Nic Long Homeless Handout 3

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Nic Long - Homeless Handout 3

Last month, Nic Long and more than a dozen other BMX family members came together for some home cookin, and good-doin as part of Nic’s on-going “homeless handout” program.

The group put together around 200 meal boxes with spaghetti, bread, bottled water and cupcakes, loaded it all up into eight waiting SUVs, and headed to downtown San Diego to distribute the goodies.

The giveaways did not stop with tasty treats. Nic put together other things that homeless people, especially, can use: 150 blankets donated by Haro Bikes, boxes of clothes from Vans and Dan’s Comp.

Nic literally had some folks dancing in the streets, as you’ll see in the Deft Family edit below.

Last week, some freestylers riding street in Downtown LA drew the ire of both social and mainstream media worldwide, as they were painted as disrespecting the homeless by bunnyhopping over, and generally menacing (but not hitting) them. The riders in the vid didn’t hurt any of the unsuspecting homeless, but as they say in media coaching circles, the “optics” were not very good (translation: it didn’t look good).

We like Nic’s edit, because it shows BMXers doing something that needs doing. Our guess is that they would be out there doing it, whether cameras were rolling or not, which makes it all-the-cooler.

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Interbike 2013 Wrap-Up and Photo Galleries

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By Bryce Betts, with Mike Carruth

Day Two of the 2013 Interbike show was another great chance to see what cycling consumers of all disciplines will see on store shelves in the coming year. There was literally too much to write about, but we got some photos of the highlights on the show flow and in the aisles.

In the coming days, we will bring you individual stories on products from Redline, Staats, Ciari, Chase BMX, BOX Components, Promax, Solution and Strength BMX (part of the Answer/SSquared family), Supercross and more.

Here were some of the final day highlights.

Stealth Hubs at Interbike 2013
There are lots of rumors of companies working on instant engagement hubs going around, but Stealth truly is the “Original Recipe” of the instant engagement hub movement. This year, they were showcasing their all new 20mil rear hub. This hub retails for $385 and is available to ship in an assortment of colors today. To go along with the stealth hub, True Precision is also adding separate 20mill axles to their line, and these axels will fit into any 20mill hub/fork combo.

Haro Clutch Carbon Frame at Interbike 2013
The new Haro Clutch seemed to be the star of the show this year, stopping just about every other person who walked by it. The frame comes in four sizes ranging from a 20.5″ pro, a 21″ pro xl, a 21.75 pro xxl, and the “Nic” Long which is the 21.75 frame with it’s monstrous back end. On the Clutch frame, you also see a prototype carbon CLiQ fork. This fork has a tapered steer tube, but they are also coming out with a 1 1/8″ straight head tube. DB44 is looking at a January release date for this $285 20mill fork that weighs in at only 1 lb 3 ounces. Also take note of the hubs, if you look closely you may notice the prototype 20mil CLiQ version.

Identiti BMX Frame and Halo parts at Interbike 2013
The British bike company Identiti had a bike on display that showcased all of it’s Halo parts. The Halo tire stood out the most to me on this bike. This is a brand new tire so the distributer didn’t have the details on weight or sizes, but the extra foldable tire they had laying around felt extremely light.

Tioga O/S 20 Rim and Tire combo at Interbike 2013
Tioga still had their O/S 20″ tire and rim on display. Things seen to be slowly be falling into place with this tire. Pete Dylewski, who was the first person to race the oversized set-up in Louisville, informed us that in 2015 two large companies will include O/S 20 frame bikes in their line up. If the O/S 20 wheel interests you, stop by the Chase Bicycles both in Chula Vista and test ride it for yourself.

Leatt Brace at Interbike 2013
On the protection side of things Leatt debuted their new brace at the show. This new brace is low profile, and includes a redesigned back. The back of the brace now has a split design to help take some of the load off of the spine during impact. I know they aren’t the first to do this, but it’s cool to see something new from the first name in neck protection.

Excess LSP crankset from BMX Racing Group at Interbike 2013
Chase/BRG had a few new products to showcase this year at Interbike. The complete bikes we talked about on day one made a strong showing, but Pete wanted to emphasize the new Chase RSP 2.0 frame and LSP crankset from Excess.

Chase BMX RSP 2.0 Frame at Interbike 2013

The RSP 2.0 features a new headtube, lighter bottom bracket, internal brake cable routing and bold new graphics. Street date: end of October or beginning of November.

Excess is expanding it’s product line with affordable sprockets and cold-forged 2 piece alloy cranks that start at 160mm and go all the way up to 180mm. Those should be ready for the consumer in time for Christmas.

CLiQ Components Helm and Maverick handlebars at Interbike 2013
Back to Haro for another hit: CLiQ has a lot of products in the works. On top of the new fork and hub, they also were showcasing Nic Longs signature “Helm” handlebar, and Corben’s signature “Maverick” bar. They didn’t stop with only pro size bars though, CLiQ also was showcasing 5″rise expert bars and 3″ rise junior bars. Derek also introduced a sleek new CLiQ stem to clamp your new CLiQ bars into.

Rift BMX Racing frame at Interbike 2013
It seemed like everywhere I went I ran into TJ Johnson or Rich Pelton. In the giant Fly/WPS booth, the new Rift frame and various tangent parts were shining in the far corner below the framed picture of Riley Stairs new BMXPLUS! cover. The Rift bike on display looked great and according to TJ they will be ready to hit the market on Halloween. Also showcased on this bike was Tangent’s new flat pedal, and their stylish new pivotal seat.

Keep your eyes on BMX News each day for individual “quick hit” stories on more of the products and people we encountered at the show.

If you just can’t wait, check out the photo galleries from our two days of walking the show.


Interbike 2013 Day One Photo Gallery

Interbike 2013 Day Two Photo Gallery

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Retro Haro Vans are Awesome!

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Retro Haro Vans Shoes - BMX News

We wrote a little about this a few months back, but the retro Haro Freestyler Vans are now in stock, and shipping out to fashion-forward fellas lookin for a flashback fix. Available in low top ($54.99) and Hi-Top ($64.99), they both have the Bob Haro-era Haro Freestyler colors and graphics on the tongue.

Whole and half sizes from 3.5 – 13 available, but popular sizes are flying off the shelves.

We spied the pair shown above on one of our hooked-up Facebook Friend’s pages, but we pinched the prices and sizes off the J&R site, where you can buy ‘em now.


Low Top (Green Checkerboard)

Hi-Top (Blue Checkerboard)

Justin Kosman’s Nic Long Edit

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Nic Long video edit from the USA BMX Winter Nationals

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of video impresario Justin Kosman here at the BMX News Global Command Center. We saw Justin shooting at last month’s USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix, and it’s alway cool to see what he comes up with.

Presented for your inspection is an edit Justin did for Bell Helmets featuring Nic Long. “Elevating the Game” is a quick view, at one minute, and has some good action.

If you’re hankerin for some more Winter Nats eye candy, check out our Photo Galleries from the race:

Photo Galleries

USA BMX Winter Nationals Saturday Photo Gallery

USA BMX Winter Nationals Sunday Photo Gallery

Do Lotto Numbers Go Up to 64?

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Nic Long at the 2013 USA BMX Winter Nationals

Of the thousands of photos we shoot every year, what are the chances that the photo number, and the number of the rider in the photo will match? As we were going through our photos from the Winter Nationals a couple weeks back, we noticed this one of Nic Long–file name DSC_0064.JPG, which matched perfectly with his 64 career number.

That seems like some kind of sign, so we checked in with Powerball and Mega Millions to see if we could include “64″ in a gambit for a big BMXer score. Alas, Powerball only goes up to 59 and Megamillions to 56. So, we’re going the numerology route, and adding the 6 and the 4 to get 10, then dropping the 0 to play #1 as our pick for the “power/mega ball.”

Nic, if we hit it this week, we’ll split it with ya…and ya’ll are witnesses!

—Mike Carruth

Corben Sharrah on Haro Bikes

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BMX News - Corben Sharrah signs with  Haro Bikes

Earlier this week, we had a spirited exchange on Facebook on why BMX News has made it a policy not to report widely-circulating Internet rumors as news. Lots of people said we were “late to the party” on reporting what jersey Donny Robinson might be wearing next week in Phoenix. Well, until the company reports it, with a quote from the athlete, things can always change. We may hint at a whiff of a rumor, but as far as running a dedicated piece saying “this is happening,” probably not.

Around the first of the year, talk was that Corben Sharrah would be riding for the newly-reconstituted Staats team, following a GT budget shakeup. Lots of people rallying around that one, texting us, asking “why aren’t you reporting that??? your [sic] loosing [sic] the scoop!!!” But, alas, the Corben-Staats marriage was not to be. Chalk one up for patience-in-posting.

And there was talk last weekend that Corben might be staying with GT, afterall. He was still riding a GT bike in a backyard edit making the rounds, and may have been seen rolling with the team in So. Cal. earlier this month (but no confirmation on that).

Then, at 2:35PM. Pacific Time Yesterday, Haro Team Manager, Derek Betcher posted a thread on Vintage, entitled “Haro Bikes Welcomes Corben Sharrah.” The roulette ball hopped a few times for Corben between the Grands and now, and came up “Black.” This news also comes on the heels of the official announcement last weekend that long-time Haro pro Khalen Young was retiring from racing, and would stay in Australia, where he was pursuing a career in the mining industry, alongside his father.

Some may speculate that KY’s departure from the scene freed up the necessary budget for Corben’s deal to happen. It’s a somewhat natural fit, when you think about it. Corben has close ties to Coach Greg Romero, who has had long ties to Haro. Connecting the dots, BMX style. All armchair suppositions, of course, because none of that was in the press release…but fun for the sake of discussion.

However it came to be, Corben is signed to Haro for 2013, and will be aboard a Haro Race LT frame with Cliq components next week in Phoenix. Corben’s Red Bull helmet sponsorship will remain in effect.


Haro Bikes Welcomes Corben Sharrah on

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Carlie Ferree Launches Personal Site

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Carlie Ferree Launches Website,

With the season opener in Reno coming up this week, our attention turns to rider and sponsor news as a kick off to the 2013 dash.

Tomorrow, we will be running a “Speedco Top Story” on how you, as a rider or team, can boost your media profile in the new year. We will hear from a few household-name media types talking about the mistakes riders and teams make, and what they can do about it to get more press.

High on our “Do” list, as far as Do’s/Don’ts of being a great brand ambassador is when riders take the initiative to promote themselves and their sponsors when they are off the bike. Creating their own online presence is a great first step.

Carlie Ferree recently signed-on with Donavon Long’s Haro/Promax team, and is starting out 013 with a new website to go along with the new sponsor. She is using her own domain name (, link below), which is at the top of every self-marketing “best practices” list.

Fans get a full, part-by-part showing of her new Haro race bike, links to all her sponsors in the “sponsors” area, and video clips from recent races.

So many people (and quite a few companies) rely solely on Facebook for their fan communication these days. An all-Facebook-all-the-time approach is a marketing strategy fail waiting to happen. Facebook owns your content, and can show it to people, or not, making you pay to show it to your own fans (because, in fact, they are not YOUR fans…they’re Facebook’s users). And your Search Engine visibility is iffy, at best.

Using your own dot-com presence, as Carlie is doing ensures that everyone who comes to the site sees what you want them to see, every time. Carlie is already ranking #1 in Google for her own name which, again, puts down some solid foundational footings for her future as a sponsored athlete.

It’s refreshing to see the kind of effort Carlie put in to the content of site–moreso when you consider she is 16 years old. Some serious media savvy showing up in her game.

Give the site a look, and use the links on the “Contact” page to follow her on Facebook and Twitter (see how that works?!).

Props to Carlie for a job well done, and thanks for including the BMX News photos and logo on the site!


Carlie Ferree Website –

Meanwhile, if you’re stoked, and want to get your own domain name, here is a link to our preferred Domain Registrar– Link is good for a $2.95 .com registration (normally $15).

Rethink! $2.95 .Com Domains available now!

Tyler Schaefer Going Pro in 2013

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BMX Racing News - Tyler Schaefer turning pro in 2013

Jumping around Facebook this morning, we spied a post from Tyler Schaefer giving the fans a peek into her plans for the new year. Here’s what she said:

Next week is the first race of the year in Reno and my last national as an amatuer. You guys are officially looking at a pro! My first pro race will be in pheonix. So stoked!

The 19-year old will stick with Donavon Long’s team this year, rockin the Haro/Promax colors, with megawatt teammates like Hunter Pelham and Walker Finch.

We look forward to seeing her gate up with the top class at the USA BMX Winter Nationals on March 2, and wish her big success in the pro ranks.

BMX News Advertisers Mentioned in this Article

Promax BMX

Photo via Tyler’s Facebook page. Photographer unknown.

First Photo: Nic Long Suits Up For Next Chapter

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BMX NEWS Reports on Nic Long's change to the Haro/Rockstar Team

Tuesday night, BMXNEWS broke the story that Nic Long had been released from his contract with Intense BMX “so he could pursue other opportunities.” At the time the story was posted, it was not officially clear where those other opportunities might lie. Not long after the story was posted, a thread on Vintage was posted asking for more information. There, Haro TM Derek Betcher posted the following as the company’s official release on the subject: “Allan Cooke and I are proud to welcome Nic Long to the Haro family.”

Yesterday, Nic posted on his Facebook wall saying “another page turns tomorrow in my life story and I’m so stoked!” BMXNEWS was not able to catch up with Nic for any official comments, but we imagine the above sums it up what he might have said pretty well.

Though not coming to you as part of an interview, we thought you would enjoy seeing this first photo of Nic in his Haro/Rockstar gear and glimpse his new ride. More to come next week from the ABA Midwest Nationals.

Thanks to Derek Betcher for the photo

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