ODI Building a Champion 3: Alise Post

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ODI Building a Champion 3: Alise Post

ODI is back for week number three of their “Building a Champion” video series. This week, we tag along with Alise Post and get 102 seconds to soak-up the sunshine she brings with her–in the gym, on the sprint line and at the track. She has plenty of inspiring talk that gives riders, parents and fans around the world a unique window into her world, and what it takes to rise to her level in our sport.

“I love the moments before the gate drops…” says Alise in the above video. We started the Dan’s Comp “Countdown to Rio” ticker at 365 days last August. It sits at just 35 days today, and it seems like it’s going faster and faster every day. The next thing we know, it will be at zero and the gate will drop on the 2016 Summer Games. We look forward to seeing Alise take her spot on the gate, and hopefully on the medal stand for Team USA.


ODI Website

ODI Grips YouTube Channel

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ODI Building A Champion Ep2: Maris

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Building a Champion, Episode 2: Maris

In the second episode in their “Building a Champion” series, ODI brings us to the track with Maris Strombergs to hear his view on race day pressure and expectations. And while his situation is unique in BMX history (as the only Olympic Gold Medalist our sport has known), a much of what he says Read more

Bryce Betts Reporting From Medellin – #2

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Bryce Betts Reports From Colombia - #2
Episode two of #NewsTeam member, Bryce Betts’ vlog gives us an up-close-and-personal look into the around-town Medellin experience. Ask anyone who has been to a UCI World Championships in the past, and they will tell-you-true that the off-track experience is just as rich as the practice and race days. These are memories that will endure for decades.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
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We really-enjoyed watching the full show Bryce put together, and know you will too.

Some of the highlights:

* Local Track Session

* Do they have menus here, or is it just “locals only.”

* Strange fruits

* “Fresh cuts”

* High-steppin horses in the streets

* THoff’s modern-day “motor-drive” photos

* The local mall. Pretty-much the same as any mall in Heartland USA–but “just a little different”

* Test-driving the Español at the pastry shop.

* A little “favorito” requested at the latte stand

* Meal-for-three for US$25

* Nay-nayin on the roof of the Air BNB accommodations

We are definitely looking forward to the next episode, and hope you are too.

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Trent Jones: One Month in One Minute

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Box COmponents Trent Jones Edit

It has been an action-packed March and early-April for Elite BMXers around the world. BOX Components ace, Trent Jones, brings us from his pre-training sessions, to Argentina for some solid laps at the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season opener, and on to Manchester, UK for round two–in one minute. All the action, without the stuffy airplane cabins.

Box Components

Been a busy month going from Argentina to England, now with a bit of down time in Rockhill before USA BMX Supercross race next weekend. Pieced a short but powerfull promotional video of myself for the people that are backing me, Cheers Cyclingnewzealand BOX BMX Thrill BMX !

Filmed: Into-Daniel Franks #22 Racing- Cyclingnewzealand

Posted by Trent Jones #279 on Sunday, April 17, 2016

We will be keeping the BMX News Nikon focused on Trent this weekend in Rock Hill, so watch for some tasty action photos as part of the normal BMX News race day set.


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“Olympic Motivation” Compilation

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Maris Strombergs at the 2015 Rock Hill SX

Harriet Burbidge-Smith, HAZ to some, is a prolific video jockey from Canberra, Australia. We find a lot of our tasty vids via her Twitter feed (link below), including this one that takes the hot cuts from lots of other edits and spins them into a two-and-a-half minute “motivation” show featuring Read more

Barry & Caroline: A Day in the Life

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Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan Edit

ODI is out today (well yesterday, actually), with a “Day In The Life” edit featuring Barry and Caroline. The four-minute show makes good on its promise, and gives us a quickfire run through a typical day of our favorite action couple.

The video was shot and edited by BMX dirt/freestyle star Ryan Guettler, and we have to give Ryan the big props for a job well done. The full shoot was, in fact, over one day, and Barry tells us they ran out of time for this one, and hinted that a part II might be in the works.

We also asked Barry to list-out the locations featured in the edit. Here’s what he said:

-My house
-My 110 track behind my neighborhood
-FOD Trails
-Perris (Grandprix BMX) track

Good stuff, all around! We hope there are more in the series coming down the pike.

Trivia: Their French Bulldog’s name is “Jax.”


ODI Website

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Pitstop: Crupi Green Team 2016

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BMX News Video Pitstop: Crupi

As part of our coverage of the 2016 USA BMX Winter Nationals, BMX News Team members Tanner Yeager and Chase Bradshaw stop in to the Factory Crupi pit to check out what’s happening under the tent, and to hear all about their successful “Green Team” Sponsorship Program.

Crupi team manager Gary Whittington gives us some of the details on the 2016 Crupi product line, and a good-bit on Green Team–one of the more successful squads is down in Texas, where the Whittingtons used to call home before moving to So. Cal. recently.

As the 2016 racing season hits the power band, lots of new teams are forming, and we thought it would be a great opportunity for your startup team to learn more about the Green Team. Crupi owner, Greg Swingrover calls the program the “Fastrak to Factory.” It’s designed to be the way on-the-rise talent gets discovered.

Check out the link below for more info.


Crupi Green Team Sponsorship Program

Crupi BMX Website

Video: Rick Moliterno and Standard Byke Co.

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Rick Moliterno Video Series

I first met Rick Moliterno in 1985. I started a small freestyle sanction (with a grand name)–the World Freestyle Organization, or WFO– which promoted some of the first contests in the Midwest.

Rick gave us a place to hold one of our first contests in the parking lot of Bike & Hike Read more

2015 Pan-American Trip – Niek Kimmann

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Niek Kimmann has quickly made himself one of the top names in BMX, at only 19 years old. After winning the 2014 Junior World title in his home country, the Dutch flyer backed up his title with a 2015 Elite World Championship. Since the Worlds, the young rookie has been nothing but consistent, finding himself on the podium at nearly every race he enters.

In this “self filmed” video, Niek takes us behind the curtain, into the day to day life of the Dutch National Team. The “edit” goes in Chronological order, following the World Champion from the podium in Argentina, to a Time Trial Win at Rock Hill, all the way to testing (and crashing) at the Olympic Test Event in Rio. The race action alone would make this a worthy video, but the behind the scenes sight-seeing, kart racing, and every day life makes it all the better.

2015 Pan-American Trip – Niek Kimmann

Traveling the World is a blast all in itself, but pairing that with your best riding friends, and doing well in the highest level of the sport is amazing. Thank you to Niek for taking us along for the ride, and keep up the good work on and off the track.


Niek Kimmann on Facebook

@NiekKimmann on Instagram

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Redline Edit: “Racing Every Weekend”

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Redline Edit: Racing Every Weekend

It’s always great to see the work of Corrine Walder on the big screens here at the BMX News Global Command Center. Even better when it’s a pulse-quickening Redline edit with Sam clocking some serious office hours.

Here’s the latest along those lines, featuring some classic footage. Read more

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