Yess BMX Tulsa Team Report

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Yess BMX Factory Team, on
Well the dust has settled on another great season of BMX racing. It has been a huge year for the Yess BMX Factory team, from winning the BMX Canada factory team title, to winning eight CNAG #1 titles and two USA BMX NAG #1 titles.

Submitted by Renny Husada

At last month’s USA BMX Grand National, the QT Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma was abuzz with title hopes and aspirations on the line. There was only a small contingent from the YESS Factory Team in attendance, but the results were anything but small. Trevor Brown won the 41-45 cruiser title, Alex Tougas won the 14x title and Drew Mechielsen took home two third places. James Palmer, Jared Oberndorf and “Wild Bill” Will Jones were also in Tulsa, doing well in their respective classes.

It has been a huge team effort this year, and we are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2013. With the addition of the Yess bikeshop team for 2013 we are hoping to see even more Yess frames on the podium.

On behalf of the team consisting of Jim Brown, William Jones, Trevor Brown, Laurie Harding, Taylor Brown, Alex Tougas, Ryan Tougas, James Palmer, Drew Mechielsen, Amelia Walsh, Justin Hailey, Jared Oberndorf, Ryan Murphy, Santiago Young and Georges Kreuzkamp, we would like to thank all of our sponsors.

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Yess BMX Website

2013 BMX Canada National Schedule

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2013 BMX Canada Schedule, via

This just in to the BMX News center: The 2013 BMX Canada national schedule is out, and already drawing solid interest from both sides of the border.

With six events, plus the Canadian Grands, the schedule does a good back-n-forth between BC and Ontario, and gives enough time between races to also enjoy some of the offerings on the USA BMX side of the house.

Yess BMX won the first BMX Canada Factory Team title last year (above), and we’re sure they’ll be back to go for a repeat.

There will be some rule changes comin down the pike, but they will not be announced until February at the USA BMX/BMX Canada Summit in Las Vegas. One change BMX Canada gave us a peek at is that a rider’s best five scores, plus the BMX Canada Grands, will determine their overall CNAG ranking. One of those scores can be earned on the Saturday of C-Grands weekend, thus enabling riders from Eastern Canada to compete for CNAG plates with only one trip out west!

Without further ado, here are the stops:

2013 BMX Canada National Schedule

Fraser Valley Nationals
Chilliwack Heritage Park (INDOOR)
Chilliwack, BC
May 10-12

Limestone City Nationals
Kingston BMX
Kingston, ON
May 24-26

Cactus Classic Nationals
McArthur Island BMX
Kamloops, BC
June 14-16

Vancouver Island Nationals
Greater Victoria BMX
Victoria, BC
July 5-7

Maple Leaf Nationals
Milton BMX
Milton, ON
August 23-25

Sea To Sky Nationals
Squamish BMX
Squamish, BC
September 13-15

BMX Canada Grand Nationals
Chilliwack Heritage Park (INDOOR)
Chilliwack, BC
October 11-13

BMX News will have more on the 2013 BMX Canada National Series as it becomes available.


BMX Canada Website

Yess BMX Website


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Final Days of the Yess BMX Design Contest

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Yess BMX Frame Decal Design Contest, on

Only five more days to get your design ideas in for the Yess BMX Frame Decal design contest.

They started the contest late last month, and have been getting brisk response and some wild concepts submitted. We’re anxious to see who the top contenders are, but Yess honcho, Renny Husada said we’d have to wait to peek under the curtain.

Renny gave News a little background on the contest:

We’re a small company –and one of the advantages of that is we can react to requests and feedback from customers, then adjust/create quickly.

Customization plays an important role in the market. Initially, with our design we wanted to bring our identity to the community and showcase the craftsmanship and quality in our products.

Busy graphics detract from the detail and attention-to-detail that we put into every one of our frames. It was our expectation that providing a lot of real estate on our frames allows Yess customers plenty of room to get creative with decals, graphics and paint.

This contest will spark creativity from designers and riders with a flair for graphics (Any kind of media will be accepted for submissions as long as they are made into the provided template. This means you can use software such as Photoshop, Paint, or even sketches by hand using markers or crayons!). The best ones will be put to a vote be our Facebook fans, and they will choose the best of the best as the winner. Interaction between our company and the community is important to us, and promotions like this make it fun for everyone.

We have our own designs, naturally. In fact, thousands of requests come in each year for the graphic kit we use solely for our factory team. But with the contest, we can give people options as when we select an idea, we will create one of a few graphic options that you can apply onto your Yess frame.

The Top five designs chosen by the Yess factory crew will be posted on the Yess BMX Facebook fan page, where the fans will decide on the best design. The winner will receive a Yess frame, featuring their custom designed graphics.

Click below for more info on the Yess Decal Design contest. Deadline for entries is October 15, 2012.


Yess Frame Graphics Design Contest


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The ABA's Canada Solution to USA BMX

USA BMX is a great name for a BMX sanction. As long as you’re in the “Free 52.” Since the moment news of the merger between the ABA and NBL, under the USA BMX Umbrella, was first announced, there were questions asking “What about Canada?” What about Canada, indeed.

News was just talking about this subject at the recent Interbike trade show with some folks from up that way, and the sentiment was that they really didn’t mind the USA BMX moniker, as applied to their brand of BMX Racing up North. “I mean, it doesn’t exactly fit, but whatever” said one racer.

Well, no need to shoehorn the Canucks into the program, because Gilbert’s got ya’ covered. Little did we know that plans were underway to give Canada a league of their own, via BMX Canada. We spied the above shot on ABA’s Facebook page earlier in the week, and gOrk confirmed that this was the BMX brand for the Northland.

The above rig will roll on Canadian soil this weekend, just in time for the 2011 ABA Canadian Grand Nationals, held at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC.

Keep it right here on BMX News for more developments from the Arctic Circle to

Oh, and we’re reasonably sure that yellow “boot” is a security device so the trailer won’t get stolen. Looks too new to have five parking tickets already :)

#SingItWithMeNow – O Canada

Yess Products Says “Yes” to Canadian ABA Series

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Yess Products SPonsors ABA Canada Series

Yess products is a company whose brand may not be familiar to you at first utterance. But, know it or not, you have been familiar with their handiwork for years, as they have been the behind-the-scenes framebuilder for many popular US brands.

Recently, these craftsmen came out from behind the welder’s shield, and decided to put out a BMX product bearing their own brand (above). They are jumping in with both feet, spreading product around…will soon be advertising in all the right places, :) and announced this week that they will be sponsoring the four-race ABA Canadian National Series. The official release is below, but keep your eyes on BMX News in the coming weeks for more in-depth info on the Yess product line, and an interview with the guys behind it all.

First race for the Yess sponsorship is the “Sea to Sky Nationals” in Squamish, BC on June 10 – 12.

Here is the official release:

The American Bicycle Association is happy to announce the addition of Yess Products, as a sponsor of the 2011 ABA Canadian National Series.  “We’re pleased to add Yess Products as a sponsor of the ABA Canadian National Series.,” said John David, COO of the ABA.  “The Canadian National Series has continued to grow and having companies, like Yess Products, that are based in Canada will continue to help the series expand.”

Yess Products is located in Surrey, British Columbia.  Since inception in 1994, Yess Products continues to provide its clients with high end aluminum bicycle frames and parts. Building frames for more than 15 years, Yess Products has relentlessly evolved and matured to what it is today.

“We are excited to be a part of the World’s most popular BMX Sanction and look forward to support the growth of such a positive sport of all ages,” said Renny Husada, Vice president Yess Products.

The Canadian National Series consists of five races, including the Canadian Grand Nationals.  Look for Yess Products at the upcoming Sea to Sky National or any one of the four remaining events.