Jamie Staff to be USA Cycling “Director of BMX”

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Jamie Staff to lead USA Cycling BMX Program, via BMXNEWS.COM

A few hours after BMX News reported the departure of Mike King from the USA Cycling BMX Program, we received the following email that went out to USAC athletes, which answers the question of who will be stepping in to the Program Director Role.

The email was penned by James Herrera, National BMX Team Coach, introducing Jamie Staff as USA Cycling’s new “Director of BMX.”

My sincerest thanks go out to Mike King for all the hard work, mentorship, friendship and direction he’s provided over the years. Mike’s tireless efforts and leadership have placed our US BMX program on an incredibly solid foundation from which to build upon. I’m a better leader, coach, and person for having worked alongside him. I hope you’ll join me in wishing him the very best in all his future endeavors.

As we move forward towards our journey to Rio, I want to assure each and every one of you that I have utmost confidence in our programs direction, athletes, staff, and leadership. We will continue to support our JDP, Evolution, and Elite programs with the ultimate goal of dominating World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic podiums.

There is an amazing set of resources and knowledge at our disposal, and rest assured, we will leave no stone unturned. I will ask you all to be better, more professional, work harder, smarter, and exhaust every ounce of your potential.

Finally, please join me in welcoming Jamie Staff as our new Director of BMX. I’m sure you’re well aware, Jamie brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge, experience, and success from the world of international competition. As a four time World Champion, Olympic Gold medalist, and member of one of the most successful cycling programs in the world, Jamie knows the details of what it will take to succeed.

We have an incredible journey ahead of us on the way to Rio. I’ll look forward to seeing you all along for the ride.

Jamie Added in the following to the troops:

BMX Program – Looking towards 2016 & beyond

I would first like to thank Mike King for all his work as Director of the USA BMX program. Mike was responsible for many great developments over the last 6 years and can be proud that he was team leader for the outstanding three medal haul in Beijing 2008. I want to personally wish Mike all success in his future endeavors and would like to thank him on behalf of the Sport of BMX for all his hard work.

As the new leader of this program, my goal will be to get the USA BMX Program back to being the dominating force on the World stage. I will be using the skills I developed in my long career as a cyclist, as well as my newly developed skills as a Director/coach to make the USA BMX program a force to be reckoned with. I am excited to get back into the Sport of BMX and look forward to passing down my knowledge to the amazing talent we have in this country.

I look forward to working with USA BMX as they help develop the young riders by providing the Worlds best BMX racing series, industry leading bike companies with their support of these young riders as they chase their dreams and then the support from the USOC to help mold future Olympic Champions with all the amazing resources they are able to provide us with.

I am also looking forward to working alongside James Herrera, the National BMX coach, as I know he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I believe we will create a great team to support and guide the champions of tomorrow.

I will be challenging all the BMX racers to get the most out of every single training day, rest day and competition day. I look forward to watching them push themselves harder than they ever have before, and then finally I look forward to them stand on top of the podium.

Let the journey begin!

Jamie Staff

It is important to note that, while this email is being widely posted by individuals, and other outlets as fact, USA Cycling has made no official announcement, nor have they issued a media advisory on when an announcement would be made. In this age of instantaneous news, the moment one party tells another, an uncontrollable chain reaction is in motion that cannot be stopped. It is going to find its way to social media, and from there, into the bloodstream of the public-at-large.

While I have never met Jamie personally, all accounts are that he is a top-flight pro, who will lead the program well. We are looking forward to working with him, and all of the amazing people at USA Cycling for many years to come.

—Mike Carruth