Photo Gallery: Rockford Day 1

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Nic Long and David Herman

The first day of the 2014 USA BMX Midwest Nationals was a hot, hot, hot day of 241 muggy motos. Action in the pro classes was thick all day long, with Olijuwon Davis handily taking the A Pro class on his home track. Vet Pro had the three long-time favorites: Javi Colombo, Cristian Becerine and Matt Pohlkamp on the podium.

It was a smaller-count day in the Elite classes, with many opting out of Rockford–and likely South Park next week, to rest-up, train up, and not tempt fate for the World Championships in Holland next month. But for the elites that were on-scene, the racing was raucous.

Elite Women was missing Mariana, Alise, Felicia and Shanaze, but the 10 who did show up put on a great show for the fans. Dom Daniels added a win to her 2014 scorecard and was joined on the podium by Amanda Geving and Dani George, who was out for the first time without her familiar Supercross bike and uniform. Amanda Carr was also riding near the front all day, as was Lauren Reynolds.

Good battles in Elite Men between the Haro guys (Long, Sharrah and Pickard, who all made the main–from the same semi, no less), David Herman, Connor Fields, Joris Daudet, Kory Cook and Anthony Dean. Elite Men had 23 riders on the sheets for Saturday’s race, and we also saw good efforts from Joey the Bomb (who crashed out in the semis), Faoro and Posey. In the end, it was David Herman’s day to do-the-do, and he led the race pretty much wire to wire.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Moments after the pros raced their mains, the skies opened up, and we had a rain delay of just under an hour. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the balance of the mains were run in the dry (ok, damp). Storms thundered through overnight, but as of first gate on Sunday, we’re racing under hazy sunshine.

BMX News will have more race highlights from Rockford on Monday morning, as well as our full-re-cap of the Midwest nationals on Tuesday morning. For the moment, take a look at our awesome photo gallery from Saturday’s race. Free photo downloads as well! Link below.


2014 Midwest Nationals Saturday Photo Gallery

Rockford Results (on

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Tasty Pro Payday in Washington State

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2013 McCollum Park Pro/Am - BMX Racing News

Sometimes the appetizer is just as satisfying as the main course. That may be how some of the pros were looking at things this past weekend, as they headed up to Washington State for the McCollum Park Pro/AM. The “main course,” in our little tale, is the 2013 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals coming up this weekend.

It has been almost two months since we were in South Park for the Stars & Stripes Nationals. Granted, the World Championships and the Red Bull R.Evolution race were slotted in there. But for those who didn’t go to either of those, that’s a long layoff, so this race was perfect to shake the legs out.

The McCollum Park Pro/Am had 50 riders on the sheets, with a dozen or so household names vying for a widely-promoted $12,500 purse. The State Championships, which were run in conjunction with the Pro/Am had 99 motos, and some solid depth in the chutes.

Connor Fields won $13,000 or so in Germany, so another $4500 for a win in Washington would edge him close to a $20k prize money month–and a win on Friday and/or Saturday in Louisville could put him over the top.

Sam Willoughby was also in the house, getting things warmed up for the three-day race in Louisville, and ready for a top-step showing of his own.

We found a video of all the pro-am laps up on YouTube, so we’ll embed that here for your viewing pleasure.

The final main definitely provided the action the organizers hoped megawatt stars would bring with the big money payout. Fields and Willoughby, tied in points with a 1-3 and a 3-1, respectively. David Herman was just one point behind Connor and Sam, so the final main finishes would mean everything. Fields had the holeshot, and led it into turn two, where he drifted high, (and was said to have unclipped, but that is unconfirmed), Sam scooted under and took the lead, and the big check. Connor was second and Justin Posey third this lap–but the overall third went to Herman.

Here is the video of all the Pro/Am Laps (by Michael Gray, via YouTube)

Some great racing, for sure. Congrats to the McCollum Park crew on putting on a great race, and to the Pro/Am Main Makers (main finishes):

Sam Willoughby (Redline) 3-1-1
Connor Fields (Chase BMX/Monster) 1-3-2
David Herman (Free Agent/Rockstar) 2-4-5
Justin Posey (Dan’s Comp) 7-2-3
Donny Robinson (SE Racing) 5-5-6
Jeff Upshaw (Kuwahara) 6-7-4
Tyler Brown (GT Bicycles) 4-6-7
Nick Long (Haro) 8-8-8

Thanks for Ken Pliska for posting those (via!

Top Photo by Michael Albright


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Team Free Agent/Rockstar For 2013

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Factory Free Agent BMX Kit for 2013 - via

Because of the uncharacteristically-long off season, the official word on some of your favorite Team Free Agent stars re-upping their deals took longer than usual to reach the wire. It’s been a week or so now, since we got the word from Dale Holmes that all five members of the 2012 team would be returning for 2013 (Maris Strombergs, David Herman, Cristian Becerine, Stephen Larralde and Juan Marin).

We waited to bring the news til we had a qual photo of the 2013 kit (above). As you can see, Fox is back as apparel sponsor (full list below).

Stephen Larralde teaching a Free Agent clinic at Orange Y BMX

The team was out for a clinic last weekend at the World Famous Orange Y track in Southern California. It’s always a good time when Dale and the boys turn out to mentor the up & comers who may be bangin bars with the elites before long. Larralde, center stage.

Here is a little re-cap that Dale posted to Facebook earlier this week:

This weekend we kicked off the Free Agent/Rockstar Clinic Tour at the Orange YMCA in California. Team guys, Maris Strombergs, Crisitan Becerine, Stephen Larralde and Dale Holmes all helped out with the kids and also got a chance to showcase their new Fox / Rockstar uniforms. Great day with the kids. Stay-tuned for many more pics to follow in the next few days. Mark your calendars, next clinic is on Saturday, March 16th at Freedom Park Camarillo Ca – please check back for more dates

We’re looking forward to seeing all our Free Agent friends in Phoenix.

2013 Free Agent/ Rockstar Team Sponsors
Fox, Maxxis, ODI, KMC, Weinmann, Insight, Tioga, Shimano

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Free Agent BMX Website

Pull Releases Multi-Cover Olympic Edition

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Pull Magazine on

Pull Magazine is out with its Olympic Coverage this month, and to honor the five Team USA athletes who participated in the games, the magazine will release its August/September issue as a “multi-cover” edition. USA BMX members from the respective home states of each Olympian will receive the cover bearing their local hero. Thus, Minnesota residents will get Alise Post smilin in their mailbox, Coloradans will get David Herman, and Nevadans will get Connor Fields. Since California is home to two Olympians, Brooke Crain goes to Nor. Cal; Nic Long to So. Cal.

And BMX Canada members are in on the fun too, with a special Tory Nyhaug cover, honoring their sole Olympian in the 2012 Games.

USA BMX members in other 45 states will get their cover at random. Last year, when Fast Company magazine did a multi-cover issue with tech titans Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos, we got the Jobs cover–exactly the one we wanted. We are not going to spill here who we’re hoping for on our issue of Pull, as they are all good in our book.

The inside content is the same for all six cover executions, so this is one opportunity in life where you’ll get to judge a book by its cover.

USA BMX will also be selling a limited number of “box sets” with all six of the commemorative covers. More details on that will be available in the coming weeks.


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Team USA’s BMX Squad Meets the London Press

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Team USA's London 2012 BMX Squad

USA Cycling held a press conference for the US Olympic BMX Team in London yesterday. On the stage were the five team members (Nic Long, David Herman, Connor Fields, Alise Post and Brooke Crain), as well as the USA Cycling BMX Program Director, Mike King, and Head Coach, James Herrera.

UK multimedia content and news provider, “Press Association” posted the following clip to YouTube

And this one via MSN (which can not be embedded).
View in New Window

Here are a couple additional quotes from the press conference, supplied by USA Cycling

Alise Post
I didn’t start dedicating myself to BMX full time until I was 18. I’ve made exponential improvements since moving out to San Diego. One, I think getting to ride all year was a huge jump in results. Number two, just focusing on one thing eliminates a lot of distractions and you are able to put all of your energy into one thing.

When I got injured last year I felt like I had been doing really well and like I was kind of blowing it at the last minute. Olympic points were starting and I was just wondering how I’m going to make up this points difference. The Olympics were a year out and they are telling me I have an eight month recovery time. After I got through surgery and got on the recovery trail, I decided I wasn’t going to let it beat me. I was going to give it my all and do what I could and I was able to make a five month turnaround. I was so happy and I had a great medical team behind me during that.

Connor Fields is my training partner. He’s obviously been pretty successful on the world cup circuit and it’s great to have such people behind. He is able to lift me up when I’m down and I think it is good for us both. He is on me all the time. Sometimes he is a little tough on me and plays coach when he is training partner, but in all it has helped me a lot.

Connor Fields
I’m excited. When you get here and see the arena and everything you can’t help but get excited. I wish we raced tomorrow. I’m just trying to enjoy all the little things.

When I leave here, I want to know that I gave 100% of everything I have, whether that gets me fifth place or a medal. I believe if I do that, and with a little luck I will get a medal.

The format of this event rewards riding smart and riding consistent because there is no single elimination. You have to race three heats or five heats so it is going to reward someone who races well throughout. Then the final is just going to be about who seizes that moment and is able to give everything they have when it matters most.

David Herman
My goal headed into this Olympics is to get a medal. I’m coming off the best season I’ve ever had. I was able to get three World Cup podiums in the last ten months and fifth at the World Championships, so anything but a medal would be disappointing. The opportunity to compete here and represent my country is already one big goal completed and now it is time for the next.

Nic Long
I keep a pretty level head and don’t get too excited about seeing other athletes. It is cool seeing people in the village I was watching last week on TV.

Brooke Crain
Arielle has been such a good leader to all of us and she has helped us all to where we are now. I’ve been put in a situation to help my team and I am now focused and eager to take to the track and represent my country well.

Mike King
The first straight has changed. When we were here in August (2011), we had separate first straights and turns for men and women. For the Games, we will have a singular first straight and first turn, then it will split off into their own. The women will veer off to the left and into a tunnel. The guys will hit a hip jump and cross-over.

It will even the playing field a little bit. You will have a good opportunity from lane one and lane eight. Before there was some questions on whether one and eight were equally-fair for the competitors. The first straight is about strength and power and is so crucial.

Photo courtesy of USA Cycling


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Team USA Suits Up

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The 2012 US Olympic BMX Team

After participating in an Olympic Opening Ceremony aboard the USS Midway museum in San Diego last night, the 2012 US Olympic BMX Team suited up in their London 2012 kit at the Olympic Training Center/Chula Vista for the first time, for a quick photo in front of the Olympic Flame that is adjacent to the Visitor Center, home of the National BMX Hall of Fame Museum.

Flanked by USA Cycling BMX Program Director, Mike King (Left), and head BMX coach, James Herrera, the team of Alise Post, Nic Long, David Herman, Connor Fields, and Arielle Martin will be on a big bird to London Town in the coming days, ready for the start of the BMX events on August 8.

The uniform, designed by Nike, with a “Screaming Eagle” icon by legendary BMX visionary, Bob Haro, received a fair amount of attention from the public after it was debuted a few weeks ago. Some loved the patriotic spin of the iconic eagle, holding a set of BMX handlebars in its talons. And others came out vocally against the design as too simplistic and reminiscent of a sandlot softball team.

We think most will agree that, in the final analysis, the kit’s real-life incarnation is a significant step-up from the artist’s rendering. Of course, maybe it helps to see familiar faces wearing it, but we think it’s going to look quite cool up on the podium, come the August 10 medal ceremony.

Important to note that the racing kit you see was made in Nike’s hometown of Beaverton, Oregon USA.

What do you think about the final, wearable version? We’re talking about it over on

Arielle Martin posted this photo with her Olympic Intense Podium (via Instagram)
US BMX Olympian Arielle Martin with her Olympic Intense Podium

And David Herman Posted This one of his Free Agent Olympic ride (via Facebook)
US BMX Olympian David Herman shows off his Free Agent Olympic Bike

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Photo via James Herrera’s Facebook Page

US Olympic Trials Photo Gallery

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BMX News Photo Gallery from the US Olympic BMX Trials

Saturday, June 16 was one of the most action-packed days in the last four years for the BMX Supercross/Olympic BMX scene, at least in the United States.

It was the day when all the cards would be shown, both by the athletes, and by the selection committee making the discretionary picks for the Mens and Womens teams representing the US at London Games, this August.

The day started with the US Olympic BMX Team Trials, where the second of three slots for the Men would be decided, winner take all. How fitting that Connor Fields, from Las Vegas–the global headquarters of winner-take-all– was the favorite going in…but this being BMX Supercross, anything could happen.

As we laid out in our preview to the Trials race, the format was different than anything the audience on hand would ever see in “Classic” BMX Racing.

We started with two time trial runs to establish some early points for the top three, then to the first two motos, where the full gate-of-eight would race. Following the second round, two riders would be dropped from the program–so six would race the third moto, then a final-four would race to decide who got the spot.

Corben Sharrah looked very strong all day, winning the time trial, and the second and third motos. Connor took the win in the first round, but it took a photo finish to decide it between he and Corben. Of course, the only lap that TRULY mattered in the grand scheme was the final, so strategy would play a big role in the results of the day.

Connor took the final lap from gate to stripe in the lead, over Corben, Mike Day and Barry Nobles.

There are more details on the Trials in our Sunday morning post (see link below). As well, on Saturday, we would learn the Selection Committee Nominees–the two “discretionary” picks, which had been decided in the days following the UCI BMX World Championships, a few weeks ago.

Contrary to popular belief, the trials race did not figure in to the final men’s pick (ultimately, Nic Long) at all–the Trials were exclusively about the middle slot.

Here is our photo gallery from Saturday afternoon and evening. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

2012 US Olympic BMX Team Trials Photo Gallery


2012 US Olympic BMX Team Trials Recap

2012 US Olympic BMX Team Trials Preview

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The Team

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The 2012 US Olympic BMX Team

After a very unconventional day of BMX Supercross on Saturday, the program moved quickly from Connor Fields’ commanding win of the US Olympic Trials, to the National BMX Hall of Fame dinner. There, the parting shot would be the induction of the 2008 US Olympic BMX Team…and the announcement of the so-called “Coach’s Pick” (officially: The “Selection Committee Nominee”) for the Men and Womens classes, to round out the team.

With respect to the Coach’s Pick, Alise seemed the slam-dunk favorite going in, following her remarkable performance, and comeback from last year’s injury–culminating at the 2012 World Championships, where she led the main event before crashing in the first turn. And Nic Long also seemed to have a pretty solid vice grip on the spot, once we knew Connor had won the Trials race.

Corben Sharrah leads the third moto at the US Olympic BMX Trials
That did not deter a lot of spectators to the process from voicing their opinions that Corben (above) had put in such an impressive showing in the Olympic Trials race (winning the Time Trial, then winning two out of three motos–on the challenging London Replica track), that perhaps his checker jumped Nic’s on the proverbial board.

Connor Fields leads the main event at the 2012 US Olympic BMX Trials
For his part, Connor Fields (above, in the main event) rode the Trials race with the strategy of a chess champion, taking it light in the Time Trials, and riding cautiously (by his own admission) in the motos, to ace the four-man main event which included Mike Day, Corben and Barry Nobles.

So, after Dinner, and the five inductees of the evening had been announced (Steve Johnson, Eric Carter, John Palfreyman, Mat Hoffman, and Windy Osborn), Mike Redman took the podium to introduce the 2008 Team. One by one, Mike Day, Donny Robinson, Kyle Bennett and Jill Kintner came on stage, ready to “pass the torch” (figuratively, of course) to the next generation of BMX Olympians.

After some of Redbone’s signature ribbing, the first three of the 2012 US Olympic BMX Team came to the stage. First David Herman, then Arielle Martin, and then the newest of the lot, Connor Fields. Redman then called Mike King onto the stage to announce the final two members.

USA Cycling BMX Program Director, Mike King
He started with the Women’s pick. And it was one of those moments, where as soon as he said “From Saint Cloud, Minnesota…” you obviously knew the next words were going to be “Riding for Redline…Alise Post!” Alise came to the stage, and joined her teammates at the left of the growing line of US Olympians, next to Arielle Martin.

And finally, the moment was at hand. Two (indeed, three and a half) years of speculation about who would “make the team” was down to a few breaths, uttered by the person who had taken the program from a seedling in 2007, to a mighty oak today.

“From Lakeside, California”…and then we knew, it would be Nic Long.

So, the team was complete. And though, for a few hours following the announcement, there was time for celebration, everyone surely knew that the REAL training starts now. The first gate falls in 51 days. We have no doubt that Team USA will be among the most prepared and mentally in-the-game as humanly possible. We wish them godspeed to the Gold!

We will have a photo gallery from the Olympic Trials race posted on Monday, so watch for it!

—Mike Carruth

*Editors Note: There will also be one “alternate” selections made for the Mens and Womens team. Those athletes will go to London as “understudies” of sorts, ready to step in, in the event of injury or illness of one of the official members of the team. BMX News will update this story with those selections, as soon as they are made public.

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Podcast: David Herman On Being a BMX Olympian

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2012 US Olympic BMX Team member David Herman

Last Sunday’s UCI BMX World Championships crowned Sam WIlloughby and Magalie Pottier as 2012 World Champions. But a second race was happening simultaneously that was all American…the race for the top of the USA Cycling BMX Power Rankings points. Following Sunday’s Championship main event, one man and one woman from Team USA would earn the “Automatic Nomination” slot to London 2012.

The second of the three mens slots will be decided at the US Olympic Trials race on June 16, in Chula Vista…and the third and final slot for the men will be the so-called “coach’s pick” (which is actually a selection committee of eight cycling luminaries who nominate the final rider based on pre-determined criteria).

Connor Fields went in to the World Championships with a 137 point lead on David Herman for the automatic slot. With Connor crashing out in the quarterfinal, David could make up the 138 points he needed with a sixth place or better in the main event (which would have given him 140 points).

David ended up with a fifth for the day, which put him over the top, and landed him in the first Team USA slot for Mens BMX Racing in 2012.

Now back at his home in colorado, BMX News sat down with David today to talk about the weekend, the moment he realized he would be on the team, and what the next 69 days leading up to the first gate, on August 8 will look like for him.

Listen now.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

iPhone users, copy the URL below and past into your browser:

Congratulations to David, his sponsor, Free Agent Bicycles, and Coach Greg Romero from all of us here at BMX News! We look forward to following your collective progress, on through the medal ceremony on August 10.

Editors Note: BMXNEWS.COM will have a Podcast with Team USA Women’s Automatic Nominee, Arielle Martin, tomorrow. And coming up Monday, Elite Men’s World Champion, Sam WIlloughby.


David Herman USA Cycling Profile Page

David Herman on Twitter

Free Agent Bicycles

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Fox Free Agent Edit

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Fox Edit with the Free Agent / Rockstar Team

Suspend all activities and texting for the next 91 seconds, and tune in with us to the new Fox edit featuring Maris, Hermanator and the rest of the Free Agent/Rockstar crew. Shot at So. Cal’s world-famous Orange Y track last month, the guys get about it with some gates, lay up some flatties, and clear a triple or two.

We are definitely diggin the stepped-up deal-flow in BMX Edits coming from the race side. Gotta keep them dogies cameras rollin.


Fox Head Website

Free Agent BMX Website

Rockstar Energy BMX Race Page

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