Todd Hines Resigns From NBL Board

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NBL Board member Todd Hines submitted his resignation yesterday, citing growing demands from non-BMX business commitments. Todd signed off his letter to NBL Board Chair Shayne Robinson by saying “I applaud everyone’s passion and commitment to the NBL and I value the friendships I have made while serving. I wish you all the very best and hope to see you at a race sometime soon.”

We wish Todd all the best, and look forward to seeing him cheer on Chase and Hack from the fenceline of an upcoming national.

NBL Congress Brings Change In Top Spot

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NBL Competition Congress on BMXNEWS.COM
Last year, at the NBL’s Competition Congress meeting, a movement was set into motion to change the make up of the NBL Board of Directors. Prior to 2009, the NBL board was packed with what many would describe as “lifers,” whose children quit racing decades ago. This gave the very public impression that the NBL, via its board (whose approval is needed for any substantial initiative), was woefully out of touch with BMX in the 21st century. Last year, in Nashville, the so-called “We” group was successful in presenting a slate of candidates who were both dyed-in-the-wool NBLers, but also actively involved in the sport today—and succeeded in getting three of four candidates elected to the board (Steve Doan, James Bagwell and Tim Dinger). There are nine spots on the board, plus a chairman who does not have a vote, except as a tie-breaker. Thus, the ability to effect a complete turnover would a more long-term plan.

Since last year, the “We” group has been held together by a core group of individuals, led by Ed Reinhart of Derby City BMX. They did a great deal of brainstorming and dreaming on recreating the NBL. For the 2010 Congress, held in Bethlehem, PA last weekend, the “We” group put up a slate of five candidates for election and re-election (Steve Doan, Ed Reinhart, Dan Rumple, Mike Gentilcore and Todd Hines). These candidates were reviewed and recommended by the NBL’s nominating committee. There could be additional candidates throwing their hats in the ring, trying to get elected “from the floor,” and in fact that is presicely what happened.

Five candidates (Tom Ritzenthaler, Justin Travis, Robbie Tafoya, Kim Feinstein and Don Olson) joined the process. In the end, the five who were elected were: Steve Doan, Michael Gentilcore, Todd Hines, Robbie Tafoya, Kim Feinstein. The existing NBL Chairman, Darol Carr decided not to stand for re-election, thus opening up the chairmanship to a new appointee. The chairman is chosen by a vote of the board of directors, traditionally the day following congress. This year, it was James Bagwell (BAGS1 on Vintage), who got the nod.

Additionally, the role of Director of Competition was open following the departure of Bob Tedesco from the position just after Christmas. This is one of the most important and powerful positions in the NBL structure, and was filled at the meeting of the new board, by UCI International Commissaire and existing NBL board member, John Pingol. John will bring a ton of experience to the role, and keep the traffic flowing, in efficient vectors, around his inbox, no doubt (John is an Air Traffic Controller by day).

BMXNEWS will have more on the new developments and changes brought about by this historic change in leadership, as the key players get settled into their new spots.