Haro/Promax 2017 Team Update

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2017 Haro Promax Team Update

One of the most formidable teams on the USA BMX National Circuit is back for 2017 with a 29-rider roster. The Promax brand was recently sold by Toby Henderson’s Cycle Group, Inc. to a new owner–mega distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP)– but the team will continue to fly Read more

DK Custom Pro XL Complete

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DK Custom Pro XL Complete

From the Custom Department at J&R comes a primo DK Pro ride. This bad boy has everything you could possibly want in a pro-size race rail. It’s all centered around a DK 2015 Professional V2 PRO XL in Euro Orange, and has a full-compliment of BOX and Promax parts–including the limited-edition BOX orange parts kit and 20mm hubs/fork.

The finer points are also awesome, with a White Industries Freewheel (16), a Rennen chainring, Tangent piviotal seat and post and SRAM PC850 chain. They also added-in some Tangent platform pedals to give you some shred-session capability at the trails, or when the skies turn ugly at the next national and it’s time to moto in the mud.

The whole magilla tips the scales at only 18.6lbs (minus the pedals).

While orange and black is seasonal, this thing is scary-slick to the comp in any season.

If you decided to build this up on your own, you’d be shelling out an additional $500 over the package price J&R has put together. Plus, see below for a discount code that scores BMX News readers and additional 15% off (almost $300 in additional savings).

Here is the full parts list
(we can wait a minute if you need to get a napkin for the drool):

DK 2015 Professional V2 Euro PRO XL (Orange)
BOX Limited Edition Groupo 53MM (Orange)
BOX Maximus 31.8 Bar BLK 8
BOX Carbon 20mm Fork X2 PRO 20
BOX Hollow Hub Set BLK 36H 20MM
Alloy Anodized Nipples 36ct ORG
Blk 9/16 Black Spokes
Promax HF-2 2-Piece Cranks BLK 177.5
Promax EX-1 External Bottom Bracket BLK
Origin 8 Chainring Bolts SIL LONG
Arisun XLR8 Tire 20X1.95 (Front)
Arisun XLR8 Tire 20X1.75 (Rear)
BOX Hex Grips
Rennen 4-Bolt Chainring BLK 44T
Promax LC-1 Linear Brake Cable BLK
Promax IG-45 Integrated Headset BLK
SRAM PC850 Chain SIL 3/32
Tangent Pivotal Seat Post BLK 27.2MM
Tangent Carve Pivotal Seat BLK/MICROFIBRE
Schrader Valve Tube 20×1.75-2.1
White Industries ENO Freewheel (16T)
Tangent Platform Pedals

BMX NEWS EXCLUSIVE! Buy before October 31, and BMX News will throw in a custom BOX number plate by Bryce Betts at BBDesigns.

Total tab for all this giddyup is $1949.95 – BMX News readers: use discount code JRSPOT15 for an additional 15% off at checkout.

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DK Custom Pro XL Complete at J&R Bicycles

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Kory Cook Re-Ups With Promax

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Kory Cook back at Promax for 2014
Late last season, we had a hint that Kory Cook would be back in the Promax kit for 2014, but received word today that the ink is dry on the deal.

As you might remember, Promax opened up their doors to Kory and Arielle Martin last summer, as VSI pulled back from the BMX racing market, leaving our two pals effectively sponsorless for the balance of 013. Toby Henderson’s Promax stepped in, and they were rockin the house in Louisville.

Arielle retired following the Chula Vista Supercross, leaving Kory as the sole Promax pro.

Promax Brand Manager, Michael Gamstetter said, in an email to BMX News:

Kory is a well-known and respected member of the BMX community here in Orange County. Every kid knows who he is and many have learned how to ride from him through his clinics at Orange Y. Locally, he’s probably better known than Sam Willoughby or Marc Willers. And as an elite racer he continues to improve. We expect big things from him in the coming years.

Kory added:

There’s no better feeling than having the best possible components on my bike while competing. The staff support makes me feel like family here. I look forward to being a great role model for up and coming racers and being the face of Promax.

In other BOX/Promax news, BOX components has come on board as an official sponsor for the GT BMX Factory Team for 2014. The team ran some BOX parts last year, which paved the way to a more formal arrangement this year.

Toby Henderson told News:

It was an honor that GT asked us to be part of their program last year. The team is stacked with many of the world’s top riders and is one of the best-run programs out there. The riders and GT trailer always present a legitimate factory image at the races. I’m really excited that they asked us to be an even bigger part of the program

This year’s GT Factory Team is: Mike Day, Tyler Brown, Quentin Caleyron, Felicia Stancil, Sean Gaian, Jordan Miranda, Jonas Harmon, Sophia Foresta, Shan Hatfield, Brooklyn Van Renselaar and Aiden Otten.

Check out the links below for more info on BOX and Promax products and ongoing news on their teams.


BOX Components Website

Promax Website

Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Phoenix Factory Joins With BOX Components

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Kelsey Van Ogle will be on Phoenix/BOX for 2014

We have been big fans of what Tom Floyd is doing up in Oregon since we first found out about Phoenix Pro Cycles (April 6, 2011 to be exact). In that time, Tom has taken the company from a 3D drawing of a frame, to be one of the few domestic BMX Manufacturers in the United States, crafting an exquisite product in every detail.

Tom brought Lorin Van Ogle on board at the start of the 2013 season to build a killer team, which he then-did in a major way, landing the squad atop the Factory Team standings for a while, ultimately finishing third to Haro/Promax and Answer Rennen–both programs with a lot of time on the charts.

For 2014, the team returns, with Lorin at the helm, and brings on BOX Components as a co-title sponsor. The Phoenix/BOX team will count 11 riders on the roster, including new faces Patrick Coo, Reid Austin, Kohl Piluso, Peter Choat and 15x from Japan, Daichi Yamaguchi. Shelby Stacy suits up for the team in Pro Women.

Returning for another season are A-Pro Kristian Cooper, Lain and Kelsey Van Ogle, Josh Banuelos, and Taylor Stephens.

That is some megawatt star power, right there!

The friendship between Tom Floyd, and BOX Components honcho, Toby Henderson goes back more than a decade, when both were on the MTB circuit–Toby pushing pedals as a racer, and Tom spinning wrenches as an ace mechanic.

Toby Said in a release “Tom and I share a vision that includes pushing BMX bike development forward and incorporating new technologies. He has already built us custom frames to fit BOX cranks, 20-mil hubs and disc brakes and he is willing to do so for the team. I’m into that.”

Tom returned Toby’s thumbs-up volley, saying

“I’m proud to partner with a company that wants to push the progression of BMX bikes like I do. BOX is the perfect compliment to the type of quality that goes into our frames. The fact that we will finally be able to race with disc brakes is icing on the cake.”

The team has been on the Phoenix “Talon” frame to this point. Around the office, we call it the “oooh-and-ah” frame; that’s what you get when you go to a local track with one on your bike rack.

Earlier this week, Lain tweeted a photo of the new “Raptor” frame in production, which some of the team will also be aboard.

@LainVanOgle: “Went to the @phoenixprocycles shop today and got to check out the frames in production for 2014″
Phoenix Raptor Frame

Boxes and boxes of BOX components will be flowing to these factory flyers. Maximus handlebars, Delta and Hollow stems, Genius/Eclipse brake sets, Helix seatclamps, Extremum bottom brackets, BOX Hollow and Harmonic hubs, Focus rims, Echelon and Shift saddles, Phase 1 number plates and BOX X-Series forks. Whew!…we need to let our fingers cool down after that flurry of first-to-the-finish functionality.

And if that is not enough product mention for you, the team will also step across the warehouse and use HF-2 cranks, SP-1 seatposts, ST-1 stem locks and bottom brackets from Promax.

Listen up Phoenix/BOX team riders: there will be a quiz on all the above product names (and always capitalize “BOX”)!

Other team sponsors include Bell Helmets, Nema and ODI Grips.

Reno is just ’round the corner, so we’ll be sure to check in with Lorin to see how things are going first time out for season two. Congrats to all our friends in on the Phoenix/BOX deal!

—Mike Carruth


BOX Components Website

Promax Website

Phoenix Pro Cycles Website

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Teagan O’Keeffe Joining Promax Factory Team

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Teagan O'Keeffe Joning Promax Team

We have seen Teagan O’Keeffe quite a few times this year. First in Phoenix for the WInter Nationals, then in Oldsmar, Desoto, Nashville and Chula Vista. All the while, she has been flying the South African National Team colors and, most recently, riding a Chase BMX frame.

Earlier this year, #171 moved to the 714–trading Durban for Irvine. So, we knew some sponsor love, American-style, could not be far off.

Enter Toby Henderson and Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI)–which includes both the BOX Components and Promax brands. With the retirement of Arielle Martin in Chula Vista, the Promax Factory Team just might have a spot open.

CGI explained in a release:

CGI launched the Promax Factory Team with Arielle Martin and Kory Cook last July after their sponsor severed their contracts mid-season. At the time, CGI was unsure if the team would last beyond the end of the season.

Toby added: “We were really happy with how things went. Arielle finished her career strong and Kory continues to show he could ride with the big boys. With Arielle’s retirement, we had an opening. Teagan has been living and training in Orange County, not far from our offices. Her plan to race the full USA BMX season and UCI Supercross Series in 2014 fit well with our needs.”

Teagan will be rigged to ride the full array of BOX Components and Promax parts. And we’ll be interested to see if she stays on the Chase frame, or goes the DK way, like Kory.

As part of the same release, Teagan said the following about the news:

Next year I want to take my racing to a new level. What better way to do that than with the industry’s leading components and bike set-up. I am so excited to be working with Promax and for the opportunity they have given me.

It’s going to be a few months before we see her suited up in the Promax kit. The release said Oldsmar on March 21. So, set yourself a calendar alert and watch for the first photos on BMX News. Teammate Kory Cook will have the brand covered at the Grands, being pro-to-the-max for Promax.


Promax Components Website

BOX Components Website

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Sponsor Scoop: Martin and Cook Land With Promax

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BMX Sponsor News - Arielle Martin and Kory Cook

Arielle began teasing it last night, via Instagram, with a photo of a blurred out contract with her signature on it, and a few boxes deposited by the UPS man.

Then, this morning, an email from Michael Gamstetter with news that Arielle and Kory Cork–scheduled for departure from their VSI sponsorship ties as of July 1–would be joining Cycle Group, Inc. as the Promax Elite Factory Team. As you know, Donavon Long’s Haro/Promax team is a mega-force on the Amateur circuit, and now Arielle and Kory will add some pro starpower to the brand.

The pair was not scheduled to go to South Park, even before the derailment of their VSI deal. Thus, the first race we’ll see them in the above Promax kit will be Louisville at the end of August.

Frame-wise, Arielle will be back on a GT, and Kory will be on a DK.

Here’s what the official release says:

Promax Launches Elite Factory Team With Arielle Martin and Kory Cook

Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) is pleased to announce that as of July 1, Promax Components will be the main sponsor of Elite Woman Arielle Martin and Elite Man Kory Cook. The two had been riding for VSI’s Intense and Speedco respectively, but lost their sponsorships when the distributor announced it would discontinue all rider and team sponsorships at the end of June.

“I know how tough it is for a rider to lose a sponsorship in the middle of the season. Michael, and I have had very good relationships with all the VSI riders. When they lost their main sponsor, we wanted to help out,” said Toby Henderson, founder and executive director of CGI, BOX’s parent company.

CGI also approached Brian Kirkham and Dominique Daniels about sponsorships. Both riders, however, have other plans or opportunities.

“Arielle is one of the top female riders in the world, consistently placing well in both Super Cross and USA BMX events. And Kory has shown a lot of potential as an Elite rider. I think with the right support he could become a consistent podium finisher. Both will represent Promax well,” Henderson added.

The contracts with Martin and Cook are through the end of 2013.

“We had been thinking about maybe picking up a pro for Promax, but had no budget or solid plans. When these riders became available, we wanted to help them get through the end of the season and saw this as a good time to try something new. What we do next year is still up in the air,” said Michael Gamstetter, CGI’s senior brand manager and senior product designer.

Both riders are expected to make their debuts in Promax uniforms August 30 at the USA BMX Derby City Nationals in Louisville.

CGI will supply Martin and Cook a range of Promax components such as brake sets, cranks, bottom brackets, headsets and seatclamps, as well as BOX handlebars and stems, rims, number plates and one-piece saddles/seatposts.

Both riders negotiated separate frame deals. Martin will ride GT frames while Cook will be on DK frames.

Congrats to all parties on getting (back) together. As you may know, Toby and Michael brought Arielle and Kory in to the VSI program when they were over there.

Watch for the first photos of the new bikes, decked out in Promax and BOX components as soon as they become available.


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BOX Components Website

Parallel Universe

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Promax Lamborghini? - on

While doing some Googling for our Podcast with Rennen Design Group President George Costa, the lights in the room surged, lightning bolts cracked the silence, and suddenly we were in a parallel universe. It was a place where Rennen was making wheels for exotic cars, and Promax had a team Lamborghini available for team riders–complete with vanity plate.

In this parallel universe, the NBA is setting up a booth at BMX races, as a major USA BMX sponsor, and a major national is going down adjacent to the the NBA finals.

Just then, the Matrix lurched again, and we were back in the BMX News Global Control Center. And a dude with a long, white beard, who looked a lot like Toby Henderson, said “tomorrow!”

Watch for our podcast with George Costa in the morning, launching a new Rennen product.


Rennen Design Group Website

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Caroline Buchanan Running BOX Components in 013

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BMX Racing News - Caroline Buchanan will run Box Components in 2013

In business, when strategic partnerships work, it gets to a point that it is tough to imagine things any other way. Try walking in to a McDonald’s and ordering a Pepsi–it would just seem wrong.

BOX Components and DK have been moving toward that level since they announced their strategic partnership last year. They recently re-upped the deal for another year, and things are going swimmingly for all concerned.

So, last week, when we learned that Caroline Buchanan–who will debut her new DK kit in Phoenix next week–had signed on with BOX Components as one of her personal co-sponsors, it just seemed to say “Peanut Butter loves Jelly,” a perfect match.

Between BOX and Promax, team Toby has Caroline fully-outfitted——a gruppo-moto, if you will. Here’s what she’ll be running:

• BOX X-Series carbon forks
• BOX Delta stems
• BOX Maximus handlebars
• BOX Focus rims
• BOX Hollow 20-mil hubs
• BOX Genius brake levers
• BOX Eclipse brakes with BOX X-Ray brake shoes
• BOX Concentric cables
• BOX Vector crankset
• BOX Echelon and Shift saddles
• BOX Helix seatclamps
• BOX Phase 1 number plates
• Promax IG-45 headsets
• Promax SL-1 stem locks

Guess she’s on her own for valve caps.

Oh, wait…

BOX Components valve caps

And, DK is building her a custom frame with the new-fangled BB30/PF30 bottom bracket. This, so she can run the new BOX “Vertex” crankset (profiled in our Interbike 2012 coverage). The Vertex only works with a frame using the BB30/PF30 bottom bracket shell. The BB set features 35mm external bearings.

We’re stoked to see Caro in Phoenix next week, and will keep you posted on the ever-evolving constellation of stars running the BOX components line.

Plus, just caught this one on YouTube…she is hand-in-glove with FIST Handwear. Check the vid:


BOX Components Website

Promax on Facebook

DK Bicycles

Steve Smith Says “Time to motoUp!”

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Ohio Cruiser star, Steve Smith signs on with motoUp Clothing

Steve Smith is a member of what I like to call “The Ohio Good Guys.” They’re not all on the same team, but just a solid group of guys from “the Buckeye” (as Roger Plaskett would call it). Steve lost his ride when JW BMX went under last year, and we definitely thought “good dude… deserves a good team.”

Well here we are, about to nail up a new calendar to the big timbers in the BMX News global HQ, and looks like Steve is getting some new threads to rock in 2013.

motoUp is a clothing company out of his native Ohio that started up a few months back. Their site is live, complete with a first collection of tees, hoodies, hats and a “motoUp Edition” Crit Plate.

We boosted the above photo off Steve’s Facebook page (shot at the Dayton Indoor, we’re guessin’), and we are DIGGIN the look of the motoUp race kit. He kind of reminds us of Robbie Miranda in that thing, with the DK (team sponsor) on it and all. Tee-rick!

As the name implies, motoUp is designed for both the MX and BMX markets, and we can already tell it’s going to be a lucky 013 for head motoMan, Chris Morgan. On the Steve sponsorship story, Chris said:

“I have been fortunate to have known Steve personally for many years, and he is a class act on and off the track.”

The team (which is just Steve at the moment) already has the hookup from DK, as we noted above…and Toby Henderson has come to the party with Box Components and Promax support (as well as a motoUp homepage modeling gig in one of their “Dirt Warrior” tees).

Keep your eyes out for Steve in his flash Fly kit, and give the site a peep while we got you here (link below).

-Mike Carruth


motoUp Clothing Website

BMX News advertisers mentioned in this story:

Box Components Website

DK Bicycles Website

Promax Website

Haro and Promax Bring Marquee Names To Team

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Rusty Nesvig on Haro/Promax for 2013, via

We always thought the juiciest team news hits at about 7PM on Sunday night of Grands week. But this week, the scoop Santa came early, and we have an early shocker for you.

For starters, Donavon Long’s “Phantom” team, which we have known as Intense Phantom OnTrac for the past several years until it changed to Factory Intense for 2012, will part ways with Intense BMX for 2013. Donavon has picked up a deal with Haro Bikes and Toby Henderson’s Promax parts company. Bell Helmets also figures prominently into the plan. The jersey above is shown for the first time by Rusty Nesvig, who will be one of the anchor riders on the newly-clad squad. Also on Haro/Promax will be Walker Finch, Hunter Pelham and East Coast sensation Andrew Townsend from Virginia. That is one heavy duty crew!

It’s rumored that Rusty will be rockin the new threads for a maiden voyage in the NAG 5 Challenge on Saturday night. The rest of the weekend, he will be back in his trusty Yellow and Blue Factory Intense kit. Next time we’ll see the new colors on-course will be in Reno, where the full team will make their debut.

Donavon Long said the following in an early peek at the official release:

“I’m very excited to be working with Haro and Promax to help continue the legacy of the Phantom Team. Haro and Promax will bring a whole new level to the Factory Title hunt for 2013. We put together some of the fastest riders in the world and they will all be ready to help take Haro, Promax and BMX to the next level.

The guys will be aboard Haro frames with the full line of Promax components (cranks, stems, brake sets, headsets, seatclamps, bottom brackets and seatposts) and whatever’s left will be filled in with BOX components’ line for things like rims, number plates, and one-piece saddles. Some riders will use Haro’s Cliq chromoly forks.

Co sponsors for the Haro/Promax team include Bell Sports (as mentioned), Fly Racing, BOX Components, Stealth and ODI Grips.

Toby obviously has long history with Donavon, having been at the helm of VSI during the IPOT days. In the release (linked below), he said:

“We’re really looking forward to working with Donavon and the team again. He has put together an amazing program. Our relationship will benefit Promax as we develop and introduce new products. It also will help the riders win since many of our products have been proven to provide measurable advantages in races”

Congrats, and best of luck to all.


Download the Full Press Release