2012 USA BMX Grand National Photo Galleries

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Coverage of the 2012 USA BMX Grands on

What a week it’s been! Starting out last Wednesday, leaving for the drive down to Tulsa for the 2012 USA BMX Grand National, the action (and the work) was non-stop until about four hours ago. If we weren’t talking tasty BMX scoop with an industry insider, we were shooting photos on the track, if not shooting, we were at the hotel processing photos, or sleeping…only to wake up five hours later and do it all again, and again, and again. Then ring, ring, ring, it’s Monday morning, time to go home–hurry up, you have 10 minutes to pack it all up…housekeeping wants to get in there.

We blew the ref’s whistle at that point (right into the phone), and Priceline saved the day with an “extend your stay” reservation–for the same agreeable $46 rate. That gave us another 24 to catch up on photos, and begin to feel human again.

In all, we punched the shutter button over 2000 times on the weekend, then spent 36 hours refining, tweaking and tagging that set down to about 700 “choice cuts,” which we have posted on for your viewing and free downloading pleasure (links below).

With all that jawin’ and photographin and tweakin, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for the writin. So, we’re getting our re-cap into shape, and will have it posted tomorrow. But before the site got too much of a “life after people” look and feel to it, we wanted to bring you the photo galleries as a beefy appetizer, leading up to the main course.

We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did shooting them (and more than we did editing them :))

Team Managers: We have tagged all major teams by brand name. Download this handy PDF for instructions on searching for your team’s images.

Above: Justin Richmond of Answer Ssquared was the favorite to take home the national Number One Amateur cup after points leader Austin Loebe did not make the main. Justin had a solid lead in the main, but his hopes were dashed with an unfortunate crash in the last turn. That paved the way for Intense BMX star, Rusty Nesvig to clinch it.

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Haro and Promax Bring Marquee Names To Team

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Rusty Nesvig on Haro/Promax for 2013, via

We always thought the juiciest team news hits at about 7PM on Sunday night of Grands week. But this week, the scoop Santa came early, and we have an early shocker for you.

For starters, Donavon Long’s “Phantom” team, which we have known as Intense Phantom OnTrac for the past several years until it changed to Factory Intense for 2012, will part ways with Intense BMX for 2013. Donavon has picked up a deal with Haro Bikes and Toby Henderson’s Promax parts company. Bell Helmets also figures prominently into the plan. The jersey above is shown for the first time by Rusty Nesvig, who will be one of the anchor riders on the newly-clad squad. Also on Haro/Promax will be Walker Finch, Hunter Pelham and East Coast sensation Andrew Townsend from Virginia. That is one heavy duty crew!

It’s rumored that Rusty will be rockin the new threads for a maiden voyage in the NAG 5 Challenge on Saturday night. The rest of the weekend, he will be back in his trusty Yellow and Blue Factory Intense kit. Next time we’ll see the new colors on-course will be in Reno, where the full team will make their debut.

Donavon Long said the following in an early peek at the official release:

“I’m very excited to be working with Haro and Promax to help continue the legacy of the Phantom Team. Haro and Promax will bring a whole new level to the Factory Title hunt for 2013. We put together some of the fastest riders in the world and they will all be ready to help take Haro, Promax and BMX to the next level.

The guys will be aboard Haro frames with the full line of Promax components (cranks, stems, brake sets, headsets, seatclamps, bottom brackets and seatposts) and whatever’s left will be filled in with BOX components’ line for things like rims, number plates, and one-piece saddles. Some riders will use Haro’s Cliq chromoly forks.

Co sponsors for the Haro/Promax team include Bell Sports (as mentioned), Fly Racing, BOX Components, Stealth and ODI Grips.

Toby obviously has long history with Donavon, having been at the helm of VSI during the IPOT days. In the release (linked below), he said:

“We’re really looking forward to working with Donavon and the team again. He has put together an amazing program. Our relationship will benefit Promax as we develop and introduce new products. It also will help the riders win since many of our products have been proven to provide measurable advantages in races”

Congrats, and best of luck to all.


Download the Full Press Release

Vote in the Photo Trophy Dash: Salt Lake

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Vote in the BMXNEWS.COM Photo Trophy Dash

We came back with some great photos from the Great Salt Lake Nationals. Enough, in fact, to qualify a gate of eight to a Photo Trophy Dash Main Event!

In case you’re joining the program, already in progress, the Photo Trophy Dash is a contest we run, where we take our best eight images from a national, and the BMX News readers vote for their favorites, via our Facebook Page, and a dedicated Photo Trophy Dash Facebook page.

The image with the most Facebook likes at the end of the contest (In this case, Noon, Central Time, on Tuesday, July 10), wins.

“Wins WHAT?,” you may ask… Well, the rider depicted in the shot, who is named in the image caption on our Facebook page will get a one-of-a-kind 30×20″ gallery-wrap canvas print of the image (a $250 value).

The eight contenders are in the image above, from Top Left (click to vote in a new window):

Dominique Daniels – Doublecross Bikes

Jonas Harmon – GT Bicycles

Marc Willers – Box Components/DK

Alex Tougas – Yess BMX

Rusty Nesvig – Intense BMX

Donny Robinson – Hyper Bicycles

Bryce Hocking – Intense BMX

Tristan Mitchell – J&R Bicycles*

You can keep track of the how the votes are trending by liking the BMX News Facebook Page, and the dedicated BMX News Photo Trophy Dash page (links below).

Congrats to all the finalists in the Photo Trophy Dash, and may the best photo win!

—Mike Carruth


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* We originally identified the photo of Tristan Mitchell as his brother, Kyle. They both had NAG 4 plates on in Salt Lake (one in Cruiser and one in Class), and we did not realize that, until pointed out by Facebook friend Dawson O’Gorman. Thanks DOG.

Monster Army Bakersfield Report

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In today’s “Better Late Than Never File,” we proffer the Monster Army’s machinations from the ABA US Nationals in Bakersfield a few weeks back. Though the calendar says we are woefully behind in getting this one posted, the performance of this Dream Team of stars is news at any time prior to the end of days. Here’s the report, filed by Team Leader, Jeff Glynn.

Three of the Monster Army BMX Racing Team made their way to Bakersfield, California for the ABA US Nationals. Team Riders attending the event included Rusty Nesvig, Jordan Miranda, and Shay Glynn.

Saturday’s Main events started off with a battle between Rusty and Jordan in the USA Cycling Jr. Devo Series. Rusty would lead Jordan all the way around the track only to be passed at the line. Jordan wins, Rusty second, in a classic race.

Shay Glynn was next up. Shay entered turn one leading the pack. Exiting the turn, she tangled with another rider and ended up in a three-rider pile up. The crash would end Shay’s weekend. Look for her to be back strong at the Spring Nationals in Albuquerque later this month.

In the 16 expert class it would be Rusty and Jordan battling down the first straight again. Unfortunately for Jordan, he would run into some trouble in turn one, and never come out (well, eventually he did). Rusty would roll on to take the win.

Sunday’s Main events, once again pitted Rusty and Jordan against each other, leaving everyone else behind. The two would challenge each other the whole way for the win, in both USAC Jr. Devo and 16 expert. It was close, but Rusty climbed to the top of the podium in both. The 16x title will likely be decided in the final inches of the Grands main in Tulsa.

The Monster Army BMX Race Team is supported by Intense BMX, Profile Racing, Clayborn Bicycles, Intense Phantom OnTrac, Hyper Bicycles and Fly Racing.

Photos by Dan Mooney, ABA BMX.

Monster Energy supports the sport. Be it MX, rally, insane distance jumping, SX, MotoGP, road racing, supermoto, off-road, FMX, skate, MTB, rock crawling, wake, mini bikes, surf, snow, BMX – name it – the athletes are rockin’ Monster Energy more than anything these days. The Monster Energy-backed BMX guys and gals putting it on the line rock ‘em – so will you. On the Net at and