 by · Comments Off on Podcast: Jason Carnes on 2015 Flight Schools 

2015 Redline Flight School Podcast
The Redline Flight School tour is the widest-reaching and only factory-supported clinic tour in the United States. Lead instructor, and Factory Redline Team Manager, Jason Carnes, is out there for 50 clinic stops a year, at tracks from coast to coast and border to border.

For the second installment in our 2015 clinics series, we sat down with Jason for a podcast on what he has planned for the year, as well as the type of material he covers for those who may not have had the pleasure of the Flight School experience.

Listen Now
iOS users – paste the link below in your device’s browser

Check out the link below for the 2015 Redline Flight School schedule. And be sure to stop by the Redline pit at the 2015 USA BMX Music City Nationals next week in Nashville.


2015 Redline Flight School Schedule

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Podcast: Mike King on Rock Hill Facility

August 28, 2014 by · Comments Off on Podcast: Mike King on Rock Hill Facility 

Interview with Mike King on Rock Hill facility

Fresh off the grand opening weekend of the Novant Health BMX Supercross track, City of Rock Hill BMX Supervisor Mike King is our guest on this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast.

We cover points beyond the opening day speeches (though there are a few of those acknowledgements as well), and get into the granular details of how this $7MM facility will conduct it’s business on a day-to-day business, now that it shares the title of “local track” alongside BMX Supercross training facility. It’s a unique contrast that we believe is first of its kind in the world.

Apart from the Rock Hill headlines, Mike shares his expert opinion on the direction BMX Supercross is heading leading into the 2016 Olympic Games and beyond. Are wooden jumps and continued-progression the future of BMX Supercross at the Olympic level?

All this, plus a peek behind the scenes into the process of bringing the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships back to the United States for the first time in over two decades.

As we reported in our coverage of the grand opening, Rock Hill will be open for business on a five-day-a-week schedule (closed Sunday and Monday), and will have organized practice for both elites and amateurs on the following schedule for the balance of August:

Novant Health BMX Track Schedule

Beginner Clinics – Free
Tuesday: 5 – 7 PM
Saturday: 1 – 2 PM

Open Practice – $5.00
Wednesday: 6PM – 8PM
Thursday: 4PM – 7PM
Friday: 5PM – 7PM
Saturday: 1PM – 4PM

Elite Training
Wednesday: 4PM – 6PM
Friday: 4PM – 5PM

Sunday & Monday

September schedule will be posted soon, and BMX News will update you on that, when available.

For the foreseeable future, the track will run their local races on Wednesday nights, with an entry fee of $10

Whether you’re a fan of the tippy-top elite scene, or watching the grassroots grow in the local program, Rock Hill has something for you, and this podcast gives great insight into their full-spectrum plans.

Listen Now

iPhone users: paste this url into your phone’s browser:

If you liked the interview, please share it with friends


Novant Health BMX Supercross Track Website


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