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Tokyo 2020 Sport Pictograms

Tokyo 2020 BMX Supercross Pictogram
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The visual representations of each sport at any-given Olympic Games—”pictograms” in Graphic Design parlance— are an important part of both the marketing of each sport to their respective fans and audience, and an important milestone in the calendar progression marching-up to the opening ceremony.

The Tokyo 2020 pictograms were created by Japanese designer Masaaki Hiromura, and are inspired by the Tokyo 1964 set, which was the first Games to incorporate pictograms to market each sport.

Tuesday marked the 500-day mark til the Opening Ceremony kicks off at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, on July 24, 2020.

Above, you see Hiromura’s interpretation of BMX Racing for the Games. Also included in the 50-icon set is the first-time pictogram for BMX Freestyle (below).

Tokyo 2020 BMX Freesyle Pictogram


This being the fourth Olympic cycle for BMX Racing, we thought you’d like a little throwback to the BMX pictograms from the previous Games:

Olympic BMX Pictograms 2008-2016

BMX News will be following all the coming updates, including the next big reveal–the medals! We start our official countdown on July 24…Stay with us.


Tokyo 2020 Pictogram Set