Brook Crain Rolls Into 2019 with Remix

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Brooke Crain rides Remix Wheels in 2019
We’re thirsty for some primo pro news, with a whole month before the season opener at the 2019 Winter Nationals. Big thanks to Brooke Crain and Remix for serving-up this choice bit.

Brooke will be adding to her oh-so-quick carbon creation this season, with the addition of the Remix Carbon Pro wheel set. Here’s what she posted to social media this week about the new partnership:

Im very excited to announce my partnership with Remix BMX for 2019 and beyond. I’ve grown a wonderful friendship with Dale Robinson & his family over the last year and his belief in these wheels, my fiancé and myself is enough for me to be more than honored to represent his brand to the best of my ability.

Looking forward to this year and can’t thank my sponsors enough for making my dreams a reality year after year! Photo: Savannah Walters

Remix posted a similar “stoke-statement,” saying:

BMX has lead to many close friendships and life experiences over they years. One that developed a year ago based on believing and honesty was that of Two Time US Olympian @brookecrain32. I’d like to announce Brooke has partnered with Remix to run our Pro Carbon wheel set. We look forward to taking the journey with Brooke as she pushes for her goals and new BMX titles.

Congrats to Brooke, and Remix for keeping it all on two wheels!

Big Opener in Bako for Tangent Pro-Am Series

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Anthony Dean Wins Stop one of 2018 Tangent Pro-Am
Even with the threat of rain, the first stop of the 2018 Tangent ProAm was a huge success! There was a great turn out with 35 men (19 Pros) and 10 ladies (6 Pros) coming out to Metro BMX in Bakersfield to line up with the fastest Pros and AMs from as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

The Men’s early rounds showed who had the right stuff and moved the quickest on to the Quarters. After the quarter dust cleared to say the semis were stacked would be an understatement, as the top four from each made up a main event close to what you’d see at a full-on National.

No ams would make the main this day so that left the Pros to battle it out for the $3000 purse. The two-main format was skipped due to a little rain so it was a dash for the cash and the IG Banger from Australia walked away with the win, and a pocket full of cash. Texan Billy Russell and Arizona’s Corey Reid banged it out for 2nd and 3rd to round out the podium.

The ladies came out and definitely put on a great show for the fans. With 6 top pro women on the gate the racing was full of action. In the main Ashley Verhagen laid down a killer first straight and picked up the Answer Holeshot cash but hometown favorite Brooke Crain battled back for the win with Rachel Mydock hauling in the last spot on the podium in third.

It was a great day of racing for sure, we can’t wait for rounds 2 and 3 in Leemore and Hanford next month. Back to back racing Saturday and Sunday with some good purse money to boot. See ya there!

The Tangent ProAm Series has a dedicated website with all the information you need including locations, dates, payouts, and results (Link Below).

We would also like to thank our long time and new sponsors Shimano, Answer Holeshot, Fly Racing, Odi, and Tioga along with all the tracks and individual donators that help us make this series happen.

2018 Tangent Pro-Am Series
2018 Tangent Pro-Am Series, Stop #1 Results


Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors Purse
1 Brooke Crain 24 Visalia, CA Haro/Rockstar $525
2 Ashley Verhagen 26 Glendale, AZ   $300
3 Rachel Mydock 21 Phoenix, AZ Supercross BMX $180
4 Dani George 23 Palmdale, CA Throdwn $150
5 Rachel Jones 22 , AUS   $120
6 Cayleigh Van Staalduinen 18 St Albert, CAN Staats $90
7 Breanna Winter 13 Antelope, CA Factory Rift $75
8 Madi Gomes 18 Ripon, ca Nut up/team calculated $60


Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors Purse
1 Anthony Dean 26 San Diego, CA Supercross, Troy Lee  $1,050
2 Billy Russell 24 Desoto, TX Doublecross  $600
3 Corey Reid 30 Phoenix, AZ Rockstar Rift  $360
4 Trent Jones 23 Christchurch, NZ Box, Thrill  $300
5 Kameron Larsen 18 Bakersfield, Ca Us Junior Development  $240
6 Max Cairns 21 Melbourne, AUS Chase/Lux  $180
7 Layne Gainer 23 Peoria, AZ Gordys Bicycles, Tangent, Fly  $150
8 Jordan Miranda 24 Bakersfield, CA Free Agent  $120

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Rich Pelton at Tangent for getting us the above report, and putting on a great series. We look forward to bringing you more from the next stops. /MC


Tangent Pro-Am Series Website

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Anthony Dean Wins Stop one of 2018 Tangent Pro-Am

Final Two 2016 U.S. Olympic Spots Named

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Brooke Crain and Connor Fields Named to US Olympic BMX Team
The third saga of the four-year BMX Olympic cycle is nearing completion, and the main characters have been cast into their roles. Over the past two years, it has been a rollercoaster of finishes among the USA riders, with each showing their respective worth.

On the Mens’ side of things, Read more

Recap Podcast: Manchester SX

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BMX News Recap Podcast - Manchester SX

In the hours following Sunday’s Manchester SX, BMX News posted a brief recap of the race, along with videos of the main event laps and the full webcast…but we really wanted to get an up-close-and-personal account of the Team USA angle of the race. So, we invited the three top USA finishers from the race, long-time friends of News Brooke Crain, Nic Long and Alise Post.

Alise started the weekend out strong, with a Saturday win in the time trial Superfinal (the first of her career). She looked razor-sharp throughout Sunday’s racing, until misfortune visited her in the final feet of the main event, and let a coming-on-strong Caroline Buchanan slip by for the win. The rejiggering of the lead also gave Brooke the opportunity to race in for third place, and join Caroline and Simone Christensen on the podium.

For her part, Brooke had a week that is a story worth hearing as well, contracting Avian Flu, which is common in the UK, the week leading into the race. Through strict determination and the help of USA Cycling support personnel, plus her teammate Nic Long’s help and encouragement, she made it back to be strong enough to race. In this podcast, Brooke takes us through how she made that remarkable recovery and qualified-through to the main event.

Nic went 3-2-2 in the motos, won his quarterfinal, and took second in the semi, to fellow Team USA star Corben Sharrah. Nic started in lane two in the main event, with Corben in lane one, and hit turn one in fourth place, with eventual podium trio Liam Phillips, Kyle Evans and Renaud Blanc up front. Nic finished fourth.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

We will pick it up from there with our show, the 122nd episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast.

Listen Now
iOS users: paste the URL below in your device’s browser to listen

Editor’s Note: I had a great time on this show, and it was very refreshing to hear the personal stories of each guest, and their focused outlook. We look forward to seeing all three of our friends in Rock Hill next week, and BMX News will bring you three days of story and photos from the Novant Health BMX Supercross facility.

—Mike Carruth


BMX News Recap: 2016 Manchester SX

Haro Bikes Website

Troy Lee Designs Website

Redline Bicycles Website

Nic Long’s “Idol Hand Gloves” Website

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Interview: Brooke Crain

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BMX Interview with Brooke Crain

BMX News readers love Brooke! This six-minute interview by contributor Tanner Yeager answers some of the questions you sent in, and some we added on our own.

It’s hard not to smile along with her, as she cheerfully give us some awesome off-the-cuff answers, in her characteristically down-to-Earth style.


BMX News readers want to know: Do you have a boyfriend?

How did you cope with your crash at the Olympics?

What are some of the misconceptions people have regarding you being an Olympian and a professional athlete?

Is it hard being a professional athlete and also maintaining a social life like others your age?

Keep an eye on Brooke at the upcoming races, and watch for more with her as BMX News covers the USA Cycling national Championships, the USA BMX Carolina Nationals, UCI Continental Championships, USA BMX Super Nationals, and beyond.


Haro Bikes Website

Brooke Crain on Twitter

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OTC BMXers Get News Coverage

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OTC BMXers Get News Coverage

The Olympians and Olympic Hopefuls at the US Olympic Training Center/Chula Vista are accustomed to being in the media spotlight for their on-track talents. This week, the crew got on the tube for their chops with a power saw and hammer.

San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB (CBS 8) ran the following segment Read more

Podcast: Jamie Staff and Brooke Crain

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Podcast: Jamie Staff and Brooke Crain

A vanload of 17 BMXers from the US Olympic Training Center/Chula Vista headed South of the border at the end of January on a long-planned volunteer trip to build a house for a needy family in Rosarito (located about 40 miles South of San Diego).

The trip was organized by More Than Sport, a nonprofit that pairs athletes with worthy causes in over a dozen specialties. On the BMX side, USA Cycling BMX Director, Jamie Staff, got an impressive posse of pedalers together.

Raising the Walls

A line of BMXers raises the walls on a More Than Sport home build project in Rosarito, Mexico.

Measure Twice

Jamie Staff says all the BMXers learned some valuable skills during the two-day trip. Here, “measure twice, cut once” is successfully applied.

The group was in Rosarito on January 24-25, and completed the ground-up build of the modest structure right on schedule, complete with a key-turn ceremony for the single-mother of four and her boys to step inside to see the handiwork of their new friends.

More Than Sport BMX Edition

The grateful recipient family of the work BMXers did for More Than Sport in Rosarito, Mexico

Brooke Crain was one of the 14 athletes who made the trip, and both her and Jamie were gracious enough to take time out of their training camp this week to talk with us about the trip, and how it impacted them and their teammates.

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished photo with the full More Than Sport BMX Crew, support staff and the family who would move, in moments later.

Aside from Jamie and Brooke, here are the others who made the trip: Jeff Glynn, Alise Post, Dani George, David Herman, Nic Long, Steven Cisar, Justin Posey, Felicia Stancil, Sean Gaian, Jared Garcia, Shealen Reno, Tanner Sebesta, Jordan Miranda, Tommy Zula and Ryan Pettigrew.

While you’re listening to the Podcast, browse through the extensive gallery of photos the group brought back from the trip; it will put you right in the moment with them (link below, will open in a separate window).

Listen Now
iOS users: Paste this URL into your device’s browser

Big props to all 17 of our friends who pitched in to create this moment of a lifetime for the family who received a new home.


More Than Sport BMX Photo Gallery

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Re-Cap and Photos: South Park Pro Day 1

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USA BMX South Park Day 1 Pro

As News reported earlier in the week, the 2014 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals got started a little early, with a rare Friday Night pro race. The schedule was altered due to a UCI race on the North American Continent this weekend (in Mexico), thus the Friday Night UCI race. Day two of pro racing will happen on Saturday, and sunday will be “pro open,” in which riders of any pro class can race.

Unanimously, the pros we talked to liked the Friday night and Saturday format, since it spares them the 5:30AM wake up call on Sunday (to get to a 7:15 warmup, and ready for an 8:00 first round), and allows them to get home at a decent hour. For our part, it would seem to cannibalize the weekend’s racing, so our feelings are mixed on it as a permanent fixture (no talk of that–at least publicly–from USA BMX).

So, despite 23 countries running National Championships this weekend (including Colombia, France, Great Britain, Latvia and others), the turnout in the Elite classes was still pretty robust.

The weather really could not have been any better if we had a climate control panel to punch up temps in the upper 70s, a slight breeze and vivid blue skies. Praying for more of the same for the balance of our time here.

Brooke Crain at the 2014 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals
Brooke Crain was training up for the worlds last week, so missed Rockford, but she was in top-form in South Park, leading laps all afternoon, and closing the day out with a wire to wire win in Elite Women. Lauren Reynolds got in for second, and Dani George has been putting her new privateer status to use as a motivator, making her second podium in as many weeks.

Speaking of Brooke, the Haro team showed up in new threads for Friday (as shown above). We last saw them on Thursday, doing the pre-national clinic with Donny Robinson, and they were rockin the regular factory kit we have seen them in for a while now. But Friday, it was a change to new red, white and black Alias gear. So, watch the photos closely; they didn’t all defect to Redline. These duds are but a stitch in time, as Alias whips up the new-fangled factory fashions.

After five or six weeks of non-stop continent hopping, Sam Willoughby also missed Rockford for some much-needed rest from the road, but was in South Park to get things going again before Rotterdam. Sam won four out of five laps on Friday, dropping to second behind David Herman in the third round. The main event (top photo) was a wire to wire trip that made the last race of the day worth the wait for Sam fans.

Back to Elite Men. Connor Fields had a good day one in South Park. Staying at, or near, the front through the motos, second in the semi and in behind Sam for a second in the main. Awesome to see the Stars & Stripes sleeve flying high at the Stars & Stripes Nationals!

We have been tapping out Tweets with Donny Robinson in second or third quite a bit lately. More than a few times through the motos in Rockford, and on day one in South Park, it was threes-across, as dR took the tré in all five of Friday’s laps…including his first podium finish since Reno, earlier this year. That’s gotta feel pretty good.

Cristian Becerine at the 2014 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals

Vet pro had a small turnout, with a one-rack, total points, pursuit. Cristian (above) won rounds one and two, and Matt won the third, giving CB the overall. Local hero Jesse Burkes took the third.

A Pro had 14 riders on the sheets, and gave the packed fenceline a good show. Phil Delizia was back (haven’t seen him in a while), and took the main event win, though Olijuwon Davis and his Doublecross gave a good challenge. Crupi colors were in third, in the person of Nick Koehler, who is starting to find his groove in the money class.

Wow!, and that was just the pre-race (well, sort of).

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Lots more to report from South Park on Saturday and Sunday, so definitely keep it here on News for how it all happened. If you just can’t wait, check out the social media hooks (below) that updated throughout the day.

Meanwhile, check out the Photo Gallery from Friday, which includes pro action, as well as 80 or so shots of the pre-race (which we do not usually shoot, so kind of a neat change in the program).

Elite Results

Elite Men
Sam Willoughby – Redline
Connor Fields – Chase BMX
Donny Robinson – SE Bikes/
Nic Long – Haro Bikes
Tyler Faoro – Dan’s Comp
Logan Collins – BlackCrown Products
Kurt Pickard – Haro Bikes
Justin Posey – Dan’s Comp

Elite Women
Brooke Crain – Haro Bikes
Lauren Reynolds – Ssquared Bicycles
Dani George
Amelia Walsh – Yess BMX
Dominique Daniels – Doublecross Bikes
Drew Mechielsen – Yess BMX
Alaina Henderson


2014 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals Photo Gallery – Friday

2014 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals – Results

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Roadtrip Notebook: Salt Lake

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2014 Salt Lake Nationals Roadtrip Notebook

By Bryce Betts (co-starring Brooke Crain) – Life on the road has become the routine lately. After going to six nationals in just over two months, travel can start to wear on you. As the “travel fatigue” set in, the pre-planning element of my trips continued to dwindle. When I left for Florida, the first trip in this string of nationals, all my I’s were dotted, and T’s crossed when it came to planning. If I were to use the same example for the planning of this Salt Lake trip, my penmanship would be the equivalent of a first grader (a few i’s dotted and only some t’s crossed).

After just booking the hotel room on Tuesday night, I started packing and left on Wednesday. On the way out, I stopped at a local track, Speckles Park BMX, where I worked with two kids on improving their rhythm section. After a quick two-hour “clinic,” I continued on my three-hour drive to Brooke Crain’s house. Brooke was going to be my road trip partner-in-crime this go round. After a quick stop at Applebee’s with her friend from home, we packed the car and turned in early, anticipating the long drive in the morning.

At 7AM our alarms went off, and if you were a “fly on the wall”, you’d see we are not morning people. After putting our bikes on the back of Brooke’s Blue KIA forte, we crawled to Starbucks. I picked up my usual, a tall white mocha with two scoops of vanilla bean, and we were on the road.

2104 Salt Lake Nationals Roadtrip Notebook
I picked up the first leg, with the main intention of being able to be the DJ. You see, Brooke and I don’t really agree on music; so there was definitely a power struggle, between her country, and my alternative/hip hop tastes. Before we knew it, I was pulling into the Chipotle on Las Vegas Boulevard, marking the half-way point. After fueling up, we took a little detour to the Nike outlet, before getting back on the road. I hopped back in the driver seat, to control the music again.

Brooke and Bryce drive to Salt Lake
One memorable bit of the road trip for me was when we passed into Arizona, on I-15. I remember reading out loud, “Welcome to Arizona” Brooke and I simultaneously looked at each other and said, “Arizona?”. I have a long resume of roadtrip wrong turns, so we quickly looked at our navigation to make sure that we were headed in the right direction. After seeing that we actually just go through the tip of Arizona, we were relived, and continued on our way.

Once we hit Utah, the 80 mile an hour speed limits were in sight, and the last bit of the drive would be a breeze. Until we hit a 35 mile an hour construction zone, which really disrupted the flow of the drive. Once we got through that, I stopped in Beaver Utah, where Brooke took it the rest of the way to the “red pin” on the nav map.

Not realizing that the time changed in Utah (+1 from PDT), Brooke and I could not find a place that was Open for dinner at what we thought was 8:30pm. After frustratingly asking Google for hours of all the places around us with no luck, we ended up eating at Sonic before heading to the hotel. Greasy burger and milkshake in hand, we arrived to the Sleep Inn at 10PM Mountain Time, (9PM Pacific). After a little mishap at check in, not booking a room for Thursday night (oops), we finally got a room and were able to bring everything into the room. We were both exhausted after a full day of driving, and both immediately went to bed after checking in (after foam rolling of course).

With Utah being the normal two-day national, we were able to sleep in (at the Sleep Inn…haha) and relax before heading to the track. Pretty exhausted, we both slept past 10AM, and missed the free breakfast at the hotel. That wasn’t a problem though, because we were conveniently located walking distance from an IHOP. Fueled on pancakes, we went back to the hotel to lie around some more. Unfortunately, we had to eventually get this race weekend started, and head to the track. Although we were tired from the drive, I was definitely looking forward to riding the new track.

Dale Holmes racing pit at the 2014 Salt Lake Nationals

Upon arriving to the track, I headed straight over to the Chase bicycles pit, where I met up with my TM Dale Holmes. Dale hooked me up with some new 2015 ANSR MX gear before I got ready for practice. The race weekend was looking to be hot, so the new lightly colored mesh jerseys were definitely going to be nice for the weekend. We I hadn’t been to Salt Lake in 9 years, so I was anxious to get on the track that looked fast, smooth, and technical. This race was for some reason a “B” national, so that meant that my practice was huge with everyone over 17 years old in the mix. Pulling into practice just on time, I rolled right up the open lane 10 to get on the track. Things seemed smooth sailing, until Ron Jones of the ABA stopped me out of the 10 other people going up that lane. Ron got really mad that we were going up the open chute, and made me wait to go up the hill (editor’s note: good on you, Ron!).

Barry Nobles photo above Rad Canyon the Great Salt Lake Nationals
After the little “misunderstanding” with Ron, and the apology that followed, I found myself in the gate looking down at the track for the first time. I rolled through it my first lap, just to take observations. The first straight seemed wide open and fast, with a technical step-up-step-down as the first jump, to a long sprint before the big triple step-up into the first turn. Out of the first turn was an extremely steep table top, to a nice set of doubles before turning to the technical third straight. Although the jumps down the third straight were small, that made the peaky set of step-ups, tables, and doubles even more challenging at speed. After the last turn I was also surprised to find a technical rhythm section, that looked to be simple from far, but was actually very deep, and was definitely going to be challenging at the end of the lap in the 4,300ft altitude.

Once practice ended, I watched Brooke ride in the practice, and we headed back to the Hotel. At the hotel we met up with my friend Marc Estep, who is an A Pro from Bellflower. After cleaning up, we headed to Texas Road House, to meet up with Brooke’s HARO teammates and Jared Garcia. After waiting at the restaurant for quite a bit, we became suspicious when nobody showed up. Brooke quickly called Nic Long, where we found that we were actually 15 minutes from the Texas Road House we were suppose to be at. After Brooke told me how dumb I was, we headed to the correct location. When we were there, it actually started to sprinkle rain, which was odd to me. The rain quickly stopped though, and luckily we didn’t see any more rain for the rest of the weekend.

Brooke Crain Wins Elite Women at 2014 Salt Lake Nationals
Before I knew it I was checking my motos on Saturday, and Brooke was racing her first round. With just under 200 motos, I was pleased to still have a solid class, with 29 riders in 19-27 expert. The winds were high on Sunday, making the first straight extremely fast, and the first turn intimidating. The intimidating speeds in turn one ended up being my downfall on Saturday, as I hesitated in the first turn of my semi, and went from 3rd to 5th, and wasn’t able to recover from that mistake. Frustrated, I still raced my main event in open, and ended up with a third. The day was much better for Brooke however, as she rode great all day. Brooke was the only girl jumping the triple-step-up into the first turn, and seemed to be in great spirits. These spirits ended up paying off, as she ended up getting the holes hot and win in the main.

The win didn’t come easy for Brooke however; she was bumping with Shanaze into the first turn, and actually came unclipped in the first turn, putting her foot out motocross style, holding on for the win. It was definitely something awesome to watch, friend or not. With the high winds, and dry track, the track was a dust pit. Goggles on the faces of spectators were the norm, and most felt as if they were being “sand blasted” come main event time. Because of the conditions, and myself not making the main, we left right after Brooke’s podium picture, and went back to the hotel to clean up. After an early dinner, we went back to sleep as soon as possible to get ready for the 5:50am wakeup call.

Bryce Betts at the 2014 Great Salt Lake Nationals
The alarm went off at 5:50, and I frustratingly got out of bed, and walked to breakfast in a zombie-esque state. After an unsuccessful day of racing, its always hard for me to fall asleep, so combine a bad Saturday, with an early wake up call Sunday and its not a great combination. Tired, I was happy to see that the weather was much better on day 2. The wind was seemingly gone, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. My goal for the day was to not hesitate in turns, and to focus on my gates. I ended up doing that, and found myself in the main in 19/27x, and winning in 17-20 open. The race in 19/27x was a great race between Kyle Bastin and Jordan Miranda, with Jordan taking the win after a move in the last turn. (Above photo by Corrine Walder).

Alex Tougas of Yess BMX at the 2014 Great Salt Lake Nationals
Overall the racing in Salt Lake was action packed, and fun to watch. The stands and infield seemed to be more packed than usual, and having the pits in an asphalt parking lot opposed to a dirt lot was a nice touch. Although the Elite Men Class was smaller than usual, there wasn’t a shortage of thrills. The battle between Corben and Connor in the final was amazing to watch. In my opinion the biggest surprise of the weekend was Sifiso Nhlapo and Alfredo Campo, who both were riding great all weekend and ended up sharing fourth place finishes. There were also great races in amateur throughout the weekend, with some notable laps being Sean Gain and Collin Hudson battling both days in 17-18x, as well as Makieva Hopson and Dustin Hammond going head to head in 16x. The most dominant amateur performance belonged to 15x world champion, Alex Tougas, who seemed to be in a class all his own in Salt Lake (above photo via USA BMX Facebook).

Brooke Crain and Bryce Betts back in the car 2014 Great Salt Lake Nationals
Once the dust from the Sunday main events settled, the team tents were down, and the final cooldown rides were done, everyone was saying goodbye and heading home. The goodbyes didn’t last long however; as it seemed like every BMXer went to the local Chipotle after the race. Once Brooke and I got through the line of racers that went out the door, she hopped in the driver seat, and we hurried home. The drive home after a long weekend of racing is always a burn, but it has to be faced. Brooke was tired after not getting much sleep Saturday night, so she pulled off 3 hours into the trip, for me to take the reins. Exhausted, I was determined to get home safely, without too many stops. The first six hours of the drive went by like a breeze, but it was the last six started to take its toll on me. With an unnamed energy drink, it was smooth sailing to Brooke’s house though (excluding the lesson I learned with paddle shifters and playing the drums on the steering wheel driving down the highway). We arrived to Visalia, California at 1AM, where I said my final goodbyes to Brooke, as she spent most of her attention greeting her beloved bulldog, Baylee (

Driving home from the 2014 Great Salt Lake Nationals
Still buzzing on caffeine, I thought I’d continue driving home. My caffeine quickly burned off however, and I found myself sleeping in a Starbucks parking lot, somewhere between our houses. The sunlight through my windshield eventually woke me up at about 8AM, which put me in the driveway 9:55AM Monday morning. Salt Lake was definitely a fun national, and I want to go back next year. But for now, it’s time to get back to work. With a five-week break from nationals, I am going to take this time to make some improvements, before hitting the road to Vegas.



BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

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2014 Great Salt Lake Nationals Results

Dale Holmes Racing Website

Chase BMX Website

Haro Bikes Website

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Podcast: SLC Recap and Berlin SX Preview

June 2, 2014 by · Comments Off 

Podcast Recap of 2014 Salt Lake Nationals
This was the first BMX News Announcers Tower Live show since last August, and we were stoked to be back on the air with four great guests. The topic of the day was to re-cap the 2014 USA BMX Great Salt Lake Nationals, but we drifted in and out of a prelude to the Berlin SX and some other great topics that BMX News readers care about.

Listen Now, and check out the show notes below
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Show Notes

Bryce Betts talks about the race size and general vibe

Brooke Crain on the variety in Elite Women this season

Donny Robinson talks about the Elite men presence in Salt Lake

Brooke gives details on the Rad Canyon track

Donny talks about the “Standouts” at the race

Bryce on A Pro and Jared the Jet’s double in A Pro

Mike on Jeremy Smith and Bryce Hocking getting second and third both days

Bryce on Austin Hiatt’s new ride

Brooke talks about her Haro Carbon Clutch

Donny gives a recap of the pre-show with Tyler Brown back as host. Dani George, Rusty Nesvig and Joris Daudet

Mike and the panel talk about the new Tioga vid by Corrine Walder with Joris Daudet

Bryce on amateur classes in Salt Lake

Donny and Brooke on heading off to Berlin next for the third stop on the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup tour.

2014 Berlin SX Track Illustration
Brooke on the illustration of the Berlin track (above)

Donny talks about his commentator role in Berlin and how the track looks leading in to the race.

Mike asks the panel about the social media talk leading into Berlin, “At what point does a track design cross the line to where it is no longer ‘BMX’–the ‘Helltrack’ phenomenon.”

Brooke says “change is good” and talks about how she likes the variety of the SX series.

Donny talks about being part of every modern-day SX race, and comments on Mike’s question: “What could they add that would cross the line in making it a new “species” of riding–no longer BMX.”

Mike asks about the rider opinion on “unconventional” tracks, now that Olympic points have started up again.

Donny, then Brooke respond to that question.

Brooke talks about Papendal and going down the SX ramp in the pouring rain

Back to Salt Lake

Jordan Miranda joins the discussion and talks about his SLC weekend

Jordan on the GT team visit to co-sponsor Skull Candy and how GT brought in the “Atherton” Mountain Bike pit to put on a huge “moto-like” experience

Bryce talks about the all-American Elite Men podium on Sunday

Brooke takes us through her winning lap on Saturday and how she and Shanaze Reade both unclipped in the first turn

Bryce re-caps the Elite Men main events both days

Jordan weighs in on the Elite classes

Mike raises the issue of the Women’s rollout in Nashville and the panel talks about the need for a women’s rollout on a consistent basis

Donny gives a first-person account of how it is to be in a pro rollout, and talks about how the women deserve the same rollout as the men

Around the table: Where our guests are off to next, along with some nice tidbits in addition to the travel schedule

As part of Brooke’s “next steps,” Mike talks about Derek Betcher moving on from his position at Haro. Brooke gives her reaction to his departure. Says DB will be in South Park.

Donny’s next steps. Berlin, Canada, Rockford, Colorado and South Park. “Grateful to be on the circuit doing everything I can.” Also talks about his new coaching platform with Mike Day “Pedals 2 Medals” (

Bryce going to Vegas, and doing some Chase/Stay Strong Clinics with Cristian Becerine. Talks about being on Dale Holmes’ team, then about his “Roadtrip Notebook” reports for News.

Jordan declares he is going after the USA BMX Amateur title this year, and contemplates his next races and how the back-to-back races recently have impacted his training.

Mike comments about the strategy behind deciding what races to hit for an amateur trying to get the title.

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BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Panel applauds USA BMX rig driver Ron Jones for all the coast-to-coast hauls he makes.

Mike asks the panel about a reader letter we got in to the BMX News Command Center about the UCI “Chaperones” at the races. What are they all about?

Donny tells the story, and his experience with anti-doping control, with all the peeing-in-a-cup details.

Brooke jumps in with some of her recent stories.

Mike asks “what’s that experience like” (of peeing for anti-doping).

Brooke “Oh yeah, they’re right there, checkin you out.”

Mike asks about the first time our panel had to do anti-doping test

Donny talks about the first time and how, out of competition, they can show up any time. “We pull our pants down, to our ankles, like we’re in second grade.”

Brooke gives her story of her first time in anti-doping, at age 16 in Spain.

Mike asks if you really have to let them know your whereabouts at all times?

Bryce jokes that he thinks being “on the (USADA) program” is something to celebrate, because it means he has done something in the sport, but he isn’t there yet.”

Jordan tells a funny story about his first time, a few weeks ago. Watching movies and going to the track with his anti-doping officer in tow, until he was able to provide a valid sample. Took six hours.

Final thoughts from the panel.


Thanks to (in alphabetical order) Brooke, Bryce, Donny and Jordan for joining us today!

Also to Barry Nobles for the aerial shot of the Rad Canyon track.

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