Pitstop: Crupi Green Team 2016

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BMX News Video Pitstop: Crupi

As part of our coverage of the 2016 USA BMX Winter Nationals, BMX News Team members Tanner Yeager and Chase Bradshaw stop in to the Factory Crupi pit to check out what’s happening under the tent, and to hear all about their successful “Green Team” Sponsorship Program.

Crupi team manager Gary Whittington gives us some of the details on the 2016 Crupi product line, and a good-bit on Green Team–one of the more successful squads is down in Texas, where the Whittingtons used to call home before moving to So. Cal. recently.

As the 2016 racing season hits the power band, lots of new teams are forming, and we thought it would be a great opportunity for your startup team to learn more about the Green Team. Crupi owner, Greg Swingrover calls the program the “Fastrak to Factory.” It’s designed to be the way on-the-rise talent gets discovered.

Check out the link below for more info.


Crupi Green Team Sponsorship Program

Crupi BMX Website

2016 Team Changes – Part II

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2016 Team Changes, Part 2
In part one of our 2016 Team Changes article, back on December 18, we listed the “After Grands” changes. But the biggest basket of changes come on January 1, and today, we have over 200 riders changing colors for the new year.

Like the first list, there are a few previously unreported changes in part two, as well as a few rumored changes (Donny Robinson off SE Racing, Jeremy Rommel joins the team). J&R has added Josh Banuelos, Makieva Hopson and Matt Rubeck. And Austin Hiatt goes to the newly-created Alpha BMX Factory Team (more on that coming this week). Luke Segal is listed as “Looking”–which is a bigtime pickup opportunity for some lucky team out there.

There are many more, but we’ll let you peruse the list to find them.

Jarren Abel Factory Kuwahara
Alejandro Alcojor Factory Rift/Tangent
Gustavo Alcojor Factory Rift/Tangent Factory Rift/Tangent
Brielle Anderson Cars Bike Shop Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Keith Anderson CCH Factory Alpha Bicyle Products Factory
Nathan Anderson Cars Bike Shop Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Shaun Anderson Kid DynaMite Minnesota
David Archibald Truth/CascadeVelo
Carlos Arroyo Morphine Industries Yess
Danica Bailey AllTow Wrecking Crew Factory Extreme Team
Tyler Bailey AllTow Wrecking Crew Factory Extreme Team
Andrew Baker The Nationals All Legit Racing
Debbie Baker All Legit Racing
Josh Banuelos Black Box/Basic/Fly J&R Bicycles/Chase/BOX
Bode Beighley Cars Bike Shop/GHP Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Mike Beighley Huffy (circa 1984) Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Sebastian Bettinger SpeedTech/Ssquared Bad Ace Factory
Charlie Biggs Factory C-YAA Factory BlackCrown
Carter Bitzan Cars Bike Shop Kid DynaMite
Gavin Bitzan Cars Bike Shop Kid DynaMite
Collin Blatchley Team Dacono Racer Army Elite
Jaiden Bliss Redman Devo FullTilt Bike co.
Jim Bramer Thunder Racing Blot Out Graphics
Nate Bramer Thunder Racing Blot Out Graphics
Ryan Bramer Thunder Racing Blot Out Graphics
Tommy Bruney Thunder Racing Factory BlackCrown
Dominic Buch Racer Army Racer Army Elite
Nate Caron AllTow Wrecking Crew Blot Out Graphics
Billy Carter Morphine 5-Star Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
James Carter Factory Madera bmx Factory Clayborn Bicycles
Ponton Cary Factory Powers Bike Shop Hostile Elite
Denny Case Racer Army National
Damian Casey P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Urban Castro Racer Army Racer Army National
Phoenix Castro Racer Army Racer Army National
Blake Clegg Racer Army Racer Army Militia
Carter Cochran Racer Army Elite Factory Blaze
Don Cook Racer Army Racer Army Elite Squad
Brandon Dabbs Pickle Juice Factory Supercross
Marcy Davis BMX Revolution Napa Valley Pull
Owen Davis BMX Revoluton Napa Valley Pull
Nick Disanti Factory Skyway
Shane Drayson Morphine industries Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
Dominic Duran Nemesis bmx 510 bayarea bmxers
Riley Edwards Factory Kuwahara
Evan Ensarro Factory Kuwahara
Jaeger Evans Doublecross MN Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Bo Ferguson Racer Army National Racer Army Elite
Donald Fisher Bullseye / GHP Bullseye Factory Racing
Devan Fraser
David Freeman AllTow Wrecking Crew Time 2 Shine
Brodie Furbee Oxygen fiend GHP BMX
Hector Gomez Factory Rift/Tangent
Piper Graaten Enviro Racing Speedline
Erica Greene The Nationals All Legit Racing
Ricky Greene The Nationals All Legit Racing
Savannah Greene The Nationals All Legit Racing
Alexandra Gruba New to BMX Black Widow
Hunter Gruba Isanti Bicycle Black Widow
Alyssa Guadagnano Racer Army Racer Army National
Gavin Guadagnano Racer Army Racer Army Elite
James “JT” Hampton Kid Dynamite Wisconsin Racer Army Elite
Dylan Harnage NKRT SpeedTech/Ssquared
Tyler Harnage NKRT SpeedTech/Ssquared
Tyler Henry National GHP SpeedTech/Ssquared
Darrin Herman Free Agent Plainfield Twisters BMX
Dean Herman Free Agent Plainfield Twisters BMX
Deegan Herman None Plainfield Twisters BMX
Jadyn Herman Free Agent Plainfield Twisters BMX
Austin Hiatt Motive Power Racing Factory Alpha Bicycles
Emily Hill Doublecross Missouri Doublecross National Team
Liam Holt Private TNT Bicycles Grassroots
Makieva Hopson Doublecross J&R Bicycles/Chase/BOX
Alan Hudson Star BMX Prodcuts Kuwahara Co-Factory
Cayden Hultz The Nationals All Legit Racing
Hailey Hultz The Nationals All Legit Racing
Gavin Inwards Doublecross Minnesota Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Lucas Inwards Doublecross Minnesota Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Cole Isaacs Doublecross Minnesota Kid Dynamite Minnesota
Danimal Isaacs no team in 2015 Kid Dynamite Minnesota
Cohen James Havok Racing No Xcuses
Abbie Johnson Factory Pickle Juice Factory Supercross
Damon Johnson Team 567 Factory 567
Kendall Johnson Racer Army Racer Army Militia
Kevin Johnson Racer Army Racer Army Militia
Laird Johnson Racer Army Solid Foundation / Racer Army Militia
Mike Johnson Racer Army Racer Army Militia
Nigel Johnson Racer Army Solid Foundation / Racer Army Militia
True Johnson Redman Jr Devo Factory Avent/Bombshell
Chuck Jones EPik Carbon Products Grassroots Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
Cru Jones Rad Racing Factory Mongoose
Elizabeth Jones Factory Kuwahara Potter Racing Products
Lexa Jones FastSigns Gordy’s
Jaslin Jones FastSigns Gordy’s
Kody Kirchhoff Factory HRP Design/FLY
Ethan Kitt Racer Army Racer Army National
Liam Kitt Racer Army Racer Army National
Kenneth Knott None Time2shine
Andre LaCroix Factory 24/7 The 2nd baseman Charity
Junior Lamb Racer Army Racer Army National
Ed LaMielle Racer Army Racer Army National
Zachary LaMielle Racer Army Racer Army National
Cameron Leon Racer Army Militia Racer Army Militia
Silvia Leon Racer Army Militia Racer Army Militia
Max Ligman ORP Rickard Bikes Alpha Factory
Sara Ligman ORP Rickard Bikes Alpha Factory
Kaden Lundgren The Nationals Four Five Designs
Kris Lundgren The Nationals Four Five Designs
Cody Lynn AllTow Wrecking Crew Time 2 Shine
Lucas Mallory Albes Bike Shop Factory Alpha Bicycle Products
Esther Martone P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Ian Martone P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Peter Martone P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Aaron Mathews Redman Devo FullTilt Bike co.
Landon May Mom&Dad Phantom Development
Mika McEvoy AllTow Wrecking Crew Time 2 Shine
Riley McGee Racer Army National
Jennifer Mettler BMX Track Supply Blot Out Graphics
Healey Miller Trilogy Park BMX Lindenwood University/ Trilogy
Tiffany Molesi Team Corrosive Blot Out Graphics
Donovan Monette Thunderbeach Kid DynaMite
Carson Morgan Racer Army Racer Army Elite
Entire Morphine 5 Star team Morphine Industries Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
Chria Morris P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Kadence Morris P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Melissa Morris P4P BMX Kid Dynamite New England
Joshua “Rocket Man” Mularchyk Morphine Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
Sammy Nichols Doublecross Factory Free Agent/OMDG
Derek O’Connell National GHP SpeedTech/Ssquared
Jeff Orlandi SBC Army Northeast Squad Stylin
Aiden Parr Mom Rival Racing America Development
Todd Parry Madera Factory Factory Kuwahara
Hayden Passanisi none J&R Bicycles/Chase/BOX
Justin Perkins FastSigns Bombshell Factory
Ashlee Pettinelli Teamless (re class to amateur) Blot Out graphics
A.J. Phillips Racer Army Racer Army National
JJ Phillips Racer Army Racer Army National
Derek Phipps Answer/Rennen FullTilt Bike Co.
Jack Plummer Venom/Black-Crown Factory Free-Agent
Scarlett Preston Doublecross Missouri Hostile Missouri
Zach Reed Factory Kuwahara
Parker Respass Phantom Development SpeedTech/Ssquared
Donny Robinson SE Bikes ÒIn DiscussionsÓ
Elijah Rodahl Dad Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Austin Rogers FastSigns Gordy’s
Jeremy Rommel Factory Supercross SE Bikes
Matt Rubeck Mom & Dad J&R Bicycles/Chase/BOX
Alijah Salas LDC Challenge
Cameron Schestler Racer Army Racer Army National
Collin Schmidt Factory Doublecross Factory Free Agent
Levi Schones CCH National Team Racer Army Elite
Luke Segal Staats/Ciari
Justin Seitz J&R bikes Factory Supercross
Crawford Shaw Bad Ace Texas Rival Racing America Development
Jason Shaw Bad Ace Texas Rival Racing America Develpment
Mark Shaw Factory Kuwahara
Megan Shaw Bad Ace Factory Rival Racing America Development
Victor Silva Power Cycles Yess Bmx
William Silva PowerCycles Yess Bmx
Menardo Simon Yess Bmx
Parker Skaggs Racer Army Racer Army National
Preston Skaggs Racer Army Racer Army National
Seth Slaney Bombshell /Avent
Steve Slaney Bombshell / Avent
Scott Sloan ORP Rival Racing America Development
Isaac Smith Racer Army National
Logan Smith Racer Army Racer Army National
Madelyn Smith Racer Army National
Nehemiah Smith Racer Army BMX
Shawn Smith Racer Army Racer Army National
Jessa Smith Racer Army Racer Army National
Tannor Smith Racer Army Racer Army National
Kinlee Snider Crupi Texas Hostile Elite Factory
Joe “Brownie Man” Sprague The Nationals Albe’s BMX
Derek Stafford Yess
Eli Staton Racer Army Factory Bombshell-Avent
Taylor Stephens FullTilt Bike co.
Guillermo Suarez Morphine Industries 5 star Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
Joe Tessman Cars Bike Shop / GHP Kid DynaMite Minnesota
Jake Thomson Racer Army Racer Army National
Garrett Tindle Racer Army Phantom Development
Jackson Tobias Doublecross Missouri Hostile BMX Missouri
Jacob Trujillo LDC Challenge Yess Factory
Kyle Trujillo LDC Challenge KID Racing
Dan Uhl IM BMX Rival Racing America Development
Jason Uhl IM BMX Rival Racing America Development
Juhree Uhl IM BMX Rival Racing America Development
Luke Uhl IM BMX Rival Racing America Development
Taylor Uhl IM BMX Rival Racing America Development
Dalton Vasquez Racer Army Racer Army National
Diego Victoria Morphine Industries 5 Star Yess / Dan’s Comp / Epik
Shawn Wade DFR/Powerlite Looking
Nathan Walker Get a Grip racing Mantis
Amelia Walsh GT Bicycles Haro Canada
Matthew Webb Biker’s Edge Blot Out Graphics
Robby Webb Biker’s Edge Blot Out Graphics
Benjamin Webber IM BMX Rival Racing America Development
Brandon Webber Bad Ace Factory Rival Racing America Development
David Williams Factory Bombshell/Avent Knuckle Up Racing National Team

Note: If you have a correction to any of the above data, please send it, along with your phone number, to

Watch for the upcoming article “10 Things to Do When You Switch Sponsors,” out tomorrow here on News.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all the riders making changes, and the sponsors who love them.

—Mike Carruth

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2016 Team Changes, Part One

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Fresh Answer-Rennen Pickups for 2016

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2016 Answer Rennen Team Additions

There is a crispness in the air that always comes with the post-Grands run-up to the new year, and the new racing season not far behind. Tis also the season for factory team changes, and we love that part, perhaps most of all.

Today, we have a couple additions to the Answer-Rennen set. There was a little leadoff on one, following an after-the-mains photo posted by teammate Markwane Billingsley lifted the curtain on Elida Beeman coming back to the Rennen tent.

We are also now free to let the cat out of the bag on Bobby “Wasabi” Connelly joining George and the gang. Bobby has been making big moves in 2015, and will be a great addition to the West Coast faction.

Here’s what Answer Rennen said about the additions, via a release:

Answer-Rennen is proud to announce the signing of two new riders to the family for 2016.

Bobby “Wasabi” Connelly (Manteca, CA) this 9X had a strong 2015 and is looking forward to tearing it up in 2016 in the Answer-Rennen jersey.

Elida Beeman (Lansing, MI) is coming home as a past Rennen/Intense team member from years past. Elida’s strong 2015 season and grit in returning from injury to finish third in the super tough 17-20 class will be a great addition to the Answer/Rennen family.

We are looking forward to getting the 2016 season off to a great start in Las Vegas with not only our new riders but all the returning riders.

Welcome to team Bobby & Elida.

2016 Answer-Rennen Team Roster
Niles Austin
Derik Bergh
Markwane Billingsley
Bailey Brannen
Brandon Crain
Max Egdorf
Marshall Gehrke
Bobby Connelly
Dustin Hammond
Leyna Jones
Jeremy Knapper
Justin Knapper
Pablo Lopez
Rayce Costa
David Maltezos
Camron Mason
Madelyn Mason
Erik Meyer
Patrick Parker
Elida beeman
Al Roybal

Congrats to all parties, and get ready for those early lead rider calls in Vegas. Those flashes you’ll be seeing will be BMX News first photos in full effect.

Answer-Rennen Co-Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Answer Racing (ANSR Gear), ODI Grips, Dan’s Comp, G-Form, Base Brooklyn, X Brand Goggles and Pedro’s


Answer BMX Website

Rennen Design Group Website

Profile Goes Global with “World Team”

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Profile Racing World Team for 2016

Just as the 2015 USA BMX Grands were starting, this release hit the BMX News “big ears” ticker. Factory Profile is going global, combining their US team and continental taste and charm with eight new members from the UK to form the internationally-known Profile Factory “World Team.”

Here’s how the release broke it down:

We are proud to announce the formation of the new “Profile Factory World Team,” joining the existing factory team of John Pringle, Caleb Minthorn, Shay Glynn, Nick Connelly, Tanner Engel, RoseEllen Hoke, Casey Minthorn, Amanda Taylor and Charlie Golwyn.

Bringing continents together, we are excited to introduce the newest members of the Profile family Harley Taylor, Ollie Rowe, Zoltan Buday, Darcie Taylor, Kelsey Dixon, Matt Barnard, Ian Gunner and the new UK TM Chris Taylor. They will join Gus and the current 2015 factory Profile team riders to build one of the most exciting teams ever to be involved in BMX.

Profile’s unique look and feel of the team on both sides of the Atlantic along with our philosophy of ‘’Bringing The Factory To You!’’, will bring a whole new meaning to the words – factory team. The team will be matching exactly in every way and will be subsequently riding the same frames, use the same parts and wear the same kit.

The World team is proudly sponsored by and will be riding Hyper Mission 1.0 race frames, Snafu Forks, Maxxis Tires, ODI Grips, SunRingle Hoops, Box components, HRP Number Plates, with support from, Feedback Sports, and Monster Energy, and fully loaded with the freshest Profile Racing parts around. They will also be sporting the new 2016 Fly Racing kit and helmets.

So keep an eye out for our new bike checks, bike build videos, new parts reviews, follow us on Instagram and most of all stop by and say hi trackside. Exciting times ahead for the Profile Racing World Team.

Instagram – @profileracingbmx

Exciting stuff from a great bunch…we look forward to seeing the new Red & Black kits in our viewfinder in the new year.


Profile Racing Website

Letter: I’m Hurt. And I Might Get Dropped.

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How can I help the team?

Dear News: I am (a/an age redacted) expert on a fairly well known team. I had x major injuries this year, and can’t race Grands. What could I do to be valuable to the team, even if I am not racing? (Im afraid they might drop me cause of my injuries).

Thanks for this very time-appropriate question. And it really applies to EVERYONE who is sponsored, whether injured or not, top performer or up & comer.

I will address the last part of your question first (which wasn’t really a question)…the part about “I’m afraid they might drop me…”

Don’t assume anything! Most team managers understand injuries; injuries happen all the time. If you’re feeling uneasy about your place on the team, have a frank discussion about it with the TM. Open communication is always the best way. It will do both of you a load of good, however it ends up.

The question of how to be more “valuable” is a great one for all sponsored riders to be asking–whether at the end of the season, or any time.

These tips could (and should) be used by anyone, but for your purposes, while you’re out with an injury, there’s a TON you can do between now and the Grands, and beyond, to be helpful to your team. Though we redacted your age in order to preserve anonymity, for our readers’ sake, I will say that you are old enough to have access to social media (14+).

Here are five things you can do right now to start kicking butt off the bike for your team and its sponsors.

1). Bump up your team’s public profile. If you’re not planning to travel to the Grands, you should try to go. You’re hurt, so you won’t be riding, which means you can devote all your time to being “generally useful” to the team. I’m not talking about holding water bottles or wrenching bikes. No sir, you can be the team’s social media and press liason.

Create a list of all your team riders (and parent) social media accounts. Share, retweet and riff-off-of those posts to expand your team’s social media footprint. Tag @bmxnews, @bmxnow and others in your posts.

Invite BMX media like News, Pull and BMX Mania over to the pit for an introduction and to update them on how your riders are doing going in to The Grands. For a big story like this, we need background and photos on the contenders, and pit photos are always awesome. Wednesday is the best time for such invites, before the racing action starts.

2). Share, share, share! If your team is in the news (BMX News stories tied to your sponsors, Pull Magazine photos, features about team riders, photos posted of your riders by local photographers, etc), rally everyone with a social account on your team and get them ALL to share these posts. If a team has 10 riders, but a BMX News (or any other outlet’s) post about a team sponsor has only 1 share, that’s a free-and-easy opportunity to create value for your team and its sponsors. With you as QB of that success!

3). Write a Recap. Get with every rider on your roster, and put together a Grands recap of your team’s experience in Tulsa. Speaking for BMX News, we would be happy to run a well-written team recap as part of our Grands coverage, turned in by midnight Sunday (and, by the way, we prefer HORIZONTAL photos).

Take us “behind the music” and create a recap that gives some real detail–not just what we, on the infield, can see. Then pick ONE media outlet, and submit it. Don’t blast it out to every outlet in the known universe. One outlet–whether BMX News or any another (but hopefully News!).

One big mistake teams/brands/riders make is posting race reports on their own social media, exclusively. The audience will be MUCH larger, and your post will have greater legitimacy, if you work with a media outlet, then share what we post on your own social accounts.

4). Tap Local Media. Every one of your team riders has a home town. Research and reach-out to the sports reporters, “local interest” editors and other journalists in those cities to place articles on those local heroes. Coordinate with your riders and their parents first to be sure they are up for it, but if they are, have contact info and photos ready to go (BMX News might be able to help. Contact us if you need photos).

As many riders as there are, so are the angles of the story. “She won the national title in her age class” (aka NAG 1), “he came back from an early disappointment to race in the main event among seven of the best riders of his age in the world,” you get the idea. It’s a lot easier than you think to get their attention; they need to “feed the beast” every day with new content.

5). Be the pit “Ambassador.” Sponsorship is all about selling product. How can YOU make an impact in your sponsor’s sales. Believe me when I say that a pit at the Grands can be more valuable to your sponsor’s sales than a few pegs in a local bike shop showroom–when done right. Set your pit up to display your sponsor’s products in a way that riders and parents passing by can get interested in, and start asking questions about.

When they do, be ready with a smile, and contact info for all your sponsors (a hand-out sheet with all their names and websites, team logo at the top, would be perfect). Be sure you study-up on the finer points of the products you are representing, so you can answer the questions asked. If you don’t know the answer, have a direct-path to answer the question, and maybe offer to put them in touch with a company representative who is there at the race (everyone who is anyone is in the building, ready to impress potential customers. Those consumers will very-much appreciate a team who puts them next to the person who has the correct answers).

Wear a team or lead-sponsor brand T-Shirt (or your jersey), and view this as seriously as you would getting to staging on time and racing well. These are “business hours,” so treat them as such.

PRO TIP: Have clean rags at the ready, and wipe-down the display product every couple hours so dust never settles on it–even way back at the other end of the arena.

BONUS): If you’re not able to travel to Tulsa, you can still do some of this stuff from home. Reach out to all of your team families, create a list of all their social accounts, monitor BMX News, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc for the prime share opportunities, and ask your team families to text back details from the race. Imagine yourself as “mission control” for your team’s media effort–because you are.

I hope these suggestions help. If you do even SOME these things, and do them well– and you are STILL dropped– then, my friend, there are a dozen more teams who would be lucky to have you, so worry-not!

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo by FiDalwood, via Flickr (not showing, nor representative of, the letter writer’s injury)

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Doublecross Adds Anderson and Hopson

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Justin Anderson and Makieva Hopson

Some early news from the South Point Hotel, Casino, Spa and BMX Track in Las Vegas today as Factory Doublecross shows off their new 2015 jerseys, with a pair of prime pedal plonkers packed inside. Justin Anderson and Makieva Hopson were brought into the spotlight Read more

2015 Factory Team Changes – Part II

December 9, 2014 by · Comments Off 

2015 Factory Team Changes - Part II

We got some big props on part one of our 2015 Factory Team Changes feature yesterday. Thanks to all who sent in text messages, Facebook likes, shares and comments, and emails. Part two has even more in store for team watchers, with some late-breaking news, and a couple new teams joining the fray for 2015.

It’s pretty clear that we will have at least one other follow-up to this story, as the January 1 team announcements get the green light from the powers-that-be. BMX News will be there, with a glass pressed against the wall (more like a laser-mic from across the street), so be sure to check back early and often.

And now, without any further clackity-clack, here are 10 more teams with 2015 pickups.

Cameron Moore is on Haro/Promax for 2015
Donavon Long has made some strategic additions to the already-beefy top team of 2014.

Cameron Moore – 17x (Above)
Ryan Goodwin – 11x
Ronnie Kim – 8x
Shayla Blackmore – 16 girls

J&R Bicycles / Chase
J&R Bicycles Team Changes 2015

The top bike shop team in all the land will be letting a few off the bus, and taking a few onto the bus for 2015. Yeah, this is a “Factory Team” article, but “Factory” is really a state of mind, more than words on a team sheet, isn’t it? Team Manager Scott Angus told News:

I’m proud to announce that Karter Montellano, 6x NAG #1 from Riverside, California, Mia Downes, 6g from El Cajon, California, and Justin Seitz, 10x NAG #11 from San Bernardino, California will be joining the team.

The Shriver sisters (Katja, Richelle, and Esja), Zack Van Kammen, Ryan Pettigrew, Ty Beadle, Dahvin Childs, Leinani Peralta, Joe & Josh Sontag, Josh Veron, and Michael Weatherford will return for next season. Weatherford will be joining the Vet Pro ranks mid-season after winning the Grands and getting his first NAG #1 plate.  Ryan Pettigrew and Zack Van Kammen will be doing both the National circuit and some SX races.

Meybo USA
Meybo USA Factory Team
Meybo is a new brand on the US scene. Wildly-popular in Europe, Oklahoman Ben Tabor is bringing the brand to our shores with a large squad of mostly Midwest talent to promote in a big way. Here’s what ben told News:

We started Meybo USA because we wanted to offer a race frame that was different than the usual brands. Being a racer that liked to ride a bike that not everyone had was my driving force. Our goals for 2015 are to compete as a factory team at some nationals and help our riders achieve their racing goals through mentoring, social media exposure and any other marketing opportunities we can be a part of. While it seems like there are a lot of riders, everyone will be competing regionally and at select Nationals. All our riders are super excited to be the driving force behind the brand and be a part of something new. The team is supported by AXO, Maxxis, Onyx and It Works.

Thomas “Thrillbilly” Wagner, 36-40x and Cruiser
Hudson, OH

Daniel Galusha, 36-40x
Las Vegas, NV

Jim Bunsey, 41 – 45C
Oberlin, OH

Trevor Bunsey, 11x
Oberlin, OH

Kasie Kalal, 16G and 16GC
Valley View, OH

Tyler “Happy” Gilmore, 15x
Bakersfield, CA

Chris Peterie, 17/18x and 17-20C
Jenks, OK

Justin Roeser, 15x
Wichita, KS

Cole Below, 13x
Fremont, OH

Scott Lachanski, 41-45C
North Royalton, OH

Ben Taber, 36-40x
Edmond, OK


Jim Buchanan has one of the largest and most fierce teams on the circuit. Jim tells us that it’s a little early to say what, if any, additions will be made for the new season, but did give us two for publication that we were already aware of:

Kaynen Burg – 10x
Carson Leet – 12x

We will have more for you on the Ssquared/Answer roster as soon as it is available

Lain Van Ogle Staats/Ciari

On September 30, BMX News reported that Lain Van Ogle would move from the disbanded Phoenix BOX team to Staats/Ciari in the new year. That is not necessarily news, but we are re-adding it here so we have a more comprehensive list. Lain, and Trae Proctor, will wear both the Staats and Ciari uniforms throughout the season.

Luke Segal was on BlackCrown til the Grands, and will now suit up for Staats as well.

>>>BREAKING:There is late word from the West Coast that Kelsey Van Ogle and Peter Choat will also move to Staats in 2015. It was expected that Kelsey and Peter would be joining Doublecross (as we reported yesterday, and as has been out in the community for a while now), but circumstances seem to have changed.

Kelsey told News today:

“I know the Huvards very well and ultimately decided Staats would be the best fit for me. Really excited to continue my racing career with my brother and glad to be back with the Huvards*. Can’t wait for 2015!”

* Kelsey raced for the Huvards on the Redman team, starting when she was six years old.

Stay Strong
Tanner Sebesta signs with Stay Strong
This was a late-breaking change, with Tanner Sebesta moving over to be the first US AA on the new Stay Strong frame we showed you a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what Tanner posted on Facebook this morning:

“Stoked to announce I will be riding for @staystrongbmx for the 2015 season. Stay strong will be releasing their new frames shortly and the frame is no joke designed by @dbetcher44 stiff and clean as the best on the market. Looking forward to the fresh season rocking new colors with new hype. Thank you Marco for this opportunity, let’s get it!”

2015 Supercross BMX Team Additions
With Kim Hayashi at the helm of the team for the new year, Factory Supercross will step boldly into 2015 with six new riders added to the already-strong squad.

Kim has been a part of the Supercross / Speedline family for the last five years and shares the same vision of fun coupled with performance as Supercross owner Bill Ryan.

The new additions (Clockwise from top left in above photo) are:

Gavin Bowers – 13x (NAG 7)
Portland, OR

BJ Ensey – 16x (NAG 14)
Redding, CA

Ryan Puckett – 15X (NAG 6)
Redding, CA

Sadie Thompson – 15-16G
Phoenix, AZ

Anna Johnson – 14G (NAG 4) / 16-16GC (NAG 5)
Garland, TX

Annabella Hammonds – 9G
Apple Valley, CA

All six will make their debut in the Supercross jersey at the 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals in Las Vegas next month. *Photo: BMX News composite

Tangent 2015 Factory Team Additions

The Tangent Cartel is bringing a high-wattage team back to the tent for 2015. Here’s what Team Manager, TJ Johnson told us:

Rich and I here at Rift-Tangent are super excited for the upcoming 2015 season. This year was like no other, we were able to set the new roster before the USA BMX Grandnationals even took place. Adding to our already-stellar roster of Riley Stair, Jacob Abbe and Breanna Winter, starting in Las Vegas we will have:

Bryant White – 14x (NAG 1) from Santee, CA

Nate Romero – 10x (NAG 8) from Victorville, CA

Kody Kolshinski – 9x (NAG 9) from Redding, CA

These three riders fit in great with our current group of riders, and will complete awesome roster for the 2015 season and beyond.

2015 Yess BMX USA Factory Team
As reported last week here on News, Yess BMX has welcomed Jerry Bradford to the operation to serve as US Factory Team Manager. This team will operate independently of the storied Canadian team that often ventures South to whoop up on their Americano pals.

The five-rider squad will be:

Maynard Peel (15X, NAG 1)
Kohl Piluso (11X, NAG 3)
Christina Cunningham (7G, NAG 2)
Jayce Bartley (9C, NAG 2)
Patrick Coo (12X, NAG 1)

That is all we have for this go-round. There are half-a-dozen more, in addition to the 15 teams we listed in this two-part feature, so watch for an update when those details are made available to News.

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2015 Factory Team Changes – Part I

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The Manager

November 17, 2014 by · Comments Off 

William Parker and Carlos Perez
By Heather Parker

We first met Carlos Perez in 2010. He’d caught word of William, and had been watching him during the season. William was a wounded 9x fresh off of double elbow dislocations, but Carlos took a chance and believed in him. Carlos made no demands. He only expected William’s best. He helped William see what he was capable of, so he could sit back and watch him fly.

We had no idea what we were getting into when William joined Carlos’ Factory Felt squad in 2010. It didn’t take us long to figure out that what we were joining was nothing short of a family. We all made fast friends in the pits, and shared more laughs and good times than I can count.

There’s something extraordinary about this team– this group of people we refer to as “family”. There’s a bond that forms when you share emotions; the hope and love for your children, shared excitement and shared tears. For years we’ve cheered as one, wanting the best for all of our riders. We all know what it feels like when our child doesn’t make the main, so we all know what to say, how to help, and when to hug. For a time, we were like a small, perfect village.

William Parker with Meredith Lidstone
Four years ago when I told William to introduce himself to the new lady on the team, I wouldn’t have guessed it was the beginning of a long friendship. Since that day, Meredith Lidstone has provided William with sage advice for on and off the track. When words didn’t help, she gave him magic shorts— Under Armor drawers I would have to wash in the hotel sink every night at nationals because they really worked. She’s watched William grow from a little boy into (yikes!) the 13 year old man child he is now. I expect she’ll watch him go off to college, and dance at his wedding too. It doesn’t matter that they’re no longer in the same jersey. They rode for Carlos together, and that means they’re family.

The moms under Carlos’ tent formed friendships that can’t be undone. “We’re friends before BMX”, one mom said to me just the other day. And she’s right.

As we prepare for the Grands next week, we prepare for the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. We reflect on the races won, the friends we’ve made, and the times we’ve shared. I reflect back now in amazement at the dedication of Carlos and Madeline Perez, who year after year brought a group of riders and families together who are all winners.

THANK YOU, Carlos Perez for believing in more than just a team. THANK YOU Carlos for the friendships that come before BMX. THANK YOU, Carlos for being a team manager and leader who cares more for his riders than winning a team sheet. While we are always grateful for the support of our sponsors, it’s the people on our team and leading our team that mean the most.

—Heather Parker

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Carlos Perez Announces Retirement From BMX

November 15, 2014 by · Comments Off 

Carlos Perez Retires from BMX
After long consideration, I have decided to retire from BMX Racing. It has been one heck of a run! About 12 years ago I decided I wanted to get involved in the BMX team aspect of the sport and started a team with some friends called Pedal Militia. There were only three riders on the team which included my son Dylan. The Pedal Militia team grew in the next two years and we competed for the NBL Bike Shop team title against the mighty HBR team run by my friend Todd Hines. He beat us that year handily and I was determined to come back the following year with a bigger and stronger team and that’s when we started CMR Racing. I would love to say that we were able to beat HBR that year but unfortunately we fell one point shy and lost again to HBR!

At this point the team and sponsorships had grown to a point where we were able to pick up a sponsorship from Felt Bicycles. It was in South Park when I was introduced to Alan Foster who saw what we had going on and gave us a shot at representing one of the leaders in the bicycle industry, and we started the Factory Felt National Team. At this point the team exploded into the NBL National series with riders like Justin Posey, Bob O’Gorman, Cole Tesar and Krista Fournier which led us to winning the 2011 NBL National title.

The team continued its winning ways until 2013 when Felt pulled their BMX line. Those Felt teams were the most talented and united bunch of riders and families in all of BMX! This post is probably too long already but I would like to personally thank those riders for giving me the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and relationships with some incredible families.

In 2014 I came on board to BlackCrown Products. To the credit of my riders, they all followed me there to form one of the most talented teams in USA BMX. We went on an incredible streak where we won 7 straight factory races and were in the money just about every race we entered. I made a goal for myself that we would be a top-five team going into the Grands and with the help of my riders we came close to accomplishing that sitting 6th just a couple of points out of 5th.

At this point I felt my job was done and thoughts of retiring started creeping into the back of my mind. It wasn’t until this past Veterans Day weekend, when my son was home from Fort Drum that I sat down with him to discuss the 2015 plans, that he said to me “dad, how about next year you, mom and I just go to the races and sit in the bleachers and watch me race?” That’s when I made the decision to retire from BMX team racing. You see my son Dylan is scheduled for deployment next summer and I realized that he has been sharing me with 15 other families for the past 12 years. It’s time for me to focus on the most important thing in my life—my family. He deserves it, and has patiently waited for me all these years.

There are so many people I would like to thank that have made the last 12 years some of the most memorable years in my life. Starting with my friend Mike Horner, who was the original founder of Pedal Militia, thanks my brother for starting on this journey. My good friend Mark Perry who was not only the sponsor (Prudential Financial) but a good friend and fishing partner. Lou Roberti who took us to the next level with Felt Bicycles and taught me never to take no for an answer. Alan Foster at Felt Bicycles who took a chance on an unknown team manager and handed me the reigns to one of the most prestigious positions I could have ever dreamed of as the team manager of Factory Felt. My long time friend Greg Habib who came on board 7 years ago and has been my right hand man through all the winning, losing and otherwise. My brother from another mother Sam Walsh who has to be the most competitive SOB I have ever met! Thanks Sam for all you have done for me, my team and especially my family! As much as I would love to mention every rider that has ever ridden for me here that would be impossible mostly because I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be. I will give special thanks to two of the oldest standing riders on my team and they are Coleman Habib and Jeremy N Cynthia Thompson. Thank you guys for your loyalty and love throughout all these years! Also a special shout out to the #FFF Factory Felt For Life moms, Lori Christopher, Ellen Habib, Pamela Walsh, Heather Wolfe Parker, Misty Fields Castro!

Last but certainly not least I would like to thank my beautiful wife who had as much vested in this anyone. She set up the food table. She handed out hugs for wins and losses. She applied first aid on many occasions. But most importantly she supported me during the highs and lows…thank you babe I LOVE YOU!

To Dylan Christopher I watched you grow from that little 5 rookie trying to balance in the gate at Bethel Supercross to the man and soldier you are today. There aren’t enough words to describe my love for you! You have made me proud in every way possible. I promise that next year it will be you, mom and I sitting in the bleachers watching you race.


—Carlos Perez

Carlos, thanks to you and your family for all you brought to BMX racing these past 12 years, and the support and friendship you have shown us here at BMX News. Since you’ll be in the bleachers on raceday now, this is definitely not “goodbye,” but it will be different not seeing you in a pit shirt, clipboard in hand.

Mike Carruth

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Chandler Denton Parts Ways With Profile

August 27, 2014 by · Comments Off 

Chandler Denton and Profile part ways

After a three-year run in the Profile Factory kit, 19-27x star Chandler Denton will start a new chapter this weekend in Louisville. In a joint statement, Chandler and Profile TM Gus Lanzilotta told BMX News that Chandler would be moving on from the team, and likely racing the rest in a plain-wrap Fly kit.

Here’s what Chandler said:

​Three years ago, at this time, I was getting ready for the 2011 NBL Grands. Not only was I preparing for the race, but I was anticipating my on-bringing to the Profile Racing Factory Team.

Now, fast forward back to present day, I am preparing for the 2014 USA BMX Derby City Nationals; however, I will be departing from the Profile Racing Factory Team.
​I would first like to say “Thank You” to Jim Alley, Gus Lanzilotta, and everyone else at Profile Racing for not only giving me a great opportunity, but for giving me my start. They waved a green-flag in my face and I took this opportunity and ran with it. Profile opened a door for me, allowing me to race many races over the past three seasons. Gus always took care of me at the races, whether he was there or not. Also, I cannot thank them enough for the tremendous amount of exposure they have given me throughout the BMX world.

Without Profile’s endless amount of support, I would not be the rider I am today.
Although I am no longer a part of the factory squad, I still consider myself part of the Profile Racing family. Thank you to everyone on the team who has made this experience as enjoyable and as fun as it could have been.

I plan to continue representing Profile Racing as best as I can throughout my BMX career. Thank you once again, Profile Racing, for giving me a great opportunity.

Profile Team Manager, Gus Lanzilotta added to Chandler’s message, saying:

All good things have their time. It has been our pleasure to have Chandler on our Profile Factory Race Team. Chandler is a great rider and was a great sportsmanship leader on our team.

Whenever we lose a rider such as Chandler I’m always drawn to a saying (I’ll paraphrase): “When all is said and done, it’s not the races that won the championship that you remember, but the friendships you made along the way.”

We are truly sad to see him move on, but we wish him every success in his journey through the Pro-ranks. We will remember his time on the team well.

The headlines are already starting on this Derby City Nationals weekend. We wish Chandler the best for the balance of 2014, and look forward to see him topping the A-Pro results next year.

Above photo: A little way-back-Wednesday action from last year’s Derby City Nationals.

—Mike Carruth


Profile Racing Website

Chandler Denton on Twitter

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