Barry and Brooke Buddy-Up With BOX

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Brooke Crain and Barry Nobles sign with BOX Components

News reported just before Phoenix that Caroline Buchanan signed with BOX components. Editing the Oldsmar photos, we noticed Barry and Brooke rockin the BOX forks, and select other goodies. Just then, the BMX News ticker started..well…tickin’ with some official orations on the additions.

Barry Nobles sent the following quotable:

I’m really excited to start the new season with a new company with a growing brand. BOX is only like a year old, but it’s already a leader in design and innovation and is really popular with BMX racers. It’s exciting to be a part of that.

With the quick turnaround between Phoenix and Oldsmar, seems we didn’t scrutinize the photos close enough, because Team Toby tells us Barry was on the BOX carbon X forks, Focus rims, Genius brake lever, Promax P-1 brakes, BOX Concentric cable and BOX X-Ray pads, and more as of the Winternationals.

Brooke added her bit:

I’m excited to run the BOX forks. I rode them for the first time this past weekend in Oldsmar and I loved them. They are super lightweight, which is what I like the best about them.

Toby told it true on these two:

On Barry: We’re really looking forward to working with Barry this year. He’s one of the most stylish and skilled riders in BMX racing. He’s also super professional, has a great attitude and is really picky about the part he uses, so we’ll learn a thing or two from him.

On Brooke: It’s good to be working with Brooke again this year. As one of the most popular riders in both USA BMX events and on the World Cup circuit, we’re very fortunate that she approached us to be her fork sponsor. With a line of three professional-level forks with 20-mil dropouts, from the base X to the lightweight Xl and oversize X2, we have a fork to fit her every race need.

The countdown clock is on to Desoto. What will we see in two short weeks?

Note: Brooke rides for Haro Bikes as her main sponsor. It just so happens the photo clearly showing her on the forks was from Friday Night’s UCI Continental Championships, where a USA jersey was required.


BOX Components Website

Promax on Facebook

Carlie Ferree Launches Personal Site

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Carlie Ferree Launches Website,

With the season opener in Reno coming up this week, our attention turns to rider and sponsor news as a kick off to the 2013 dash.

Tomorrow, we will be running a “Speedco Top Story” on how you, as a rider or team, can boost your media profile in the new year. We will hear from a few household-name media types talking about the mistakes riders and teams make, and what they can do about it to get more press.

High on our “Do” list, as far as Do’s/Don’ts of being a great brand ambassador is when riders take the initiative to promote themselves and their sponsors when they are off the bike. Creating their own online presence is a great first step.

Carlie Ferree recently signed-on with Donavon Long’s Haro/Promax team, and is starting out 013 with a new website to go along with the new sponsor. She is using her own domain name (, link below), which is at the top of every self-marketing “best practices” list.

Fans get a full, part-by-part showing of her new Haro race bike, links to all her sponsors in the “sponsors” area, and video clips from recent races.

So many people (and quite a few companies) rely solely on Facebook for their fan communication these days. An all-Facebook-all-the-time approach is a marketing strategy fail waiting to happen. Facebook owns your content, and can show it to people, or not, making you pay to show it to your own fans (because, in fact, they are not YOUR fans…they’re Facebook’s users). And your Search Engine visibility is iffy, at best.

Using your own dot-com presence, as Carlie is doing ensures that everyone who comes to the site sees what you want them to see, every time. Carlie is already ranking #1 in Google for her own name which, again, puts down some solid foundational footings for her future as a sponsored athlete.

It’s refreshing to see the kind of effort Carlie put in to the content of site–moreso when you consider she is 16 years old. Some serious media savvy showing up in her game.

Give the site a look, and use the links on the “Contact” page to follow her on Facebook and Twitter (see how that works?!).

Props to Carlie for a job well done, and thanks for including the BMX News photos and logo on the site!


Carlie Ferree Website –

Meanwhile, if you’re stoked, and want to get your own domain name, here is a link to our preferred Domain Registrar– Link is good for a $2.95 .com registration (normally $15).

Rethink! $2.95 .Com Domains available now!

Tyler Schaefer Going Pro in 2013

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BMX Racing News - Tyler Schaefer turning pro in 2013

Jumping around Facebook this morning, we spied a post from Tyler Schaefer giving the fans a peek into her plans for the new year. Here’s what she said:

Next week is the first race of the year in Reno and my last national as an amatuer. You guys are officially looking at a pro! My first pro race will be in pheonix. So stoked!

The 19-year old will stick with Donavon Long’s team this year, rockin the Haro/Promax colors, with megawatt teammates like Hunter Pelham and Walker Finch.

We look forward to seeing her gate up with the top class at the USA BMX Winter Nationals on March 2, and wish her big success in the pro ranks.

BMX News Advertisers Mentioned in this Article

Promax BMX

Photo via Tyler’s Facebook page. Photographer unknown.

Outside-the-Box Boxes

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Box Components shipment arriving at Box HQ

We have been monitoring the progress of Toby Henderson and his new Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) brands, Box Components and Promax since he announced them late last year. It was a pretty major undertaking to complete in one year: fully design two complete lines of original parts, start ramping up marketing, sales and distribution, sign Marc Willers–all whilst hopping back and forth over the Pacific to make sure the on-paper vision was showing up in the proverbial steel.

Waves of Box and Promax product is starting to show up in the States, placed lovingly by burly Longshoremen onto a perfectly-good semi and trucked over to Anaheim, where it will not stay long before heading to the bike shops.

Case in point: J&R already has the Promax P-1 Brakeset on their site, ready for action at $29.95; and the oh-so-awesome Box “Genius” brake lever–both ready to ship in time to put some stopping in a Christmas stocking.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the full line as it makes its way into the vending trailer and local hot shops like Spoke Monkey in Rockford.