Dr. JRich “World Champion Mindset” Course

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BMX World Champion Mindset Course

Train your brain to win the main this July in Rock Hill with the “World Champion Mindset” course by Dr. Jason Richardson. A multi-time UCI World Champion, himself, JRich uses all the techniques and insider tricks he uses for his high-dollar athlete and corporate clients, and brings them into a Read more

Podcast: Dr. JRich and Arielle Martin

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Gold Medal Mindset Podcast: Arielle Martin

We have only caught one or two episodes of Dr. Jason Richardson’s “Gold Medal Mindset” podcast so far, but we have a bunch of them queued up for the 17-hour drive back from Oldsmar that starts in the wee-hours of Tuesday morn.

But this one was too good to wait. Read more

Podcast: Dale and JRich Recap the Olympics

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Dale Holmes and Dr. JRich recap the Olympics

Dale Holmes and Dr. Jason Richardson posted-up the latest episode of the BMX Pro Podcast Show: Olympic Wrap-Up Edition. The show is definitely worth a couple consecutive listens to get the full-effect of their assessment of all the inside goodies going on in Rio during the Games. Read more

Podcast: Home High School For BMXers

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Bill Redford and Jason Richardson on LAP

Last week, Dr. Bill Redford and Dr. Jason Richardson rolled out a new independent learning program for high school age BMXers and action sports athletes of any stripe. Life Advantages Preparatory (LAP) could be construed as a homeschool curriculum, in that the student engages with the program from their location.

But one thing we learned in the podcast with them was that the LAP program goes beyond curriculum, and includes active mentoring, academic coaching and other facets that are not always present in other curriculum selections.

Dr. JRich is well-known as the sports psychologist to the BMX stars, and he tells us in the interview that some of the services the BMX pros pay thousands of dollars each year for are baked in to the LAP program, making it a highly-potent mix of academic and athletic readiness.

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Most of you who are in school have just finished for the summer break, so back to school may be a thousand miles from your top-of-mind at the moment. But if you are looking to change your academic gearing for the next school year, this is the time to get signed up for the LAP program before it fills up.

We have no doubt it will be an incredible experience for BMXers who want to stay on-track with their studies, and still study their on-track performance full-time. With JRich and Dr. Bill on the case, plus the other mentors and coaches they will bring into the program, you will have everything you need to succeed.

We know that there are a lot of homeschool families in the BMX News readership, and we will be bringing you more homeschool stories in the weeks and months to come.

—Mike Carruth

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To Quit or Not to Quit: That is the Question

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To Quit or Not to QuitBy Heather Parker, with Dr. Jason Richardson

When BMX families drift out of the sport, it seems that parents are the ones who struggle with a feeling of loss when their kid calls it quits. Traveling to new places, the excitement of the race, and especially the friends that become like family Read more

Podcast: Dr. JRich on BMX Mental Prep

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Dr. JRich on Mental Prep for BMX

We hear all the time that BMX Racing is a largely mental sport–once you have trained your physical body up to the level of a top performer. In this week’s Pro Gate Training and Coaching series, Dr. Jason Richardson is on call for a Podcast interview to help us understand a bit more about “mentals,” as they’re called in the business.

JRich also gives us some immediately-actionable intel on things you can do to sharpen your mental game going in to a big race weekend. He also give some pointers to parents on the kinds of “coaching” that may be better left unsaid when trying to get top performance out of your rider.

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BMX News Training and Coaching, Presented by Pro Gate
BMX Training and Coaching, Presented by Pro Gate

We appreciate Dr. JRich giving us some of his time for the interview, and also for supplying the secret sauce that he slathers on his own athletes to keep them going fast, and getting to the finish line first.

Check out the links below if you’re interested in picking up a copy of his book, mentioned in the interview, “It’s All BS, We’re All Wrong, and You’re All Right.” Also for his “Gold Medal Mindset” course.


Order: It’s all B.S.! We’re All Wrong, and You’re All Right!

Training: Gold Medal Mindset

Training: Winning Ways

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Podcast: Dr. JRich on His New Book

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Dr. Jason Richardson on His New Book

After nearly a year of writing, refining and defining, Dr. Jason Richardson is out today with his first book: It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong and You’re All Right. JRich is one of our own, as a lifelong BMXer, UCI BMX World Champion (1994), Pan-Am Games Gold Medalist (2007), and now sports psychologist to the stars. The book is a great read, and is flavored, throughout, with BMX stories, BMX racing examples used to illustrate beyond-the-bike points.

The “BS” in the title mostly refers to the Belief Systems we all carry around with us. Sometimes, those belief Systems can be constructive (“I believe if I walk out into traffic, I will get hit by a bus”) While other times, our belief systems limit our potential (“I’m not good enough to win the big races,” “I’m not smart enough to start my own business and succeed,” etc.). Of course, a lot of those beliefs are also “BS” in the more-popular sense of the word.

In this podcast, JRich gives us some great insight into how the book came to be, and how the stories and examples contained therein will help athletes, businesspeople, and anyone else who has a desire to achieve extraordinary results in their lives.

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The BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast, Presented by Yess BMX

The book is out today, and available via the links below. Or, if you’re heading to the 2015 USA BMX Las Vegas Nationals this weekend, stop by Greg Romero’s booth, meet the author, himself, and get your very-own signed copy.

On a Personal Note: As noted in the Podcast, I served as editor on this project, and was honored to do so. It was very gratifying to see the project move through the various stages, and work with a pro— in every sense of the word—like JRich.

—Mike Carruth


It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong and You’re All Right on Amazon

Dr. Jason Richardson Website

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Dr. J. Rich Serves Up Sage Advice

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Dr. Jason Richardson YouTube Video Series

We have been watching the evolving psychology practice of Dr. Jason Richardson for the past year or two. J-Rich has been seen chatting between-motos with some of our sport’s most recognizable stars, and those who are on his program speak of his unique perspective on their situation, versus some of the other sports psychologists with whom they have come in contact. Obviously, he’s a long-time racer, which gives him a razor-sharp view on what BMXers are going through at any given time, whether in training, or on race day.

The Jason Richardson YouTube channel went live earlier this month, and came out of the gate with seven really-awesome clips covering everything from “Why Magic Johnson is Still a Baller” to one called “Why not me?”

We love recordings and videos that get the positive mojo flowing in the morning–it’s even more effective than a mega jolt of hot Joe from the green machine.

Ah, and one other thing. J-Rich popped up on USA Cycling’s “Where are They Now” column last week. It’s a quick read, and gives an nice inside look on how he made the transition from the racing scene to the classroom, and on to his current gig as “Doctor” J-Rich (link below).

We have embedded a few of his vids below, but use the link at the bottom to view his channel, and the rest of the clips. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Why Not Me?

Why Child Stars Blow Out

On “Fear Aversion”


Dr. Jason Richardson YouTube Channel

USA Cycling Where are they Now (March 11, 2014)

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