Two New Pickups for Moto-Up

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Toby Johnson and Sarah Bevelhymer on Moto-Up

Chris Morgan has been on the prowl for more track talent to brighten up the Moto-Up pit. Their new SE Blue kits are lookin’ factory fresh, so we expect to be seeing more of them as we head into Tulsa town.

Sarah Bevelhymer (17-20G and Cruiser, from Traverse City, MI), got an upgrade from the grassroots team to the factory squad, and our old Pal Toby Johnson from So. Cal (Anaheim, to be exact) gets a go-spo deal to go along with his Factor BOX Components ride. He’ll be adding some West Coast flav to this growing maker of giddy-up garb.

Chris told News: “Sarah’s tough, and never gives up. That’s a quality I admire; she will represent Moto-Up and our team sponsors well.” On Toby’s pickup, he said “As we continue to grow our brand, the West Coast is a key market I am most interested in expanding. Toby not only is one fast dude, he also knows the BMX community very well and will play a big part in our west coast marketing and track promotions.”

Congrats to all. We’re looking forward to seeing the next season Moto-Up line soon!

Sponsor Scoop: Martin and Cook Land With Promax

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BMX Sponsor News - Arielle Martin and Kory Cook

Arielle began teasing it last night, via Instagram, with a photo of a blurred out contract with her signature on it, and a few boxes deposited by the UPS man.

Then, this morning, an email from Michael Gamstetter with news that Arielle and Kory Cork–scheduled for departure from their VSI sponsorship ties as of July 1–would be joining Cycle Group, Inc. as the Promax Elite Factory Team. As you know, Donavon Long’s Haro/Promax team is a mega-force on the Amateur circuit, and now Arielle and Kory will add some pro starpower to the brand.

The pair was not scheduled to go to South Park, even before the derailment of their VSI deal. Thus, the first race we’ll see them in the above Promax kit will be Louisville at the end of August.

Frame-wise, Arielle will be back on a GT, and Kory will be on a DK.

Here’s what the official release says:

Promax Launches Elite Factory Team With Arielle Martin and Kory Cook

Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) is pleased to announce that as of July 1, Promax Components will be the main sponsor of Elite Woman Arielle Martin and Elite Man Kory Cook. The two had been riding for VSI’s Intense and Speedco respectively, but lost their sponsorships when the distributor announced it would discontinue all rider and team sponsorships at the end of June.

“I know how tough it is for a rider to lose a sponsorship in the middle of the season. Michael, and I have had very good relationships with all the VSI riders. When they lost their main sponsor, we wanted to help out,” said Toby Henderson, founder and executive director of CGI, BOX’s parent company.

CGI also approached Brian Kirkham and Dominique Daniels about sponsorships. Both riders, however, have other plans or opportunities.

“Arielle is one of the top female riders in the world, consistently placing well in both Super Cross and USA BMX events. And Kory has shown a lot of potential as an Elite rider. I think with the right support he could become a consistent podium finisher. Both will represent Promax well,” Henderson added.

The contracts with Martin and Cook are through the end of 2013.

“We had been thinking about maybe picking up a pro for Promax, but had no budget or solid plans. When these riders became available, we wanted to help them get through the end of the season and saw this as a good time to try something new. What we do next year is still up in the air,” said Michael Gamstetter, CGI’s senior brand manager and senior product designer.

Both riders are expected to make their debuts in Promax uniforms August 30 at the USA BMX Derby City Nationals in Louisville.

CGI will supply Martin and Cook a range of Promax components such as brake sets, cranks, bottom brackets, headsets and seatclamps, as well as BOX handlebars and stems, rims, number plates and one-piece saddles/seatposts.

Both riders negotiated separate frame deals. Martin will ride GT frames while Cook will be on DK frames.

Congrats to all parties on getting (back) together. As you may know, Toby and Michael brought Arielle and Kory in to the VSI program when they were over there.

Watch for the first photos of the new bikes, decked out in Promax and BOX components as soon as they become available.


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BOX Components Website

First Look: Van Ogles in Their Phoenix Kit

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Lain and Kelsey Van Ogle join Phoenix Pro Cycles Team

We’ve been holding this back for a few weeks, because we did not want it to get lost in the pre-Christmas shuffle of boxes, bags and Grinch re-runs. But at last month’s USA BMX Grand National, we sweet-talked Tom Floyd and the Van Ogles into giving us a little pre-season peek at their 2013 colors.

Lain and Kelsey’s dad, Lorin is taking over as Team Manager of the growing squad, and the distinctive Phoenix “Talon” frame will get a lower-priced sibling in 2013 as well. One thing that is unique about Phoenix is that their product is made in the USA–in their own facility. Tom is a quality control maniac, and it is oh-so-obvious in the product that makes its way into the bike shops and staging areas, across the fruited plain.

We caught up with everyone just after the trip back from Tulsa, to hear what they had to say about the new arrangement.

Lorin: “I’m very excited to work for such a quality-minded company, with a great group of families. We had a great experience at the Grands this year and we’re really looking forward to the 2013 season.”

Lain: “Super-excited to be on the Phoenix Factory Team. It’s going to be a great year. The awesome support and friendship based around Phoenix couldn’t get any better.”

Kelsey: “I am very excited to ride the 2013 season for the Phoenix Factory Team. It’s a new opportunity for me, and I can’t wait to debut my new ride in Reno.”

Tom Floyd: “I am very proud to have the opportunity to work with the Van Ogles. Lain and Kelsey represent everything that is good in BMX Racing. Not only are they great racers on the track, they are just as good off, and are always approachable. Both kids are focused on their grades and know its important to get a solid education. And as Team Manager, Lorin brings a wealth of knowledge and the discipline it takes to run a first class team. It’s a bonus that we are all representing the NorthWest!”

News will have our cameras trained on that black #1 plate on Kelsey’s new Phoenix cruiser, come January 11, when we head to the USA BMX 2013 Season Opener in Reno. Keep your focus right here for the first action shots.

—Mike Carruth


Phoenix Pro Cycles Website

Tyler Faoro is (on) a Phoenix

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Tyler Faoro Signs Frame Deal with Phoenix Pro Cycles

This came in a few days ago, but we just got the first photo of Profile pro-on-the-go, Tyler Faoro, topping the podium at Sarasota this weekend in his first outing on his new Phoenix frame.

When the release first came in, we thought he had jumped full-on, and would be in a Phoenix kit next time we saw him. But, it works out great for all, in that it’s a frame deal, and keeps #954 in the 727.

Here’s a vid from the Sunday main. He doubled up on the weekend, so congrats!

Phoenix Pro Cycles

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The official release follows:

Heralded as one of the top up-and-coming BMX Elites in the World, Florida’s Tyler Faoro has joined the Phoenix Pro Cycles family for 2012 and beyond. Tyler completed initial testing of his Talon BMX frame on the just-finished London replica BMX track at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Chula Vista, California this week, as representatives from Phoenix and USA Cycling gathered information to ensure his best possible set-up for the upcoming World Cup round in Papendal, the World Championships and Olympic Trials next month.

“I’m pumped to be on a Phoenix for this critical season.” Tyler said. “The frame is stiff in the right spots, compliant in the others, and really helps me get my sprint on down the Supercross hill. Plus, it looks like no other bike on the planet!”    
Also on-scene at the OTC were Phoenix Cycles owner Tom Floyd, framebuilder and fabricator Tony Garza, former Pro BMXer and current Psychological Consultant to the Phoenix Pro Cycles team Dr. Jason Richardson, and USA Cycling’s Mike King.

“This is a great achievement for Phoenix.” said Floyd, “In our second year as a brand, we’ve gone from having a top USA BMX amateur team to having a solid contender for the Olympics. Whether he makes the team or not this year is almost irrelevant. His feedback and reputation are already doing more for our brand than we could have expected. When he brought our bike out to his local track, we immediately received a bunch of orders. I can’t wait to see what other benefits come from this great relationship.”

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Bubba and Supercross Part Ways

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Bubba Harris and Supercross Part Ways - BMX News

Some team news leading in to this weekend’s USA BMX Winter Nationals, Bubba Harris and Supercross both released statements to BMX News today, with word that their 18-month relationship was at an end, effective immediately.

It is clear both parties have the utmost respect for one another, and there is no animosity as a result of the split. When asked directly about what he’d be riding this weekend, Bubba made it clear that he was not going to be peeling the stickers off his bike or other “display of separation,” as we’ve heard it called before. So, we expect to see him gated up on his neon Envy, minus the factory jersey.

Here’s the statement Bubba sent to News this afternoon:

I just wanted to let the BMX community know that Supercross BMX and I have decided to part ways. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Supercross Team and family for giving me a great home for the past few years. Supercross BMX has some of the best and most technologically advanced products out there and being able to race and ride them has been amazing.

I have no plans as of yet, and have no idea where the future will take me. I do know that I feel better on my bike than I have in years and plan on adding to my list of accomplishments. Again, I would like to thank Bill Ryan and my former teammates for all the support they have shown me. My career is not even close to being finished and I look forward to my next race. See you in Phoenix.

—Bubba Harris

We received a similarly-toned statement from Bill

Bubba is a true professional and we value the time he was with our program. As Bubba’s dream of the 2012 Olympics gets closer he needs a larger financial commitment than we can help with to allow him to dedicate all of his time and focus on the Olympic goal. We wish Bubba nothing but success for the future and will be cheering for him as he goes for the 2012 Olympic dream.

We asked Bubba what jersey he’d be running this weekend in Phoenix, and he told us he would probably be wearing his 2008 Olympic Time Trials kit–white with blue.

We will keep you posted on further developments, as they occur.

Red Bull Co-Founder Dies in Thailand

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Red Bull Co-Founder Chaleo Yoovidhya Dies

Chaleo Yoovidhya, co-founder of energy drink giant Red Bull died of natural causes this past Saturday in his native Thailand. He was 88.

Mr. Yoovidhya founded the company with Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz in 1987, and grew the brand from zero to selling a reported 4.4 billion cans last year, in 162 countries.

Red Bull remains a privately-held company, and has made its founders multi-billionaires. Yoovidhya was worth an estimated five billion dollars at the time of his death (making him the third wealthiest person in Thailand)

The brand has been involved in BMX Racing for several years, through its “Red Bull Helmet” sponsorship of top athletes such as Mike Day and Corben Sharrah in the US, and Mariana Pajon and Sifiso Nhlapo in Colombia and South Africa, respectively.

In the early 1960s, Yoovidhya developed a beverage containing sugar, caffeine and other ingredients, called “Krating Daeng,” which means “red bull” in his native Thai. The drink became a hit with truck drivers, construction workers and others who needed to sustain performance on long shifts. Mateschitz discovered Krating Daeng on a trip to Asia in the early 1980s, declared it a magical cure for his chronic jetlag, and the two soon formed a partnership to market the drink, beginning in Austria in 1987.

The partners invested $500,000 each to establish a 49/49 ownership in the new company, with the remaining 2 percent going to Yoovidhya’s son, Sarawut.

Mateschitz runs the company, based in Fuschl am See, Austria, and it is expected there will be no material change to operations resulting from Mr. Yoovidhya’s death.

“The Nation” newspaper reported that Mr. Yoovidhya was married twice and had 11 children.

—Mike Carruth


Video: Red Bull – How an Empire Was Created

This article appeared as the Speedco Top Story on March 19, 2012

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Maliek is Dialed–Down to His Socks!

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Maliek Byndloss in DeFeet Socks

We got to spend some quality time with Maliek Byndloss down in Oldsmar. When he wasn’t warming up, or cooling down, or on the track takin care of biz in two classes, we got to hear a little about the deal extension he just signed with DeFeet–a sock sponsor he picked up last year, who is in for another go. We are always stoked to see outside-the-industry sponsors re-up when the riders they support do their thing, so we asked Maliek’s mom and PR agent, Stacy, to tap out a release on the news.

DeFeet International has announced Maliek Byndloss will continue wearing DeFeet socks exclusively in 2012. Byndloss has been ranked #1 by the UCI and is looking to add to his already long list of victories in BMX. DeFeet will make custom socks for Byndloss bearing the athlete’s own colors and designs.

DeFeet VP of Custom/OEM Business, Brad Mettee, says “We’re excited about continuing our relationship with Maliek as he continues to progress and excel. I remember the first time I met Maliek — his enthusiasm for cycling and life in general is infectious. He works so hard and shares his lessons with the younger riders. That willingness to give back really says a lot about him. He embodies so much of what the DeFeet brand is about. We are thrilled to get our Custom Shop product on him and make it available to the BMX market as a whole.”

DeFeet International began producing custom socks for the top bicycle racers in the world in 1992. Today, the company is a world leader in custom socks and accessories in the cycling and running markets. All DeFeet product is made using sustainable fibers, in its own factory in Hildebran, NC, USA.

Congrats to all involved, and continued success form the staff at News.

—Mike Carruth

Barry Nobles Flashing New Colors?

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Barry Nobles Backyard Edit

Back on Jan 2, Barry Nobles put out a statement, which was picked up by some of the BMX media, stating that he would be leaving SE Bikes, and “moving to another company for 2012.” At the time, there was no word about where Barry would be going, though wide-held speculation on the forums was that he’d be taking a tasty deal with DK Bicycles.

BMX Forum chatter tends to be only one rung above an organized game of telephone in reliability– so, while we love the gossip, it’s hard to put much stock in it when it comes to deciding a BMX News “Top Story.” Some kind of photographic evidence sure would help.

Like this…

Barry Nobles with GoPro


Well, Barry put out a quick iPhone edit last night, filmed at Derek Sipkoi’s backyard stomping grounds. Former SE Teammate, Kris Fox, is in on the session, riding the characteristic street clothes “uniform” of his chosen discipline. And Barry is riding in a full-though-mysterious race kit which clearly aren’t his SE colors, and doesn’t appear to be a generic Fly kit either. In fact, it is Black, Green and White—in other words, very DK like. Tony Hoffman tweeted, in response to the edit “@BarryNobles95 you riding for kawasaki?”

No closeup shots of the jersey or the bike, so we’re forced to “Area 51″ this TwitVid for clues.

Engaging in wild speculation, and watching good riding are favorite pastimes here, so we’re going with it. Besides, we’re huge BN95 fans around the BMX News control center, so always on the lookout for what he has going on.

You make the call!

More on this story, as it becomes available.

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Megawatt GT Factory Team Emerges

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Felicia Stancil among four joining GT Factory

Nothing official from the company yet, but over the weekend, the ABA posted the coming roster for GT’s 2012 Factory Team on their Facebook Page. Here’s how it breaks down:

(Ages at the 2012 Grands)

Jack Kelly – 9X
Sophia Foresta – 13G
Sean Gaian – 16X
Felicia Stancil – 17G
Jordan Miranda – 18X
Jonas Harmon – 31X
Steve Spencer – 45X
Eric Rupe – 47X
Mike Day – Elite Men
Corben Sharrah – Elite Men

Quite a roster for the first USA BMX season. Watch for early photos of the new Am crew from the USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals next weekend!

Podcast: Kyle Bennett and Greg Hill

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Kyle Bennett  goes to GHP/Risen Team

Mid last month, a few whispers hit the Internet that Kyle Bennett might be moving to GHP for the 2012 season. Nothing was confirmed or final at that point, so that news dove back under the bed until today, when we sat down with Kyle and Greg to talk about the go-forward plan.

Listen to the Podcast Now
iPhone users, paste this URL into your browser:

Here is the official press release:

Kyle Bennett has teamed up with GHP BMX/ Risen BMX to continue his success on the track, look for KB out front at a USA BMX National event near you! Kyle will be training with Greg Hill in preparation for a successful 2012 season, Kyle brings years of experience along with three UCI Pro World and 3 NBL Pro titles, KB has a lot of fuel in the tank and has his sights set on adding more titles to his resume in 2012 and 2013…”I am very excited to be working with the guy’s from GHP/Risen BMX and working with Greg will take me to the next level” KB
We want to welcome Kyle to our GHP and Risen BMX family, it’s on for 2012, watch the magic unfold this year as KB does work! I am very happy to be working with one of the sport’s most accomplished athletes. –GH

While Bennett will be fully equipped with the full range of GHP and RISEN BMX products. He will also be supported by Dan’s Comp, Tioga, Alienation and Crit Plates.

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