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Grands Livestream Scam Hits Facebook

2019 USA BMX Grands Livestream Link

Along with Grands week, comes BIG interest in the livestream of the races in Tulsa.

Over the past 36 hours, there have been a series of ads and shares on Facebook that point BMXers to a paid site for the Grands livestream.

Please be advised that this is NOT the official USA BMX stream. We don’t know much about the origin of this post, but it is asking for a credit card at the end of a “create your account” sequence.

Why would someone do this? It’s hard to enter the mind of n’er do well types, but some basic research shows that this is a commonly used method for scamsters to get credit card numbers and addresses from unsuspecting fans.

They put up a page that offers exclusive access to a sporting event lots of people want to see, and you enter your card info…then they do what they do.

IF you already entered your credit card number into that website, be sure to monitor your card activity over the coming days, to make sure there are no bogus charges.

It is possible that those responsible for these ads planned to re-sell the USA BMX feed and it wasn’t the above described scam at all…but whatever it was or wasn’t, the official Grands Livestream is free, so watch it over there, at the link below.


2019 USA BMX Grand National Livestream