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Spotlight: Supercross Balance Bike

Supercross BMX Balance Bike
Photo Courtesy of Supercross BMX

Smilin Bill Ryan and the Supercross crew have been at the top of the results and the top of the headlines in the top classes for years. It’s no accident that they’re holdin’ a golden (crank award) or three for top bike, top team and top pro of the year (Felicia Stencil).

Recently, focus has turned to the new generation of BMXers, moving from the stroller to the rollers on the box track, via the new Supercross balance bike.

Built with BMX in mind, this pint-sized race rocket fits-right-in on the bike rack with mom’s cruiser, Dad’s Envy RS7 and big sister’s Envy BLK.

Available in five colors:
Neon Pink
Felicia Stancil Purple
Kam Larsen Matte Flame Blue
Hi-Viz Yellow

The standover height is adjustable 11.75” to 14.25” from the top of the seat to the ground, via the super-trick quick release clamp.

Here’s a demo video that KJ Romero shot at Rock Hill, to show you how the no-pedals group gets things going.


In stock and ready to rock, for all your socially-spaced cycling excursions–in the driveway or beyond.


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