Factory Supercross adds Kamren Larsen

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Kamren Larsen Joins Factory Supercross
Our first Story of 2019 leads off as a companion to similar big news from 2018, namely high-wattage pro additions to the Factory Supercross Team. This time, it’s the addition of 2018 Golden Crank Rookie Pro of the Year, Kamren Larsen.

There’s no doubt that Kam has been making all the right moves to transition from expert to A-Pro, and now to Elite. We have been watching his progress, and 2019 looks to be a promising season–now, more than ever. We caught up with Kamren for a quick “stoke statement” on the move. Here’s what he told us:

I am super-excited to start the next chapter of my Pro racing career with Supercross BMX. It has always been a huge goal of mine to land a ride in the Elite ranks, and when this opportunity fell into place, it seemed like it just came together perfectly.

The vision and atmosphere of this team is second to none, and I believe that 2019 has the potential to be one of the biggest years for the brand yet.

With the heavy hitter amateurs, the recent announcements of Felicia Stancil and Bethany Shriever joining the team, as well as already having Anthony Dean, I believe that this makes for the ultimate #dreamteam.

I am really looking forward to building my career with the brand for years to come, and can’t wait to debut the new Supercross colors in 2019 with the team, as the brand celebrates its 30-year anniversary!

Watch for Kamren, Felicia and the full stable of Supercross stars at the 2019 USA BMX Winter Nationals on February 15-17. As usual, the Winter Nat serve as the pro opener of the season, and it is not one to be missed.

—Mike Carruth


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Haro/US Development Team Edit & Update

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Haro/US Devo Team Edit

Following up on the article we ran on Feb 7, heralding the 2018 launch of the Haro/US Development team, Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff are out today with a short-and-sweet video edit.

The Justin Kosman-produced edit formally introduces us to the squad, and shows some of the training and on-track style the riders laid down in their week at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center earlier this month.

The edit shows six of the seven team riders, with Bryce Batten mentioned, but not shown.

This, because Bryce suffered a major crash at the training center on Feb 8, which landed him in a San Diego-area hospital for a few days with a laundry list of injuries.

Bryce Batten 2018
Within a week, Bryce was looking, at least externally, like his usual self (above).

We wanted a bit more than social media surface details, but didn’t want to bug the man himself. A big thanks to friend-of-News Momma Batten for the following report:

Bryce is doing exceptionally well! He’s back to school with some accommodations and catching up on his work. His kidney laceration is healing up well and he does not need anymore follow up with the specialist.

He saw the neurologist Monday and had some cognitive testing. He has some deficits, which were expected, and at this point can do some moderate aerobic activity.

Balance therapy starts Monday, where he will be retested and see what the next steps are. We have been reassured that he will completely heal from this head injury with no adverse affects from the brain contusion.

Our BMX family has been so amazing and supportive and we appreciate all of the well wishes and prayers from each one of them.
We look forward to seeing everyone when he’s “100 percent” (pun intended).

We are SO glad to hear these positive details. Stick with BMX News for details on Bryce’s return to the track.

Kamren Larsen Interviewed by Rail The Berm
Another important development after the edit was filmed is the incredible performance by Kamren Larsen in his first Pro outing at the 2018 USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix. Kam scored aces-across in the Friday and Saturday A-Pro main events, and again on Sunday in Pro Open. Way to go, Kamren! (above: Kamren pauses for an in-the-pits interview with Brad DeBusk of “Rail the Berm”).


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Haro/US Devo Team Edit

Mercedes-Benz of San Diego USAC Jr. Devo Edit

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USA Cycling BMX Jr. Devo Team

The four-member USA Cycling BMX Junior Development Team is a new-for-2017 creation of Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff. The goal of the team is to take a select-few riders and coach/mentor them in both the on and off-track things a future Olympian must know.

With coaching by Arielle Martin, the squad, which consists of Kamren Larsen, Noah Ramos, Colin Whittington and Payton Ridenour, are all showing big gains from the close-order attention of their coaches and mentors.

Dale Holmes’ DHR Program has been humming-along for more than a couple years now, and recently brought on Mercedes-Benz of San Diego (MBSD) as a team sponsor. They have a spiffy new Sprinter van that they use for going to the races, and also their school and YMCA programs around the San Diego area.

On Tuesday, MBSD posted a video edit to their YouTube channel, produced by Justin Kosman, with some footage of the Devo team doing their thing at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (formerly known as the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center).

It’s a great peek inside the program, and the individual riders—who did a supremely-competent job in their on-camera interviews (Colin was not able to make it to the shoot due to a scheduling conflict).

To us, this is where the off-track mentorship is showing results, as well as the race results the riders have turned in in the first half of the 2017 season.

Big props to Dale and Jamie for having the vision to create this program. And to Justin Kosman for doing what he always does—showing the topic in spectacular fashion. And, finally to Arielle, Kamren, Noah, Colin and Payton. We are definitely looking forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts as the program matures.

—Mike Carruth

The USA Cycling BMX Junior Devo Team is supported by:
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