Dale Holmes’ “BMX Pro For a Week” Edit

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BMX Pro For a Week Wrap-Up Edit
Dale Holmes Racing is out with a final edit for their 2017 “BMX Pro For a Week” Camp series. The one-week camp format, which brings kids from San Diego-area YMCA locations, out to the BMX Track for five days of coaching and riding has been a wildly-popular fixture for the past four Summers.

In this two-minute-and-change edit, Dale goes over the goals of the program, with an applause-worthy explanation on what an important role riding bikes has on kids, and why this fundamental childhood activity must not be forgotten by families who are so busy with other things.

The video was produced by Justin Kosman for BMX Pro For a Week sponsor WD-40 Bike.

Great stuff, guys!


“BMX Pro For a Week” is also sponsored by Haro Bikes
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Video: UCI Looks at BMX History

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UCI History of BMX

There has been long-standing debate in BMX historical circles over the true origins of the sport. Ahead of this week’s UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, SC, the governing body is out with a “History of BMX Racing” video which presents one point of view.

The nine-minute edit gives Read more

ODI Building a Champion 3: Alise Post

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ODI Building a Champion 3: Alise Post

ODI is back for week number three of their “Building a Champion” video series. This week, we tag along with Alise Post and get 102 seconds to soak-up the sunshine she brings with her–in the gym, on the sprint line and at the track. She has plenty of inspiring talk that gives riders, parents and fans around the world a unique window into her world, and what it takes to rise to her level in our sport.

“I love the moments before the gate drops…” says Alise in the above video. We started the Dan’s Comp “Countdown to Rio” ticker at 365 days last August. It sits at just 35 days today, and it seems like it’s going faster and faster every day. The next thing we know, it will be at zero and the gate will drop on the 2016 Summer Games. We look forward to seeing Alise take her spot on the gate, and hopefully on the medal stand for Team USA.


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ODI Building A Champion Ep2: Maris

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Building a Champion, Episode 2: Maris

In the second episode in their “Building a Champion” series, ODI brings us to the track with Maris Strombergs to hear his view on race day pressure and expectations. And while his situation is unique in BMX history (as the only Olympic Gold Medalist our sport has known), a much of what he says Read more

ODI “Building A Champion” Video Series

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ODI Building a Champion: Caroline
A few months back, ODI brought us inside “A Day in the Life” with Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan. Great show, with some things that even accomplished “Baroline” watchers didn’t know. Today, ODI dropped the first in a new series of similar “behind the music” videos centered around the run-up to the Rio Olympic Games this August.

In the first of the four episode series, we get to hang out with Caroline again, only this time, she is hulking up some plates in the gym, and making it happen on race day, talking about the unreal ratio of commitment time behind the 40 second laps at the track.

Watch for new episodes every Tuesday for the next three weeks. Next up: Maris Strombergs


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Bryce Betts Reporting From Medellin – #2

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Bryce Betts Reports From Colombia - #2
Episode two of #NewsTeam member, Bryce Betts’ vlog gives us an up-close-and-personal look into the around-town Medellin experience. Ask anyone who has been to a UCI World Championships in the past, and they will tell-you-true that the off-track experience is just as rich as the practice and race days. These are memories that will endure for decades.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

We really-enjoyed watching the full show Bryce put together, and know you will too.

Some of the highlights:

* Local Track Session

* Do they have menus here, or is it just “locals only.”

* Strange fruits

* “Fresh cuts”

* High-steppin horses in the streets

* THoff’s modern-day “motor-drive” photos

* The local mall. Pretty-much the same as any mall in Heartland USA–but “just a little different”

* Test-driving the Español at the pastry shop.

* A little “favorito” requested at the latte stand

* Meal-for-three for US$25

* Nay-nayin on the roof of the Air BNB accommodations

We are definitely looking forward to the next episode, and hope you are too.

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New Harley Spot Features BMXers

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Harley Davidson Spot Features BMXers
Riding bikes around the neighborhood is something kids don’t do much these days. Between the magnetic-draw of the glowing screen, Mom & Dad chauffeuring from one place to another, and safety concerns in certain areas, kids just aren’t riding bikes like they did 20 years ago.

Harley Davidson is out today Read more

Stefany Hernandez Debuts New Logo

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New Logo for Stefany Hernandez

The 2015 UCI BMX World Champion, Stefany Hernandez, is out with a video this week which debuts her new personal logo, a stylized “469,” her career number. The video also gives us a peek into her decision to run the 469 over the highly-prestigious UCI W1 plate.

Through this, we learn how personal Read more

Wheel-Building Robot Rocks it Out

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Wheel Building Robot Rocks it Out
For those of us who have struggled with building up our own wheels, this two-minute clip from “Dream BMX” will make you jealous, riveted, and thankful that such technology exists.

We even gave this bad boy a name–”Spokey.” And Spokey ain’t pokey, shooting spokes into the hub, getting the wheel self-stable, then proceeding to finish the job in two minutes flat. No calloused fingers involved.

No doubt, purists want that human touch, so we understand the next station on the line is a live person, checking Spokey’s work, and giving the final truing tweaks where needed.

Maquina de montar rodas de bicicleta

Posted by Dream BMX on Monday, March 28, 2016

The programming that makes this happen is amazing to behold, as you step-through each operation. And the bike community sure has love for it, with over 250,000 views. Props to Dream BMX for posting it.

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“Olympic Motivation” Compilation

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Maris Strombergs at the 2015 Rock Hill SX

Harriet Burbidge-Smith, HAZ to some, is a prolific video jockey from Canberra, Australia. We find a lot of our tasty vids via her Twitter feed (link below), including this one that takes the hot cuts from lots of other edits and spins them into a two-and-a-half minute “motivation” show featuring Read more

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