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Box Hex Lab Tires

Box Hex Lab BMX Race Tires

Are you tired of tires that spin you round and round, when you’re coming in to the last turn, like a rocket sled on rails, on your way to another win? The Hex Lab Tires by Box Components have all the boxes checked for top performance, when and where it counts.

The Hex Lab has the right compound, the right casing and the right tread to glue-stick the turns, and roll diamond-smooth on the straights.

Made in Japan, lightweight, with a folding bead and a 110psi max inflation, the Hex Lab Tires pave the way to the finish line, and the post-race, in-the-pits stories of how you made it come together in just-the-right way.

20 X 1.75 (11.3oz)
20 X 1.95 (10.8oz)
20 X 1 1/8 (6.9oz)
20 X 1 3/8 (6.9oz)

Keep an eye on the Box Riders, rockin the Hex Labs–they’re easy to find, just look up-front in the expert classes.

Free ground shipping on orders over $99 at the link below – use code SHIP99 at checkout.


Box Hex Lab Tires