When In Doubt, Air it Up

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XLC Gamma Floor Pump

When you take your bike out of the “golf” bag after the last race, and the tires are low, there is no worse pain than trying to get those rockin’ rollers back up to racing pressure with a chump of a pump. “WHERE’S THE PRESTA ADAPTER?!” No response, and you’re left flat.

The Gamma Floor Pump by XLC has a Dual Head for both Schrader and Presta valves, and it huffs and puffs til it blows the house down (or up, as the case may be).

You’ll get a firm grip to do the work with the bike-like grips on the handle, so you can tell the kid to pump those tires up like s/he was attacking the rhythm section at the next race.

Comes complete with a 3.5″ pressure gauge dial, so everything will be fully-dialed once it’s all said and done.

Shipping now from J&R at $24.95


XLC Gamma Floor Pump on J&R Bicycles

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XLC Gamma Floor Pump

Crupi has Four Pawls for All Pauls

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Crupi Quad BMX Hubs

Ask anyone who’s not a BMXer about pawls (pronounced like “Pauls”), and you might get an answer like “Paul Newman, Paul Revere, Paul McCartney or Paul Wall.” Some BMXers might even point you toward Kevin Pauls. Um…no, not PAULS…but pawls.

Pawls are defined as the “small or pivoted curved bar or lever whose free end engages with the teeth of a cogwheel or ratchet so that the wheel or ratchet can only turn or move one way.”

NOW you’re getting the idea on how this fits together into the tick-tock of what makes your hubs tick-tick-tick.

Crupi is out with the new Quad hub set—so named because there are four pawls in the cassette mechanism to give you near-instant engagement without nearly wiping out your wallet filling.

The original edition of the Crupi Rhythm hub had 120 ratchet teeth, engaged every 10 degrees by three pawls.

The new Quad Hubs have a hungrier 150 ratchet teeth, engaging every 2.4 degrees by, you guessed it, four pawls (hece “quad”), for a more “engaging” relationship between your pedals and rear wheel.

The shells for the Quad are 6061 T-6 machined aluminum, representing the highest quality and workmanship for a hubset un the wildly-popular $300-$350 pricepoint.

The 36-hole, polished-finish version is shipping now from J&R for $319.95. Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off the hub set (a $48 savings), as well as any additional non-sale items in your cart.

Word has it that there is a black finish afoot, as well as a 20-mil front axel coming soon.

For more information on the Crupi Quad hubs, or to get yours ordered up now, check the link below.

And that’s about all, Paul!


Crupi Quad Hub Set on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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SE Bikes Mike Buff Replica

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SE Bikes Mike Buff Replica

If you were around BMX in the early 80s, the BMX Action Trick Team was a show you did not miss. RL Osborn and Mike Buff, along with their announcer, The Duke of Oakley wowed BMXers of every age, across the country with shows, and helped to jump-start the BMX Freestyle craze for racers and non-racers alike.

Fast-forward 36 years or so, and SE Bikes is out with this perfect replica of Mike Buff’s 1981 tour scoot that every one of us who saw that show wanted-like-hell to put together.

The 2017 Mike Buff PK Ripper Loop Tail has the exact look and feel of Buffy’s 1980s rig, down to the Redline Flight Cranks (below, and WOW!) and genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels—including front brakes to get you “buns-up” for the perfect brake-endo.

SE Bikes Mike Buff Replica flight cranks

This limited-edition & individually numbered complete bike is built from 6061 aluminum, with floval tubing, looptail rear end, seatstay wrap, diamond dropouts, which are individually-numbered on the inside of the rear dropout. It also has a full-chromoly Landing Gear fork.

As we noted up-top, this complete has Redline Flight cranks w/ Redline Flight sprocket, Special Edition Skyway Tuff II Tuff Wheels w/ precision sealed bearing and red anodized alloy hubs.

Also, add in Genuine Oakley B-1B grips in custom Mike Buff colorway w/ Donuts. Indestructible Kashimax / SE Racing collab seat, made in Japan, and Mike Buff BMX Action padset.

Yes, if you’re an era-correct-purist, Buff ran a Zeronine or Aero plate back then, but this one has a Haro Series 1B number plate, which is an incredible retro re-creation, using the original mold. The box also holds a custom Mike Buff PK Ripper sticker sheet.

Interested? You should be. So get about it NOW; this is a limited-edition offering. Use the link below for all the specs and details, as well as ordering info.

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order


SE Bikes Mike Buff Replica Complete

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Box Hex Lab Tires

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Box Hex Lab BMX Racing Tires

Hex Lab is Box Components new designation for the ultra-special and wicked-cool segment of their product line. Some products will be limited edition, and some will be a cut above the already-awesome Box product line.

The Hex Lab tires just rolled out of development and onto the market. There are two sizes available on the come-out (20×1.75 and 20×1.95), with more sizes to follow, next up: 20 x 1-1/8″ & 20 x 1-3/8.

They’re made in Japan, and feature an aramid folding bead so you can stuff a few extra in your travel bag, just in case. The casing on the Hex Lab tires is 120 tpi, which keeps the tire stable but supple in hard-rail corner conflicts.

The tread pattern is carefully crafted, likely drawn by Toby Henderson, himself en route to another race or industry function that takes up squares on the schedule each year. Baked in to the final tire is a gripper that has low rolling resistence and that stiff-on-the-lip stability we mentioned earlier.

They’re shipping now from J&R at $49.95ea. Buy two and you’ll be in Product Spotlight discount territory. Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout


Box Hex Lab BMX Tires

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Keep The Sun Out Of Your Eyes With A BMX Hat

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Summer is upon us, which means long days at the track under the sun is somewhat guaranteed. While hangin’ out between motos sunscreen is suggested, but a nice BMX themed hat should be perfect to not only up your style, but also block the sun. J&R has two pages of hats, guaranteeing to match everyones style. Originally we were going to showcase just one hat, but there were so many great options the News Team couldn’t select just one. We loved the simplicity of the BOX and 100% hats, but the loud old school Vans hat is also cool.

Overall there is a hat for everyones style on J&R. If you like the mesh trucker hat look, Troy Lee has you covered (figuratively and literally), if you want a traditional baseball look Tangent has their baseball style cap in various colors. When you head over to the J&R site, you will also see they have their Sizzlin’ Summer Sale. This puts some of the hats under $10! Definitely check out the various hat options in the link below, and possibly pair a hat with a new bike part so you can use the discount code JRSPOT 15 for 15% off your oder of $75 or more.



Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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Interbike 2015 – Day Two

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Day two coverage of Interbike 2015
By Bryce Betts
Continuing on from our first installment of the BMX News Interbike 2015 coverage, we hit the show floor early, and with full gusto, as the three-day-event reached its zenith. The day-one day-trippers were replaced by a new crop on day two, each with a winning strategy to get around the gargantuan show floor, take in all that was on display, and make it back to the airport before most exhibitors were back from their team dinner.

Day two brought a while new crop of BMX-related products to ooh and ah over.

Hyper BMX at Interbike 2015The first stop of the day was Hyper, which had three main new products. The most obvious product is the new younger sibling of the original mission one. This frame will come in mini, junior, expert, and expert xl. All the frames are outfitted with a trick 1-inch integrated snafu headset. The black frames are available right now, and jet fuel is coming soon as well.

Another nugget in the above is an interesting new grip. The new snafu lock on grip features a “flange” which is small, and actually wraps around the inside lock on. The grip also has no plastic sleeve through the whole grip, so it clamps directly to the bar, eliminating any extra play. These grips will also pair greatly with the new snafu race parts, which are in the works.

Redline Bicycles at Interbike 2015Redline had a cool BMX-specific booth, which seemed quite authentic for the mega-brand. Showcased in the booth was the new Redline flight carbon. This “rapid prototype” was 3d printed, and didn’t feature the final graphics. The 2016 revamp still features a BB-86 bottom bracket, but the surface area around the bottom bracket is much larger now. In order to shave some weight to make up for the added BB width, Redline shaved some material in the top tube near the seat tube, which also gives it a fresh new look.

Leatt's New BMX/Off-Road HelmetLeatt has always been a company at the forefront of safety. Since their neck brace, they’ve extended their product line to pads, and now helmets. As expected, Leatt reimagined the helmet and showcased new ideas/technology. The first selling safety point is their 360* Turbine technology. This helps reduce concussions by reducing head movement in the helmet. In their tests this gave up to 30% reduction of head impact at the concussion level and up to 40% reduction of rotational acceleration.

This helmet does not cut any corners. Everything down to the helmet visor bolts showed innate detail. The helmet visor bolts are designed to break on impact, for obvious safety reasons. But getting the broken ends of a plastic screw stuck in the helmet is a problem that happens all too often. This cannot happen in the Leatt helmet however. Once the helmet screw breaks off, a brand new helmet screw can be used as a tool to “unscrew” the carefully designed broken screw. Once the new screws built in tool take out the existing screw, the new one will slide right in like nothing happen. A small detail for sure, but one that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Stealth Black HubsetTrue Precision was showing off their new matte black “stealth” hub (pun intended). These hubs are limited edition, and only 25 are available through their website. Also to go along with their limited edition hubs is their cogs, which now come laser etched.

Yess / SEI
Yess-Sei Products at Interbike 2015Renny and crew has been busy up in Canada, launching a plethora of products. Yess has always had one frame, without an actual “name” of the model. This year, with the expansion of two new frames, the Husada’s are hoping to reach more of the market. Under the new model, the Elite frame tops the list as the top dog. This is the frame that current UCI world cup points leader Liam Phillips is using. At a retail of $699, their top of the line frame is bound to make you the envy of your local track.

The current Yess frame is now known as the “Type X” frame, and retails for $550. And the newest addition is the type-0 frame. This frame comes in at $416, and is their first “sourced frame”. The graphics on this frame is subject to change.

Along side their frames, YESS BMX also created SEI, pronounced, “say”. Through this creation they filled a hole in the BMX market. This kit comes with everything needed to build a bike excluding a frame, but including a massive discount. The SEI kit is going to be available in three sizes – pro, expert, and pro cruiser. When adding up the value of all the parts, we landed at a number right around $1300 in value. But thanks to the package deal, you could build a complete bike for $875 + a frame using SEI.

STY SRG Frame at the 2015 Interbike showLast year at Interbike we broke news that Derek Betcher was working with Marco Dellisola on an undisclosed frame. Last year at Grands we got a first look at the Stay Strong “For Life” frame, and we’ve since seen it on the podium with Tanner Sebesta. Now, just one year after breaking news of the new project, Stay Strong has already expanded their line. The frames, distributed by WPS, can now be outfitted with a matching stay strong sprocket, fork (20-mil or 10-mil), seat and handlebar.

BOX Components
Box Components Carbon ForksBOX has always been at the forefront of innovation in BMX racing, with the mantra “bigger, stiffer, faster, stronger”. Toby Henderson and crew continue to find places to stiffen up the bike, and with the X5 forks they’ve done exactly that. These fully carbon tapered steer tube pro forks look extremely trick with a nice matte/gloss combo.

To add to the carbon steer tube line, the X2 fork also now features a carbon steer tube. As an example of how fast technology grows, the new X2 carbon fork is now lighter and stronger than the XL fork. The carbon steer tube forks will be paired with a stem lock, which must be used.

Haro CLiq Citizen Carbon CranksThe new Cliq Carbon cranks look sweet! Unfortunately, that is about all we know about them at the moment. Everyone at Haro is excited about the cranks, but they are still working out the fine details regarding sizing etc. Look for these cranks at the shops at at the track next spring.

Check back throughout the weekend for more post-interbike coverage as we still have a few gems to share.



Interbike 2015 – Day One Coverage

Interbike 2015 – Day Three Coverage

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Product Spotlight: Interbike 2015 – Day 1

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BMX News Coverage of Interbike 2015
By Bryce Betts
The annual Interbike trade show is back for 2015 in Las Vegas. The show spans over 100,000 sq ft of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and one must admit it takes a few hours to get your “show legs” back. The never-ending maze of booths combined with a constant shuffle of people and din of deals being made, and products being peddled (in every conceivable sense of the word) takes a while to adjust to. After you get your bearings, and acclimate to the thick environment of sales talk and demo discourse, familiar faces start popping up and the show starts “flowing.”

A trade show, in general is unbridled capitalism at its best. As the name implies, everyone here has made the trip to “trade,” to do business—and you just never know who may be on the other end of that business card being offered.

As day one was winding down, while we were waiting for a product demo over at the BOX Components booth, we noticed a young girl, maybe seven or eight, watching the action and looking our way. With a friendly “hey…whatsup?” from us, she came right over, without hesitation or a word otherwise. She wasn’t lost, or asking where her mommy was. Nope, this single-digit player handed us a small card—about the size of a business card, then disappeared back into the crowd. Turns out, she was a BMX racer, and the card included basic information and facts about her, including recent national race finishes. Obviously a pre-teen female isn’t going to lock in a multi-year for-pay deal on the show floor, but it was kinda cool (if unexpected) to see commerce in action, at every age.

Interbike truly has something for everyone; whether you’re an international cycling brand looking to attract distributors and dealers, an independent bike shop looking for the latest and greatest stuff to sell, and even riders out to hawk their services to the next big sponsorship, then talk about the one that got away over dinner, the show floor has what you’re looking for.

There was plenty of us, as we prowled the aisles. Some new stuff, some classic stuff made new again, and plenty of good gossip (some of which was even true).

This special edition of “Product Spotlight” made possible by
BMXNEWS.COM Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

Here are a few quick hits from day one, with plenty more to come.

Tangent chainring at Interbike 2015After sharing a taxi with Rich Pelton of Tangent from the airport to the show, he shared a product too new for even the show room floor. Tangent has been redesigning their sprocket. This 43tooth chain ring is so new it’s still missing the signature Tangent “T”.

6D Helmets at the 2015 Interbike showLongtime news friend, and fan favorite, Donny Robinson was cruising the isles of interbike. Here he is posing in front of his homage at 6D helmets. 6D doesn’t have a new BMX helmet, but shared their excitement in the continued support they have been gaining. Despite not having a new BMX related product, 6D did have an awesome brand new MTB helmet on display.

The Quantum hub by BOX ComponentsThe biggest surprise of the day had to go to the new BOX Quantum hub. This hub-set retails for $499 and is the first set that comes with a 20mill cassette hub. Michael Gamstetter expects this package to be available in early spring of 2017 (isn’t that fun to say?). This hub features a driver with three large bearings, and 72 points of contact (note the points of engagement depends on how you calculate the equation). The rear hub, pictured, comes with a matching front hub.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (hopefully read in Billy Mays voice). This hub is also “convertible.” The hub set comes with 20-mil axles, but the rear hub will offer aftermarket 15-mil and 10-mil axels, this add on ranges from $49-$99 depending on the size. Also note that, for the 20-mil axle and cassette to be possible, the driver design is a must. Because of this, if a rider wants to change their rear cog, they will need to buy an a second driver assembly at the price of $149. The good news for most folks is that they put a 16 on there, and don’t monkey with too many tooth changes after that.

BOX showed us quite a few more “goodies” to share later in the week, so be sure to check back to future coverage for more.

GT complete bike with Tioga OS20It has been three years since the news broke that Tioga was working on an oversized 20” wheel titled the OS 20”. After the long wait, the OS 20” is finally speced on a complete bike. The first company to “pioneer” the complete bike is GT, who placed it on their “Pro Series XXL OS 20””. This bike has 6061-T6 Alloy Tubing, and a 100% CR-Mo Fork. The MSRP is a very friendly $599. After talking to Mike Day and Tyler Brown, they are both huge advocates of the OS 20”. Both riders are excited to see the future of this bike, and it sounds like a higher end model is in future plans.

15interbikeanswertiresAnother shocker of day one was a brand new tire at the Answer BMX booth. The “Carve” tires feature a tread that goes far down the sidewalls, and wider than normal grooves throughout the tire. These thicker grooves apparently make it harder for dirt/water to bead up within the tire. According to John Sawyer top riders such as Tyler Whitfield, Tory Nyhaug, Justin Knapper, and Alfredo Campo have been testing the tire and have had positive feedback. These tires should be available at Grands this year.

15interbike100percent100%, commonly known for goggles and gloves, launched their helmet line this weekend at interbike. The “Aircraft” features an ultra-light design composed of an aerospace carbon/Kevlar composite shell. The helmet includes emergency release check pads, and has 2 shell sizes with 3 eps sizes to achieve the perfect fit. The smallest, X-Small, helmet weighs only 1000 grams, and the largest, X-Large helmet weighs only 1080 grams. With such bold graphics, it is just a matter of time before these ultra-light helmets are found on the track.

Yess BMX micro rollers displayed at the Interbike 2015 showYess BMX had quite a few new products featured inside the Fly/WPS display. Above is the newly-famous Gates belt-drive Yess “Elite” frame on their new mini rollers. The mini rollers are adjustable in length, and fold friendly with a handle. They weigh only 4lbs 4oz, so this should be a perfect addition to your weekend gear bag at a price of $149.95


Interbike 2015 – Day Two Coverage

Interbike 2015 – Day Three Coverage

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Fatboy Mini Bikes

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J&R Product Spotlight - Fatboy Mini BMX Bikes

If you have been to a BMX track this year, odds are you have seen a “Fatboy” bike cruising through the infield/pits. You will especially notice them at the Grands, and at any race where there are puddles demanding a kickout. Fatboy bikes feature 10” fat wheels, with 11-inch rise handlebars. It’s part clown bike; part BMX bike, and all-the-way-awesome for the 12-under set. Bigger kids ride them too, but we like them best for middle school-and-under pit rippers.

We first saw these bikes at Interbike last year, and their potential popularity didn’t register with us, right off the bat. But the high-tensile steel machine caught fire in the BMX racing world, with no throttle-back in sight.

“Fatboy,” a combination of the famous “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” weapons of World War II has kids of all ages calling these the atom-bomb, and plonking down the $269.95 to get one in the trunk.

Cue the Fatboy video from Venice Beach featuring flairs, grinds, 360s, tailwhips, and riding on the beach.

There are two models in the Fatboy line: the Assault and the Assault Pro. We chose to Spotlight the higher-end pro model with three-piece cranks. The base Assault model has one-piece cranks ($239).

The small cranks, and gear ratio matches its stature (small), so you can make the call on whether you want brakes in it long-term or not. Both models come in an assortment of colors, from day glow yellow, black and purple, a “Rasta” colorway, and more.

Go get one now using the link below, and get 15% off when you use discount code “BMXSPOT15” at checkout (a BMX News reader savings of over $35).


Choose Your Color and Model on J&R’s Fatboy Page

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Crupi I-Beam Stem

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J&R Product Spotlight: Crupi I-Beam Stem

BMX Racing is constantly-evolving, but there is one thing that remains constant—kids are always growing! One of the biggest challenges in our sport is dialing-in the bike. Often-times, at the track, you’ll hear someone giving advice Read more

Pivotal Insights into Prime Seating

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J&R Product Spotlight: Insight Jr. Pivotal Seat

Since the dawn of BMX, kids have been imitating their idols. First it was kids in Southern California, trying to ride their Stingray bikes like 70s motocross legends, twisting their grips as a throttle and making very-convincing moto-noises as they raced in the streets. Read more

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