Tioga Elite Recap: Mile High Nats

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Tioga Elite Mile High Recap
The 2017 USA BMX Mile High Nationals happened earlier this month, just one week after the UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, SC. In fact, many west coasters hit Grand Junction on the way back from the Worlds, to make it an even three weeks on the road from the time the left Read more

Connor and Joris Sign-on for Another Four

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Connor and Joris Sign for Another Four

On January 21, 2011, Connor Fields was our guest on the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast. Although some word had leaked out, when we started the interview, there was still no official word where Connor (who was ABA’s newest pro at the time) was going after his stint at Free Agent. Two minutes and 53 seconds into that interview, Connor disclosed he would be riding for “a new company” called BMX Racing Group.

“The frame you’re going to be riding, it’s going to be called ‘Chase,’ right? “Yes…”

So, that was the first mention of Connor’s relationship with Christophe Leveque’s new bundle of brands, under the BMX Racing Group umbrella.

Fast-forward nearly six years and a Gold Medal later, and some big news was recently announced that will make Connor one of the longest-tenured pros under one sponsor in the history of BMX Racing.

In a recent release, BMX Racing Group Announced:

From it’s start, Chase BMX has tried to push the boundaries of technology with the RSP line of frames. Using the experience and knowledge of one of the best BMX racers of all time, Christophe Leveque and the behind the scenes and knowledge base of Pete Dylewski. In six short years, Chase BMX has become one of the worlds premier brands for BMX racing frames and complete bikes, with the RSP line of frames and the Element and Edge complete bikes.

Both Fields and Daudet had an incredible 2016 season, and the two have been among the most consistent riders on the USA BMX and UCI World Cup tour for the past several years.

Highlights for both riders came in the most recent season, with Connor winning Olympic Gold and Joris backing up his 2015 USA BMX #1 Pro title by also winning the UCI BMX Elite Men title. Both riders contracts have been renewed with a four year term, keeping both riders abroad Chase BMX bikes through the next Olympic cycle.

Connor Fields has been a part of the Chase BMX brand since its inception in January of 2011.

Connor noted “I’ve been with Chase since they first started, which was also my first year as a Pro. I’m extremely happy to say that I will be riding for the brand for 4 more years, brining the total time on the Chase team to 10 years at the end of 2020! It has been an incredible journey together and I look forwards to another awesome 4 years with Chase BMX.”

Joris has been part of the team for the past three years adding some international flair to the USA based team. “I am really happy to continue on with such a great brand like Chase BMX for four more years. Being part of the team who was started by Christophe Leveque, such a idol of mine, is a great honor. I hope to be able to bring more titles and championships to the Chase BMX team.”

Pete Dylewski told News “We are so excited to have had the relation ship with both riders of the past years and are very excited for four more years of teaming up with two of the best BMX racers in the world. We look forward to watching Connor and Joris #winwithchase for four more years!”

Well said, gentlemen! The #NewsTeam and all BMX News readers will look forward to seeing you in our pages, rockin the blue for the next four trips around the sun.

The Chase BMX Pro team is proud to be partnered and supported by with some of the best brands, including Linktops, Shimano, Fly Racing, Vans, Tioga BMX, G Form, KMC, ODI, Kicker, Elevn, Insight, Excess, and stealth hubs.


Connor Fields Announces Chase Sponsorship (Jan 21, 2011)

Chase BMX Website

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Podcast: Connor Fields on Rio Gold

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Podcast with Connor Fields

Hard to believe that it has not even been one week since the BMX Finals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. In the short six days since Connor Fields crossed the finish line as the new Olympic Champion, it has been a whirwind of media appearances, hitting the closing ceremonies, letting it all soak in with his Dad, Mike by his side, and flying back to Las Vegas, where he was met by a crush of local media, fans and into the loving arms of his mom, Lisa, the moment he stepped past the security lines at LAS.

Now that Connor is back home, and has had some time to unpack, he was quick to agree to come on the Announcers Tower podcast to tell us the important details of the run-up to the Games, as well as the insider story of time in the Olympic Village, and the racing from Time Trials to crossing the line as the new Gold Medalist.

Listen Now
iOS users: paste the URL below into your device’s browser to listen.

Voting is open for the Team USA “Male Athlete of the 2016 Olympic Games.” Connor is in the running, and needs the support of the full BMX community! Voting ends on September 6, and BMXers can vote every day. The BMX community can help make it happen. So, please check the link below, book mark it, and vote every day to get him over the top!

Connor was the first, unofficial guest of “Announcers Tower,” before the Podcast had a name, back on September 4, 2009. This was about two months before I purchased BMX News, and all coverage was via BMXNOW.COM.

The interview was focused on his return to racing after a terrible wreck at the 2009 ABA Super Nationals in Desoto, TX. It’s awesome to hear him seven years ago, and project that optimism to his performance in the Olympic Games. The interview is available at the link below.

A BIG BMX News congrats to Connor on his Gold medal, and for being a long-time friend of News. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for his career.

—Mike Carruth


Vote For Connor As “Male Athlete of the Rio Games”

Interview: Connor Fields and the Comeback Trail – September 2009

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BMX Gold for Pajon and Fields!!

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Connor Fields and Mariana Pajon Win BMX Gold in Rio

Since BMX racing’s Olympic debut in 2008, riders around the world have been dreaming of competing at the pinnacle of the sport. Few riders have had the chance to make this dream a reality, and even fewer have had the fairy-tale ending on the medal stand.

Today there were six more medals up for grabs, and a chance for any of the 32 men and women in the program to notch their name into the BMX history books for eternity. The stands were full. The stage was set, and now its up to the riders to perform and the magic to happen.

Yes, we kind of gave it away with the above headline and photo, but unless you have been runnin deep cover, or on the International Space Station (actually, they have Internet, so just deep cover), you know that the 2016 Olympic BMX Medalists have been decided.

But just like any great movie, the final punchline is one thing…the “how it all came together” flashback is where the real “story” is. So, settle in…it’s about to get good.

Elite Women Semifinals
Recap By Bryce Betts

Run One

Group 1
ew-semi-1.1The nerves were high, and the stakes were higher as the women loaded into the gate for their first of three Semifinal rounds. As the camera panned past the riders, and neared lane 1 the crowd continued to get louder. Once they introduced Mariana Pajon the crowd erupted, likely giving some additional nerves to the riders. It didn’t faze the veterans however, as Pajon rocketed out of the gate and jumped the first straight so much lower than Hernandez and Post. After Pajon jumped into the first turn, the race was over, as Mariana was bike lengths ahead. Christensen followed Post around the track til the last turn, where Hernandez made a great move pushing her up, and also allowing Alise Post to follow past the Denmark rider.

Group 2
ew-semi-1.2The gate dropped and it seemed like Crain had the snap, but it was Caroline who held onto it thanks to an inside lane pick. Crain and Buchanan were the only two to jump the triple into the first turn, and Crain took some nice pedals down the backside but it wasn’t enough to get ahead of Buchanan. Brooke was trying everything to get around Caroline, but while trailing Caroline’s back wheel she lost sight of blocking the defending Bronze medalist and Smulders managed to push Brooke up in the last turn and slot her back to third.

Run Two

Group 1
ew-semi-2.1After the first round of motos the riders were finding their position in the semi, but many didn’t want to settle if they were outside of the top 4. In the second round Alise Post had a much better first straight, and had a slight edge on Mariana. Pajon’s inside position allowed her to stay in front, but Alise continued to apply the pressure, all the way to the finish. The real battle was for third and on however, as the racing was as tight as possible. Hernandez was in third, and slid out on the green paint crashing into 4th place Christensen, with only Manon Valentino (a close fifth into last turn) dodging and finishing third, and Gaby Diaz going from last to fourth while Carr and van Benthem were tangled up with the downed riders. If the Olympics has proven one thing in the past eight years, it is supreme unpredictability! This was just another example of that.

Group 2
ew-semi-2.2.1Moto two was down the ramp and once again the American rider got a better gate. Brooke Crain missed the triple into the first turn, but still got ahead of Buchanan, causing Caroline to back off into the first turn. This made room for Smulders and Bondarenko, to slot into the two and three slots. The top four seemed to stay consistent the whole lap, but Smulders made a last straight move past Brooke Crain yet again to edge her out and take the win. Unfortunately for the Brazilian rider, Carnaval, she crashed with Reynolds and is having a similar games to Rezende.

Run Three

Group 1
ew-semi-3.1The points are settled for the top seeds, but it is still important to get lane pick. Just thirty minutes after last moto, the women loaded up for their last shot to get into the final. Mariana and Alise were a dead heat into the first and second turns. Alise got pushed wide though, and Hernandez ended up making a move down the third straight giving her second place and AP11 the third. For every bummed rider in the semis, there is a happy rider however. France’s only rider left in the semi finals, Valentino made it on to the final much to the delight of her very BMX-proud country.

Group 2
The first half of the main was set, with Pajon, Post, Hernandez, and Valentino. We were one gate start and 34.67 seconds away from filling the rest of the gate. Smulders had a great gate, and Crain followed close. Belgian VanHoof finished third, The big surprise was Caroline Buchanan, who ended up coming up way short on the first two jumps, which appeared to move her bars way forward in Chicago style.

ew-semi-3.2She then went on to crash into Bondarenko’s back wheel in the first turn. It was up to watching how Bondarenko finished to see if Caroline’s dreams would end. Unfortunately for Caroline, Bondarenko finished fifth, making it a tie in points which, with the better finish, would allow the youngest rider in the Games to advance into the final.

It can’t be overstated how big a deal this was. Caroline was on the top of many picks, even above Mariana, in some cases–and now she was out. Naturally, she was heartbroken and the tears were hard to watch.

Elite Women Final

Before we could process what happened in the semis, the main event was already loading up in the gate. There was a lot of heat on the inside, with Pajon in one, Smulders in two, Crain in three, and Post in four. And just-like-that four years of waiting, training and visualizing the Olympic final was down to the starter’s command and a cadence.

ew-final-2Smulders seemed to have the snap, but Alise was up there as well. Brooke Crain didn’t get the starts she was having all day, and the French rider of Valentino did a front flip into the first turn similar to Nic Long’s in practice.

ew-final-3It was all Pajon out of turn one. Mariana was chased down by a hungry Alise Post, followed by Hernandez and defending bronze medalist Laura Smulders. Smulders had been making moves at the end of the track all day so we were looking for her to make something happen. Hernandez made a slight mistake in the third straight, and the Dutch rider was catching-up quick. Unfortunately, Smulders went down in the last turn, ending her quest for a second medal. Brooke Crain rode by for the gut-wrenching fourth place, ahead of Russia’s Bondarenko, but behind Hernandez.

The stands seemed to be nearly 50% Colombian, and as you can imagine the crowd was erupting all the way until the medal ceremony. Mariana is now etched into BMX history along side Maris as the only BMXers who have earned two (gold) medals at the Olympic Games.

The Silver medal for Alise also marks the best BMX result by a U.S. woman in the Olympics, and was America’s 4th medal in history. Alise and Mariana have been swapping 1-2 positions since before they were pro, and the NewsTeam feels like their dominance on the world stage won’t stop any time soon.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Elite Men Semifinals
Recap By Mike Carruth

Run One

Group 1
mens-semi-1.1In the gate for the first semi, we had (from the outside in heat 1): Luis Brethauer (GER), David Graf (SUI), Jelle van Gorkom (NED), Carlos Ramirez (COL), Carlos Oquendo (COL), Corben Sharrah (USA), Nic Long (USA) and Anthony Dean (AUS).

Down the hill, and down the first straight in an instant, van Gorkom had the lead for a moment, with Graf on the way outside, and Dean a pedal or two off the pace. Into turn one, Dean dropped in off the triple, and took the lead with van Gorkom and Long in trail. Down the second straight, the Colombian, Ramirez came through the left and took up third. Out of turn two, Oquendo edged up into the fourth spot…and that’s how it would finish. Dean, van Gorkom, Ramirez and Oquendo.

Group 2
Lining up for the second semi group: Trent Jones (NZL), Niek Kimmann (NED), Jefferson Milano (VEN), Tory Nyhaug (CAN), Connor Fields (USA), Gonzalo Molina (ARG), Twan van Gendt (NED), Sam Willoughby (AUS).

mens-semi-1.2Molina had a terrible start, and almost lost it down the ramp. Connor and Sam were fork to fork the whole way down the first straight, but Sam took the lead into turn one, and down the second straight. van Gendt came out of the turn in second, but Connor made up the ground by the time the pack reached turn two. Connor nosed into the lead for a split second in the early part of the third straight, but Sam held the lead all the way home, with Connor in second, then Jones and Kimmann. Milano crashed in the last turn, but was up pretty quick.

Run Two

Group 1
mens-semi-2.1Second verse, same as the first: Dean hit turn one first. (Not to self: lobby HARD for scrambling Olympic Qtrs and Semis next time). This time it was Corben who would take up second place and Ramirez into turn two. The group got around clean, and at the stripe it was Dean, Sharrah, Ramirez and Oquendo (who came back from sixth in the second turn to finish fourth).

Group 2
mens-semi-2.2Willoughby and Fields were well-away into the first turn, with Nyhaug in the hunt. Trent Jones had a moment of trouble, as it looked like he almost lost control of the front end on the exit of turn one. Molina took up third into to turn two, and the Dutchies were behind him. Jones and Milano crashed in turn two. At the stripe it was Willoughby, Fields, Nyhaug and Molina.

Jones got a flat on the landing into the turn. The on-air commentator on the NBC stream was into micro-analysis of the tire pressure, having said both days that the riders are riding 90PSI here, but on dirt they ride 60PSI. That was good times for the Twitterverse.

Run Three (10:45)

Group 1
mens-semi-3.1As the third and final run was climbing the hill, you have to know that five or six of these guys were turning the math wheels pretty hard. Dean didn’t have much addition to do, with a 1-1, but van Gorkom (8pts) and Long (10pts) both needed a “simple addition” solution for round three. A +1 would be ideal, but a +2 or +3 might get it done too.

On the entry into turn one, Nic bonked the third peak on the triple pretty hard, but still came down the mountain in second to Dean. Oquendo wrecked in the latter part of the turn, taking graf with him. Into turn two it was Dean, Long and van Gorkom with a close fourth place battle between Brethauer and Sharrah. Corben put a lock on fourth place down the third straight, and Ramirez spun into the ground in the last turn making the final four all-but assured this lap. It ended up thus: Dean, Long, van Gorkom and Sharrah.

Main Event Qualifiers From Group One:
Anthony Dean, Jelle van Gorkom, Carlos Ramirez and Nic Long.

Nic and Corben tied on points–at 12 apiece– but Nic’s better finish in round three gave him the main event qual spot. The difference between Anthony Dean’s 3 points and Jelle van Gorkom’s second place qualifying points: 11 was a stark reminder of both how dominant Dean was both days of the Games, and how competitive it was down the roster.

Group 2
mens-semi-2.2Final gate drop before it is for all the medals. As in previous trips, Willoughby was in charge into turn one, and this time it was van Gendt on the outside and Nyhaug nosing in to the inside. Fields did not have a very good trip over the triple, pumping it instead of boosting it as he had before. The Con-man fell back to sixth out of turn one, after Kimmann and Molina slipped in on the inside.

Into turn two, and all the way home, it was Willoughby, Kimmann, Nyhaug and van Gendt. Then Molina and Fields.

Main Event Qualifiers From Group Two:
Sam Willoughby, Connor Fields, Niek Kimmann, and Tory Nyhaug

Elite Men Final

Mariana’s repeat Gold was still sending waves of joy through the mostly-Colombian crowd as the Men climbed the Rio hill for the last time. The one where it all counts.

From the outside, the 2016 Olympic BMX main event was: Niek Kimmann, Carlos Ramirez, Connor Fields, Tory Nyhaug, Jelle van Gorkom, Nic Long, Anthony Dean and Sam Willoughby.

mens-final-1Over the first jump, Connor had a slight wheel lead on Sam, but Nic got a couple solid cranks in, and by the entry to turn one, it was Nic and Connor. In the apex of turn one, it was Long, Fields and Willoughby.

mens-final-2The two Americans stayed closer than hot dogs and mustard into the third straight, when Connor began to surge. Every backside gave him a little more margin, and 3/4 the way to turn three, he had a solid lead. Long was under pressure in the middle from Ramirez on his right and van Gorkom on his left. Jelle rode the extreme inside and pushed Nic high enough on the turn that it left the door open for Ramirez to get himself in there too.

Down the last straight it was Fields all the way, followed by van Gorkom and a fierce battle for the final medal, between Long and Ramirez. For us, here in the BMX News Global Command Center, it was like that moment in Rocky IV, when Rocky was chopping down Drago with body blow after body blow. Adrian screams “You’re gonna do it!” That was the mood here as Connor made it the last few rollers, and past the finish line. Popcorn flew, and it was an awesome moment for all of us (oh yeah, for him too, we’re sure).

16rio-men-photo-finishIn the seconds after Nic and Carlos crossed the line, it was thought that they tied in a dead-heat and would both receive a medal. Not sure how long it took to officially make the decision, but within a couple minutes, they showed the official Omega time “photo finish”, on the live stream, and it was clear that Carlos had edged Nic out by an inch or two. We were bummed for Nic; he rode a helluva race. One of the papers back in Colombia posted a cool infographic telling the tale of Carlos’ main event lap (link will open in a new window)

The focus was now on Connor Fields, and watching him celebrate at the finish line, with the American Flag draped around him, and hugs and high-fives all-around.

We were SO anxious to see the medal ceremony, with the American Flag hoisted to the highest, and “The Star Spangled Banner” played. But, the NBC live stream cut the feed just at the end of the women’s ceremony, so we never got to see Connor get his medal. But we sure know he got it!

—Mike Carruth

Final Results

Elite Women
Mariana Pajon (COL) – 34.093
Alise Post (USA) – 34.435
Stefany Hernandez (VEN) – 34.755
Brooke Crain (USA)
Yaroslava Bondarenko (RUS)
Elke VanHoof (BEL)
Laura Smulders (NED)
Manon Valentino (FRA)

Elite Men
Connor Fields (USA) – 34.642
Jelle van Gorkom (NED) – 35.316
Carlos Ramirez (COL) – 35.517
Nic Long (USA) – 35.522
Tory Nyhaug (CAN)
Sam Willoughby (AUS)
Niek Kimmann (NED)
Anthony Dean (AUS)

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Final Two 2016 U.S. Olympic Spots Named

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Brooke Crain and Connor Fields Named to US Olympic BMX Team
The third saga of the four-year BMX Olympic cycle is nearing completion, and the main characters have been cast into their roles. Over the past two years, it has been a rollercoaster of finishes among the USA riders, with each showing their respective worth.

On the Mens’ side of things, Read more

Ralph Lauren Chooses Connor Fields

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Ralph Lauren Chooses Connor Fields

We have heard rumblings for a while now that Ralph Lauren was eyeballing BMX Racing as one of the sports they wanted to feature as part of the Team USA Collection rollout. This week, we got the great news that BMX Racing would be included, and that Connor Fields was their guy. Read more

Connor Fields Suffers Hand Injury in UK

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Connor Fields Suffers Hand Injury
While the USA BMX crowd, including BMX News, were in the thick of day two of the Lone Star Nationals, most of our top SX riders were in the UK, training-up for stop number two on the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Circuit. During second round, news started to spread that Connor Fields broke his hand Read more

Chase BMX Links-Up with Linktops

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Chase Links up with Linktops
Some of the top social media destinations in our sport feature the top pros in the game. We recently enjoyed watching Connor Fields train, sightsee and dine his way across France. It was just like being there, selfie stick in-hand. Today, Chase BMX is out with word of a new team sponsor to help them step up their already-strong social media game.

Linktops Corporation describes its service as “helping the world’s leading e-commerce and social networking platforms and their users be more productive and profitable. Linktops gives YouTube, Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Etsy and over 100 other leading platforms and their users the ability to buy and sell, organize events, share webpages, accept donations and save lives through the photos and videos they share online.” We haven’t seen it in action yet, but it sounds pretty cool–speaking as a bunch of Newshounds who use social media all day, every day.

The sponsorship deal gets all the Chase Elite riders in on the fun, representing their respective home countries in the process– Connor Fields(USA), Joris Daudet (FRA), Romain Mahieu (FRA) and current UCI BMX Elite Women World Champion, Stefany Hernandez (VEN). No doubt, this group will be cranking out some tasty content via Linktops platform throughout the 2016 season–especially in the summer months, when Rio fever heats up.

News will bring you more on Linktops in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here is the full release from Chase BMX and Linktops

Chase BMX is proud to announce a new team sponsorship with Linktops Corporation. Linktops Corporation, the developer of Linktops (, a breakthrough web platform that helps people connect and transact more effectively and efficiently on the web. Linktops will be a sponsor for the 2016 USA BMX and UCI World Cup & World Championship season. This sponsorship agreement with Linktops will help support and promote this season’s Chase BMX Factory riders as they travel all across the globe, racing towards the opportunity to represent their home Countries – USA for Connor Fields – 2 Time UCI TT World Champion, France for Joris Daudet – 2015 USA BMX #1 Pro and UCI World TT Champion, Romain Mahieu – Past UCI TT Jr World Champion, and Venezuela for Stefany Hernandez – 2015 UCI BMX World Champion

Linktops helps the world’s leading e-commerce and social networking platforms and their users be more productive and profitable. Linktops gives YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Etsy and over 100 other leading platforms and their users the ability to buy and sell, organize events, share webpages, accept donations and save lives through the photos and videos they share online. Currently the world conducts e-commerce, social networking and other online tasks through centralized platforms or marketplaces. Linktops decentralizes and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the current centralized platforms that the world uses to conduct transactions and connect online.

The Chase BMX team is excited to promote this innovative new web platform to BMX racers and fans worldwide, while utilizing the features of Linktops, improving our efficiency, so that we can be more effective with our social media and marketing outreach to our fans, as well as in our day to day business operations.

Linktops Corporation has shown mutual excitement in becoming a sponsor of the Chase BMX team. According to Mikim Phan, Chief Executive Officer of Linktops Corporation, “We are really impressed with how Chase BMX has grown to become the leading BMX racing bicycle brand.” Ms. Phan adds, “We are proud to be working together to promote the 2016 Chase BMX Pro team and help Chase BMX grow its brand and sell more of its world-class BMX frames and complete bikes.”

Linktops is the first product in the global marketplace that solves major fundamental inefficiencies and challenges that the world’s centralized web platforms have faced for the past 20 years. Linktops Corporation has filed for a U.S.-based patent. For more information, demo videos and to create your own Linktops, sign up for free at the link below.


Linktops Website

Chase BMX Website

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Connor and Alise Fly High on Friday

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Connor Fields wins the 2015 Race of Champions

Friday at the 2015 USA BMX Grand National is reserved for the Race of Champions. It’s a packed day of racing, with 573 motos run twice, then semis and mains. This year, the last main crossed the line after 10PM (we were back at the hotel and sleeping by then). “Why?,” you ask? Because Saturday’s race day is going to be just-as greuling, with 747 motos run one (which will probably end about 4:15PM), then clear the building and come back in for the Pro Spectacular. A big congrats to all who will be rockin their brand new ROC1 plates today!

Among the pros, Connor Fields and Alise Post were not racing for an ROC plate: they were racing for one of two final 2015 scores the weekend has to offer. Saturday’s final score is double points so, in the men’s class, it is far-from over in terms of the Connor/Sam/Joris battle for the 2015 title. Alise has the title superglued at this point.

This weekend is pure “ABA” racing, with three mains for the pros–just the way we like it.

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

A-Pro had some intrigue as well, with a requirement that they hit the second-straight water jump–and to their credit, not nearly as many of them went into the drink as the Thursday night handicappers thought. Kenneth Gustafson turned in a solid performance to get the low-points win. Sean Gaian was second and Tyler Whitfield third.

Whelp! Expo Square awaits, so we’re going to mosey on over there. Follow @bmxnow for twitter updates from the infield.

ROC Pro Women Results
Alise Post (Redline)
Caroline Buchanan (DK Bicycles)
Lauren Reynolds (Ssquared Bicycles)
Brooke Crain (Haro Bikes)
Kristen Bob (Gold’s Gym)
Dani George (Chase/DHR)
Shealen Reno (Hyper Bicycles)
Drew Mechielsen (Yess BMX)

ROC AA Pro Results
Connor Fields (Chase Bicycles)
Sam Willoughby (Redline Bicycles/TLD)
Nic Long (Haro Bikes)
Joris Daudet (Chase Bicycles)
Corben Sharrah (Haro Bikes)
Bodi Turner
Jeremy Rommel (Supercross BMX)
Fernie Jacquez (Gold’s Gym)

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Connor Fields on the 2015 Season and More

March 18, 2015 by · Comments Off 

Connor Fields Interview

This three-minute clip by Tanner Yeager gives us a great behind the scenes peek into how Chase BMX mega-star Connor Fields spent his time in the off-season, as well as his feelings on the season ahead. Connor also covers some great points on how he stays focused on the long race days Read more

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