Vans AV RapidWeld Pro Shoe

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Vans AV Rapidweld Pro

When you’re making moves on the track, in the pits or back home, you need to step with style and grace from place to place. For a BMXer, nothing accomplishes that like a fresh pair of Vans.

Yeah, we know you’re usually clipped in during office hours, but when your trusty steed is on the rack, or in the repair stand, you’re not walking around in your clip shoes, right? RIGHT?

The AV Rapidweld Pro shoe, by Vans features all-modern construction, with a hint of the legacy style that has made the brand the top choice in footwear for action sports heroes since 1966.

The “AV” in the name “AV Rapidweld Pro” is for skater Anthony Van Engelen. It’s his signature shoe. And if you’ve ever seen AVE tear it up, you know this shoe can handle the show.

Vans sizes it up this way:

The Vans AV Rapidweld Pro features suede and synthetic uppers and a stitchless RAPIDWELD shell with welded Duracap upper reinforcement in high wear areas.

The UltraCush HD footbed keeps the foot close to the board/pedals while providing the highest level of impact cushioning, and the Vans original waffle outsoles are made of a rubber that offers grip and support.

We’re spotlighting the Rapidweld Pro because it’s something we haven’t featured before, but if you check out the whole “Casual Shoes” section of J&R Bicycles site (link below), you will find dozens of styles and colors, if this one doesn’t do it for you.

The AV Rapidweld Pro is available in a variety of sizes for $79.95

And while you’re here, pair-up your new pair with some TLD ankle socks. Cozy comfort for your buckshanks, even in the most intense cases. Together, they hit the tipping point for the JRSPOT15 discount code.

TLD Low-Cut Socks

Check the links below for ordering and other info.


Vans AV Rapidweld Pro shoe – Black/Silver on J&R Bicycles

“Casual Shoes” Section on J&R Bicycles

Troy Lee “Low-Cut” Socks on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $100 or more at checkout (non-sale-items)
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Tioga Spyder Platform Pedals

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Tioga Spyder Pedals

Paper or Plastic? Coke or Pepsi? Nikon or Canon? and… Clips or Flats? Whichever side you’re on, you’re probably pretty passionate about your particular flavor.

And like those other classic lines in the sand that pit brother against brother, and require some households Read more

Put Some Pants On, Will Ya?

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Fly Racing Kinetic Outlaw BMX Pants
Grands is approaching—only 41 days to go til practice gates are dropping. That gives you a limited time to get your fresh factor boosted to an all-time high. When you roll into staging for those first practice laps, you need to tell everyone what you’re all about, without saying a word.

The way to do that is with some brand new, 2018 Fly Racing Kinetic Outlaw pants. We especially like the Black with Hi-Vis, but adjust the colorway to your particular taste.

For 2018, the Kinetic is reimagined, with new graphics and some other baked-in goodies such as:

* Multi-panel 900D construction is super-durable

* Seven breathable stretch panels

* Leather heat shield panels with DuPont Kevlar stitching

* Soft-Flex rubber badging

* Ergonomically pre-shaped knee contoured to accommodate most knee braces and guards

* Full-Floating seat surrounded by stretch-rib material moves naturally with your body

* Exclusive zipper lock system keeps pants closed and secure

* Ratcheting fly closure keeps your unmentionables from being mentioned.

* Adjustable waist belt.

When you’re in the Tulsa chutes on Friday or Saturday morning look the part when staring-down and psyching-out the competition in staging, and rip the massive holeshots you have trained for, without ripping-out your pants—thus ensuring a lifetime of YouTube jeers, instead of cheers.

Shipping now from J&R in sizes Youth 18-26, and Adult 28-36. The website price is $104.95, but save 15% when you use discount code JRSPOT15.

Pair it up with the Kinetic Outlaw jersey to complete the full kit.


2018 Fly Kinetic Outlaw Pants

2018 Fly Kinetic Outlaw Jersey

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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Answer Mini Brake Kit

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Answer Mini Brake Kit
While it’s true that nobody ever won a race by stopping super-good, sometimes you have to slow down to get into position to blaze the line around the slowpokes.

The Mini Brake Kit, by Answer BMX gives you positively-powerful stopping power, if you so require it, and keeps the full-works at only 12.6 ounces.

The mini kit is designed to work with 1-1/8 and 1-3/8” rims. Anything larger, and you’ll want to call in the big-brother pro brake kit.

Three finishes (Black, Silver and White) fit in with most-any parts package you have on board. Most importantly, it has the Answer BMX eye for quality and operability going for it.

The kit, as shown above, includes calipers, brake pads, lever and cable, in addition to the required hardware. At $54.95, it’s a no-squeal deal for the whole kit and kaboodle.

Spend an additional $21 on top of the kit, and you’ll hit the tipping point for the 15% off JRSPOT15 discount code (non-sale items). Lots of new stuff in stock at J&R these days, so let your fingers do the walkin and your mouse do the talkin.


Answer Mini Brake Kit at J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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Be a Speed Freak With Vee the Speedster

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Vee Speedster BMX Racing Tire

Your full-throttle first straight and rocket-sled-on-rails turning game is not worth a hoot if the rubber meeting the proverbial road gets greazy and spins you out, or can’t handle the pressure and blows-out in the gate, when all the chips are on the line.

The Speedster, by Vee Tire Co., has its Kevlar on, and is ready for berm warfare the next time you are called to staging.

Its foldable nature is a beautiful thing when you want to pack a spare or two in your “golf” bag for the next trip on the big bird.

And you REALLY need to buy and bring a spare tire and tube with you on every trip; you never know when someone else is going to get loose in the turn and cause a pile up that takes the air out of your first round qual. You’re not always going to have time to high-tail it to the J&R tent to buy what you need…you need that stuff on-demand.

The good news is that if you grab-up three now, you will hit the tipping point for the JRSPOT15 discount code, and will get 15% off your order (non-sale items); it is good for orders of $75 and over. It’s a savings of $13.48. on the three-pack.

Back to the Speedster: Seven 20-inch sizes (1-1/8” to 2.25”), and four 24-inch sizes (1-1/8” to 1.75”), in a variety of color sidewalls are available for you to bring your tires into full-vibe alignment on the scoot-style points side. You can also go full-pink or full-orange with the limited-edition models.

The Vee Speedster is stacked to the rafters and ready to ship in all sizes and colors, out of J&R, so speed on over there using the link below and get that trio ordered up.


Vee Speedster Foldable BMX Racing Tire

Replacement Tubes on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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Clayborn Shipping New Models

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Clayborn BMX Frames are in stock
News has been watching the modern-day incarnation of Clayborn since we carried the story that the brand was acquired by John Sawyer, in September of 2015. Since then, there have been a few dribs coming over the BMX News “Big Ears” ticker, but we had a feeling they were just hanging back Read more

Crupi has Four Pawls for All Pauls

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Crupi Quad BMX Hubs

Ask anyone who’s not a BMXer about pawls (pronounced like “Pauls”), and you might get an answer like “Paul Newman, Paul Revere, Paul McCartney or Paul Wall.” Some BMXers might even point you toward Kevin Pauls. Um…no, not PAULS…but pawls.

Pawls are defined as the “small or pivoted curved bar or lever whose free end engages with the teeth of a cogwheel or ratchet so that the wheel or ratchet can only turn or move one way.”

NOW you’re getting the idea on how this fits together into the tick-tock of what makes your hubs tick-tick-tick.

Crupi is out with the new Quad hub set—so named because there are four pawls in the cassette mechanism to give you near-instant engagement without nearly wiping out your wallet filling.

The original edition of the Crupi Rhythm hub had 120 ratchet teeth, engaged every 10 degrees by three pawls.

The new Quad Hubs have a hungrier 150 ratchet teeth, engaging every 2.4 degrees by, you guessed it, four pawls (hece “quad”), for a more “engaging” relationship between your pedals and rear wheel.

The shells for the Quad are 6061 T-6 machined aluminum, representing the highest quality and workmanship for a hubset un the wildly-popular $300-$350 pricepoint.

The 36-hole, polished-finish version is shipping now from J&R for $319.95. Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off the hub set (a $48 savings), as well as any additional non-sale items in your cart.

Word has it that there is a black finish afoot, as well as a 20-mil front axel coming soon.

For more information on the Crupi Quad hubs, or to get yours ordered up now, check the link below.

And that’s about all, Paul!


Crupi Quad Hub Set on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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The Key Element For Main Makers

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2018 Chase Element Complete
For 2018, BMX Racing Group has unearthed the essential Element for your new-year success (with bonus success for the balance of 2017, if you act now). The 2018 Chase BMX Element Complete is a ready-to-race, beautifully-spec’d scoot for anyone who gives a hoot about quality. It’s all there, in black & white.

As we take a walk-around of the new Pro model (above), we see all-manner of name-brand components. Answer Dagger carbon forks, Tioga tires, Sun rims, Shimano brakes, KMC chain, FSA headset, Elevn saddle, among others. Oh, and Schrader valves on the bigger rides! Yeah, it’s a small detail…but we like it very much, since we lost all five of the Presta adapters in the office.

There’s a special-something going on here, and we’re confident you’ll see it too.

If you’re looking for an up-market, main-making machine, this is the one you should be looking at.

Five sizes available:
Pro XL
All priced at $1099.95

BUT, with the exclusive J&R Product Spotlight discount code, your out-the-door price is $934.

Check the links below for full specs on all-five.


2018 Chase Element Expert Complete

2018 Chase Element Pro Complete

2018 Chase Element Pro XL Complete

2018 Chase Element Pro XXL Complete

2018 Chase Element Cruiser Complete

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Alienation Malice and Mischief Rims

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Alienation Malice and Mischief Rims

The art of rolling true on the track is tied to staying steady, and having the right rims to rock that roll.

Alienation brings you the Malice and Mischief rims to give you the maximum stiffness and smartly-developed design to keep things straight once your wheels are built Read more

DK Golf Travel Bag

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DK Golf Travel Bag
Travel bag inequality on the airlines dates-back, practically to the Wright brothers. Bicycle boxes and even purpose-made travel bags are slapped with a fat fee of $100 or more, each way, while basically-the-same-size-and-weight golf bags sail through, fee-free. But why?

Well, probably because the well-heeled business travelers airlines covet the most are golfers, and bring their clubs to cut deals for big green, on the green. Meanwhile (in airline thinking) bikes mostly accompany “leisure” travelers, and we can be shoveled-around a bit easier than the CEO hell-bent on hitting a few.

Borrowing from our Wright bros. reference above, another family bike business from Dayton, OH has the air travel of your trusty BMX steed well-in-hand.

DK Bicycles’ wildly-popular travel bag is dressed-up in the respectable cloak of a golf bag, complete with embroidered “DK Golf” monogram to give you instant, just-off-the-links cred with skycaps, counter clerks and any other pre-flight fee seekers.

The bags have been sold out, globally, for a good-long while, but they’re back in stock at J&R now, in four colorways, to suit your on-the-course game (just don’t tell ‘em it’s the RACE course).

Features include; padded side pocket, wheels for easy-rolling, carry and pull straps, inner tie-down straps and a protective plastic back.

DK has designed and tested the bag to fit all 20” and most 24” bikes.

These sell out every time they are in stock, so order now, and pay for it in one round trip of fee-free flying.

BMX News readers: use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout


“DK Golf” Travel Bag

Product Spotlight is Presented by:BMXNEWS.COM Product Spotlight, Presented by J&R Bicycles

DK Golf Travel Bag

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