Video Tour: Berm Academy Rig

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Berm Academy Video Tour

We have been following the progress of Jason Carnes and Berm Academy since the very-first nuggets of the idea were made public, right around Grands 2016. In Tulsa JC gave us a personal walk-through of the rig, which has since undergone more upgrades and creature comfort additions Read more

Podcast: Jason Carnes on Berm Academy

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Jason Carnes Berm Academy

Without question, the top road warrior in BMX Racing is Jason Carnes. For the past 17 years, we have seen him in the Redline pit, setting up the perfect environment for the riders under his care, and offering a place to put-down for friends who were pitless.

Whenever News showed up early for a national, we’d always see JC scrubbing the grit & grime off the Redline banners, wiping-down the bikes from the last stop, prepping them for the weekend, and generally getting the space squared-away, with almost military precision.

That was no accident, by the way, as Jason served our country in the US Army, as a Veteran of Operation Desert Storm. He then carried an exemplary level of aesthetic discipline back into his BMX career as the face and voice of Redline Bicycles in the field, both at the races, and at Redline Flight School clinics.

Jason recently marked an end to his career in the Redline rig, and has launched a BMX startup like no other.

Jason Carnes’ Berm Academy offers a series of full-immersion BMX tours which allow riders 14-over to get the real-deal BMX road trip experience, directly from the guy who has been on the road longer than some of them have been alive.

News sat down with Jason to bring you a podcast that sets the scene for how Berm Academy works, and how you can be part of this unique experience for one week, or a full month of BMX life on the road.

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There’s no doubt that the road trips we take hold the best of all memories of our time in BMX. I, myself, wrote an article in the BMXer, back in 2008, talking about the very-thing that Jason is now offering to a new generation of BMXers (link below). So, who’s “in?”

—Mike Carruth


Jason Carnes Berm Academy Website

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