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Podcast: USA BMX COO, John David

Podcast with USA BMX COO, John David with a COVID update

With ample time on our hands, owing to COVID-19 stay at home orders, BMXers are spending some of that spare time on social media, talking BMX and what the re-started 2020 season might look like once the Corona cloud has lifted.

And as much as we post, and tag and philosophize about how we might LIKE to see it, there are only a select-few people on planet Earth who are actually in the meetings that will shape the course of this highly-unusual BMX season.

One of those people is our guest today on the Announcers Tower Podcast– John David, COO of USA BMX. John is a frequent guest on the show, and is always willing to take time out of his day to tell BMX News readers/listeners and USA BMX members what is happening behind the scenes.

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We are grateful to USA BMX, and to John for keeping the BMX train rolling, and working on a daily basis–despite the current circumstances–to make sure that once the all-clear is sounded, the next sound you’ll hear will be gate tones!

—Mike Carruth