2015 Pan-American Trip – Niek Kimmann

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Niek Kimmann has quickly made himself one of the top names in BMX, at only 19 years old. After winning the 2014 Junior World title in his home country, the Dutch flyer backed up his title with a 2015 Elite World Championship. Since the Worlds, the young rookie has been nothing but consistent, finding himself on the podium at nearly every race he enters.

In this “self filmed” video, Niek takes us behind the curtain, into the day to day life of the Dutch National Team. The “edit” goes in Chronological order, following the World Champion from the podium in Argentina, to a Time Trial Win at Rock Hill, all the way to testing (and crashing) at the Olympic Test Event in Rio. The race action alone would make this a worthy video, but the behind the scenes sight-seeing, kart racing, and every day life makes it all the better.

2015 Pan-American Trip – Niek Kimmann

Traveling the World is a blast all in itself, but pairing that with your best riding friends, and doing well in the highest level of the sport is amazing. Thank you to Niek for taking us along for the ride, and keep up the good work on and off the track.


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Afro Bob, Minus the Afro?!

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Afro Bob, Minus the Afro

There are certain things in popular culture we simply cannot imagine. Ronald McDonald eating a Whopper…Tony Soprano joining the priesthood…Michael Dell using a Macintosh…and, yes, “Afro” Bob deWilde, without an afro. We saw the Dutch/Redline elder statesman less than two weeks ago in Chula Vista, and the fro was a “go.” He was moving toward a “Dog: The Bounty Hunter” stage of growth which, in certain area codes in the South, might be called something else. Bob without his trademark tresses…it’s like Superman without his cape or the WonderTwins without their powers. We’re looking outside to see if the sky is still blue.

News picked this up just off the Twitterverse, so no word on how / why his long-lauded locks met their shear-end. It could have been an errant chain saw…maybe a N’air bombardment. or maybe a production company paid him big bucks to chop it for Japanese television. There is wide speculation as to a replacement nickname for Afro Bob, but we’re not going there…yet!

Stick with BMX News for updates on this breaking story.

LOL, in all seriousness, Bob, congrats on making the change!

Photo via Bas deBever’s Twitter/Facebook

Sander Bisseling Chula Vista Edit

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Sander Bisseling Chula Vista Edit

Dutch National Team/Redline star, Sander Bisseling posted this three and a half minute edit of Chula Vista action from the Dutch perspective. Lots of great riders under that tent, and videos like this help you get to know that they are great people as well.

The video closes with a slapstick interview featuring Jelle van Gorkom who, the following day, would be badly injured during the SX race, and require transport by helicopter to a local trauma center. Dutch Coash Bas de Bever updated Jelle’s fans, via facebook yesterday, saying

Jelle is progressing every day, still a few more days on the ventilator. They just woke him up for a bit and tried to communicate by writing!

The word around the pits was that Jelle had a bad concussion, a punctured lung (hence, the ventilator), and some broken ribs. Earlier reports that he had a broken Tib/Fib seem to be inaccurate.

Through Sander’s interview, you get a strong dose of Jelle’s sense of humor which will, no doubt, have the nurses in stitches (ha! – no pun intended) very soon.

We wish him the speediest of recoveries, and look forward to seeing him on the track again very soon.

Redline Rolls Out Red Carpet in Chula

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Redline Bicycles Chula Vista Press Conference 03-12

In a groundbreaking media maneuver (for BMX Racing), Redline Bicycles held a press conference Thursday night, to both kick off the Mega-Race weekend here in Chula Vista, and to bring together the track talent of the Redline team empire, from all points on the globe.

And it was a looooong table of household-name BMX Supercross stars (whether your household in in Norway, France, Australia, the Netherlands or the US). Presented, for media inspection were:

Manuel Devecchi – Italy
Sebastian Kartfjord – Norway
Sander Bisseling – Netherlands
Ivo van der Putten – Netherlands
Laura Smulders – Netherlands
Magalie Pottier – France
Jelle van Gorkom – Netherlands
Twan van Gendt – Netherlands
Raymon van der Biezen – Netherlands
Damien Godet – France
Merle van Benthem – Netherlands
Tory Nyhaug – Canada
Alise Post – USA
Sam Willoughby – Australia
Denzel Stein – USA
Josh Callan – Australia
Josh Klatman – USA
André Fossa Aguiluz – Norway
Robert de Wilde – Netherlands
Morten Therkildsen – Denmark

The event was emceed by Redline Marketing chief, Doug Stuart, and various national team coaches like Bas de Bever of The Netherlands, Petter Dahlin of Norway, as well as North American Team Manager, Jason Carnes, joined in to introduce their respective roster of stars.

The Q&A lasted about an hour, and fielded questions from familiar BMX faces like Ben Crockett of BMX Plus!, gOrk of Pull Magazine, Jerry Landrum of BMX Mania, Hans Sessing from shot some footage (which we’re sure will be posted as part of his Chula Vista coverage) and of course the BMX News global media entourage. Also on hand were Chula Vista local media from the Star-News newspaper, and a couple other outlets we did not catch up to.

We’re not going to spend a whole lot of time telling you the positions of the various riders on the questions asked, as they are fairly standard fare for our beloved BMX Audience. But the team handled themselves very well under direct questioning. To the BMX News question of how gating up with a fellow Redline rider changes the game, Sam Willoughby responded by saying “BMX is an individual sport, we are all out there doing what we can to get the best individual results we can.” Good answer. BMX Racing is, indeed, largely about the individual, and that is a good “selling point” for our sport in the mainstream. Sam was essentially saying “If I get first, I sure hope one of you other guys at this table gets second.” Fair enough.

We sure hope Redline continues bringing events like this, where we, in the BMX media– and those in the mainstream media have a chance to interact with the full constellation or Redline stars. BMX Supercross does not, at this time, have a “media day” as we find in the AMA Supercross realm, so individual sponsors undertaking a media event is a great step.

BMX News will have megatons more coverage from Chula Vista, with a report on today’s TimeTrial Superfinal, and some shots from the ABA So. Cal Nationals, posted later tonight.

Follow us on Twitter (@bmxnow) for as-they-happen updates from the infield all weekend long.

—Mike Carruth