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Box Components Factory Team will Ride Meybo

Box Components Factory Team will Ride Meybo

We see Meybo frames all the time on the international scene, usually in front of the podium, with a Dutch Elite hoisting the trophy of the day at a World Cup or other UCI race of importance.

To this point, we haven’t seen a whole lot of them stateside, but that may be about to change. Latest word out of Toby Henderson’s office at Box Components is that the Box Factory Team will be building up new Meybo frames, and mounting-up for the balance of 2019.

Here’s what was said in a release:
We are proud to announce that Meybo is now a proud sponsor of Box Components “Box”. Meybo bikes are also part of Meybo Distribution and is THE brand of bikes. The U.S. distributor for Meybo is Mojo BMX distribution. As a loyal partner, Meybo has been distributing Box for over 7 years in the Netherlands. Many of their frame features are specific to our “Oversized Technology”. These frames are available in multiple sizes.

Used by the Dutch National Team with many championships, Box’s Oversized Technology is a philosophy of design and engineering. Its goal is to reduce energy loss to deformation or friction. The results are enhanced control, better acceleration, and increased speeds.

Learn more about Meybo today:

The current roster of the Box Factory Team is as follows:

– Jake Goodwin
– Justin Hailey
– Brayden Higgins
– Ronnie Kim
– (and one new-addition, to be announced later today)

Watch for the newly-Meyboed-squad to have their new race rockets on the track this month, ahead of the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder, Belgium.


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