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Podcast: Donny Robinson

BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast with Donny Robinson

Joining us from his home in Napa, CA, we were pleased to welcome Donny and, for a brief, “cameo” appearance, his son, Bennett, to the first Announcers Tower Video podcast. Bennett gives the fans a wave, and is the latest oh-so-cute member of the next generation of BMXers to join the fun, here in the HUMAN Race.

In this episode, we cover a variety of topics with Donny, not related to naps and nappies, including: his recent parting-of-the-ways with USA BMX, what’s next for his career, how will COVID-19 affect BMX Racing, the future of Pro BMX Racing in the US, what the “next generation” of Pro BMXers can do to save the class, and much more.


It was fun to do this show as a video, even though, watching it, I can see so many things to improve. We will do more of these, and make the improvements to he “production values.” Most of all, it was great to see our long-time friend, at home, healthy, happy and hugging his baby boy.