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Podcast: Matt From Time2Shine

Podcast with Matt McEvoy of Time2Shine BMX
Photo Courtesy of Time2Shine BMX

We sit down with Time2Shine BMX chief, Matt McEvoy, to talk about the state of BMX Racing, popular parts and a couple-few minutes about their new mobile app to help BMXers learn about and order-up the most-primo parts for their race ride.

Matt brings nine years of BMX Racing experience running Time2Shine, as well as more than a few as a BMX dad of a NAG-rider girl (Mika), and team manager. You can call and talk to him directly, to get great advice on what your rider needs, and what will work best for him/her.

We talk about his “behind the scenes” view of the popular BMX parts today, and his view of the “state of the sport.”

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BIG thanks to Matt for sharing all this great info, and congrats on the awesome new website and mobile app! Thanks to you, the reader/listener, for being part of the show today.

—Mike Carruth