Caroline Buchanan in Hospital After “Vehicle Roll”

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Caroline Buchanan Rollover
Things are said to be “moving in a positive direction” for Caroline Buchanan after what has been described as a “vehicle roll,” leading-up to New Year’s in Australia.

The above image was posted to Caroline’s Instagram on Tuesday with the following caption:

I wouldn’t say 2017 ended quite as planned. Its been a rough couple of days in ICU after a vehicle roll. I just moved to a private room and everything is moving in a positive recovery direction.

Injuries are… Broken sternum, broken nose, collapsed lungs. I’ll will keep you guys up to date as we go.

Happy New Year! Off season just got a little more tough!!

Not much else in the way of details are available about the accident, but News will monitor Caroline’s recovery, and report back as details emerge. The good news is that her main man, Barry Nobles, is by her side and even posted up some scenes in his Instagram story of Caro on a hallway walkabout (a few steps at a time). All good stuff, given her list of injuries.

Our prayers and positive vibes are with our friend for a speedy and complete recovery, and we hope BMX News readers will join us in that effort.

—Mike Carruth

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Caroline Buchanan Wins 4x Worlds

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Caroline Buchanan wins 4x Worlds

After crushing disappointment in the first turn of the Olympic semi in Rio, Caroline Buchanan dusted off and headed back out to the next race. After some chill time with main man, Barry Nobles in Europe, the pair ended up in Italy for the 2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships Read more

ODI “Building A Champion” Video Series

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ODI Building a Champion: Caroline
A few months back, ODI brought us inside “A Day in the Life” with Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan. Great show, with some things that even accomplished “Baroline” watchers didn’t know. Today, ODI dropped the first in a new series of similar “behind the music” videos centered around the run-up to the Rio Olympic Games this August.

In the first of the four episode series, we get to hang out with Caroline again, only this time, she is hulking up some plates in the gym, and making it happen on race day, talking about the unreal ratio of commitment time behind the 40 second laps at the track.

Watch for new episodes every Tuesday for the next three weeks. Next up: Maris Strombergs


ODI Website

ODI Grips YouTube Channel

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Barry & Caroline: A Day in the Life

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Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan Edit

ODI is out today (well yesterday, actually), with a “Day In The Life” edit featuring Barry and Caroline. The four-minute show makes good on its promise, and gives us a quickfire run through a typical day of our favorite action couple.

The video was shot and edited by BMX dirt/freestyle star Ryan Guettler, and we have to give Ryan the big props for a job well done. The full shoot was, in fact, over one day, and Barry tells us they ran out of time for this one, and hinted that a part II might be in the works.

We also asked Barry to list-out the locations featured in the edit. Here’s what he said:

-My house
-My 110 track behind my neighborhood
-FOD Trails
-Perris (Grandprix BMX) track

Good stuff, all around! We hope there are more in the series coming down the pike.

Trivia: Their French Bulldog’s name is “Jax.”


ODI Website

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Caroline Buchanan Worlds Edit

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Caroline Buchanan Worlds Edit

A mere 24 hours after the Elite Women’s main event crossed the finish line in Zolder, Caroline is out with a short and sweet edit that talks about her 2015 UCI BMX Worlds experience, and getting through the soggy, runny race day.

We all know Caro as a pro when it comes to promoting Read more

Caroline: 360-Degree Around-the-World Selfie

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Carline Buchanan 360 around-the-world selfie
The very definition of an “action gal,” Caroline Buchanan shows us, in this edit, that her adventurous spirit, and her passport page count, truly have no limit.

We see Caro in Cairo (actually it’s Luxor in Vegas), riding Rock Hill, skydiving, MTBing, zip lining (or was that bungie jumping?)–all in demo of the Sony Action Camera which, we’ll have to admit we want to take a closer look at having seen it in action here.

Caroline is a maven of all things media, which we love to pieces. Hoping too see more from her using the 360 in 2015.


Caroline Buchanan on YouTube

DK Bicycles Website

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Buchanan On Air 8: Chula and Beyond

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Carline Buchanan On Air #8: Chula Vista

Caroline Buchanan is back with the latest edit in her “Buchanan On Air” series. This show covers the UCI BMX World Cup finale in Chula Vista, her winning the overall World Cup title for 2014, and how she is planning to attack 2015 in the off-season.

We are big fans of Caro here at the BMX News Global Read more

World Cup Title Upset Down to Fate

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Liam Phillips at the 2014 Chula Vista BMX SX

By Bryce Betts
The five-stop 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series is coming to an end, and it’s time for the red plates to be turned in for glass world cup trophies. With the World Cup title comes prize money, bonuses from sponsors, national federations, and a whole lot of bragging rights. It’s obvious that those up for the title have crunched the numbers (and maybe did some quick napkin math of how many Dollars or Pounds Sterling might be coming their way, if only…), but not much has been said for the title chase for those out of the “know.”


Caroline Buchanan at the 2014 Chula Vista BMX SX
After winning the the first stop in Manchester, Australia’s Caroline Buchanan has run the red BOX plate on her DK ride with a permanent smile. But Olympic Gold Medalist Mariana Pajon, has been the cream of the crop for the balance of the season. Having missed the first stop will cost her the title this year. Team USA’s Alise Post was a favorite going into the series, but the injury in practice at Manchester crushed her dreams before the first race gate was dropped. Filling in Alise’s shoes was Haro’s Brooke Crain, who has been consistently in mains all year. Consistent performances from both Brooke and Laura Smulders have landed them in a tie for second, 150 points behind Caroline.

In a series where 225 points is awarded to first place, 150 points does not much at all. After crunching the numbers at the BMX News command center, we discovered that for Brooke or Laura to win the title they would not only need to win the event but Caroline would need to finish 16th or worse. For a racer as consistent as Caroline, that seems unlikely, barring some crazy on-track mishap. In BMX supercross, however, nothing is guaranteed til your past that white stripe. The extra hours on the U.S. track will play into Brooke’s favor, but Alise and Mariana will definitely be looking to stop her.


Anthony Dean at the 2014 Chula Vista BMX SX
The Elite Mens title chase is eerily-similar to the Elite Women’s standings. Leading the series is 2013 world champion, Liam Phillips (top photo), who also won in Manchester and has held the red plate since. Lurking in the points-lead shadows of Liam is Chase/Stay Strong’s Anthony Dean (above), only 130 points behind. Anthony has yet to win a World Cup, but has shown that he’s more than capable of doing so throughout the season. Defending champion Connor Fields is excited to race on the track he knows best, but the Chase BMX ace finds himself too far out of the points to threaten the title chase, currently sitting in fifth.

For Anthony to pass Liam’s Yess BMX rail in the standings, he would need to win Saturday’s main event, and Liam would need to place 13th (7th in the semi) or worse. The odds are definitely in Britain’s favor for the 2014 World Cup title, but we must not forget Berlin and Worlds of this year, where he failed to qualify for the semis. If Liam doesn’t make the semi, Anthony still has to get second. Regardless of the how the points shake out, it will be exciting to watch Liam, Anthony, Sam, Connor, Joris and some of the underdogs from Friday’s qualifying rounds battle for the last world cup win of 2014.


The stage is set for another title to go into the history books. Although it would be a huge upset to Caroline and Liam if either missed the main, it would be interesting to see how Brooke, Laura, and Anthony handled the puressure of being 38.2 seconds from winning it all.

Saturday’s race starts at 1:05PM, Pacific Time. Stick with News for as-they-happen updates, via our raceday Twitter account @bmxupdates. Watch it on beginning at 3:30PM Pacific (link below).

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Re-Cap: 2014 BMX SX Season Opener – Manchester

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Winners of the 2014 BMX Supercross in Manchester, UK

As the sun went down on the 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Season, we saw Connor Fields and Mariana Pajon celebrating their overall season wins in the “golden hour” of a perfect Chula Vista afternoon. After a six-month-and-change break in the action, the 2014 season kicked off this past weekend in Manchester, UK.

British Cycling’s National Cycling Center is a purpose-built facility for BMX Supercross, and cost just-shy of US$40 Million to build (BMX News August 5, 2011). An amazing facility that SXers love coming back to–whether for the World Cup, or a few other races that draw from outside the Kingdom. Just as Chula Vista is the training ground for our aces, the NCC is home to headliners such as Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips. Shanaze was not racing Manchester this year (the pair took both classes at last year’s World Cup), so it was going to be up to the World Champ to wow the home crowd.

A total of 160 men and 48 women were on the sheets in Manchester. The format for qualifying in to the Saturday “big show” changed a bit for 2014. In recent years, you got a single time trial lap to show your stuff, and the top 64, 32, or whatever it was based on total signups, would get in to the Saturday race. The rest had to sit it out–so if you hit the gate, or over-jumped something in your TT lap, you may have flown halfway around the world for 30 seconds of ride-time. BMX Supercross is a cutthroat game, but even the organizers recognized this was not the best way to run a railroad.

So, this year, the top The top 16 men and eight women in points (the first race uses last year’s final standings) would automatically transfer to the Saturday show, but would run a single-lap SuperFinal (as before) for seeding and gate selection the following day. All the others in the field would race three rounds of motos on Friday to determine who would transfer to Saturday.

Those of us not on-site did not get to see the motos play out on Friday (more on that later), but it was clear that the competition and do-or-die element was still ever-present in the new moto system. In the men’s class, 9 points was the cutoff, with one rider rockin a 10 getting in (Bodi Turner from AUS), due to his faster lap time third round. Ten others who had 10 points, and the 86 others with higher points were excused to write their “didn’t go the way I planned” Twitter post. No fun for those guys, but much more “BMX” than one solo lap for time. In the Womens’ class, 17 points was the cutoff, and eight sat out Saturday.


Alise Post, the top-ranked woman in the building was out for the weekend after a mishap down the ramp and into the first jump in Friday’s practice. When asked about her condition in an interview during the Saturday webcast, she said “I have an idea that it’s not good, but I guess I can’t say until I get it checked out back home.” All hopes for good news, and a quick return to the hill in the USA BMX series.

Caroline Buchanan has been missing from the start list for a while, and Manchester was her first race back. She raced the qualifying motos on Friday, and came out second (to Felicia Stancil). Caro aced her semi as well, with Brooke Crain (USA), Charlotte (“Charlee”) Green (GBR) and Pauline Corlobé (FRA), who won a photo finish with Simone Christensen of Denmark for the final qual spot.

Deat-Heat-Tie in the Elite Women's Semi in Manchester
In the other Women’s Semi (the first one, actually), Felicia Stancil, who came in as the top-seed, got caught in traffic down the first straight, after launching out of gate 5. Laura Smulders (NED) was out of lane 2, next to Sarah Walker in 1. Out of turn one, it was Smulders, Melinda McLeod (AUS), Stefany Hernandez (VEN) and Felicia. Turn two is when it got bad for Felicia, as she got stuck on the outside, and a whole double-decker bus full of folks swooped through the open door, ultimately giving Walker her qual spot. Final order was Smulders, then a dead-heat-tie for second between Hernandez and Walker (above), with McLeod in fourth. Felicia is fierce and we have no doubt it will come up roses for her sometime this season.

Elite Women Final
Caroline Buchanan wins the 2014 Manchester BMX Supercross
In the main, Caroline was out of Gate 1 and Brooke out of two. The pack was pretty tight coming down the hill, and to the first jump, where Brooke seemed to over-jump it a bit. That put her in fifth for a split second. Brooke’s skills are absolutely top-drawer, and by the launch into turn one, she made up that space, and moved to the inside, coming out with a solid second. Hernandez was in the three-spot out of turn one, and that was how it would end-up, as the top three pulled away from the pack to finish it off almost a full-second ahead of Charlee Green in fourth place. Melinda McLeod was down on the first straight for a time, but was back up after a few minutes’ attention by the GSX medical crew.

In the post-race interview, Caroline said “It was one of those days…it didn’t start off too smooth, I was really battling my emotions, and managed to push through. . .those are always the wins that are the sweetest, the ones where you have to overcome some challenges along the way.”


Liam Phillips established his dominance early, with a win in the first quarterfinal of the day. Joris Daudet was in-trail pretty-much the whole way and Carlos Oquendo was in third going into turn two, but Barry Nobles made an incredible comeback down the second and third straights to pass Carlos just before the last turn. Carlos was still on the qual bubble, until he got sideswiped in the last turn, and let Renaud Blanc (SUI) by to grab up the fourth spot.

Connor Fields aced the second rack in the quarters, and Quentin Caleyron went down in turn one, just behind the Con Man. That let Vincent Pelluard (FRA), Kyle Evans (GBR) and Jared the Jet Garcia pick up the quals.

Corben Sharrah had a great trip in his quarter, taking it from the first turn to the stripe for the USA. Marc Willers was with him in the two-spot for most of the lap, but bonked a bit on the third straight (which looked for a split-second like he might not pull out of it). Edzus Treimanis passed Willie on the outside of the last turn, and fellow Kiwi Trent Jones sneaked in for third in the final feet, but the 777 was cleared for takeoff in the Semis.

Kurt Pickard and Anthony Dean at the 2014 Manchester BMX SX
It was close quarters in the last quarterfinal, as Anthony Dean (AUS) and Kurt Pickard (NZL) were in tight formation into turn one (above). That’s how it was down the second straight, when Pickard took advantage of his inside status to put the padlock on the lead, and the eventual win this trip. Tory Nyhaug had a great third straight, and was in second to the final feet, when Dean passed him back for the deuce. Final order was Pickard, Dean, Nyhaug and Renato Rezende from Brazil.


On the Webcast, new-in-the-co-host-chair Donny Robinson called it well, saying “It’s hard to get the ‘easy’ moto at this stage of the game.” Liam Phillips took it to the lead out of lane one in the first semi. Willers had a great first straight too, and nosed into the lead for a few meters. Out of turn one, it was Phillips, Willers, Nyhaug and Treimanis, and it would finish that way.

In the second Semi, Anthony Dean would come out of gate 3, with Connor Fields and Corben Sharrah on his inside. Kyle Evans was down the rack a bit, but was down clean, and the pack came out of turn one as Dean, Evans, Sharrah and Fields. Connor passed Corben over the “Dragon” in the second straight, and into the last turn it was Dean, Evans, Fields. Joris Daudet, who was back in sixth, cut it hard-left to come up under Corben and Renaud Blanc, to finish fourth at the stripe.

Main Event

After watching Caroline Buchanan log an amazing lap in the Elite Womens’ final, it was time for the last rack of the day. They gated up like this (from the inside): Phillips, Dean, Willers, Evans, Nyhaug, Fields, Daudet and Treimanis. Down the hill, and to the last miliseconds of the first straight, it was Phillips, Fields and Evans. Dean, Nyhaug and Triemanis were in the next tier deep. Into turn one, Phillips kept the heat on, and Dean boosted into the two spot as the pack blasted into the second straight. Evans was still in third down the second straight, when Nyhaug made his move going into turn two, and took up the three-spot. At the stripe, it was Liam Phillips, Anthony Dean and Tory Nyhaug on the podium.

Liam Phillips wins the 2014 Manchester BMXSX
In the post-race interview, Liam gave us a peek into his world for a moment, saying “I don’t think people understand how much pressure I was under to deliver–to have this many people here to watch you…everywhere I turned this week, I was on posters and billboards all over Manchester, so I had no choice but to perform. I am really, really, really pleased with how I was able to deal with the whole occasion.”

Post-Race, Post-Haste

Pete Dylewski was back in the lead commentator chair for the webcast, and did a great job as he always does. Adding Donny Robinson to the mix brought an awesome element of up-close & personal realism to how the riders might be feeling or adjusting to scenarios being played out on the track. We hope we’ll see dR back in the chair for the rest of the 2014 season.

From a fan’s point of view, we would love to see the Friday program switched up a bit to cover the moto racing, even if we had to forego the SuperFinal. BMX Supercross fans want to see our favorite riders mix it up as a group, and the do-or-die nature of those Friday motos would really make for some great viewing, if the producers could pull it off. The stream was rock-solid, which is always a treat, and we liked the idea of the Thursday practice show as well, to set the table for what is to come. As a final bit of “suggestion box” fodder — we would like to see more on-track action on that show, and not just the entertaining man-on-the-ground commentary by Pete and Donny, good as it is.

Stop #2 on the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup tour will be May 10 and 11 in Papendal, Netherlands. This one is a rare Saturday-Sunday engagement (instead of the usual SX Friday-Saturday schedule). Keep your eyes on BMX News for the run-up, and race day re-cap.

2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup – Results

Elite Women
Name (Country) – Bike

Caroline Buchanan (AUS) – DK
Brooke Crain (USA) – Haro
Stefany Hernandez (VEN) – Chase
Charlotte Green (GBR) – Identiti
Sarah Walker (NZL) – Avanti
Pauline Corlobé (FRA) – Prophecy
Laura Smulders (NED) – Meybo
Melinda McLeod (AUS) – Chase

Elite Men
Name (Country) – Bike

Liam Phillips (UK) – Yess
Anthony Dean (AUS) – Chase
Tory Nyhaug (CAN) – Redline
Edzus Treimanis (LAT) – Thrill
Kyle Evans (GBR) – Pure
Connor Fields (USA) – Chase
Joris Daudet (FRA) – Chase
Marc Willers (NZL) – DK

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BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

This Shot: Barry Nobles

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Barry Nobles - This Shot

We spotted this action selfie of Barry and Luke Madill on Facebook over the weekend. It is just the kind of shot we want to know more about, so it is today’s “This Shot.”

Here’s what Barry said about it:

How did you capture the image?

On my GoPro Hero3 (video setting) Just grabbed a screen shot from the video.

Where was the camera mounted to get that perspective?

I had the GoPro taped to the top of my hand and just hit the second straight as normal with Luke next to me. Just did a little whip and stretched the ol hand out there.

Anything else you’d like to add about the photo or the session?

Always stoked to know you guys out there love my pics.

Great shot, great action from what must have been an awesome session.

Here is a sweet “drone-enhanced” video edit from the session at Luke Madill’s place:


DK Bicycles Website

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