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Podcast: Jeff DeVido With BMX Industry Talk and Improvement Ideas

Jeff DeVido of JD Cycle Supply
Jeff DeVido of JD Cycle Supply

As a follow up to the story we did on Western Power Sports making the decision to exit the BMX parts and accessories distribution business, we hit-up Jeff DeVido of JD Cycle Supply for a 60-day check in, post-announcement. WPS is one of, if not THE largest BMX parts distributor in North America, so them exiting the marketplace was a shock for BMX Industry watchers, and a golden opportunity for guys like Jeff, who are now in a position to fill the void left by the big dog leaving the proverbial party.

It should be noted that WPS is also the owner/distributor for the wildly-popular Fly Racing line of apparel and safety equipment. That part of the business will be unaffected by the previously-announced decision, and may-well enjoy a surge, given the new focus WPS sales reps can now lavish on the brand.

In the 60-minute episode, Jeff talks about the brands his company has picked up since last we spoke, as well as some interesting ins and outs of the rather-different way the BMX Market operates, versus some other parts of the bike business, and finally we get on to discussing the state of the sport, and ideas on how to address three key challenges faced by BMX Racing, as currently configured.



Some great things in this show, with someone who has been doing it for long enough to have a sharply-focused lens across the generations of our sport. It will be interesting to see how the trends in BMX retail evolve as the Internet age continues its impact on retail, as a whole.


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