Photo Gallery: Rockford Day 1

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Nic Long and David Herman

The first day of the 2014 USA BMX Midwest Nationals was a hot, hot, hot day of 241 muggy motos. Action in the pro classes was thick all day long, with Olijuwon Davis handily taking the A Pro class on his home track. Vet Pro had the three long-time favorites: Javi Colombo, Cristian Becerine and Matt Pohlkamp on the podium.

It was a smaller-count day in the Elite classes, with many opting out of Rockford–and likely South Park next week, to rest-up, train up, and not tempt fate for the World Championships in Holland next month. But for the elites that were on-scene, the racing was raucous.

Elite Women was missing Mariana, Alise, Felicia and Shanaze, but the 10 who did show up put on a great show for the fans. Dom Daniels added a win to her 2014 scorecard and was joined on the podium by Amanda Geving and Dani George, who was out for the first time without her familiar Supercross bike and uniform. Amanda Carr was also riding near the front all day, as was Lauren Reynolds.

Good battles in Elite Men between the Haro guys (Long, Sharrah and Pickard, who all made the main–from the same semi, no less), David Herman, Connor Fields, Joris Daudet, Kory Cook and Anthony Dean. Elite Men had 23 riders on the sheets for Saturday’s race, and we also saw good efforts from Joey the Bomb (who crashed out in the semis), Faoro and Posey. In the end, it was David Herman’s day to do-the-do, and he led the race pretty much wire to wire.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Moments after the pros raced their mains, the skies opened up, and we had a rain delay of just under an hour. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the balance of the mains were run in the dry (ok, damp). Storms thundered through overnight, but as of first gate on Sunday, we’re racing under hazy sunshine.

BMX News will have more race highlights from Rockford on Monday morning, as well as our full-re-cap of the Midwest nationals on Tuesday morning. For the moment, take a look at our awesome photo gallery from Saturday’s race. Free photo downloads as well! Link below.


2014 Midwest Nationals Saturday Photo Gallery

Rockford Results (on

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Photo Re-Cap: Derby City Nationals

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BMX Racing News - Kuwahara's Jeff Upshaw at Derby City Nationals

The 2013 USA BMX Derby City Nationals had everything a BMX aficionado could want: Three solid days of racing, a top-notch facility that was polished-up to a high shine by a dedicated local crew, a major turnout in the Elite classes for fence-gripping action, and a little weather drama to quicken the pulse.

The three days of racing also doubled as the as the Eastern Division Finals. Take your six best National scores to-date, plus the three from this weekend, and the one with the high points gets the special jersey, complete with podium presentation.

Temps were in the low 90s, and Moto counts were in the low to mid 200s (217, 256 and 222). The three-day races are always a different animal than the standard two-day fare. You have to leave a day early, and it takes you longer to recover–even for the folks who aren’t racing. Friday night goes late, Saturday starts at the normal National time (11:30), and there’s practice, so you get to the track early. And Sunday is also regular time (8AM). You’re chasing the sleep deficit all the way home. This one is better than most, because Monday’s a holiday, so you can catch up on the Zzzzs before resuming your daily life on Tuesday.

Friday’s race started around 2:15PM, and right away, it was clear this was going to be an awesome weekend of action. We had 28 A-Pros, 13 Vet pros, plus the four UCI classes (Junior and Elite Men and Women) all had enough riders to make a class. Since this was a UCI race, we were back to a one-main format for all three days.

This weekend will remain “The NBL Grands” for a whole bunch of people, for as long as they shall live. Only two years in the rearview, the image of that race is still big in BMX lore. Last year, people commented that it just did not feel as “alive” as the Grands weekend. With good reason, of course. This year, we have to say, the energy level was much higher than last year. The fenceline was filled much more than last year, and Factory/Vendor row had more to offer in the way of personalities and gotta-have-it merch. The high moto count from last year’s three-day was 199, this year it was 256, so people are still flocking to Louisville.

The Elite racing was intense, with three different winners in Elite Men among the three days. And we had three fierce competitors in Elite Women (Mariana, Alise and Dom) all with an eye on the top spot, sometimes in the same moto, which made for a great spectator experience.

We put together a photo re-cap of some of the key elements of the weekend. Also, links at the end to three days of individually-curated photos (about 500 in all).

Top: Uppy tripled-up in A-Pro at the Derby City Nats. Dude is looking like his old-self again, and his transfer to AA is about $800 from reality. Here is a little celebration style to start the weekend off right, just before the finish line in Friday’s main.

USA BMX Louisville Coverage on BMXNEWS.COM

The Derby City track was dressed up in its Friday-Saturday and Sunday best for the annual Derby City Nationals.

Erin Kowalski rides the ceremonial first lap at the Derby City Nationals

Badd & Co. 10G, Erin Kowalski, rides the ceremonial first lap for the National Anthem on Friday. Her father, Brian, was lost at sea off the Florida Keys a few weeks ago, after saving a friend’s son who got into trouble in the water. One account of the tragedy was carried by The Daily Mail in the UK.

BMX Racing: 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Mariana Pajon at the USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Mariana Pajon flew up from Colombia for the Derby City Nationals, and rung up two wins and a second in the title chase. The Gold Medalist was sitting #5 going in to Derby City, so these scores should bump her up a spot or two.

BMX Racing News - Kory Cook riding for Promax

This was Kory Cook’s first trip in his new Promax kit. Dude was hotter than we have seen him in a while on the new DK frame fitted-out with Promax parts. Kory told us he felt better on the track than he had in a long time, and it showed. Teammate Arielle Martin had a great weekend as well in her new kit, making all three main events, and scoring two second-place podium finishes (Sunday was a fifth).

Chandler Denton of Profile Racing - BMX Racing News

Seconds from disaster: Chandler Denton leading one of Friday’s 19-27x Semis into the second turn. A few ticks later, 2Chan was into the third straight, and blew up midway. No main on day one, but came back for a third on day two and a win on day three.

Payton Ridenour at the Derby City Nationals BMX Race

Friday and Sunday wins in 11G for Payton Ridenour, and a Snowman in the Saturday main (run on Sunday). We didn’t see it, but sounds like a crash ended the triple. She is having a great year, and the jumping looks great to our cameras.

BMX Racing with MCS Bicycles Petey Peters at USA BMX Louisville

Petey Peters said he never threw his leg over a cruiser in all these years of racing. But now that he’s “Old,” at 30, it felt like a good time. Final score: A second on Friday and a fourth on Sunday in in 26-30. made all three mains in 26-35x as well. We’re diggin the new MCS kit #factoryfresh

BMX Racing News - Felicia Stancil World Champion BMX Racer

It is pretty rare, indeed that someone gets ahead of Felicia Stancil in Junior Women these days. But this weekend, Domenica Azuero from Ecuador was “all over her action,” at least for the first part of the track. Of course, it’s how you cross the stripe that counts, and our Fly’n friend was first-times-three, for the division title, and the Top step all three days.

Hyper Bicycles Shealen Reno at USA BMX Louisville

When in doubt, air it out. Shealen Reno tore it up in 15-16 Girls, with wins on Friday and Sunday. The early morning Saturday mains on Sunday seemed to shuffle the cards for a lot of the Friday-Sunday winners. A fourth for her in the middle, with Elida Beeman on the top step. All that work on the SX tracks is sure showing up in Shealen’s skill set on the “small” tracks.

Dale Holmes racing the USA BMX Derby City Nationals

Multi-time UCI world champ, and Free Agent TM, Dale Holmes, was back on the track in Louisville, with a new shiny-new USA BMX Amateur card. Dale took second to Felt BMX flyer, Jeremy Thompson on Day One, and got the W in the day two main (took the trophy and everything!). For day three, it was time to fly, so Dale had to get the bike in the bag and roll up the Free Agent pit to get a big bird back home. Word is, we’ll see him on the moto sheets another time or two this year. Raul Gomez (Right) got the win on Sunday for MCS.

Muddy footprint in the Derby City BMX infield

“That’s one small step for man. One giant muddy shoe for Mrs. Carruth to work her magic on.” Infield, Saturday, after the first rain delay.

BMX Racing under stormy skis in Louisville, KY

Cool shot of Sean Gaian heading to a Junior Men win on Saturday, against some angry skies. 20 minutes after Sean crossed the line, folks were running for their lives as lightning, and a 10-hour long deluge started up. Hunter Pelham and Andrew Townsend are virtual identical twins in the Haro Promax kit. The key to solving the puzzle: Hunter is rockin the white shoes.

Lightning strikes in E.P. (Tom) Sawyer park

Electricity wants to go to ground. Here is the real-life lesson that you might have been snoozin’ through when they taught it in the classroom. Saturday, just after the Elite mains, the radar had a big ol red blob to the north. BMX News beat-feet out of the infield and was loading up the Newsmobile when “Crrrrrack! pop, pop, pop, pop” a bolt stripped a double-track into this tree, just behind vendor row. The SUV on the left had its electrical system fried out and had to be towed out of there. All humans escaped unharmed, if a little freaked out.

Team Ssquared Answer prepping home-cooked meals in the pit

Everything’s better with bacon. Marty Dzierbicki (pops of Johnny D) and Andy Deters (of Nick and Katie fame) set up a full-blown field kitchen for the Ssquared Answer team, cooking up an amazing array of yummy and race-minded treats for the riders and their families. Thanks goes to Answer Rennen for giving over some of their backyard to the top chefs’ efforts. This round: breakfast burritos on Sunday morning.

Sam WIlloughby has massive lead in USA BMX Pro Standings

Louisville’s Elite Men racing was as good as it gets. A packed field of 39, which included tons of Euro talent training up on US soil ahead of the Chula Vista SX later this month. Each of the three days had a different winner, with Connor Fields on day one, Maris Strombergs on day two, and this guy on day three. Willoughby has 14 wins on the year now, with the next five behind him having one apiece. Here’s a little Sunday Semi action into turn two.

Photo of Body Glove Surge Energy Shot on BMXNEWS.COM

Bob Deily and the Doublecross crew inked a sweet new sponsorship deal with Body Glove Surge–an all-natural energy shot. This report is officially powered by same.

Derby City volunteers getting props from USA BMX staff

The Derby City crew gettin some props before Sunday’s main events from USA BMX honchos Chris Luna (left) and John David. These folks pulled off amazing feats on an hourly basis, and had the track in race-ready condition after a 10-hour storm on Saturday night. Steamrollers to pack down muddy parking lots, and a round-the-clock TP watch on the bathrooms, to make sure all the everyone was a happy camper when it was time to do business off the track. We always love going to the Derby City Nationals–here’s why.

BMX Racer Maliek Byndloss of Cape Coral, FL

Maliek was the big man in Junior Men in Louisville, with wins on Friday and Saturday and a third on Sunday. Also aced-up on 17-18x on Friday and Sat, with a second to Sean Gaian on day three.

BMX News "Random" Shots

A few folks have asked over the past few months, why we include photos of random grass or dirt, or other haphazards in our prime, curated-to-the-max photo sets. In fact, we call these “randoms,” and they are snapped either by accident when tweeting, or when navigating infield obstacles. We dig ‘em, and often use them as background images for some of our graphics, and projects like this Pro Gate brochure. Turn one at Derby City BMX.

Crupi BMX phenom, Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson avalanched the 13 Girls and 13-14 Girls Cruiser class all three days.

The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt triples-up on cruiser at the Derby City Nationals

The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt held the pink slip on 10 Cruiser in Louisville, with wins all three days. Mason Meininger (on the inside) slipped past him just after this photo was snapped, in turn one of Sunday’s main (above), but G got busy down the third straight, and made tracks for the third win, and the Division Champ threads.

Jim Reilly was back on the mic in Louisville

We love us some Jim Reilly! Ol Jimbo has not been seen on the mic for a while, owing to a new day job. But he and Shawn Pischke did a great job keeping the fans entertained, and informed throughout the long, long weekend.

2013 USA BMX Derby City Nationals Photo Galleries

Friday Gallery Saturday Gallery Sunday Gallery


2013 Derby City Nationals – Results (via USABMX.COM)

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Answer Rennen Lays Down Power in Powder Springs

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Answer/Rennen Atlanta 2013 Race Report

Submitted by George Costa

Answer/Rennen went into Stop #13/14 on the USA BMX series determined to make a stand. This was the first race for the team where we were almost at 100% attendance. The weekend was a huge success for the squad having secured back-to-back wins in factory competition, posting huge scores of 230/244 on the weekend. These results place the team third in the factory standings. There’s still a lot of racing left in the season and the 2013 Answer/Rennen squad has already surpassed last years performance (in terms of good scores).

Here’s how your favorite A/R riders did in Powder Springs

9X Brandon Crain was on a tear in Georgia as the only A/R rider to double-double in class/cruiser. He is proving to be a very valuable off-season pickup for the squad. There is no faster 9X in the country and we are proud to have him in our pit.

10X Nate Coyman (above) was hard-charging in both class and cruiser in Atlanta, but was was riding a little timid. More riding time will give Nate the confidence to attack the track like he did leading up to his Grands crash. Nate is tough and determined to get back on the podium shortly.

10X Gavin Freewalt (above) showed dominance on the track and definitely showed his ability to come from behind. Gavin sent a message to the rest of the class that he’s done playing games and ready to win by multiple bike lengths. Gavin finished off the weekend with a 1st and a 3rd in cruiser and a come-from-behind 2nd in class.

11X Zach Von Bergen is the man! He is so exciting to watch on the track. While the rest of his class pumps their way around, Zach wants to throw whips on anything he can. Zach scored a 3rd on Saturday in a very large 32-rider field, and then came back on Sunday to win the main.

10G Jamie McHenry was testing out the injury she sustained in Oldsmar. “Not feeling 100%” for Jamie meant scoring a second in 11G on Saturday.

Markwane Billingsley of Answer/Rennen
13X Markwane Billingsley (above) is improving in every race lap we see him. Although he struggled with the gate, he shows huge promise, and will improve with the start of the outdoor season in Michigan. Once the parkas come off, he’ll get more riding time in.

14G Abbie Macleod is a beast, with a desire to win that is on her mind 24x7x365. With two wins on cruiser, and a 2nd on 20″ I say shes doing pretty well at it.

15X Cam Moore goes into autopilot when hes on the track. Most of the time that autopilot is set to go to the front. After winning Saturdays 15X main he found himself in third on Sunday going into the first turn, and that’s when its great to watch Cam race, he instinctively puts on the swoop to instantly put himself in the lead and win Sundays main for a Dixieland double.

16X Justin Knapper has been dominating 16X this year scoring some big wins at big races and Georgia was no different. Justin went 1st/2nd on the weekend with Ryan Zinzow who recently aged up into the class. Now starts the year-long battle between these guys. Its great to watch two very fast amateurs who respect each other greatly on and off the track.

17-18X Derik Bergh was in Georgia ready to improve on his performance in Arizona–and that he did. Derik score a 1st/2nd place finish in the ultra-competitive 17-18X. Glad to see him on top of the box. We are looking forward to what he’s gonna do to the class once the snow melts in Minnesota.

19-27X Niles Austin suffered a pretty big blow to the knee 1st round on Saturday. Despite that he was able to get in the main and score a 4th but overnight swelling kept him out of the show on Sunday. Look for a healed-up Niles in NC in a few weeks.

Shawn DiPrete of Factory Answer/Rennen
41+ Shawn DiPrete the big guy sharpened up his elbows and went to battle with his main competition, Shan Hatfield. Although Shawn scored crowd points for the take downs, it was Shan who came away with a few wins on the weekend.

A-Pro Austin Loebe Georgia is a special place for Austin; he has won many laps as an amateur here. The story was the same in A-Pro, as he went on to win his very first race as a Professional on Saturday. I am proud to have been there to see him accomplish this, now that his first is out of the way he can go onto to bang out a few more in the next coming months.

Answer/Rennen Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Profile Racing, Alienation BMX, Crit BMX, Fly Racing, Insight BMX, Time2Shine and G-Form

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*Photos by Thor Buchanan, for BMX News.

Sizzlin at South Park

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2012 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals

The USA BMX rig rolled quick down Interstate 80 this week. Seems like just hours ago, we were waving goodbye in Salt Lake City. BMX News did some rolling of our own this week, with an I-80 excursion that took us from Illinois, to Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, then Utah…and back on Monday. Then home for some fireworks and a load of laundry, and back in the Mini today to hit Indiana, Ohio and then Pennsylvania.

Trying not to count the actual miles, but let’s just say we have all the words to the classic trucker-tune “Endless Black Ribbon” memorized, and are working on a hip-hop verse.

Setting foot on South Park soil for the first time since the 1982 NBL Grands was pretty amazing…some of the buildings leading in to the track, on Brownsville Rd., are still there, and have had nary a coat of paint, nor a window washing since–which brings an odd sense of familiarity.

We made it on Friday, just in time for pro practice and, as we expected, the turnout feels similar to Nashville’s turnout from a couple months back, but with the addition of some Kiwis, the Colombians (including Mariana Pajon), and some others who did not make the Music City trip.

Kyle Bennett is back in plain wrap

Someone who WAS in Nashville, but is dressed differently in South Park, is Kyle Bennett. KB and GHP parted ways last month, and this is his first race back in a plain-wrap Troy Lee kit, riding a Redline (above).

Back on 6/20, Greg sent us the following tidbit about the change. We held it until we had a photo of Kyle in his new setup to run with it.

Just a short note to let you and your readers know that KB is no longer racing for GHP/Risen BMX..Kyle is a great guy, who has etched his place in the BMX history books, and we wish him the very best.

We’re looking forward to being there for Kyle’s first outing on a privateer Redline this weekend.

Felicia Stancil has her game face on for practice
Felicia Stancil drove herself and family up to South Park from the Chicago area, aboard her shiny new Nissan Juke. Looks like there will not be a Junior Women class this weekend, so Fly’n Felicia gets to mix it up with the Elites. We already mentioned that Mariana is up from Colombia, and looks like Dom Daniels was wheels-down at PIT after practice concluded…not sure who else is making the trip, but we’ll be interested to see if the OTC girls (Brooke Crain, Amanda Carr and Amanda Geving, specifically) will be here, now that the focus is shifting from London to…Rio?…or maybe back to “regular” BMX for a while. Above, Felicia gives us a subliminal message on her goal for the weekend.

BMX News: Felicia Stancil takes the Pro Set at South Park
In today’s practice, Felicia is said to be the first woman to make it over South Park’s pro set (above). But will she take the “right side” in a race? That’s the question we all will be bunching up near the last turn to see answered Saturday, around 12:05PM.

Tommy Zula at the USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals

We’re anxious to see how Tommy Zula (above) does in South Park. TZ had an eye-opening weekend in Salt Lake, and we know he is looking to string a few together. A podium, or two, here in Penna would really gussy-up his 2012 accomplishments, and we know the drive is there to make it happen. Barry Nobles is also on-scene for DK, and we’re picturing some iconic shots with twin DKs out of that second-turn, so get ready.

The Friday night pre-race had 59 motos which, if the Mike Fields formula were applied, would put Saturday’s race at about 170-180 motos. We think it will be higher, however, because the heat was so extreme, that it seems likely people may have stayed away from Friday night’s race (it was 98 degrees at 8PM, with the humidity characteristics of a wet gym sock over the nose and mouth). Plus, with the single-sanction reality of 2012, the formula may need a tweak…we shall see.

Carley Young posted some after-practice updates on Facebook–one of which was that the track maintenance crew was out there after dark, tending to some gate improvements to reduce rear-tire spin on national day. One thing is absolutely for certain, the South Park BMX crew, anchored by George and Dee Brain, have rolled out the red carpet for the USA BMX crowd–they want everything to be perfect, and you can feel that concern tangibly around the whole facility.

Back to Carley for a minute…she and Felt Factory flyer Gavin Lubbe (who is in from Nor-Cal) recently landed a clothing deal with Kid DynaMite. BMX News brought you some low-down on KDM a month or so back when mastermind Eric Bess launched the line…well, now it’s all grown up, and answering the call to run their designs in “big kid” (AKA adult) sizes. We’ll bring you more on this when we get some snaps of Carley and Gavin hanging in the pits wearing KDM.

President Obama over South Park BMX

The President of the United States was in Pittsburgh today (@flynfelicia Tweeted about the traffic snarl created by the motorcade on their way in to town). On his way back to Air Force One, POTUS choppered over South Park BMX on Marine One (above). No word if he gave us a little “Let’s Move” salute on his way out.

BMX News will bring you tweets from the infield both days of the USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals (follow @bmxnow), as well as photos from both days and a re-cap of what went down. So, keep it right here on BMXNEWS.COM.

Meanwhile, we have an “appetizer” portion photo gallery from the pro practice.


BMX News South Park Friday Photos

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Salt Lake – Day One Photos and Recap

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Marc WIllers Wins Elite Men on Day One

An awesome day of racing on day one of the USA BMX Great Salt Lake Nationals. With temps in the 90s, it was tough to stay cool…but the moves on the track were so hot they were cool. Lots of passing in the final feet, and in the turns. The unusual first jump gave some of the sport’s top riders fits for the early part of the day (Sam WIlloughby probably had the smoothest form over it, among the elites–he basically pedaled it like it wasn’t there).

The Elite Men’s main was unreal. Sam jumped out to an early lead, with WIllers just to his right. Marc rode the last 1/3 of the first straight on his back wheel…which looked like it might spell disaster for his day…but sometimes, it’s those “blazer’s edge” moments that make for a magic lap. Down the second straight, it was still Sam, but Marc was closing the gap quick, AND was on the inside going into turn two. Mark had pulled pretty-much even by the time they entered the turn, then took it high to make sure Sam had to stay where he was–in second. But the World Champ wasn’t finished yet…nor was Corben Sharrah, who was a strong third from the first turn on. He railed down the third straight, and pulled even with Marc, just as the last turn was coming into view…and Willoughby was on rails, up the inside, to pull even, then maybe a few milimeters ahead into the last turn. Marc quickly put a stop to that, via his line selection for the turn–a low carve, that pinched-off SW91′s daylight, and exited the USA BMX champ with a bike and a half on the World Champ. Corben was still in third, but was feeling the jet-powered charge of Khalen Young down the last straight–another 20 feet of track, and KY may have hit the podium, maybe even higher than third.

Here’s a iPhone TwitVid posted by Pete Dylewski (sponsored by BMX Racing Group)

Elite Women was a class to watch–where newly-crowned Redline Olympian, Alise Post matched up against her long-time rival, Dom Daniels. Dom was rockin a new jersey and bike (a Doublecross, as previously reported here on News). Also in the mix was Supercross hauler, Dani George. Dom won all three motos, and Alise went 3-2-2 (behind Dani first round). Over in the other Elite Women’s moto, Caroline Buchanan and Lauren Reynolds took it to the front throughout the day (with a 1-1-1 and 2-2-2, respectively).

In the main, the pack was fairly tight coming down the first straight, and we ened up losing Alise and Lauren just after the first jump. Dani George jumped to the early lead, and led what was left of the pack into the second straight. Caro was in hot pursuit though, and closed the gap quick, passing Dani down the third straight. Dom got balled up a bit by the first straight carnage, and was in way-last down the second straight. She “freight-trained” a comeback, which we thought was incredible, and passed two to cross the stripe in fourth. Final order was Buchanan, George and Ashley Verhagen, whom we haven’t seen in a while, and are stoked to see back up on the box.

Here’s the Elite Women’s TwitVid posted by Pete Dylewski (sponsored by Chase BMX)

In the team chase, GT Won the Factory Sheet on day one, with a solid crew that included some hometown talent in Jack Kelly, Sophia Foresta, “Ageless” Jonas Harmon–and San Diegan Sean Gaian–all of whom aced up (well, Jonas got second in 28-35x, but won 31-35 Cruiser). We also saw Cannonball Jack get second first round in…wait for it…11-12 open (no joy in the main, but wowza!)

We have more to report from Salt Lake, but we gots to hall bananas outta the room, to get over for Day Two.

Meanwhile, give the Day One Photo Gallery a look.


Elite Men
Marc Willers – Box Components/DK
Sam Willoughby – Redline
Corben Sharrah – GT Bicycles

Elite Women
Caroline Buchanan – Speedco Bicycles
Dani George – Supercross
Ashley Verhagen

A Pro
Logan Collins – Diamond Back
Jeremy Rommel – Supercross
Paul Wassenaar – Bellflower Bikes

Vet Pro
Cristian Becerine – Free Agent/Rockstar
Matt Pohlkamp – Dan’s Comp
Javier Colombo – SE Bikes

Jr. Men
Rusty Nesvig – Intense BMX
Jordan Miranda – GT Bicycles
Nick Koehler – Speedco Bicycles

View amateur results now on USABMX.COM

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Four Questions From Morristown

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Vital Stats
Number of entries: About 1800
307 Motos on Saturday. Race started at 12:10PM and last main crossed at 8:21PM
299 Motos on Sunday. Race started at ~8AM, and last main crossed at 3:46PM

Isn’t Morristown way out in the middle of nowhere?

Yes, It definitely is. Knoxville is about 50 miles, but still not an easy airport to get to directly from places like LA, Phoenix or Boston. That said, what’s interesting about Morristown is that it is unexpectedly convenient by car to much of the eastern half of the country. From Chicago it was a 10-hour drive. 14 hours from Boston…11 Hrs from Orlando, and 14 hours from Oklahoma City. For being in the middle of nowhere, it is pretty conveniently located. LOL, only a BMXer would say a 10 hour drive is “conveniently located,” but I know I’m in the right company to say such things.

The price of hotels in the area was a problem, for sure. The Hampton inn, Comfort Suites, and even the Days Inn were all well over $100 per night. Even the usually-down-market Super 8 was $105 a night. Naturally, that’s a symptom of small town supply and demand. Holiday Inn Express, which is our favorite, was $152 a night–so we had to wave off and go the the Econo Lodge for $62. Not unbearable, and free Internet, to boot.

Who were the top eight riders absolutely killin it in Morristown?

Tough to boil 1800 entries to eight riders, but Tristan and Kyle Mitchell from J&R Bicycles, out of Fontana, CA were looking very strong. Kyle got a double double in 8x/8-under Cruiser. And Tristan would have done the same, but for some quick movin by Timothy Bryson from Vegas.

Tyshawn Carr from Answer Ssquared owned the 11 year olds with a double double.

Shawn Diprete took his Answer/Rennen double NAG 1 plates out for a spin, and aced three of the four main events. Shan Hatfield was also lookin double-F-fast in Morristown, and was the only one to get close to Shawn, with a win in Saturday’s Cruiser main. Awesome seeing those guys ride.

Maliek Byndloss (above) was the commander-in-chief of the 16x class, winning both mains with fluency. No Junior Men’s class at this race, so time to score some wins in the hunt for that NAG plate. Not many more of the Grey plates in his future, probably, as he shifts from “class” racer to top-hand in Junior Elite, then to Elite and the Olympic path for Rio 2016. By the calendar, he’s still 16, but his “UCI Birthday” puts him on the playing field for the SX series now…anxious to see what he does in Chula (so many choices, with the USAC Race, and the World Cup). Always exciting to watch him do his thing.

As reported previously by BMX News over the weekend, Justin Posey was fairly close to home on this run, and had some news to be thoroughly pumped about, having signed a four-year commitment with Marian University Cycling to anchor their Collegiate BMX Team. More on that HERE…JP will be staying in his Dan’s Comp uniform long-term, and also topped 17-18x both days, holding off a hard-charging charging Tyler Whitfield on Saturday, and Geoff Banser on Sunday.

Bailey Brannen turned in a solid weekend in Morristown for Answer Rennen–acing Cruiser on Saturday, and both bikes on Sunday. Jordan Scott was among the pack of PPC peeps from Vegas who served as perfect distupters (just as Bryson did with Tristan Mitchell in 9C, mentioned above). Mixing up the “gene pool” of these classes with some westies makes for some awesome racing. Don’t blink. Speaking of Jammin Jordy, she bested the boys in 9-10 Mixed Open both days, which is some pretty impressive pedalin’.

If you take a look at that Jr. Devo Boys class again, man-o-man there were some serious players. Justin Knapper and Cam Moore were mentioned before, but definitely earned a second mention. Cole Tesar was rock solid, and sick-with-smooth all weekend, in all laps. And Hunter Pelham too…on fire (must be the new truck!). Too tough to pick a single, so we’re going “class action” on this one.

Anything happening on the industry front?

Manufacturing BMX Racing products in North America is staging a serious rennaisance. Sure, still plenty of quality off-shore hardware on the track, but you’ve got US-made Ssquared frames aplenty out there now (lots of team mounts, sure, but an impressive number of plain-jersey pilots rockin it, Sawyer style), so, too for Yess BMX; more and more every race. And we’re seeing Doublecross frames under teams, and a few indie hotshoes, which is a positive sign for traction in the marketplace.

Brands like Badd & Co. are inching back in to the mix, with frames and a reconstituted team effort debuting in Morristown…some good stories to tell… and a couple other players with frames on the track (notably Star Products out of Wisconsin, and DFR’s Powerlite re-entry), looking to the Spring to get the “for sale” sign on the goods. A few others calling us over to say “check this out, we’re making frames,” but more on the level of what I call “hobbypreneurs” at this point. If they sell a few a year, that’d be great, but no plans for a serious effort.

The Strider races have become a real crowd pleaser. Yes, it delays the start of the race day by 30 mins or so (over last year’s 11:30-on-the-dot start), but you know what (and I had to tell myself this at first too)…don’t lose track of the fun! The fans love seeing those two, three and four year olds doing all the cute things kids that age do…and it really adds something to the program, IMHO. Full disclosure: Strider is an advertiser here on “News,” but my “cute factor” opinions were formed when I saw the Striders for the first time in Warsaw last year.

Name four girls that were tearin it up.

Destiny Ford. The Real Deal, out of Nor Cal. She took the sparse Jr. Devo Girls class to twin wins, and also aced up on the 15-deep 14 girls class. Out front, like permanent, on the weekend.

Sarah Gross in 15G also doubled up for Redline M1 out of F-L-A, but had some Hoosier boo-yah on her tail in both mains, in the person of Nicole Mirowski. A highly-legit showing for the new Badd & Co team.

12 Girls was also a good one to watch–one might say it was “Destiny.” And that’s no joke, because Saturday’s main was brought all-the-way-home for Doublecross by Destiny Dominguez (who will be racing on home turn in Desoto in a couple weeks, so we’ll be watching!)…and, on Sunday, it was Destiny all over again…but this time, Destiny Broughton (who, if we’re not mistaken is rockin a DFR uni these days). Definite domination by the Destinies.

Hold up…wait a minute…I just realized we also gave the props to Destiny Ford above. So, we have the “Destiny Trifecta” here in the girlsbmx section. All fully-earned!

And then it was the Minnesota duo of Courtney Purcell and Kaitlyn Larson. Kaitlyn got the first round transfer on Saturday, along with Shelby Stacy, but it was Purcell/Larson as 1-2 in both mains, which is a pretty mean feat with The Rabbit hoppin on your tail. Shelby gets our “Most Factory Female” award for Morristown. Her Answer/Rennen kit is poppin big for our cameras, set off by the blue grips and Oakley goggs.

Four Questions, more than four answers, so we-gone for this story. If you want more from Morristown, check out the links below.

—Mike Carruth


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