Scotty Cranmer Talks to the Fans

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Scotty Cranmer Talks to Fans

It has been a bit over one month since Scotty Cranmer had what he now calls “The worst crash of my life.” In this 10-minute video, out today, Scotty and his homie, Big Boy, talk about the session that would prove to be a life-changer for both of them.

It all started out chill-enough, then “one last run” turned into a nightmare.

We’ll let Scotty tell the story.

It’s a tough video to watch, but also great to see Scotty coming back to his favorite means of communication to talk to fans like us, and tell us what his current situation is, as well as his plans for tur future.

Check out his Road2Recovery page, and give what you can. We realize there are a LOT of fundraising causes out there these days, and you have to watch your pennies, but a #StandWithScotty T-Shirt, or other item could make a nice stocking stuffer on BMXmas day, and still do the job it needs to do for Scotty.

We wish him all the best in his recovery. News will bring you more on his journey as it becomes available.


Vans “#StandWithScotty” T-Shirt ($20)

Scotty Cranmer Road2Recovery Fund Page

Major Sam Willoughby Update

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Major Sam WIlloughby Update

**NEW Details Friday – Update below** Ever since Sam Willoughby had his accident at Chula Vista BMX on September 10, the BMX community around the world has been on pins and needles, waiting for any new on his condition, and his prognosis for the future. In the hours following the accident, and as previously reported here on News, Sam underwent surgery on his neck and back in San Diego. The waiting game over those 12 days was necessary to evaluate his condition after the post-operative swelling and inflammation subsided.

Early on Thursday, a major update on his condition was released, via a newly-created page on (link below). The information there is shocking, but also encouraging, as Sam will now move from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility in Colorado–signaling that immediate medical jeopardy is not as much a concern, and all efforts can shift to the next phase of his recovery. Here’s what that report said:

On Sept 10, 2016, Sam had a training accident on the local Chula Vista BMX track where he was airlifted to the hospital and operated on that evening due to sustaining fractures in his C6 and C7 vertebrae which severely compressed his spinal cord and left him with no movement below his chest. The operation involved removing his C6 vertebrae, replacing it with a titanium cage, and fusing his C5-C7 vertebrae with a plate and 4 screws. Fortunately, this surgery was successful enough at decompressing his spinal cord and aligning his vertebrae that no second operation for further stabilization was necessary.

However, trauma to the spinal cord at this extent is not an overnight recovery and leaves us with an extremely unknown prognosis. At this stage, Sam has regained use of his arms and is slowly regaining sensations in his legs, but still has no movement from his chest down. Though it has felt like eternity, this relatively quick response from his body leaves family, doctors, and specialists with high hopes for Sam’s future.

Sam’s next step is to be transported to CO to begin a long road to recovery with SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) specialists at a rehabilitation center there. Whether Sam inspires you by his dedication to excellence on his bike, or by his efforts to give back to others off the bike, it’s our turn to support Sam. is a portal where Sam’s friends, family and fans can stay up to date and offer financial support to Sam to ensure #strengthfor91 remains strong throughout his road to recovery.

Sam’s fiancé, Alise Post added, via Facebook:

Thank you for your patience in awaiting an update on @swilloughby91_ condition. @cyclingaustralia has released an official statement and the link to Sam’s support page is in my bio. Sam is the toughest man I know, and we are so ready to move forward and take on the #road2recovery. Thank you for your continued support, it means the world!!! is a website tool we have seen used before in other cases of long-haul recovery. It is a great way for friends and well-wishers to keep current on progress, and also for the subject of the page to keep current on comments and messages of support in one central location, often over many years.

BMX legend, Eddy King, who was seriously injured in a mountain biking accident in 2013, resulting in temporary paralysis, has reportedly been in touch with Sam, and will be a valuable friend and mentor as SW91 progresses in his own recovery. Since his accident and surgeries, Eddy had made remarkable strides–literally; he is now back on two feet and attacking his physical therapy in the gym.

As Alise noted in her comments, the continued prayers and messages of support mean the world to our friend, and we must keep those flowing-in. Please visit Sam’s page at the link below.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: Sam gets a hospital visit from his dog, Mila.

Update Friday, Sept 23, 5AM, PDT
Ride BMX took over the NORA Cup (Number One Rider Award) long ago. In recent years, they dropped racer from the roster, but brought it back this year. The cup is generally awarded at a raucous party on Thursday evening of Interbike, and this year was no different. When the nominees were read, and the winner revealed, it was Sam Willoughby who got the nod as 2016 NORA Cup Racer. Accepting the award for Sam were Alise Post, Tyler Brown and Nic Long.

Here is a video of the acceptance speech, posted to Facebook by Marco Dellisola–director of the Stay Strong brand.


Sam Willoughby’s Page

Statement by Cycling Australia on Sam’s Condition (09/22/16)


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Injury Update: Justin Posey

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Justin Posey Injury Update

**UPDATED**Yesterday, during first round of the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series, in Grand Junction, Colorado, Justin Posey was involved in a bad wreck on the second straight, resulting in several injuries, and a backboard ride off the track. Even in that condition, JP was mindful of the fans, and their concern for him, and gave a thumbs up as he was carried off the track by members of Grand Junction Fire & Rescue.

This morning at the track, as people started showing up for practice, and setting up camp for the day, the questions were “How’s Posey doing?” “Have you heard anything about Justin?,” in the same breath as “good morning.”

Usually, when there are no social posts, or messages in to the BMX News Global Command Center, we know to stay out of the way and let the professionals on the medical team do their thing.

Just a short time ago, however, we did receive the following message Momma Posey:

Asking for prayers for justin. We know the sport he loves so much carries this risk and yesterday as many of you saw it was a tough one. I’m on my way to Colorado now and will give updates as soon as we’ve met with everyone and figure out next steps; he will likely need surgery.

We are so appreciative of all of the calls and texts and the love. We all know how much justin loves his friends so your caring is a big part of getting through this and then starting the healing process. He’s not feeling so hot right now so he’s not answering a lot. I will update with the specifics this afternoon.

**UPDATE** Saturday, 8:14PM

He’s in great spirits, and the gang coming by to watch him be spoon fed his dinner was entertaining. He separated his shoulder which was put back in place but he also has a fracture. TBD whether surgery will be required. He has fracture in his back (T-7) which will require surgery tomorrow morning to stabilize it with plates and screws. There is no concern for any long term issues other than the typical surgery risk.

He also had a concussion a broken thumb and knocked out his 2 front teeth. We all know justin and he will be back in no time as every time he gets knocked down he comes back stronger. The only time we’re going to feel bad is missing his opportunity for the RIO test event and his home track of Rock Hill SX. But we start focusing on getting better starting tomorrow. Appreciate the prayers especially tomorrow for the surgeons.

We are so very grateful to everyone for everything and I refer everyone to jRich post today as that has been my inspiration along with some of the videos his friends have posted with Justin being his typical goon self.

Hugs from both of us.


We will keep this page updated with new developments, as they become available. But for now, some prayers and positive vibes going up for Justin. Leave comments below to get your well-wishes through directly.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: Justin and Connor Fields go into turn one, just before the accident.


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10 Questions With Riley Stair

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10 Questions With Riley Stair

It has been a while since we’ve seen the signature style of Riley Stair boosting a big set in a AA lap. Injury has sidelined our friend since early Spring, and he is only-now starting to suit up for some training laps. We sat down with Riley this week for a “10 Questions,” to find out what’s going on for him right now.

One thing you might not know is that Riley has an eye for style behind the camera as he does a flair for freshness in front of the camera. Be sure to check the photo gallery for some of his photos (those are his cars in the shots, too!).

Here we go:

1). You are making your return back to the bike. What happened, and at what race?

Yes, I am finally getting back on my BMX. I am actually sitting writing this as I’m winding down from my second night back rolling around on the bike.

Back on April 27th in Powder Springs, Georgia I…well to be honest, I’m not too sure what exactly happened, but it ended with Tanner Sebesta and myself crashing our brains out on the second straight, leaving me with a pretty bad concussion and a pair of broken wrists; a broken scaphoid on the left and a broken triquetrum on the right.

2). When you are out for so long, it must be tough to have to stay off the bike. How did you fill your time?

Being off the bike for that long was tough for me, I filled my time with whatever I could. I would just do as much training as I could manage in the gym, and tried to get my fix of the bike on the trainer in my garage. Other than that, I found that when both of your arms are firmly planted in casts, everything becomes a production and takes a lot longer, so even the simplest of activities had to be planned and coordinated with my parents or people who could help me.

3). Will you be making your return this week in Louisville?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make Louisville– as much as I would love to. I am still working my way through physical therapy, trying to get my wrist flexion and grip strength back up to normal levels so I can hang on to lay down some ponies!

4). Over the years, I have seen some awesome photos from you–are you pursuing photography?

Thank you! I do love to get out and click off some photos, one day I would love to shoot more seriously!

Created with flickr slideshow.

5). Give us a few rider’s-perspective words on the Rift frame. No marketing speak–the real rider-side 4-1-1.

It is the smoothest riding bike I’ve ever ridden. its stiff enough to get me out of the gate, but not too stiff to cause an ill effect on the rest of my riding. For me, and the way I like a bike to feel, its great. NO BS

6). We know you have a passion for cars–tell us about what you have going on right now on four wheels?

That I do.. I’m just getting really good at “car tetris,” fitting all of my projects at my parents house. haha. At the moment I have a ’74 Datsun 260z sitting on the side yard being turned into a street style race car.

7). How did you get the nickname “Tokyo Drift?”

It was actually out at the local trails years ago when that movie came out. TJ Johnson and myself were out with some of the guys from Solid bike co. and being a racer, naturally I was doing berm sliders and scrubs over everything, and at some point one of the guys yelled it out as I took a run and being that I’m half asian, it stuck. haha

8). Now that you’re back, what are your goals for the rest of 2014?

My goals for the rest of the year are to get to 120% and make it to the Fall Nationals/Disney Cup, and the Grands and pick up a few more main event finishes.

9). Give us your social accounts so “Newsians” can follow you.

@rileystair on insta and twitter, and just Riley Stair on the facebook machine!

10). Any final thoughts you’d like to put out to BMX News readers?

I’d just like to thank my family for always being in my corner, and my sponsors Tangent Products, Fly Racing, Shimano, Profile Racing, Tioga, and Alienation for having my back through thick and thin.

Other than that, I’d say that throughout my career, having been on the injured list more than anyone would ever hope to be, I hope people aren’t deterred from loving the sport because of potential injury. I still have so much passion and love for BMX.

Great outlook, by a guy we don’t hear enough about. Best of luck on your PT, Riley!

Big thanks to Vividphotography by Wayne for the top photo.

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Tangent Products Website

Riley Stair on Twitter

Shanaze Reade Out for 2014 Worlds

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Shanaze Reade Pulls Out of 2014 World Championships

As the BMX world heads to Rotterdam, Netherlands for the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships, we’re sorry to bring you news that one top competitor is already a scratch.

Shanaze Reade had a bad crash at a pre-Worlds training camp in Denmark, and was in pretty rough shape (as shown above). Read more

Podcast: “Riding Hurt” with Robinson and Fraga

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Donny Robinson and jay Fraga Podcast

Over the past month or so, we have seen an unusually high number of “trip to the ER” posts on social media, as well as some friends suffer career-ending injuries–just in the past 30-45 days. One of the topics that comes up for discussion alongside a weekend of racing is “how hurt is hurt?” How hurt to do you have to be to pull out of the rest of the weekend’s races?

Donny Robinson took up this topic in a #winningwednesdays email he will send out today to subscribers of the Pedals 2 Medals free email list. They have had some really good topics the past few weeks, and I encourage you to go to the site (link below) and join the list.

I thought this topic would make a great Podcast, so invited Donny to expand on his WinningWednesdays article and come on the Announcers Tower program. Joining Donny is Jay Fraga, founder of The Knockout Project–a nonprofit founded by the former BMXer in 2012 to advocate and serve as an information source for head injuries suffered by athletes of every stripe.

In the podcast, Donny and Jay both share their deep knowledge of this subject, and tell some very moving stores of their own experiences of injuries, and how the after effects of those injuries have shaped their current selves.

“People told me ‘you need to hang it up…you need to retire.’ That’s not the way I wanted to go out”
—Donny Robinson

Listen Now

iPhone users: paste the following link in your device's browser -

A big thanks to Donny and Jay for sharing their insights on this most-important topic. We encourage you to share this out to friends you care about, regardless of whether they race BMX, moto, play hockey or football.

Sign up for the weekly #winningwednesdays email list that Mike Day and Donny take turns writing for their new venture Pedals 2 Medals (link below). It’s free to join.


Pedals 2 Medals Website

The Knockout Project Website


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Morphine Steps up For Tanner Sebesta

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Tanner Sebesta at the USA BMX Super Nationals

The BMX News Team missed a great race in Georgia a couple weeks back. People are still talking about it–that’s how awesome it was. One guy it was not so awesome for was Tanner Sebesta. As we reported in the re-cap from the race, the Ssquared/Answer Elite was coming off of a podium, and a win on day two in Desoto, and was riding high coming in to the Dixieland nationals.

In the Sunday Elite Men semi, Tanner was involved in a bad wreck, which left his wrist in bad shape.

Here’s how BMX News contributor, Carl Lein, said it went down:

Tanner got squeezed out of the gate and was off the back.

He tapped the brakes and cut over to lane one behind the pack; diving inside in the first turn; coming out in fourth behind Maris, Joey the Bomb (I think) and Willers. They were bunched up in the first turn, but Stair managed to ride the high line and came out of the turn with a lot of momentum. It looked like Riley was coming up right behind Willers with a lot of speed and made kind of a diagonal move across the doubles mid-straight to avoid running into Willers and perhaps pass him, but ended up tagging Tanner.
They both lawn darted into the face of the next doubles (going into turn two).

Riley took the hit on his head and I think he was knocked out.

Tanner took the hit with his outstretched right arm and his wrist looked like a lightning bolt. He was very upset and in a lot of pain.

Once back home in Texas, he had it looked at by his local docs, and they made the decision to do surgery right away to repair the broken wrist, and some detached ligaments caused by the wreck.

Jonathan Reeves over at Morphine Industries–a long-time friend and co-sponsor of Tanner announced today that he will be offering a 10% off discount code in their Morphine web store (“TANNER”), and will be donating a portion of every sale made on certain items between now and June 30 to help Tanner offset his medical expenses, and aid his recovery efforts.

Check out the link below to learn more, and a big BMX News Get Well card to Tanner on a quick return.


Tanner Sebesta Promotion Page on Morphine Industries Website

USA Cycling Develops Head Injury Protocol

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USA Cycling Develops Head Injury Protocol

This comes out of VeloNews, but mentions BMX in the very first sentence, so we felt it was fitting to let you in on it. As tracks become more extreme, and hyper-optimized training by BMX athletes increases the speeds they travel on those tracks, concussions are always a possibility, when there is a bad crash. Most recently, at last month’s Chula Vista SX, where we witnessed Jelle van Gorkom suffer such a bad impact that his Motocross-grade helmet and Leatt Brace both cracked, and Jelle was in the hospital for two weeks, with sundry injuries—including…wait for it…a severe concussion.

Fortunately, The World Cup series has a medical team, complete with licensed physician, right there to take charge of any issues. And they do take charge. We remember at the 2011 Chula Vista SX, when Donny Robinson crashed on the first straight. He had low enough points to transfer to the next round, but the medical team “black-flagged” him and he was not permitted to race, over his objections.

In the article, USA Cycling President of Athletics, Jim MIller, said, of BMX injuries:

Dirt-track racing “is a high-risk, high-impact sport when they crash,” Miller explained. And because BMX courses are tight and competition for first position into the banked turns is furious, the riders crash a lot. Not being doctors, the BMX coaches and USA Cycling officials did not feel comfortable making judgment calls “when these kids crash and get up and say they are fine and they want to race the next round.”

The VeloNews article is a great read for anyone who races BMX, or has kids racing BMX, as it goes deep into the mechanics of head injuries, and talks about how USA Cycling has taken the lead on developing the protocol, complete with a software tool that tests brain function and cognitive function.

We have heard riders say “I’m fine…I really want to get out there next round” after a bad wreck, only to learn they have no recollection of saying it, nor of the crash, nor of anything after leaving the pit area. This is obviously a case of some form of brain trauma. It’s not a question of being “tough,” is the point. When you need to make the decision to race or not race, you may not have the physical ability to make such a decision–and not even know it til much later. USA Cycling, via their efforts on this important issue, has stepped in to ensure science can give you a hand when your brain’s in pain.

We have included a link to a “decision tree” chart, developed by “Medicine Of Cycling,” to help in diagnosing brain injuries. We recommend you print it out and put it in your gear bag, in case you need to administer it to a friend or teammate. Also great for local tracks.


Read the VeloNews Article

Download the Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis Chart

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