J&R Bicycles Jumps In With Jr. Devo Support

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J&R Bicycles Jr. Devo Sponsorship

On January 25, BMX News brought you details, and a podcast, on a hot new sponsorship deal of the USA Cycling Junior Development Program by BMX Racing Group’s Chase BMX, and Tioga BMX. Now, USAC is proud to add J&R Bicycles to the mix, via a special jersey program, for the top points earner in the boys and girls classes in the USAC/USA BMX Jr. Devo series.

These jerseys will carry a special “captain” designation (ala NFL team captains), recognizing them as the captain of their “class” at the camp (see main photo).

USA Cycling BMX Junior Development on BMX News

The one-year sponsorship will debut its first jersey at the Jr. Development camp that starts the day after next week’s Mega-race weekend in Chula Vista (camp dates: April 2-7). The first to wear the “J&R Captain’s Jersey” will be Sean Gaian and Shaelen Reno, based on points earned at the first six races of this Jr. Devo “series” (Last year’s Chula Vista, Disney Cup, and President’s Cup/Race Of Champions…and Reno, Guthrie and Oldsmar in 2012). There will be three more camps in calendar 2012 (see link below for the specifics).

J&R owner, Kirk Morrison said, in the official release: “It’s important to give back to the sport…We like being involved in all levels of BMX racing. From the local program, to the state level, to national and international. It is also fun to be a part of the next step for these aspiring Supercross riders!”

BMX News will be in Chula Vista, starting on Thursday, and will do our best to get you the first-photos of Sean and Shaelen in their slick new USA jerseys.


USA Cycling BMX Jr. Development Page

J&R Bicycles

Podcast: Chase BMX and Tioga BMX Sponsor Jr. Devo.

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USAC JD Camps Accomplishing Mission

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BMX starting ramp at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA
By Mike Carruth

The starting ramp at the US Olympic Training Center is, of course, regulation size for BMX Supercross. But, unintended though it may be, it also serves as an icon of the steep commitment required by all the riders who push their bikes to the top. A symbol for both an up hill battle, and enjoying the summit of one’s accomplishments, all in one lovable (and, some say, terrifying) eight-metre-tall package.

The third camp of the 2010 season was held last week (April 5-11), and a total of 20 riders, age 15 and 16 years of age (except for one, who was older) attended (see list below) . Intense BMX has come on as a sponsor of the Junior Development Program, and Pete D brought the Intense rig down to provide on-site aid and comfort to any campers who experienced bike trouble, or needed something tweaked.

The coaching staff, normally a trio of talent that includes Jerry Bradford, Brian Fell and Jeff Glynn welcomed a guest coach for the April camp. Kenth Fallen, universally-famous Vet Pro Champion, who also holds a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, was on hand to work with the riders on a closer level. Word from the top is that Kenth will be joining in the fun at future camps as well.

It was clear from the start of the Junior Development Program last year that the goal was to establish a “long view” of talent coming through the expert ranks, and work to prepare these riders for Olympic qualifying. It is a deliberte “seasoning” process, which requires time, and an unwavering commitment on the part of the riders and their families. In looking at the progress many of these riders have made since the JDP has been running, and in speaking to the riders, themselves, it is clear that all the hard work on the part of the riders, the coaches and USAC leadership, will payoff beautifully come 2016.

There is an old management maxim that says “treat people how you want them to behave.” Through their commitment to the JDP, USA Cycling treats camp attendees as “serious athletes,” Olympians, in fact (since they have access to most-or-all the same facilities at the OTC that the full time residents have). Conscious or not, this concept is changing the lives of JDP riders, and making them better BMXers, better athletes and, when you get right down to it, better kids.

In an exit interview, Austin Hiatt said “The camps have helped me in many ways. I have grown more mature, on and off the track. Without help from the camp and coaches, I would not be where I am today.” Dani George said that she felt the camps “help build confidence. We have unlimited access to the professionals on the staff if we have any questions…we are provided good nutrition and medical support. On top of that, we get to ride one of the most intimidating tracks there is.”

Of course, the camps are “work,” but they are also one of those irreplaceable BMX “experiences” that riders are sure to talk about for years. When asked about his impression of the best thing about the camp, Tyler Whitfield said “Seeing friends, having a good time and getting better at what we do. The best part is riding the track…and the ping-pong”

Everyone made a point to recognize the coaches for their commitment to the riders and the program, and also the amazing facilities provided by the US Olympic Committee and USA Cycling in Chula Vista. Jesse Day added a personal note on the bottom of his questionnaire, saying “Thank you for opening up the camp to us. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have this opportunity.”

The next Junior Development Camp will be held on June 21-27. Qualifying for the June camp began at the ABA Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, and will end at the ABA Spring Nationals in Albuquerque, NM. For more information on the camps, download this informational PDF

Attendees at the April 2010 USA Cycling Junior Development Camp

List Of Attendees at the April USA Cycling Junior Development Camp (listed alphabetically)

Carly Dyar, (Gilbert, AZ)
Dani George, (Palmdale, CA)
Shay Glynn, (Norco, CA.)
Alaina Henderson, (Ruby, NY)
Victoria Johnson, (Phoenix, AZ)
Brandi Milligan, (Newhall, CA)
Kaylin Sansone, (Brighton, IL)
Shelby Stacy, (Bakersfield, CA)

Maliek Byndloss, (Cape Coral, FL)
Damian Cherepko, (McKeesport, PA)
Jesse Day, (Simi Valley, CA)
Austin Hiatt, (Fresno, CA)
Cody Kelley, (Riverton, UT)
Nicholas Koehler, (Tustin, CA)
Jordan Miranda, (Bakersfield, CA)
Nathan Padilla, (Lakewood, CA)
Blake Paulson, (Folsom, CA)
Jeremy Smith, (Dayton, OH)
Dan Tritz, (Grayslake, IL)
Tyler Whitfield, (Machesney Park, IL)

Photos By Dan Mooney/ ABA BMXer magazine