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2019 USA BMX Grands Pro Results

2019 USA BMX Pro Spectacular

Saturday’s USA BMX Pro Spectacular featured packed stands of hootin’ and hollerin’ BMX fans, and a heapin’ helping of action, with every gate-drop.

The YouTube Livestream (embedded below) has all the amazing, pedal-by-pedal details… but, if you’ll pardon the spoiler on how it turns out, here are the results of the top classes, the Golden Crank Award winners, and the three title chases (which were, admittedly, not much of a surprise).

A Pro Total Riders = 38
1 Jayce Cunning, Speedco/Avian, Baringa, Qld, Australia
2 Anthony Bucardo, Alpha, Canyon Country, CA
3 Tyler Klumper, J&R, Tarpon Springs, FL
4 Rogerio (Reis) Dos Reis, Cypress Flooring, Orlando, FL
5 Thomas Zula, DK Bicycles, Dayton, OH
6 Mateo Marasas, Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, KY
7 Florian Lefebvre, Nologo/Spad BMX, Paris, France
8 Justin Knapper, Factory Answer, Pottstown, PA

Vet Pro Total Riders = 29
1 Ewerton Carneiro, Muriaer, MG
2 Tyler Brown, 316 Racing DK Bikes, Chula Vista, CA
3 Jonathan Suarez, Alpha, Coral Springs, FL
4 Josh Smith, DK Bicycles/Corsa, Springboro, OH
5 Mickael Lecann, BC Crangeurier/Impulse Goodman, Argonay
6 Dylan Shanks, Northwest BMX/Corsa Racewear, Bend, OR
7 Justin Mclintock, Hinge/Night Trips, Huntington Beach, CA
8 James Carter, Clayborn/Answer Factory, Greenville, WI

Junior Women Total Riders = 8
1 Payton (P-Nut) Ridenour, Haro, Pottstown, PA
2 Ashley Hayes, Ride Co/V3 Gate/Supercross, Colorado Springs, CO
3 Molly Simpson, Daylight Cycles, Red Deer, AB Canada
4 Carly Kane, DK Bicycles, Guilford, IN
5 Daleny Vaughn, Redman / Fly, Tucson, AZ
6 Natalee Daugherty, Free Agent, Melissa, TX
7 Violet Cejalvo, Surrey, BC Canada
8 Aki Sakai, Deuxroues Elite Team, Osaka, Japan

Elite Women Total Riders = 16
1 Alise Willoughby, Factory Full Tilt/Radio, Chula Vista, CA
2 Ashley Verhagen, Factory Full Tilt/Radio, Phoenix, AZ
3 Felicia Stancil, Supercross BMX, Indianapolis, IN
4 Lauren Reynolds, Factory Answer, San Diego, CA
5 Brooke Crain, Visalia, CA
6 Mikaela Lixandru, J&R, Phoenix, AZ
7 Rachel Mydock, Factory Remix, Phoenix, AZ
8 Rachel Jones, Factory Remix, Cameron Park, NSW, Australia

Junior Men Total Riders = 26
1 Cameron Wood, Alpha, Peoria, AZ
2 Gonzalo Rengel, J&R, Quevedo
3 Brayden (The Bullet) Kempel, Alpha, Ramsey, MN
4 Tomas Correa , Orlando, FL
5 Spencer Cole, DK Bicycles, Palm Harbor, FL
6 Vincente Cesar Garcia Pinto, Florida Answer Ssquared, Sau Paulo, Brazil
7 Iago Machado, Sao Leopoldo, RS
8 Patrick Coo, Racefast, Bellflower, CA

Elite Men Total Riders = 26
1 Corben Sharrah, Daylight Cycles, Tucson, AZ
2 Connor Fields, Chase BMX / Elevn / Ikon, Henderson, NV
3 Romain Mayet, Pride/Nologo, Paris, France
4 Jeremy Rencurel, Persan, France
5 Jeffery Upshaw, Dayton, OH
6 Romain Mahieu, Lyon, France
7 Alfredo Campo, Huntersville, NC
8 Nic Long, Lakeside, CA

In what was one of the biggest moments of on-track excitement of the evening; round three of the Vet Pro main (2:25:41 in the video below), Tyler Brown is leading Jonathan “The Mosquito” Suarez when, in the last turn, Suarez makes an inside move, and leads TB up-and-over the turn.

There is an 18-second “please stand by” in the webcast, just before the gate drops on the Junior Women main (which felt like a million years), and when it comes back–at 2:29:47, it is announced that Suarez was disqualified for that round.

TB and Suarez were in a title chase, coming in to the evening but, once on the stage to award TB the Cup, USA BMX honcho, BA Anderson told the crowd (2:39:12) that the DQ did not affect the title. As noted in the results, above, TB placed second for the day, and Suarez placed third (as a result of his finishes in the previous two mains).

2019 Pull Magazine Golden Crank Awards

2019 Golden Crank Rookie Pro
Anthony Bucardo

2019 Golden Crank Pro
Felicia Stancil (Supercross BMX)

2019 Golden Crank Bike
Supercross BMX

2019 Golden Crank Team
Supercross BMX

2019 USA BMX Pro Series Titles

Vet Pro
Tyler Brown, 316 Racing DK Bikes

Pro Women
Alise Willoughby, Factory Full Tilt/Radio

AA Pro
Connor Fields, Chase BMX / Elevn / Ikon

Here is the full show.

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