Bryce Batten Moves to Haro/US Devo Team

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Bryce Batten Joins Haro/US Devo Team

After an awesome year on Factory Throdwn, Arizona star, Bryce Batten announced, on social media, that he was moving to the Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff-led “Haro/US Development Team” for 2018.

The team had a great start in 2017, with Read more

Mercedes-Benz of San Diego USAC Jr. Devo Edit

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USA Cycling BMX Jr. Devo Team

The four-member USA Cycling BMX Junior Development Team is a new-for-2017 creation of Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff. The goal of the team is to take a select-few riders and coach/mentor them in both the on and off-track things a future Olympian must know.

With coaching by Arielle Martin, the squad, which consists of Kamren Larsen, Noah Ramos, Colin Whittington and Payton Ridenour, are all showing big gains from the close-order attention of their coaches and mentors.

Dale Holmes’ DHR Program has been humming-along for more than a couple years now, and recently brought on Mercedes-Benz of San Diego (MBSD) as a team sponsor. They have a spiffy new Sprinter van that they use for going to the races, and also their school and YMCA programs around the San Diego area.

On Tuesday, MBSD posted a video edit to their YouTube channel, produced by Justin Kosman, with some footage of the Devo team doing their thing at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (formerly known as the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center).

It’s a great peek inside the program, and the individual riders—who did a supremely-competent job in their on-camera interviews (Colin was not able to make it to the shoot due to a scheduling conflict).

To us, this is where the off-track mentorship is showing results, as well as the race results the riders have turned in in the first half of the 2017 season.

Big props to Dale and Jamie for having the vision to create this program. And to Justin Kosman for doing what he always does—showing the topic in spectacular fashion. And, finally to Arielle, Kamren, Noah, Colin and Payton. We are definitely looking forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts as the program matures.

—Mike Carruth

The USA Cycling BMX Junior Devo Team is supported by:
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Dale Holmes Racing Website

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Dale Holmes “Ride to End Obesity” Edit

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DHR Ride to End Obesity Edit

News has been a big fan of the Dale Holmes “Ride to End Obesity” since Dale started the program four years ago. For 2017, Dale has teamed up with Haro Bikes and a roster of other sponsors who want to make a genuine difference in kids’ lives to bring the program to the next level. Read more

Podcast: Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff on Jr. Devo

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Kamren Larsen is one of four riders on USAC BMX Devo

USA Cycling took the Olympic year of 2016 off from Junior Development programming. Thanks to a new partnership with Dale Holmes, 2017 will see an expansion beyond the “camp” programming with which we are all familiar, and USAC will field a team of four hand-picked BMXers Read more

OTC BMXers Get News Coverage

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OTC BMXers Get News Coverage

The Olympians and Olympic Hopefuls at the US Olympic Training Center/Chula Vista are accustomed to being in the media spotlight for their on-track talents. This week, the crew got on the tube for their chops with a power saw and hammer.

San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB (CBS 8) ran the following segment Read more

Podcast: Jamie Staff and Brooke Crain

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Podcast: Jamie Staff and Brooke Crain

A vanload of 17 BMXers from the US Olympic Training Center/Chula Vista headed South of the border at the end of January on a long-planned volunteer trip to build a house for a needy family in Rosarito (located about 40 miles South of San Diego).

The trip was organized by More Than Sport, a nonprofit that pairs athletes with worthy causes in over a dozen specialties. On the BMX side, USA Cycling BMX Director, Jamie Staff, got an impressive posse of pedalers together.

Raising the Walls

A line of BMXers raises the walls on a More Than Sport home build project in Rosarito, Mexico.

Measure Twice

Jamie Staff says all the BMXers learned some valuable skills during the two-day trip. Here, “measure twice, cut once” is successfully applied.

The group was in Rosarito on January 24-25, and completed the ground-up build of the modest structure right on schedule, complete with a key-turn ceremony for the single-mother of four and her boys to step inside to see the handiwork of their new friends.

More Than Sport BMX Edition

The grateful recipient family of the work BMXers did for More Than Sport in Rosarito, Mexico

Brooke Crain was one of the 14 athletes who made the trip, and both her and Jamie were gracious enough to take time out of their training camp this week to talk with us about the trip, and how it impacted them and their teammates.

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished photo with the full More Than Sport BMX Crew, support staff and the family who would move, in moments later.

Aside from Jamie and Brooke, here are the others who made the trip: Jeff Glynn, Alise Post, Dani George, David Herman, Nic Long, Steven Cisar, Justin Posey, Felicia Stancil, Sean Gaian, Jared Garcia, Shealen Reno, Tanner Sebesta, Jordan Miranda, Tommy Zula and Ryan Pettigrew.

While you’re listening to the Podcast, browse through the extensive gallery of photos the group brought back from the trip; it will put you right in the moment with them (link below, will open in a separate window).

Listen Now

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Big props to all 17 of our friends who pitched in to create this moment of a lifetime for the family who received a new home.


More Than Sport BMX Photo Gallery

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The Most “Brandable” UCI BMX Career Numbers

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2015 UCI BMX Career Numbers  are Open

In the realm of UCI BMX, the career number (or “permanent number,” in some documentation) is a great way for BMX athletes to create personal brands around their racing number, much in the same way motocross stars and NASCAR drivers do.

The registration period for 2015 UCI BMX Read more

US Riders: Time is Short on Papendal Reg.

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US Riders - Register for Papendal

This from USA Cycling Director of Sprint, Jamie Staff. A quick word to all US riders planning on hopping over to the Papendal World Cup that you have to be signed up by 4:30PM (Mountain Time) on 4/28 (translation: less than a week to go).

Registration is $218, and includes MEDEX Travmed Abroad coverage from May 7 to May 12, 2014.

The date of the actual race in Papendal is May 10 and 11 (Sat-Sun, versus the usual Fri-Sat).

For more info, or to get yourself signed up, check the link below


Papendal Registration page on USACycling.ORG

Legends Gate Up for Fun in Chula Vista

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Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff

Practice night at Chula Vista BMX has become part pro show, part family reunion and part BMX baptism, as new riders come to check out one of the top tracks in the US.

This week, Dale Holmes posted this shot on Facebook: a golden-hour sunset shot of he and US Olympic BMX director, Jamie Staff, gating up for some just-like-old-times practice gates.

Here’s what he said:

First got on the gate with @jamiestaff over 25 years ago and realized how strong he was. Back on the gate tonight at Chula Vista and he’s still pulling!! Fun to ride with Jamie again especially without it being so intense, as it used to be wanting to beat each other back then…

Awesome to see these two long-time BMX friends back some BMX fun.


Chase BMX Website

Chula Vista BMX

Chase BMX Exploding Into 2014

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BMX Racing Group 2014 Program

It’s been about three years since Christophe Leveque founded BMX Racing Group, and his Chase BMX bike brand. Connor Fields has been the face of the brand on the race track since day one, and will continue to be so in 2014. But Connor will have a ton of company under the Chase BMX tent this year.

BRG marketing maestro Pete Dylewski has been busy wining, dining and signing quality talent all over the world for a big push in 2014. In a nuclear-powered update sent to BMX News yesterday, here are some of the highlights.

The Chase Bicycles Elite Factory roster will include Connor Fields and Vincent Pelluard from France (both above), plus Romain Mahieu, also from France. In addition, Jamie Staff will break his 12-year retirement from BMX racing, and be back on the track at a few USA BMX events in 2014. BMX News asked Jamie about the return to the gate in an interview we did with him on the 2014 USA Cycling programs. Click below for what he had to say.

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Pete also tells us that there will be one other rider addition up here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned–we’ll bring it to you as soon as it hits the inbox.

BMX Racing Group has also launched a formal “Racer Support Program” to work with stand-out teams and prime moto-movers. We reported on the first of these last week, via the Dale Holmes Chase BMX/Stay Strong team (link below). That is going to be an incredible force on the national and clinic scene, so we will be stoked to bring you some first photos very soon.

Along with DHR, BRG is adding J&R to the mix. The multi-time USA BMX bike shop team champions will be aboard the Chase RSP 2.0 frame, as well as be rockin selected Elevn parts.

The Chase BMX continental taste & charm is not solely reserved for North America. The BMX program at the UCI World Cycling Center in Switzerland is getting some sponsorship love from Southern California. Thomas Allier is the show-runner out there, and the program has been cranking along (yuk,yuk) in high gear.

Then there is the constellation of Elite stars and BMX legends that are running BRG product in one way or another. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t rattle them off, just as Pete put them down:

Sifiso Nhlapo @SifisoNhlapo – Two-time Olympian from South Africa, who now calls Southern California home–and Chase BMX his bike of Choice!

Renato Rezende @Rezende500 – This young Brazilian BMX star has made a name for himself by not only racing in the 2012 Olympics, but by becoming a major force on the UCI BMX SX world Cup tour.

Melinda McLeod @MelindaMcleod Back to Back Australian Elite Women’s National Champion had a setback with a shoulder injury last season, but look for Melinda to be back stronger and more focused than ever in 2014!

Daniel Franks @Franieldanks The BMXer from New Zealand may have cut off his trademark beard, but don’t worry fans, he will still be cutting off riders down the first straightaway this season on his Chase BMX bike world Wide!

Teagan O’Keeffe @TeaganOkeeffe A Past world Champion, Teagan knows what it takes to win BMX races, and her frame of choice to do so is a Chase RSP!

Maris Strombergs @MarisStrombergs The two-time Olympic Gold Medalist chooses the Elevn Brand to make sure his bike is always ready to take him to a win.

Marian Pajon @Marianapajon The 2013 USA BMX #1 Pro Woman and 2012 Olympic Champion says there is only one choice for Handlebars – Elevn Racing!

Shawn DiPrete @xShawnD76x The 2013 USA BMX #1 Amateur Cruiser rider know what it takes the best parts in BMX to have the the winning edge, and his new race bikes are outfitted with items from Elevn racing!

Javier Colombo – Javier is back with the SE Racing squad for another race season, and once again, he will be running the Elevn bars and Insight number plates

Cody Smart a staple on the USA BMX Vet Tour, Cody is one of the longest riders to have raced in the USA and we are proud to support him with Chase RSP 2.0 fully decked out with items from Elevn, Insight, KingStar, and Excess.

Billy Griggs is no stranger to BMX racing, but he hasn’t been on the scene too much lately. Last year, he was honored as a inductee to the National BMX Hall Of Fame, and this gave him the BMX race bug. He hit a few races and is now looking to hit a bunch more in 2014 — all on a Chase BMX bike loaded up with Elevn parts.

The stoke meter just broke from going way-in-the-red after all that news.

Check the links below for more on the BRG family of products.


BMX Racing Group Website

Chase BMX Website

BMX News Story on Chase/Stay Strong Team

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