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Podcast: Jeremy Smith and Carly Kane on Pro Open Racing

Jeremy Smith and Carly Kane on "Pro Open" Racing in the COVID era
Jeremy Smith and Carly Kane racing Pro Open at the 2020 Stars & Stripes Nationals, Imagination Glen BMX, Portage, IN.

Like most things in the COVID era, Professional BMX Racing has experienced major shifts in their program since March. The first-three Pro Series races were held, in Phoenix, Sarasota and Houston–and then the world stopped. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, “no gathering” policies.

It would be three months, more or less to the day, when the BMX Racing engine roared back to life on the outskirts of Tulsa, at the “Bounce Back Nationals.”

The Bounce Back Nats, and all the races since, held “Pro Open” classes for the pros in attendance, as USA BMX has been doing for all non-Pro-Series races of the past few years.

On June 18, USA BMX officially-canceled the 2020 USA BMX Pro Series, in favor of a “winner-take-all” shootout at the Grands, over Thanksgiving weekend. The Pro titles (AA Pro, Pro Women and Vet Pro) would be decided over one day of racing–much like the UCI Worlds.

With the cancelation of the pro Series, the Pro Open class was elevated to the top class in BMX Racing, at least for the moment (a women’s Pro Open class was added to the program as of the “Desert Classic Nationals” on June 12-14).

In this, the first of a three-part-series of Announcers Tower Podcast episodes on Pro Racing in the COVID and Post-COVID era, we are joined by Jeremy Smith of Stay Strong and Corsa Racewear, and DK Bikes’ Carly Kane.

Both athletes have raced Pro Open consistently since the re-start, and they had some great insight on our questions.

Listen Now:

I think you’ll agree that both Jeremy and Carly did a great job explaining what’s happening out there at the races for all of us.

It’s a rare perspective, which only those who are all-the-way-in-it can truly answer. Not those of us reporting from the sidelines, not Facebook warriors—the athletes who are paying to be there, and suiting-up on race day.

Next on Announcers Tower…

To bring you, the BMX News reader and Announcers Tower listener, further-inside this important topic to the sport of BMX Racing, we will be joined on the second of our three episodes on the topic by 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist (and reigning USA BMX #1 Pro), Connor Fields and 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist (and reigning UCI BMX World Champion and USA BMX #1 Pro Woman), Alise Willoughby.

That is coming up later this week!

A BIG BMX News thanks to Carly and Jeremy for their time in making this podcast happen.

—Mike Carruth


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