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Podcast: Payton Ridenour, Children’s Book Author

Podcast with Payton Ridenour

We all know Payton “P-Nut” Ridenour for her awesome race results ON the track and approachability and friendly nature with fellow riders AT the track. But the COVID shutdown has given us an opportunity to see what she is doing AWAY from the track, in her everyday life.

In this episode of Announcers Tower, P-Nut joins us to talk about her coming illustrated children’s book: A to Z, BMX Style. It’s a project she and her mom hatched when Payton was eight years old (so, about 10 years ago), and revived during the shutdown.

Fast-forward a few months, and Payton is in production mode, working with a professional illustrator, getting specs together, setting print deadlines and budget numbers to get the book published, via a Kickstarter campaign (link below).

While we had her with us, we talk about her “new” 2020 sponsorship with Mongoose, and lots of great topics relating to her plan for the coming years, both in BMX and outside the sport.



BMX Racing brought Payton to this point, and the lessons-learned have set the table for her success as she moves from the Junior class to the Elites next year, and in her off-track life as she pursues a career in kinesiology and sports medicine.

We wish her all the best, and extend a hearty “Thanks” for sitting with us for this episode.



A to Z: BMX Style on Kickstarter

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