Alienation Vault Has a Wealth of Pull

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Alienation Vault Stem
The front end of your bike is where all that training you do ends up (well, that, and on the pedals). Flex in your stem is where some of that pull-force gets scrubbed-off. So, when it comes to selecting a stem that is going to have brute-force clamping power on your bars and forks, plus the lightweight cred not to slow down your scoot, you need to make sure it’s a gem.

The Vault stem, by Alienation, gives you the kung-fu grip you need, where you need it, AND
the unyielding stiffness to make your start and out-of-the-turn horsepower all it can be.

News checked in with Alienation boss, Zach Taylor, for a little bit of hype on how and why the vault means money in your bike’s bank.

The Vault stem looks fast standing still. It possesses some of the cleanest lines ever witnessed. The topload, split-clamp is extremely functional along with the unique rear-clamp cut out.

The 58mm version is in stock and shipping now from J&R at $56.95. 53mm is also available by special order. You can have any color you want, as long as it’s Black.

The Finer Details:
- 7075 T6 CNC’d
- Stack Height: 31.8 mm
- Reach: 53 mm or 58mm
- Rise: 33 mm
- Weight: 289 g / 10.2 oz

Use the link below for more info and to order.


Alienation Vault Stem on J&R Bicycles

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Chase Act 1.0 Carbon

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Chase Act 1.0 Carbon BMX Racing Frame
BMX News has been tracking the Chase Carbon ACT 1.0 to market ever since we had the “World Exclusive” sneak peek in August of 2016. Last March, pre-orders were opened, and the frame started shipping in Q3.

Connor and Joris showed up to the Grands rockin their 2018 Factory Chase colorway, complete with neon-yellow accents. Lookin GOOD!

This is the first opportunity we had to dig in on the ACT 1.0 as a Product Spotlight, and we caught up with Pete Dylewski, BMX Racing Group partner, and part of the visionary crew that put it all together.

Here’s what he told us about the ACT 1.0 Carbon:

Over the past three years, we have been designing, developing, testing, and refining the ACT carbon.

With each frame prototype and sample, we let our Pro team ride it, give us feedback, comparing it to the RSP frame as a benchmark, and make the necessary changes to make it a better frame for winning races.

With help from industry design experts such as Billy Griggs, and the design being refined each time by Christophe Leveque, we feel we had reached the point to release the final version, the ACT 1.0.

As you could see with our team, it seemed to help with both Joris win a UCI BMX world cup as well as numerous USA BMX Pro Series nationals, and help Connor win the overall USA BMX #1 Pro title.

There are six sizes available—Pro, Pro+, Pro XL, Pro XL+, Pro XXL and Pro XXL+, each adding a 1/4″ to the top tube from 20.5″ to 21.75″, among other incremental geometry adjustments.

Finishes are matte or gloss black, with red, blue or neon yellow accents, or matte/gloss grey with neon yellow. For those enquiring minds who want to know: Joris and Connor run the black with neon–Connor on the matte and Joris on the Gloss finish.

The Act 1 also has an integrated seat clamp, two sets of chain tensioners (20mm and 10mm), as well as the Monocoque Carbon Aero Seat Post (Length : 110mm, Weight : 60 g / 2.12 oz). Those are some pretty tasty accompaniments to go along with the sweet curb appeal and brute strength of the frame, itself.

Shipping from J&R now for $1,398.95.

The “pros” of the Act 1.0 carbon are well-demonstrated by…well, the pros who ride them.


Chase Act 1.0 Carbon Frame at J&R Bicycles

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Chase Act 1.0 Carbon BMX Racing Frame

SiDi Drako Clip Shoes

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SiDi Drako Clipless BMX Shoes

Ask any top executive, and they’ll tell you that a pair of well-crafted Italian shoes puts an extra element of confidence in their step when they’re taking care of business in the boardroom.

Check out the photos of top BMXers from any big race, and you’ll see a similar phenomenon: well-crafted Italian shoes on the feet of the fastest and most-factory movers.

The Drako, by SiDi has its roots as a Mountain Bike shoe, but its brilliantly-burly enough for BMX Racing.

Clip shoes are not necessarily built for walk-around comfort; the stiffness and glove-like fit are the very-thing that puts every watt of power from your leg engines, down to the pedals, and onto the rear wheel. SiDi has baked-in a whole bunch of technology inside the shoe to put the Italian-version of the kung-fu grip on your feet, so your holeshot sweet spot is extra-sweet.

The Drako has SiDi’s SRS Carbon-Ground sole, ensuring maximum stiffness. Add to that the time-tested SiDi closure system that helps you dial-in the perfect fit before you clip-in– then release it, in full, while the other seven are still crossing the line.

As we mentioned above, clip shoes are not ideal for walking around, and you’re going to want to slip your new Drakos off before you put your feet back on the ground. Walking around in them, while stylish, is a pretty expensive proposition; the bottom pieces wear down quick when you plod around in them. How expensive? The replacement parts kit for the bottom pieces is $60.

Sizes range from Euro 41-47 (roughly 8-13.5 in US sizes)

The Drako is shipping now from J&R at $499.99, in matte Black and Red. Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order (non-sale items), bringing your Drako pair down to $424.99. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Trivia: “SiDi” is derived from the name of company founder Dino Signori


SiDi Drako Clipless BMX Shoes at J&R Bicycles

SiDi Drako Clipless Shoe Parts at J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $100 or more at checkout (non-sale-items)

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SiDi Drako Clipless BMX Shoes

NEW: Vee SpeedBooster Tire

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SpeedBooster tire by Vee Tire Co.

Back on September 25, we featured the Vee Tire Co. Speedster tire here in Product Spotlight. Today, we’re pleased to bring you a first look at the NextGen model Vee just released, the SpeedBooster.

It’s fully-reimagined rubber, that has a trendsetting tread and a new compound that stands up to the rigors of starts and straights, and gives vice-grip traction in the turns.

For some backstory on the development of the SpeedBooster, we called upon VEE Tire Co. Rep., Gray Hutchinson. Here’s what he told us:

News: What makes the new LSG+ compound better than the previous LSG compound?

“The new compound uses a new hardness to improve rolling resistance on today’s tracks. The combination of high pressure capability (110psi), and new tacky compound makes for a tire that decreases friction and holds at very steep angles on both dirt and paved berms.”

News: Aside from the rubber compound, what makes this tire different than previous tires?

“The SpeedBooster was built from the ground up with speed and handling in mind”. We used a bigger overall circumference and new tread pattern to boost speed on straight always and hold traction at extreme angles with a very aggressive new pattern.” – Gray Hutchinson

SpeedBooster tire by Vee Tire Co.The foldable SpeedBooster is shipping now from J&R in two sizes (20×1.6 and 20×1.75). The following sizes will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

20 x 1.85
20 x 1.95
20 x 1 1/8
20 x 1 3/8

The J&R site price is $34.95, but if you get your cart over $100, you’ll receive 15% off your non-sale items by using discount code JRSPOT15.

While we had Grey on the line for this story, we asked him what the 2018 plan is for his in-house 13x, Vee test pilot and now-former Factory Kuwahara cranker, Greydon. Will we see him flying Factory VEE Tire colors in 2018? Stay tuned to News to find out!

Top Photo: The SpeedBooster, aired-up on one of our resident test bikes, a DK Sprinter. The SpeedBooster was easy to install, even without proper tire levers (with some brute force applied, so it would have been so-much easier with the Park Tool TL-5 Tire Levers, link below).


Vee SpeedBooster BMX Racing Tire on J&R Bicycles

Other Products
Park Tool TL-5 Tire Levers on J&R Bicycles

Park Tool PFP-8 Floor Pump on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $100 or more at checkout (non-sale-items)

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SpeedBooster tire by Vee Tire Co.

2018 GT Speed Series Pro Complete

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2018 GT Speed Series Complete - Pro
If Santa rode a BMX bike, there’s a good chance it would be a hi-vis sleigh that has a great visual presence for those North Pole local races.

Fortunately, you have the same option now that the 2018 GT Speed Series completes have hit the J&R showroom. There are 10 models in the whole line (including a way-cool Pro XXL OS20 complete). For this week’s Product Spotlight, however, we’re featuring the pro-size of the family.

The 2018 Speed Series Pro is stacked with household-name part (Box “X5” Pro Carbon 20mm Fork and Echelon saddle, Tioga tires, Promax stem and seat clamp, as well as a bevvy of GT’s own carefully-crafted components.

2018 GT Speed Series "Quick Change" DropoutOne of the things you will notice most is the “Quick Change” rear dropouts. It looks trick, and lets you get flats fixed in a flash (among other service stuff involving the rear wheel).

Recommended Rider Height for the Pro size: 5’8″-6′

A few key geometry points.
Top Tube – 20.75″
Chainstay – 15.43″
BB Height – 11.7″
Head Angle – 74°
Seat Angle – 72°

Of the 2018 line, GT BMX Product Manager, Ben Ward told News

Having a global race team, it was important to talk to our elite athletes in key regions such as the US, UK and France among others, to see what changes they wanted to see in the new Speed Series. Off the top, they liked the aesthetic and the Quick Change dropout system on the previous frame and didn’t want that to change. However, the US brought up the progression to bigger, faster and longer tracks and wanted to see the geometry grow while the UK talked about machine stiffness for out of the gate reaction so there was no power loss when the gate dropped. France mentioned how carbon was too stiff, losing compliance and track feel, especially on technical courses. So with that feedback we got to work.

Stiffness, compliance and geometry…

We focused on the key areas of the bike that needed to be stiff in order to retain full transfer of power between the rider and the ground. To do this, we started with a BB86 which gave us a wider shell to attach to our oversized BOX Chainstays and Squoval (square oval) downtube. Under the BB shell, the stays and downtube meet to form what I refer to as the “double fist” junction. Imagine holding onto a pipe with both hands overlapped, that is what this junction is doing. Add in the seat tube, and there is almost a full 360 degrees of weld around the BB to hold it in place. The stays drastically taper down to meet the aesthetically refined Quick Change dropout. The seatstays are tri-tapered and continue to add stiffness to the rear end. Finally, a triangle shape at the seat tube junction tapers to round at the dropout. Doing this added rigidity and it was a cool way to bring the classic GT triangle into the seat tube junction.

To increase the compliance and ride feel of the new Speed Series line, the old hydroformed downtube was swapped out with a good ol’ round tube. The downtube is Squoval at the BB junction and tapers a round at the head tube. The Squoval shape allows for a wide rigid contact point at the BB. Tapering to round allows the tube to flex if needed. The Speed Series “fuel tank” top tube shape and butting profile was refined to also allow for increased compliance.

We stretched the new Speed Series bikes to take on the bigger tracks and higher speeds riders are seeing. We applied findings from the development of our OS20 development to help increase the stability of a regular 20” bike. We lengthened the top tubes across the Speed Series Pro line from ¼” to ½” depending on the model. As the top tubes grow longer in the line, so do the rear ends. With more to pull up on out front, it only made sense to increase the rear end length. We also improved the bikes’ tire and chainwheel clearance. A new Pro 20 frame will fit a 52T chainring and a 1.95” tire. You never know what your needs are going to be, and we wanted the new frame to be as versatile as possible.

This is the seventh iteration of the GT Speed Series frame. We set out to create a frame our global elite athletes could line up on confidently at the gate. They are stiff enough to transfer power from the cranks to the ground and take the hole shot. They are compliant enough to glide over technical tracks or fly over giant supercross doubles. The Speed Series line speaks to the future of race 100%. Each Pro level Speed Series bike can be pulled from the box, line up at the gate and hang. The Speed Series Junior bikes let young riders ride a bike built like the Pros. The Junior bikes offer them a bike with high quality spec they can rip on for several seasons. In the Junior line, the oversized stays and Quick Change dropouts are exchanged for our classic reverse dropout and all models are smooth welded to finalize the slick aesthetic.

Wow, some great insider info there! Thanks Ben.

2018 GT Speed Series FramePlus, if you already have a primo parts package on board, but want a little GT giddy-up to bolt it all up to, there is a frame-only option for $369.99 (link below).

The Pro complete is available now and shipping from J&R for $1,049.99. Exclusively for BMX News readers: Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off, which brings your new race ride down to $892.49, or $314.49 for the frame-only option.


2018 GT Speed Series Pro Complete

2018 GT Speed Series Pro Frame-Only (Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL)

2018 GT Speed Series Pro Complete Spec Sheet

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $100 or more at checkout (non-sale-items)

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Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept Frame

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Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept

Over the past several years, it’s almost as traditional as goodie bags and gravy to see the release of the latest concept bike from Yess BMX, served up fresh, right here on News, before its debut at the USA BMX Grands.

This year, we had a little appetizer to the reveal, in the form of the UCI rule change for 2018 that will expressly allow belt-driven bikes in BMX competition (but not other disciplines). That restarted the belt drive discussion (boy, did it ever).

That story was a good warm-up act for today’s news, as we reveal, for the first time anywhere, the Yess 2017 concept bike, code named: “Show Stopper.”

It’s a concept that lends itself to belt drive (in that it that does not require a split in the chain or seat stay). But you can slip a chain-driven drivetrain on there just-the-same.

Here is some back & forth with Yess BMX shot-callers Bill and Renny Husada on this project bike, and also the recent online discussion involving belt drive.

Tell us the motivation behind your annual Grands “concept bike.”

With our in-house manufacturing resources, we can contribute to the sport by promoting innovation, not gimmicks. We’ve said this before, but not everything that appears as a “concept” will end up in the marketplace. We like starting conversations about what’s next.

The USA BMX Grands is the “Interbike” of BMX Racing—the time when we showcase what we can do in our shop, and some of our ideas for the future.

We have treated the Grands as such for quite a while now, and seeing other brands showing off their concept work in Tulsa validates our reasoning. Hopefully, it brings things to a new level, both for the industry and the riders coming by our space.

We may or may not have something new to show every year, but we are very excited with what we have to offer this year.

This year, the “Show Stopper” breaks the tradition of what a typical race frame looks like. When critics say “why re-invent the wheel?,” there’s an equal amount of people saying “BMX has no innovation” and is stagnant. From the beginning of time, every inventor has had their detractors, and their fans.

Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept Bike
Folks will visit the Yess BMX booth in Tulsa to see it in the flesh, but give us a paragraph or two on what you are trying to accomplish with this design?

It addresses few key points that can actually benefit today’s riders.

At first glance, some skeptics may dismiss the design, purely on aesthetic grounds. Just like our Elite World Cup frame, the initial version of which we unveiled as our 2013 Grands concept (the “no seat” bike, BMX News, November 25, 2013).

Today, that model is very successful, with satisfied customers around the world.

For the 2017 Grands design, we evolved last year’s “Jaw-Dropper” concept. The Show Stopper features an “abbreviated” seat stay on the drive side of the frame and, thus, no traditional brake mounts.

Disc brakes are starting to gain momentum in BMX racing, so we committed to building a disc-brake-only frame, allowing us to “abbreviate” this stay, with no separation needed to install a belt.

This design helps Chain drive users as well; you don’t need to separate the chain to remove it. You can carry a spare for popular gear changes without a chain break. Quite handy for traveling athletes.

 What is the one misconception you’d like to clear up about belt drive, as it applies to BMX?

One misconception that needs to be cleared about belts is that they are NOT indestructible. A belt can break, just as a chain can break. The biggest reason belts break is due to mishandling.

For the record, we do not work for, nor are we affiliated with Gates Corporation. Technical questions about the drive system should be directed to them, not Yess BMX.

The belts that Gates makes today are different from the original product initially tested. We’ve already had Gates address one of the initial weaknesses of the system by having them produce a stronger Belt ring. All of these steps will improve the technology, over time. 

There will be more trial and error to come, much like any developing technology.
 Can you give us a peek into any other concept project you’re working on? 

We want to continue moving forward where improvements can be made, but we never make something just for the sake of adding more products to sell. There needs to be a specific performance or ease-of-use achievement in each of those concepts.

There are a few projects on the “finishing table,” back at the shop, but too many items detracts from the “showcase” aspect of the Grands, so we’re focusing on the items that are ready for primetime.

Any final thoughts?

We believe the carbon belt drive has a bright future in BMX racing. Yeah, a lot of people disagree, but a lot of people are keeping an open mind to it.

Building a belt drive frame is not easy. It’s not like building a regular chain-drive frame. It takes a new level of precision and materials-management.

As we mentioned above, the belt drive system, itself, is not manufactured by Yess.  The system is patented by Gates Corporation, an American company located in Denver Colorado. Yess only builds the frame, which uses their system.

What do you think about the comments on the article last week for the UCI Belt Drive released?

We have had a lot of fun reading the comments this-past week, but we don’t understand why there are so many haters. No one is forcing them to use the belt drive, it’s just another option for riders to consider. Of course, we’ve seen similar threads on carbon forks, carbon frames and carbon rims, so it’s to be expected. People are running those items in greater numbers than ever.

Just like in those other cases, haters say carbon belt drive will make riders run, screaming, away from the sport, because it has become too expensive. The reality is that you can get the Carbon Belt “drive chassis” (belt drive compatible frame, tapered alloy fork, and Gates drivetrain, all for around $1,100.00— about the same price as a carbon frame, by itself.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Bill and Renny for giving News the scoop on their 2017 Grands concept. Be sure to stop by the Yess BMX booth when you hit town in Tulsa.

—Mike Carruth

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Yess BMX 2017 Grands Concept

Yess BMX Adds Taper to Fork Line

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Yess BMX Reach Taper Fork

Yess BMX has been gradually, but gainfully, coming through the pack of top fork brands on the market. Whether you’re a connoisseur of carbon or a “steel is real,” you may-just want to take a look at what Yess BMX is offering up-front.

Their aluminum fork is one of the lightest out there, and has been available in nine sizes, from 18” micro to pro 24” in 20mm.

Today, News is pleased to bring you the scoop on two new models joining the Yess BMX fork line. A pro-sized aluminum fork with a Tapered steer tube.

Along with the joyous addition to the fork family, Yess BMX honcho, Renny Husada tells News that the fork line has also been re-branded as the “Reach” Fork. Here’s what he told us in an exclusive statement.

We are very excited to release the tapered fork to the public. After some serious on-track testing, it’s ready for the world. With the flexibility we have in running fabrication in-house, we can cater to pretty-much every BMXer, with the full-spectrum of sizes. This is the next logical extension.

The entire line of Yess BMX forks will now be known as the “Reach” Fork.

If you have a set with the Yess BMX logo on them, and want a free “Reach” decal kit, please send us a photo of your fork, as well as proof of purchase and your address to

Across the line, we offer Matte Black and Matte Silver as standard finishes, but custom colors are available.

Western Powersports will be receiving their shipment of the new pro taper model this week.

Product Spotlight is Presented by:

BMXNEWS.COM Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles


Here are the specifics on the full line of Yess BMX Reach forks

Micro 18″ – 13.1oz – MSRP: $180
Mini 20″ – 14.8oz – MSRP: $180
MIni 24″ – 15.4oz – MSRP: $180
Expert 20″ – 1lb – MSRP: $180
Expert 24″ – 1lb 0.6oz – MSRP: $180
Pro 20″ 10mm – 1lb 6.2oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 24″ 10mm – 1lb 8oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 20″ 20mm – 1lb 6.4oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 24″ 20mm – 1lb 8.3oz – MSRP: $200
Pro Taper 20″ (20mm only) – 1lb 7.1oz – MSRP: $225
Pro Taper 24″ (20mm only) – 1lb 8.9oz – MSRP: $225

*Weights are based on the raw fork. Powder and top cap will add a bit to the above numbers. 20mm forks will adapters will also be additional.

The Reach fork cuts a nice jib for the profile of your race ride. It has the looks, lightweight and fabulous finish. Check out the links below for some of the in-stock models at J&R.


Yess “Reach” Forks at J&R Bicycles

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Yess BMX Reach Taper Fork

Vans AV RapidWeld Pro Shoe

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Vans AV Rapidweld Pro

When you’re making moves on the track, in the pits or back home, you need to step with style and grace from place to place. For a BMXer, nothing accomplishes that like a fresh pair of Vans.

Yeah, we know you’re usually clipped in during office hours, but when your trusty steed is on the rack, or in the repair stand, you’re not walking around in your clip shoes, right? RIGHT?

The AV Rapidweld Pro shoe, by Vans features all-modern construction, with a hint of the legacy style that has made the brand the top choice in footwear for action sports heroes since 1966.

The “AV” in the name “AV Rapidweld Pro” is for skater Anthony Van Engelen. It’s his signature shoe. And if you’ve ever seen AVE tear it up, you know this shoe can handle the show.

Vans sizes it up this way:

The Vans AV Rapidweld Pro features suede and synthetic uppers and a stitchless RAPIDWELD shell with welded Duracap upper reinforcement in high wear areas.

The UltraCush HD footbed keeps the foot close to the board/pedals while providing the highest level of impact cushioning, and the Vans original waffle outsoles are made of a rubber that offers grip and support.

We’re spotlighting the Rapidweld Pro because it’s something we haven’t featured before, but if you check out the whole “Casual Shoes” section of J&R Bicycles site (link below), you will find dozens of styles and colors, if this one doesn’t do it for you.

The AV Rapidweld Pro is available in a variety of sizes for $79.95

And while you’re here, pair-up your new pair with some TLD ankle socks. Cozy comfort for your buckshanks, even in the most intense cases. Together, they hit the tipping point for the JRSPOT15 discount code.

TLD Low-Cut Socks

Check the links below for ordering and other info.


Vans AV Rapidweld Pro shoe – Black/Silver on J&R Bicycles

“Casual Shoes” Section on J&R Bicycles

Troy Lee “Low-Cut” Socks on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $100 or more at checkout (non-sale-items)
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Ssquared Adds “VP” to the Business

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Ssquared VP Frame - Blue

The Ssquared CEO frame is one of the most popular BMX Racing frames on the market, there is no denying that. For some racers, however, the $509 retail price is a bit lofty, even for their lofty goals in the track.

Leading in to the 2018 season, Ssquared has announced the release of their “VP” frame model. The VP has the same geometry as the CEO, but is made in Asia, under the exacting standards of quality you have grown to know and love from John Sawyer and his crew. Retail price: $409 in the C-suite, a c-note saved can make all the difference between an extra national entry fee or two.

The VP is on its way America, with the Pro XL and Pro XXL sizes first in the suite to arrive (more to follow). The frame rocks a sophisticated silver finish, with your choice of three accompanying decal kit colors (Red, Blue or Black).

Ssquared VP Frame - Black

Ssquared VP Frame - Red

Available for pre-order now, and arriving in time for Christmas, check the link below for specs, and ordering info.

VP is a respectable rung as you climb the “gettin-down-to-business” BMX ladder.


Ssquared VP Frame – Pre-Order Page

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Tioga Spyder Platform Pedals

October 17, 2017 by · Comments Off 

Tioga Spyder Pedals

Paper or Plastic? Coke or Pepsi? Nikon or Canon? and… Clips or Flats? Whichever side you’re on, you’re probably pretty passionate about your particular flavor.

And like those other classic lines in the sand that pit brother against brother, and require some households Read more

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