“Ride Like a Girl” Stealth Hub Raffle/Fundraiser

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Ride Like A Girl Foundation Raffle

BMX News good buddy, Carley Young travels to and fro in furtherance of her Girls BMX bros. Her Ride Like A Girl Foundation offers clinics and coaching, and will be on the road this summer doing their thing at tracks all over North America.

As a fundraiser, Carley is raffling off a set of Limited Edition Stealth Hubs (the St. Patty’s Day green is purely coincidence). They’re signed by Carey, and are not available in stores.

Specs: 36 hole front and rear, and come with a 16 tooth cog, cog tool, and bolts.

See the links below to get in on the fun.

Once you complete both steps, you will be sent a confirmation email that you entered. The winner will be picked from this entry form so please make sure you do this and then pay.

**Form Entries without matching payment will be deleted.**

One Winner will be chosen on April 1st and all the other entries will receive a 15% off coupon code to use on the Stealth Products Website (link below).

Check out the actual hubs, and purchase tickets for cash, or card in Oldsmar this weekend, or at the High Spring SSA Florida State Race on March 28.

The proceeds collected from the raffle will be to help support the Ride Like A Girl Foundation.

Any Questions please contact Carley at:
Phone: 352-346-0783


Step 1 – Purchase A Ticket

Step 2 – Fill Out the Form

True Precision / Stealth Hubs Website

Stealth Mode

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J&R Product Spotlight-Stealth Hubs
The Olympics…now that’s a big deal. Really good riders on really good machines, going for the ultimate win.

Like any big race, thousands of data points are measured. But in London, you may not have heard that, in the final, most were running Stealth hubs, by True Precision.

Having just checked our Quote-o-Matic 9000 we don’t see where any one of the riders talked specifically about their hubs (no doubt they were being asked about more important things, it being the Olympics and all), but we can make venture some guesses on why they rode them: Instant engagement seems important enough, but the silent running probably was a factor as well (when a lot’s on the line, you don’t want the buzzzzzz from your hub giving away your track position: up the inside, and straight on to the medal stand).

Plus, based on long admiration, outside the Olympic arena, News can say with absolute confidence: these hubs hang in there, season after season. The superior service that Todd and the True Precision team provide will help keep you rollin in Stealth mode for years to come.

One of the things we liked about the Stealth rear hub is the fact that the cog is managed by allen bolts, and not a cog puller, so you won’t need a chain whip when you’re changing the gear on your whip.

Colors are Black, Blue and Red, but we have also seen polished versions in the pits–perhaps an “Easy-Off” modification (“Easy-Off oven cleaner removes the ano, and allows you to get busy with the Mothers and Nevr-Dull–please…don’t try this at home kiddies!). The Stealth Pro version comes in 36-hole and weighs in at 18.6oz (527g).

J&R sells them as as a front/rear pair, or as individuals. Lots of people run just the rear. But if you want the feng-shui to be flowin, go for the set (J&R has the set on special for $449.99, which is a $50 discount to buying them individually).

The Stealth is also available in a Junior version, which is 28-hole, and tips the scales at 13.3oz (377g). Price is the same for the pro and junior models.

As we mentioned earlier, the cogs are unique to the Stealth system, using four allen bolts. They’re available in 14t-18t, and run about $40 bucks at J&R (the Junior and Pro sizes use different cogs).

Keep an eye on the back wheel of the guys in the gate next pro race you’re’ll see plenty of Stealths flying down the runway.


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Stealth Pro Rear Hub at J&R Bicycles

Stealth Junior Rear Hub at J&R Bicycles

Stealth Pro Hub Set at J&R Bicycles

Stealth Junior Hub Set at J&R Bicycles

Stealth Cogs At J&R Bicycles

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Stealth Rolls Out 20mm Hub

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Stealth 20mm, instant-engagement hub, via BMXNEWS.COM

Some of the most sought-after hubs on God’s Green Earth have the Stealth name on them. The American-made precision, the silent coasting (so you are truly “Stealth” in your approach when it’s time to light-up the after burners and finish off the comp), and the instant-engagement from gate to stripe. All crafted with care in the machine shop of True Precision, in sunny California.

News was given a personal walk-through of the newest invention to blow the doors off the True Precision labs–the 20mm Pro hub.

Honcho Todd Ackert takes us through the Stealth 20-mil hub, and tells it true that they are the first manufacturer to offer a true 20mm cassette, thru-axle hub. This baby has all the same features of the much-beloved standard Stealth hub, with the exception of the minimum cog size available. Because of the beefier axle, a 15t is the lowest you can go with the 20mm Stealth.

Up front, it’s the same solid goodness you have bookmarked on J&R, and you can run it with the 20-mil axle, or swap it out for a 15mm kit from the get-go, or upgrade later.

Pricing is the same as the original recipe, at an MSRP of $520 for the set, which includes the “sizzlin service” that True Precision brings to every Stealth owner out there.

We pressed Todd to give up some of the secret development projects he might have in the lab at the moment, back at HQ, and he told us that a disc-brake enabled version is on its way through the process, and will be available soon, for those who want the ultimate in trick with their thick.

Learn more on their website in the “Links” area below.


True Precision Components Website

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