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2019 USA BMX District Points are Final

USA BMX 2020 District Points are Final

The white smoke has come forth from USA BMX HQ, signaling that 2019 district points/numbers are now final. It is always a tedious wait between December 15, when racing stops across North America (thus ushering in the window when tracks submit their final races of the year) and this day in mid-January, when BMXers young and old scurry down the stairs to see what number awaits them in their BMX stocking.

If you’re a NAG 1-10 plateholder, this is not much of a thing for you, since your grey-plate number will be your go-to for 2020.

Edit: There were some questions from readers about this weekend’s Blue Ridge Nationals, and whether riders would be required to run their 2020 numbers. Brad Hallin at USA BMX helped us out with a quick answer, quoting an email that was sent to pre-registered riders:

You’re all set to race the Blue Ridge Nationals, and you can now run your 2020 district bike number. Since district numbers are finalized, our registration system will automatically update pre-signed riders to their new district number. Should you wish to run your 2019 district number for any reason, please visit the registration window in Lexington to make us aware.

Each local track generally decides when they will require you to start running your 2020 number… but generally, they’ll give you a week or two to get a new plate set up. Be sure to check with registration to be sure. Last one in has to run a pie plate.

Congratulations to all those who put in the work and moved up in the ranks.


View your district points on USA BMX

Need a new number and plate?

Box Components Website

Answer BMX Plates and Numbers

Minimum 3-inch numbers, on a white background is “regulation,” which is what you’ll find from both Box and Answer. Your local-track scorers will thank you.

Trivia: “The White Smoke” is used by the Vatican in Rome to signal to Catholics around the world, that a new pope has been elected by the College of Cardinals. In secular circles, it is used as a euphemism to connote a decision has been made, or certain anticipated news is now final.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Around the BMX Newsroom, there was debate over what number we should put on the plate in the lead photo up-top. It is your 2019 number, but you’re running it in 2020. Finally, it came down to the fact that we have Justin Posey on the front page today, running his #19…so I made the executive decision to go with #20 . We just-knew we’d get an email or a FB comment, or-two saying “well, actually, it should be a 19 on the plate.” We love that you care so much. /MC