Van Homan “From the Beginning” Edit

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Van Homan Bell Edit

Our buddy Justin Kosman is out with a new edit for Bell Helmets featuring freestyle star Van Homan. We last saw Van tearing up the TRA Double Cross race, and threatening to get back on the starting hill for some recreational BMX racing in the future.

This is an awesome edit because it brings us to the Homan homestead in Pennsville Township, NJ to meet Van’s dad and granddad (both also named John Van Homan) and gives us a great “behind the music” peek into how it came together for Van. Their family has deep history in boat racing, and we get to hear/see some generational stories about racing on the water, and how that translated to racing on a BMX track for Van–ultimately landing him where he is today.

There’s not a lot of pulse-quickening action here, though we get some solid street sessioning and an appetizer-portion of trail action. But for pure-soul that will leave you with a “this is what it’s all about” feeling, we give this one high marks. And, of course Kosman’s always-awesome camerawork and chops in the cutting room.

BMX racing prepares you for all kinds of eventualities life puts in your path. We’re stoked to see how people’s time in the sport was ultimately rewarded, and made them into the rider/businessman/human being they are after they crossed their last finish line. Of course, BMX racers never quit, they just let their card expire…so Van, we’ll hope to be seeing you on the gate at a local race in 2015 sometime.


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Bell “Full-9″ Carbon Helmet

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J&R Product Spotlight Bell Full-9

Bell came back big in 2014 with BMX-specific helmets, and some big-name noggins in the “Full-9″ Carbon Helmet. The Full-9 was purpose-built for BMX, with some tech from the wildly-popular Moto-9 MX helmet. Read more

Justin Kosman’s Nic Long Edit

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Nic Long video edit from the USA BMX Winter Nationals

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of video impresario Justin Kosman here at the BMX News Global Command Center. We saw Justin shooting at last month’s USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix, and it’s alway cool to see what he comes up with.

Presented for your inspection is an edit Justin did for Bell Helmets featuring Nic Long. “Elevating the Game” is a quick view, at one minute, and has some good action.

If you’re hankerin for some more Winter Nats eye candy, check out our Photo Galleries from the race:

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Haro and Promax Bring Marquee Names To Team

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Rusty Nesvig on Haro/Promax for 2013, via

We always thought the juiciest team news hits at about 7PM on Sunday night of Grands week. But this week, the scoop Santa came early, and we have an early shocker for you.

For starters, Donavon Long’s “Phantom” team, which we have known as Intense Phantom OnTrac for the past several years until it changed to Factory Intense for 2012, will part ways with Intense BMX for 2013. Donavon has picked up a deal with Haro Bikes and Toby Henderson’s Promax parts company. Bell Helmets also figures prominently into the plan. The jersey above is shown for the first time by Rusty Nesvig, who will be one of the anchor riders on the newly-clad squad. Also on Haro/Promax will be Walker Finch, Hunter Pelham and East Coast sensation Andrew Townsend from Virginia. That is one heavy duty crew!

It’s rumored that Rusty will be rockin the new threads for a maiden voyage in the NAG 5 Challenge on Saturday night. The rest of the weekend, he will be back in his trusty Yellow and Blue Factory Intense kit. Next time we’ll see the new colors on-course will be in Reno, where the full team will make their debut.

Donavon Long said the following in an early peek at the official release:

“I’m very excited to be working with Haro and Promax to help continue the legacy of the Phantom Team. Haro and Promax will bring a whole new level to the Factory Title hunt for 2013. We put together some of the fastest riders in the world and they will all be ready to help take Haro, Promax and BMX to the next level.

The guys will be aboard Haro frames with the full line of Promax components (cranks, stems, brake sets, headsets, seatclamps, bottom brackets and seatposts) and whatever’s left will be filled in with BOX components’ line for things like rims, number plates, and one-piece saddles. Some riders will use Haro’s Cliq chromoly forks.

Co sponsors for the Haro/Promax team include Bell Sports (as mentioned), Fly Racing, BOX Components, Stealth and ODI Grips.

Toby obviously has long history with Donavon, having been at the helm of VSI during the IPOT days. In the release (linked below), he said:

“We’re really looking forward to working with Donavon and the team again. He has put together an amazing program. Our relationship will benefit Promax as we develop and introduce new products. It also will help the riders win since many of our products have been proven to provide measurable advantages in races”

Congrats, and best of luck to all.


Download the Full Press Release