McCollum Park Pro-Am

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2015 McCollum Park BMX Pro Am

The annual McCollum Park Pro-Am in Washington State ran this weekend. The turnout was awesome, and the race action was even more awesome, based on reports that trailed-in over the weekend. The Pro-Am portion of the program is now solidly on the “must-go” list for many Elites and top experts looking to ride with the biggest of big-boys.

Race-runner, Bob Gleyre, posted the following on Facebook:

543 riders in 99 motos, plus the pro am, made it 110 motos total! I never expected that, and I’m forever greatful to you all! My first time linking multiple sign-up computers together, as well as setting up the race in race manager. We had a few small hiccups with the pro am plate numbers, but only one repost, and that was due to a handful of riders forgetting to sign up.

The pros and amateurs put on an amazing show, and all of the riders and families were so awesome! I thank each and every one of you for your support and thanks that was expressed throughout the day. By noon today I had over 80 text messages and even more Facebook messages with an amazing outpouring of thanks. Every time I turned around, someone was shaking my hand and saying thank you. I’m blown away by the BMX community this weekend to say the least.

I also must say, the outpouring of support by volunteers, staff and families of the other tracks in the state has seriously restored a ton of my faith in the Northwest scene. This race was run by volunteers from multiple Washington tracks, and the knowledge, professionalism and team work was over-the-top!!!! I can’t thank you all enough.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my wife Sheila Bergley Gleyre for her unbelievable support in this endeavor. She has sacrificed so much of our time together to allow me to follow this crazy dream of mine. Even going as far as to step up and be a major contributing volunteer in sign ups.

I really want to list each and every volunteer that stepped up and made this possible, but in fear of my forgetful brain leaving someone out, I will just say thank you to all that made yesterday possible! You know who you are!

Pete Kirk thinks I’m crazy as all-get-out, with my rebuilds, pro plates, making our own trophies, dj, drone etc. But I know for a fact he wouldn’t want it any other way! Until next year… Keep the rubber side down!


Races like this are an important part of the BMX ecosystem, which allows areas that do not normally get Pro Series races to bring the big guns to town, and put on a helluva show for the locals. Looks like the mission was more-than-accomplished this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing the 2016 version.

Results were not immediately posted, but we can see the top-three in the photo above:

Nic Long (Haro Bikes)
Lain Van Ogle (Staats)
Jeffrey Upshaw (Kuwahara)

Well done, all-around!

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Remembering “Big Jeff” Upshaw

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Remembering Big Jeff Upshaw

It was a tough day yesterday here at BMX News Global Command. Late in the afternoon, news started coming in that “Big Jeff” Upshaw had passed away after a long illness. He was reportedly 51 years of age.

A dedicated family man, who coached and encouraged his son Jeffery from the beginner ranks through AA Pro, Big Jeff had big wisdom and big laughs for the rest of us as well.

About 6PM, Jeffery posted the following status update on Facebook:

“R.I.P My dad “Big Jeff” he is off to a better place. Until we meet again.”

The outpouring of condolences and remembrance messages on Vintage and Facebook show the love the BMX community had for the man, and we weill miss him dearly. Here are some of the posts:

I can only hope and pray that Big Jeff knows how much he impacted all of us in a positive uplifting way. Always a lesson taught, I’m a better person having known him. Larger than life he was. The Upshaw family and the BMX world lost a great man. RIP Big Jeff.
—Deanna Edwards-Jamieson

Big Jeff was a “once in a life time” guy. It is so rare to find such quality in a human being. He had a way of planting himself into others. I think his love for his garden was a symbol for how he approached life. He loved investing and nurturing others. The world needs more Big Jeffs!!!!
—James Bagwell

Big Jeff is the man, and he’s just ridin with us in spirit now. I can’t believe he’s gone, I’m gonna miss him at the races as I have recently. He was all about what was best for BMX and he backed you 110 percent, Jeff. He did his job though, and he’s got his boy on the right path. See you again someday Big Jeff!!
—Derek Betcher

Very sad day in the BMX community. Can’t say enough great things about this dude. Easily the funniest person I’ve ever met through this sport. Big Jeff always told me to have fun on my bike and the rest will follow. I can’t believe you’re gone but I know you’re in a better place, see you again one day.
—Brandon McCoy

Today is another sad day in the BMX world. Big Jeff passed away today. He was one of those people that would talk to everyone and give words of wisdom whenever he could. He talked to me a lot when I was younger, so thanks a lot Big Jeff. I really appreciated it. Keep lil Jeff and the Upshaw family in your thoughts and prayers.
—Tyler Whitfield

So hard when you lose a member of the Bmx family. Tonight Big Jeff Upshaw Sr passed away but his love and passion for this sport will never die. He always fought for higher payouts and turnouts for the girl pro classes and was never shy to stop by your tent and tell you how it was. I know big Jeff has been battling some health issues, but it didn’t stop him from coming to the races and cheer for his son.

I’m thankful to have known him he was such an amazing person to be around. His energy was contagious and he always would do his best to make you smile. Thanks big Jeff for being an amazing person in my life I’m thankful to have known you for so long and I’m thankful for the amazing son you have raised to be a perfect role model in the sport you loved so much. Glad your no longer in pain and I know you will always be with us at every race watching over us and keeping us strong! Thanks for always being everyone’s biggest fan!
—Carley Young

What do I say about my dear friend “Big Jeff” Upshaw…I learned so much about BMX from him but even more about life. Tina Upshaw and Jeff Upshaw, my heart is with you guys.RIP. I’ll see you on the other side my man! Out….
—George “G-Mo” Vick

One of those days where you see how much of an impact a single person can have. Big Jeff Upshaw was a class act and will be missed. Jeff Upshaw is a chip off the ‘ol block so his father’s legacy will live on through him. No need to spend time liking this post. Instead, go show support to their family.
—Donny Robinson

The BMX family lost one of the best men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know since I was 9 years old. Please keep Jeff Upshaw and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Rip big Jeff you will be missed!
—Josh Meyers

One of the greatest guys I have ever known in BMX passed away today. Big Jeff always believed in me and said I would make it one day. Hopefully I can make him proud riding along side of Jeff and his dad. One love brother. We love you Big Jeff
—Justin Posey

R.I.P Big Jeff. So sad to see you go this early….(You) always gave me pep talks at races and just knew how to make people feel good about yourself. Love ya Jeff I know that you are in a better place now. You will be missed. Prayers to the Upshaw family tonight.
—Dylan Cooley

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your dad man. Big Jeff’s phone calls to our office at Fly were always memorable, funny, motivational and always ended with “Big Jeff out.” Hold strong bro, he’s watching over all us BMXers now. Myself and all of us at Fly’s prayers are with you and the family. RIP Big Jeff
—Matt Baisley

Big Jeff was an active participant on, and won the “Topic On Fire” T-Shirt he is wearing in the above photo back in 2010, by getting 30 replies to a thread he posted within the first 24 hours.

Below is a link to some of his posts, which are great for revisiting his wit, sharp opinions, love for his family, and the sport of BMX. His posts would always spark spirited debate, which was one of the reasons he was so well-respected: he told it like he saw it, but not in a “shock value” fashion–always with an underlying wisdom.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Jeffery, his mom, Tina, and their entire family.

Big Jeff would always end his posts on Vintage with “I’m out BigJeff.” With that, we always knew we’d see and hear from him again soon. It’s still that way…just on a longer timeline.

—Mike Carruth

Memorial arrangements were pending at the time this article was posted. We will update this page once details are available.


Big Jeff Posts on

Remembering Big Jeff on


Uppie Says “Moto Up”

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BMX Racing News - Jeff Upshaw Goes Moto Up

Just got this off the “Quick Hit” teletype. Jeff Upshaw, Factory Kuwahara A-Pro picked up a clothing deal with on-the-move Ohio pitwear company, Moto Up. We gave you a little appetizer of Moto Up in our Toledo coverage this morning, and here we are, coming right back with more news.

Main Moto Man, Chris Morgan told News: “Jeff is part of the recent moves we’ve been making to expand the MotoUp Brand, including the signing of Shawn McGovern, and the creation of a national grassroots team. Jeff’s a well-known and respected rider, and I think very highly of him. He will be a great addition to our expanding Brand.”

The deal starts immediately, so you’ll be seeing Jeff kickin it in the latest Moto Up gear at the Bluegrass Nationals later this month. Be sure to go get a photo with him — could be worth something someday.


Moto Up Website

Kuwahara Rising Sun Weekend

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BMX Racing News - Kuwahara Rising Sun Weekend

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, point that GPS to the “Track of the Rising Sun” (aka Columbia Basin BMX in Richland, WA) this weekend. Kuwahara USA has put together a megawatt BMX Weekend that promises to be all-kinds of fun. Two clinics, three races– including a midnight race celebrating the 13th anniversary of the track. You will also get plenty of hangaround time with a couple of the Kuwie-crew’s prime movers.

Jeff Upshaw and Alexis Vergara will be on-site to make the weekend fun, and informative. We know how awesome Jeff’s clinics are, and have heard, through the Nor-Cal BMX grapevine, that Alexis also brings a BMX learning experience riders get a lot out of.

Check the image above for the details.


Kuwahara USA Website

A Throwback and a Go-Back for Upshaw

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Jeff Upshaw Back on Kuwahara

You might think the photo above is a “Throwback Thursday” homage to our friend Jeff Upshaw. Well, it is and it isn’t. It IS a throwback…the photo was taken February 14, 2009 at the NBL Columbus Fairgrounds race. Here we have Uppie leading an Elite Men’s moto, decked in the colors of his new sponsor of the time, Kuwahara. And see…nice transition to the news of the day.

Fast-forward almost four years. Kuwahara made their exit from the US market…then, just last month, announced the brand was coming back to US shores under new ownership, and with a new plan for BMX market superiority.

In the spirit of gettin’ the band back together, Jeff and the Kuwahara USA peeps got to talking, and decided to bring the sizzle back for 2013. Jeff has been spending much of his time with everyday life, selling cars at a Ford dealership in Ohio (quite successfully, we are told). But BMX has never been far off Jeff’s 2-do list, and he gets out to the Dayton Indoor with frequency, to keep his flow flowing and his skills upshizzle-sharp.

No firm plans on which races Jeff will be hitting (as you remember from an earlier BMX News story, he is racing A-Pro at the moment, so lots of options), but we wanted to bring you the news of Jeff’s return to the team. it’s a solid story of good people coming together to make it happen for a long-beloved brand.

We also managed to get the 2013 Kuwahara team roster along with the Upshaw lowdown.

1. Jeff Upshaw – A Pro

2. Sienna Fines – 13 Girls

3. Phillip Keiser – 19-27 Expert

4. Bart McDaniel – 46-50 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

5. Eric “E-Dogg” Schreiber – 41-45 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

6. Alan Porter – 46-50 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

7. Chris Jeffery – 46-50 Cruiser

8. Scott Woodworth – 41-45 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

9. Troy Daniels – 46-50 Cruiser

Plus a few young hotshoes in the works!

We thinks there’s gonna to be a lot of Kuwahara yellow in those 46-50 cruiser main events. Congrats to Jeff and the whole Kuwie crew.

The latest and greatest Kuwahara product will be hitting the shores and the stores in the next month or two, so keep your eyes here on BMX News for the latest. Meanwhile, give their website an eyeball or two.


Kuwahara USA Website

Positive Vibes Pour in For “Big Jeff” Upshaw

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Big Jeff Upshaw on

The BMX Community is coming together today to show support for our long-time friend, “Big Jeff” Upshaw. If you have ever met him, you’ll know that he is one of the good guys of our sport, and a quintessential BMX Dad to Ohio star, Jeffrey Upshaw.

Big Jeff was hospitalized earlier this week. Jeffrey posted the following on Facebook Tuesday night:

Today my Dad (most of you know him as Big Jeff) has been admitted to the hospital for a tumor on his brain! I’m scared, nervous…everything all at once! If you can keep him in your prayers! We as a family will, for sure, appreciate it.

The Wednesday night update said:

Update: Big Jeff he is out of sedation he’s speaking and doing well. Tomorrows a Big Day we will find out what steps will be taking to get rid of his Tumor. Thank you guys for showing love and keep us all in your thoughts! We are through the first leg.

Hundreds of well wishes are outing in to Vintage and Facebook, and we wanted to let y’all know how it was going. Big Jeff is in our prayers as he navigates the waters ahead. Feel free to comment below.

—Mike Carruth

Upshaw Ready to Wreck It in A-Pro

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Jeff Upshaw returns to Racing on AllTow/Yess

We haven’t seen Jeff Upshaw in quite a while. Word on the forums was that he was settling in to a day job at a Ford dealership in Ohio…and with Saturday the prime selling day on the lot, not much time to travel to nationals.

News picked up a whiff of this a few days ago, then the whip photo above popped up on Facebook–giving us the unspoken scoop that not only will Jeff be back on the gate this weekend in Nashville, but he will be doing it for the AllTow Wrecking Crew, aboard a Yess frame. This was confirmed by AllTow Owner/TM Renato Pistolesi.

In addition, Jeff confirmed that he would be making his comeback this weekend in the A-Pro class, on the road back to Elite in no time, we’re sure.

We’re stoked for Jeff to be back on the bike, and rollin with a top-notch team in AllTow/Yess. Lots of “lead rider” photos coming soon!

—Mike Carruth

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