Lightning Round of BMX News

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No, those are not the starting gate tones you’re hearing…they’re off-in-the-distance Wedding Bells for ESPN BMX Racing beat reporter Pat Nugent and his fiance Casey Multan. The weekend before last, Pat popped the question while the two were on a stroll through the Bronx Zoo. At the appropriate time and place–in front of Tiger Mountain, a silent shoutout to their “fine orange tiger” at home. Casey was floored, and say “yes” (natch!). The big day is likely to occur in the fall of 2012.

BMX News obtained the above spy photos of the actual moment the proposal took place, via a New York-based paparazzi with ties to the BMX scene.

No official word on where they’re registered, but we’d have to assume Bloomingales, Bed, Bath and Beyond, B&H Photo and Dan’s Comp. :D Congrats to the Happy Couple!


Connor Fields tweeted that he “Cleaned (his) room, did laundry, emails, booked a few flights…” Could this mean we’ll see the Con-Man in the gate at a National or SX race near you. Anxious to see that Chase BMX ride out in the lead for the first time.


After a seven-year pause on her Pro Card, Michelle Cairns is back among the Elites. She made her return to the stage at the recent ABA Music City Nationals in Nashville. Michelle says “at the age of 35, racing elite women BMX is pretty darn cool. I plan to put in the work to be competitive and see where it takes me.” She also added: “Rusty Dial has also had a big part of my return to the pro class. I had a lot of positive feedback in Nashville and that helps keep me going. My famliy and friends here in Florida are behind me 100 percent and most of all I believe in myself again for the first time in along time.”

Way to go, Michelle, we’ll be keepin an eye out for you in the viewfinder.


Speaking of Rusty, You gotta check out this video clip he posted on You Tube last week. Offering a tongue-in-cheek response to some of the guys on Vintage calling him and Tony Hoffman “Jesus Freaks.” Good stuff!


Work continues in earnest this week to finish the Greater Madison BMX Track in Wisconsin. Early photos of the in-progress build show some amazing potential, and News is ready to rock, Batman style, the second the NewsPhone rings with opening day details. Check out the photos


Speaking of BMX Tracks we love and the people who love them, the “from-flat-ground” rebuild of Imagination Glen BMX in Portage, IN is also coming to completeness. ABA track maestro Billy Allen was on-scene to pilot the Cats, and Dexter “Dragon Wheels” Pritchard has been keeping us locals in the loop about how it’s going. And, like most things that are oh-so-Newsworthy, the IG rebuild has its own Vintage thread–so get on over there for the latest. Watch for the ABA Hoosier Nationals and Supercamp coming to the newly-reawesomed track!