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Box “Level-Up” Jersey Program

Box Components Level-Up Program

BMX Racing is all about personal achievement, upping-your-game for progression and camaraderie with friends at the track. Riders are better-off, all-around, when they have goals to meet, and people to share their experience with.

Toby Henderson at Box Components has seen and done it all in BMX Racing, and in other cycling disciplines. His “Box Rider” program has been one of the gold standard examples of rider support in the sport, with contingency pay for results—even for riders who were not officially sponsored.

New for 2020, Box is expanding the Box Rider program to include riders of every level. The “Level-Up” program is not a “sponsorship,” per se, but an opportunity to run a cool jersey, and be part of something special–with some performance-based perks.

The idea is that riders can join the program at any point in their BMX journey, and stick with Box as they “level-up” from one rung to the next.

Here’s how the levels will work (left to right, in the top graphic)

Box One (Orange Jersey)
Experts and Pros

Box Two (Red Jersey)
Expert Equivalent or above

Box Three (Blue Jersey)
Intermediate Equivalent or above

Box Four (Yellow Jersey)
Novice Equivalent or above

Box Five (Purple Jersey)
Beginner Equivalent or above

Outside of the above five-tiered ranking, there is the highest of the high, the “Hex Lab” Factory Team, which is the real-deal, factory team that Ronnie Kim is on. The path is there for riders to level-up through the ranks.

Not coincidentally, these names correspond to the six levels of Box Components’ product line, with Box Five being the entry level product, and Hex Lab being the top-shelf stuff.

The program application is posted now, and not everyone who applies will be accepted into the program. Click the link below to check it out.


Box Components “Level-Up” Program Application