Happenin Halloween Costumes

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Great Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2013 was awesome in BMXer neighborhoods nationwide. This was a great chance for a lot of the people we see all the time to cut loose and get creative with some killer costumes. Here are nine of the best (why nine and not 10? Nine is our lucky number!).

Top: The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt and friend.

Vintage BMX pal Steven Bven as Forrest Gump, with Lieutenant Dan.

Carl Lein rockin the house!

“The Ricky Castro” smilin for the cameras.

No surrender from Dorothy (aka Addison Finch) and friend

Laurie Harding with the lean, mean muscles and a moto machine

Dan and Emily Mooney trickin out for the Trick or Treaters in Oregon

A Zombified Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan

The perfect tike-on-a-bike costume. Pure Evel!

Golf Pros

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Nhlapo, Long, Strombergs and Gareth Swanepoel

After his Day Two win in Louisville, Maris Strombergs tweeted last week that he picked up a new set of golf clubs. That teed-up the idea for a pro-down on the local links on the off-weekend.

Sifiso Nhlapo, Nic Long, Maris and pro Motocrosser Gareth Swanepoel parked their whips and picked up the woods. No word on whether these big dogs caught any birdies or eagles on the outing.

These guys clean up pretty well.

Kid DynaMite Celebrates One Year!

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BMX Industry News - Kid DynaMite Apparel One Yr.

Kid DynaMite apparel turned one year old last week, on May 18. Founder and Friend-of-News, Eric Bess, posted the following on their Facebook page:

Exactly 365 days ago about 6:30am on May 18th, I announced the new company I was starting with hardly anyone knowing what I was planning. Now,365 days later, no would one could have guessed the ride that I’ve shared with supporters all over the world.

This was my exact post one year ago today:

Been waiting five months to write this post, here we go!!! I’ve been working Non-Stop since Jan 1st developing my new business and here it is: “Kid DynaMite Apparel Co.” KDM is a “Youth” clothing company for “ANY” kid, but I’m targeting Bmx, Motocross & Skate kids. Check our main site for a full webstore. Please LIKE our page to keep up with our progress & for tons of FREE Giveaways this 1st week.

We are big fans of what Eric and his wife, Jess Bess have done the past year, and know year two will be even better. Big props, as well, to BMX Race Team Manager, Carley Young, who has put some serious miles in the rearview, traveling to races, clinics and the KDM tour.

This weekend, all are invited to celebrate and jam with the band (well, FIVE bands, really). Here are the details:

Saturday, May 25 – 1PM-8PM
2500 Gettysburg Road
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2650

Admission: $15 all day – riding, skating, headbanging (to the bands, not on the bike & skate).

The official invite:

Kid DynaMite One-Year Anniversary Invite at GrindLab

Watch BMX News on Monday for the recap and photos from what promises to be a great weekend.

P.S. Tell Carley you like her new haircut!


Kid DynaMite One-Year Anniversary Extravaganza on Facebook

Kid DynaMite Website

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SoRAD Bringing New Designs

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SoRAD Established T-Shirt

Ran into our old friend Steve Gray from Tucson in Chula Vista. He has been busy with his tattoo studio, racing a bit, and working on some new designs for his SoRAD T-Shirt line. These two are the first in the new series, and more coming.

SORAD 40oz of BMX T-SHirt

We had a brief interview with Steve, and here’s what he told us:

NEWS: SORAD is in all caps. Is it an acronym for something?

Steve: SORAD BMX stands for Sons Of RADical. Our line is “Biker” t-shirts and beanies.

NEWS: When did you guys launch?

Steve:Last year at the USABMX Silver Dollar Nationals (Reno).

NEWS: Where are you going to be spotted next if anyone wants more info on the SORAD line?

Steve: I am returning to my hometown of Albuquerque, NM this weekend to launch two new designs at The USA BMX Spring Nationals in Albuquerque, NM. Those are the “Established” and “40oz” t-shirts in the photos.

NEWS: Anything else to tell the fans?

Steve: Be on the lookout for both designs at the Spring Nationals as well as the Great Salt Lake Nationals. grab your gear and make your summer “SoRAD!”

Best of luck with the new designs, Steve. We’ll be seein’ ya soon.

Editorial: “Do You Know What BMX Is?”

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Mike Carruth actually knows what BMX is

I have never really thought much about “getting old.” I figured, “I had a pretty open mind, and was accepting of lots of different ideas on things, and had an adventurous spirit.” What’s “old” about that, right?

But sometimes, the difference between how old you think and how old the world may see you is visited upon you in a strange way. Maybe you catch yourself saying “hey, can you turn that so-called music down?!” Maybe it’s the first time someone calls you “sir” or “pops” or (gasp) “gramps!”

For me, it happened today, at my normal Starbucks. As I walked in, I noticed there were four BMX bikes out front (freestyle bikes–small sprockets, no stickers, two with no brakes). Two were flipped upside down, as we would all recognize, and two were laying there on the pedal and grip. Walking inside, I ordered the normal “Trenta unsweetenend Ice Coffee with Soy,” and moseyed down to the end of the counter to wait for it.

The four with the bikes were already down there, and they were looking at me in a strange way…kind of a “what’s up with THAT guy” type of vibe. It was then that I realized I was wearing a “BMX News” T-Shirt (same as above). So, I looked over and said “what’s up, guys? how’s it goin?” They gave me a “what up” upward nod of the chin, and about a minute later, one of them said “Sir? (motioning to my shirt), do you know what BMX IS?” He didn’t say it in a condescending or cocky way… it was entirely possible that I found this shirt in the 4x bin at the local Goodwill, afterall, and just started wearing it.

I paused for a second, honestly trying to gather a response, then chuckled. “Yeah, I know what BMX is. We’re more into racing, but I was into freestyle a little too, years ago–mostly as the guy running the contest, or announcing the show.” Those your bikes out there?” We talked for a few minutes about the scene around our area (“nonexistant”), and where the good trails were (“kind of over by a place in Villa Park,” I got the distinct impression they did not want to get more specific than that–although I already knew about that place), and where they get their parts from (“Dan’s,” all the way around…”sometimes Albes”).

I had to bolt–had a conference call at 10, but just before I said “later,” I turned the tables. “OK, you asked me…now I’ll ask you…Do you know what BMX is?” They kind of looked at each other…a few shrugs, and one spoke up (the same one who asked me): “I mean. it’s just…you know…just RIDING.” Good answer, kid…good answer!

—Mike Carruth

Photo by Mandy Loorham, Random Start Photography


Dan’s Comp Website

What would you have said to the question “Do you know what BMX is?”

Kid DynaMite Now Available at Dan’s Comp

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KDM Apparel now available at Dan's Comp

We all remember the slogan “Two great tastes that taste good together,” right? Well, we love it when two BMX brands get together and make some good stuff happen. BMX apparel juggernaut, Kid DynaMite Apparel announced this week that a good chunk of their product line was picked up by Dan’s Comp, and would be sold through the wildly-popular website.

We have been watching the progress made by Eric Bess and his family since launching the line last Spring. They have built a serious brand, with plenty of soul packed inside. We’re always stoked to see quality startups get their props, by way of legit distribution.

Congrats to Eric and Jess, and to our friends at Dan’s for seeing the potential.


Kid DynaMite Apparel at Dan’s Comp.

Limited Time: Free Mad Skills BMX Download

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Mad Skills BMX is a Free Download for a limited time, via

Just when you thought your New Year’s resolution to detach yourself from your digital devices was safe, our pals at Mad Skills BMX have turned the launch key on a limited-time free download of the wildly-popular game for iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad).

We can vouch for this one personally, in that we had “aced” almost every level, until our history was wiped out after a computer upgrade and iTunes fiasco. We are slowly working our way back to the top of the leaderboards.

Smilin’ Bill Ryan from Supercross worked closely with the developers to bring the BMX part to Mad Skills (Turborilla also does a Motocross version that is massively popular). We have stayed away from the MX game, because we cannot afford another “sticky” game in our lives. Bill also reported on Vintage that there is an Android version in the works.

If you have not played Mad Skills BMX, now’s your time. Bill says the free download will probably only last a day or two, so get in on it now.


Mad Skills BMX App Page

Bike Tire Belt: You Need This

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H1125 Belt by C5H8 on

BMX News friend, Juan Mattos, posted this awesome BMX-looking belt on his Facebook a couple days ago. And while it may be too late to go on the BMXmas list for your favorite flyer, it is never too late to dress for success off the track.

The “H1125″ belt comes from Canadian hipster-fashion accessories company, C5H8. here’s the description from their website (link below)

Made from hybrid bicycle tires, this model features a gold-coloured, urban-style buckle. The vegetal leather (a leather tanned using vegetable matter) band on the underside of the belt is brown and coordinates perfectly with the colour of the buckle. The tip is rounded to reflect the curves found in the buckle.

They have some other styles that are reminiscent of our knobby hobby as well, so start up a collection.



The H1125 Belt at

Kid DynaMite Plans Big Flash in Louisville

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Kid DynaMite on BMXNEWS.COM

News traded email this week with Eric Bess, the chief firecracker over at Kid DynaMite. hard to believe it has only been a little over three months since they launched the company–KDM is already firmly-rooted into the hearts, minds and closets of the action sports world.

Eric and the KDM crew are on the road as we speak, heading from home base in Hershey, PA to the USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals in Louisville. They are blowing things up in the Derby City with a major display effort, showing all the popular designs, as well as gobs of new goodies on the rack.

Here’s what Eric sent back after we sent him a “What’s Up For Louisville?” email.

Demand has been great, and we are fully-stocked for Louisville. KDM will be debuting a new shirt design along with our new adjustable Belts in three different colors.

Be sure to come by for stickers and free Kid DynaMite temporary tattoos (new this week) which all the kids are going to love!!! Even though our company and team are based mostly on kids apparel, the parents want the shirts too! So, we’ll have our new line for adults at the race. We will also have our full line of trucker and flat bill hats for sale. And…wow, so much more that you need to come by to see it for yourself, over on Vendor row.

Kid DynaMite Factory BMX Race Team
We were stoked to get a whiff of some new team developments recently. Last month in South Park, we shot a post-race session with Carley Young and Gavin Lubbe (who had just signed a co-spo deal), but there is a dedicated KDM team that will be hitting it hard in a variety of action sports.

Here’s what Eric had to say about that:

To add to the excitement of our Louisville display space, we also have some big team announcements. Every team needs a leader to oversee things, and make sure the riders are taken care of, and we’re happy to announce that Carley Young will be our Team Leader for the BMX Race team and Michael Halahan will be team leader for the BMX Freestyle team.

Carley has been racing for 22 years and still races in the Elite Women class. She knows what riders need in order to perform at their best, which is why we know she is the best choice for the position. She has done five Rider Clinics with Kid DynaMite this summer teaching kids the skills needed to race BMX.

Michael Halahan is the Ultimate BMX dad. He knows the sport, the industry and the game of promotion. It was a No-Brainer to make Mike Team Leader of KDM BMX Freestyle. There is No doubt in our minds that Kid DynaMite has the strongest under-14 Freestyle team in the US, and now we’re spreading it out to the to the UK.

Here’s what the rosters look like:

Kid DynaMite Factory Race Team Riders
Carley Young – Elite Women/Team Leader
Justin Weeks – 6X
Ryan Fitzpatrick – 6X
Brody Bess – 7X
Xavier Spaulding -7x
Jack Brown – 8X
Rah Coney – 8x
Braydon Cromwell – 8x & Kart Racing
Devon Enck – 8X
Carson Leet – 9X
Kavin Bradner – 16X & Jr Devo
Brandon Roberts – 26-30 Cruiser

Kid DynaMite Factory Freestyle Team Riders
Nathan Halahan – 8
Kaden Stone – 8
Marcus Christopher 9
JT Cunningham – 9 (UK England)
Lukas Halahan – 9
Eddie Rovi – 11
Liam Crivellaro – 13
Reed Boggs – 14
Anthony Catlow – 14

Kid DynaMite also has a Motocross, Mountain Bike and Scooter team, and Eric closed off his email to us by passing on a little message to you, the reader. We’ll let the final words be his:

If your family is involved in BMX, MX & Skate, you truly know that this isn’t just a hobby, but a way of life… Our kids eat, sleep & breathe these sports, and Kid DynaMite is here to provide these shredders with some Killer Swag to go with your family’s fast-paced lifestyle….”Ride It…Wear It…Live It!”


Kid DynaMite Apparel Website

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Kid DynaMite Explodes Onto the Scene

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Kid DynaMite Apparel Launches Website Today

A little BMX News love today for our pal, Eric Bess. If you’ve never met Eric, you have definitely seen his handiwork behind the camera. Lately, he’s been doing video work for Strider Sports, and also had the lead two-page spread in the current issue of Pull Magazine (Pages 36-37).

Well, aside from looking into the viewfinder, Eric is looking into the future, with a cool new clothing line for the kiddies. The past few months have been spent developing the designs, dialing in the quality control, and getting the web site ready for launch. That launch date is today.

Eric sent us the following release to fill us all in on the specifics:

Kid DynaMite Apparel Company is a brand new “youth” apparel company targeting Action Sports such as BMX, Motocross & Skate. KDM’s mission is to provide troday’s youth with some “Real Options” in clothing while providing the best quality products to fit their everyday, intense lifestyle.

KDM is also very excited to announce that the company will be sponsoring kids for National BMX & Motocross Teams. We feel that all extreme sports represent a similar vibe so why not be “All for One” and create a united ‘family’ lifestyle.

What will set Kid DynaMite Apparel Co. apart from all the rest, will be our appearance and the energy that inspires our Designs. KDM was designed by owner, Eric Bess, who played in professional rock bands for 20 years, along with the Rock & Roll / Heavy Metal, design master, Joe Hamming. Joe has designed apparel & logos for such bands as Nirvana, Megadeth, MxPx, Kill Switch Engage, Unearth, As I Lay Dying, Paramore, Panic at the Disco, Metal Blade Records and many, many more.

KDM is based out of Hershey, Pennsylvania but will be available worldwide on our website, with an international webstore & social media sites as Facebook & Twitter.

Launch Week will offer exclusive promo codes for online orders and giveaways throughout the 1st week on Facebook. Make sure you get over to our Facebook page to “Like” our page to be eligible for the Free giveaways.

KDM is for “All” kids but if you & your family are involved in Action Sports then you know it’s a lifestyle, not just a hobby. Kid DynaMite is here to provide these little shredders with some killer swag to match the spirit that goes hand in hand with the intense lifestyle they live!

Lookin good, Eric. Best of luck with the new venture, and be sure to keep us informed when new designs hit the sample rack.

Check out the Kid DynaMite Website

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